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My Surprise Present


It was a chilly winter day and I was deeply engrossed in the program I was tweaking, successfully ignoring the howling wind rattling my windows, when my telephone rang. I picked it up without checking the caller ID and was pleasantly surprised to hear the voice of my wife, Kelly.

"Hi honey, how are you doing?" she inquired.

"I'm fine. Just trying to get a couple more things done on the program so I can show it to the client tomorrow. What's up?" I replied.

"I wanted to make sure you don't make any plans for Friday night," she told me. "I'm planning a little something for your birthday and I want to celebrate it on the weekend."

I told her that was fine, and we chatted for a couple more minutes before hanging up. My birthday wasn't actually until the following Monday, five days from now, but celebrating on a Monday is kind of lame, so I was perfectly happy to bend the weekend to that purpose. Besides, I was glad that Kelly was making some special plans in advance. Sometimes, with the holidays so close, I feel like my birthday becomes an afterthought and not an event in its own right. Of course, as Kelly well knows, the main thing I want for my birthday is a hot night of sex with her going all out to drive me wild. Unfortunately, the past two years in a row had been fairly weak in that regard, with her on her period and tired from work both years. But this year she had finished her period last weekend, so I knew that wouldn't hold us back.

The next two days were a blur of long hours working on the software, and then an intense meeting where the client scrutinized every detail and function of it before pronouncing it "excellent". After many hours of hard programming, and days of client needs analysis, I was finally ready to send them a final invoice and move on to my next project. Before I knew it, Friday evening was upon us.

Kelly told me to put on a nice pair of slacks and a merino wool sweater, as we were going out on the town for dinner and dancing. I complied quickly, dressing in a gray wool pair of pants and a fine black turtleneck sweater I had picked up last year, finishing it off with a high gloss black belt and pair of buckled shoes. Kelly likes this combination because it has a very urban European look to it. After that, it was my job to simply stay out of the way while she took her time getting ready.

Finally, about 45 minutes later, Kelly emerged from her ministrations. Showered, legs shaved, made-up and dressed, she made quite an entrance. Actually, I smelled her before she opened the door. She had liberally put on my favorite perfume and it instantly tickled my senses. I like it because it is the perfect all-woman, sexy, classy, but not over-the-top scent for an evening out; she likes it because every time she wears it, half a dozen men ask her what it is so they can buy it for their wives/girlfriends.

Kelly was wearing a relatively short black skirt with a high slit on the right hip, and a tight lacy top that allowed me to see her bra underneath it. For modesty at dinner she held a button up silk cardigan to go over it. She had on a funky new pair of sheer nylons that had a distinct fishnet pattern running through them, and I could see from a slight telltale bump on each thigh that she was wearing them with a garter belt. Finally, she must have gone shoe shopping as she often does, because she was wearing a new pair of boots I hadn't seen before. They were a soft black leather that came just above her calf and added about three and an half inches to her height with their wedge heels that were the width of the boot, but very slender from the side. They were sexy, yet sensible for the cold outdoor weather.

Lighting a cigarette, she sauntered over to me and gave me a kiss. "How do I look," she inquired archly.

I told her honestly that she looked fabulous. Her makeup was sexy as always, and her outfit was stunning. She smiled, pleased, and looked out the window to see our taxi pull up. I helped her into her coat, grabbed mine, and off we went.

Since we live in the city already, it's often much more convenient to take a cab out than to drive. Kelly gave the driver the name of a restaurant I had heard a bit about in one of the local events publications. It was supposed to be a really good French and Indian fusion cuisine with a lot of atmosphere, and I'd wanted to try it badly. As we were driving, Kelly was running her hand up and down my thigh lightly. She asked the driver if it was all right to smoke in the cab, and then pointedly lit up while looking at me. She knows it excites me to watch her smoke and often uses it as a ploy to turn me on when she has ulterior motives.

Snuggling up against me while letting her hand continue to roam my leg, she asked me what I had in mind for the evening. I told her I expected we would have a nice dinner, go out dancing for a while, have several drinks until we both felt nice and happy, and then go home for some hot sex.

"What kind of sex?" she teased me.

I told her I didn't want to jinx it or ruin her plans by guessing, but I hoped we would get out some of her toys and maybe do a double penetration with them, or maybe she would feel like tying me up and teasing me for a while. Kelly gave me a secretive smile and murmured in my ear, "Is that all?"

I didn't get a chance to respond to that challenge because the taxi pulled up in front of the restaurant just then. Kelly gave the cabbie fifteen dollars and we hopped out. At the door of the restaurant, she gave them our name for the reservations she had apparently made, and an assistant host took our coats as another led us to our table. I was not disappointed as we looked around at the interior décor. The restaurant was very modern, with a lot of brushed metal fixtures and dark wood furnishings. The tables were close enough to feel intimate, but far enough apart to keep private conversations that way. Soft ethnic-influenced electronic music pulsed from hidden speakers, and the wait staff was dressed impeccably.

We ordered drinks and turned our attention to the menus. After making our selection, we turned to small talk and chatted about our respective days, and some of our holiday plans. However, Kelly never let the discussion stray for too far or too long without giving me some innuendos or flirtatious talk to remind me that she was planning a very good time for us tonight. She assured me that I would be surprised, and that she had a special present in mind for me tonight, and it was something that we hadn't tried before. I was left in basically a constant state of aroused tension, wildly curious as to her intentions. Usually I am the more assertive of us in bed, bringing home a new sex toy or porn movie, or suggesting a new position or kinky twist. But I am also very open telling Kelly about my turnons, even when I know they aren't likely to be fulfilled, so she has a long list to choose from of ways to please me if she wants.

When the food arrived, we turned our focus to eating. The chef was amazing. His dishes were beautiful to behold and delicious to devour. As usual, Kelly and I spent as much time snaring choice morsels from each other's plates as we did from our own. Between our own hunger and the delectable nature of our entrees, all conversation was mutually halted until we finished cleaning our plates. The waiter came over and cleared out table, taking our order for cappuccino and cheesecake at the same time.

"While, besides the fun we're going to have later, I also got you a present to open," Kelly told me, handing me a small wrapped box. I opened it up to discover a beautiful Swiss Army watch. I was shocked, because it had to have cost five hundred dollars, and while we're doing pretty well financially, we don't usually spend anything approaching that on gifts for each other. But Kelly knew my other watch was getting a little older and scratched up - in fact, she had given it to me for out first Christmas almost 7 years earlier. The new watch was a combination of brushed nickel and silver, and like most Swiss Army watches, was both classy and high-tech in appearance. It had multiple hands for various timing and date functions. I noticed one of the hands was slowly running backwards and Kelly followed my eyes.

"It's the chronometer," she explained. "I set it earlier today so that you would know when it was time for your 'surprise' tonight."

Interpreting the hands, I realized there was a bit less than three hours left on the timer. I grinned to myself, realizing that Kelly had really put a lot of thought into her preparations for this evening. Part of my fantasies is always an element of preparation, a savoring of the anticipation that comes from a seduction plan meticulously crafted and executed. However, it's usually me, and rarely Kelly doing the planning and executing.

We settled the bill, and Kelly disappeared into the ladies room to reapply her lipstick. I collected our coats from the front, and when she emerged, we headed out into the brisk air. Kelly confidently led me down the street a couple of blocks, then over one, and halfway down another. I followed contently, since she obviously knew when she was going. She lit a cigarette as we walked and I watched her exhaling the smoke into the cold night air. After a quick five minute walk, and before we had time to get too cold, we arrived at a new nightclub.

I hadn't heard the name of this one yet, as there are a lot of new places popping up in this rapidly revitalizing section of the city, but obviously the word had gotten out. There was a line half a block long already and it was only, as I checked my new watch, 10:00. I dismayed at ever getting in, but Kelly had obviously made arrangements. I watched her hand the doorman a bill and he cut the line for us and opened a section of the velvet rope to let us through. Once inside, he led us along a moderately crowded dance floor to a very cozy booth that had a 'reserved' card on the table.

"Wow," I commented to Kelly, "You went all out setting this up for me, didn't you?"

She smiled wickedly and told me I didn't even know the half of it. Since we were still a little full from the dinner, we decided to sit for a while and have some drinks while doing some people watching. We both love checking out the people around us; since neither one of us is a jealous sort, we can enjoy looking at attractive people and seeing them interact. Actually, Kelly is even great about pointing out hot women to me - she isn't bisexual, but she recognizes beauty in both sexes. Tonight there was an abundance of good-looking people throughout the club. It was obvious that the management let in more women than men, since the ratio was a bit off. And the women were by and large very sexy, and scantily clad in tight club wear. The men were all good looking too, and well dressed.

I felt Kelly's lips near my ear and smelled a hint of her smoky breath. "What do you think of her," she asked, pointing towards a sexy redhead who was grinding her ass into a guy on the dance floor. I said she was pretty hot, actually. "She has really big tits, doesn't she?" Kelly commented. I gulped. This was awfully sexy, checking out a woman's breasts as my wife urged me on. "That one is sexy too," Kelly said, indicating a slender brunette with a skintight white tube top that revealed her hard nipples even in the dim light of the club. "I bet she picks someone up tonight and fucks their brains out," Kelly continued.

I ordered another drink as soon as I could. Kelly was going to get me riled up awfully quickly if she kept acting this way. She added a cosmopolitan onto the order as well, along with a pair of shots. While we waited for the drinks to arrive, she continued pointing out sexy women and couples to me, discussing their tits, ass, or lips, and speculating on the bulges in the mens' crotches and whether the ladies they were with could handle all that cock. She was sitting very close to me during all of this, although the semicircular booth was small enough that only half dozen inches were open on either side of us. Yet she was easily able to fondle my thighs and crotch discreetly under the table while we talked. I realized that at some point when I was watching one of the girls she pointed out that Kelly had removed her sweater and was now sitting in the tight lacy shirt I'd seen earlier.

Our second round of drinks arrived, along with the shots. Kelly lifted her glass and pretended to think of a toast, then proclaimed with a look at herself and a glance at the crowded dance floor, "To going home with a beautiful woman!" That was a toast I could heartily drink to, staring at my wife's sexy chest bulging under the lingerie top. We tipped our glasses and plunked them down empty on the table.

Suddenly, Kelly called out to a blonde who was slowly passing by our table. "Sarah! Sarah, over here - It's Kelly!" The woman glanced over and smiled warmly. I was trying not to stare, since she obviously knew my wife, but Sarah was a knockout. Several inches shorter than Kelly, and very petite, Sarah had a slender waist and disproportionately large breasts. Where Kelly is a solid 36C and fills a shirt nicely, I had to guess Sarah on the large side of a 34B, maybe even C. With her tiny waist though, and in the tight wine colored halter-top she wore, her tits looked very large to me. Her hair was shoulder length and free flowing, and quite a light shade of blonde. She wore a glittering silvery miniskirt and a wine colored pair of high-heeled boots that matched her top. Her makeup was really different; she used an icy palette that left her lips silvery pink and very wet looking.

I broke off my inspection, hoping that I hadn't been too obvious, as Sarah reached our table. Kelly introduced us. Apparently Sarah was a co-worker at the company Kelly was contracted at. I remembered hearing Kelly mention going to lunch with her a few times recently, but we hadn't met previously. Kelly explained to Sarah that it was my birthday celebration and Sarah gave me a friendly congratulatory kiss on the cheek, wishing me a happy birthday. Kelly invited her to sit down for a drink, sliding over to the edge of the both. Interestingly, that left me no choice but to squeeze towards the middle and let Sarah in on my left. Since the booth was so tiny, we were all squeezed tightly together and I could feel each of their legs pressed against mine.

Kelly made a joke of the situation, "This is every man's birthday dream come true - sandwiched between two hot women with drinks on the way!" We all laughed heartily, although I was struggling to control my erection, because it was a little too close to the mark. Sarah was making abundant small talk with me, slyly asking if Kelly had given me my present yet, or if she was saving that for "later". Her tone was light and flirtatious, but it was clear that she knew how to tease a man - she was very big on intense eye contact when talking to me. I tried to intentionally miss the innuendo out of mild embarrassment and instead showed her my new watch, noticing that the timer had moved below the two-our mark. Of course, Sarah noticed it too; a watch spinning backwards is fairly obvious. She made me explain that Kelly had set it so I would know when her real present was scheduled, and Sarah grinned naughtily.

While we were chatting, Kelly had ordered another full round of shots and drinks. Actually, she had gotten five shots and a drink for each of us. The extra shots, she explained, were to help Sarah "catch up" since we had been drinking earlier. Sarah led the toast this time, "To good friends and hot times in cold weather," and we all drank. Kelly teasingly suggested I should "feed" Sarah her other two shots so she couldn't delay them until later. The first one went down easily. They were served in a tall, slim tube, so I placed it at her mouth, she put her lips around the end, and I lifted the glass while she swallowed. The second one wasn't so smooth. I started the same way, but as I was lifting it, Kelly slid a hand under the table and gave my cock a squeeze. Surprised, I jumped a bit and ended up letting a trickle of the clear liquor spill down Sarah's cheek and neck.

I felt bad, but there was no way I was going to explain that one, so I scrambled to grab for my napkin. Sarah covered my hand with hers to pause me and ran a finger up her neck to collect the drip, then slowly licked her finger off. "No sense wasting good alcohol," she giggled.

By this point I think we all had a pretty good buzz going, and the ladies wanted to dance. A lot of guys are reluctant and will only go out to the floor if they are forced to. I actually enjoy dancing; in fact that's how Kelly and I met in the first place. So I only feigned a resistance for a minute until they each grabbed one of my hands and pulled me out to the floor. The music was some great European trance techno, pulsing and powerful, with a very danceable rhythm. We made a little circle between the three of us and started dancing around. Occasionally Kelly would grab my hips and grind into me a bit, or run my hands over her hips and ass. Then she would teasingly push me towards Sarah who would grab my hips and do some pumping and grinding of her own. I tried vainly to control the erection that was growing down my leg in the tight pants I wore, but as both of the women danced around and brushed up against it I knew it was fairly obvious.

After a half hour or so, Kelly excused herself to go to the bathroom and order more drinks. Sarah said she wanted to dance some more and asked me to keep her company, and Kelly urged me to. Sarah was a good dancer and knew how to flow back and forth from dancing on her own a few feet in front of me to sliding back until she was pressed against me wiggling her ass to the beat. I was kind of nervous and so I wasn't really getting into it as much as normal, which must have been obvious. Sarah pulled my head down to her face and yelled in my ear so I could hear her over the music.

"I thought Kelly said you were a good dancer!"

"I am, I was just..." I tried to think of a good lie.

She grabbed my ass and pulled me against her until I could feel her firm breasts pressing hard into my lower chest. "Then show me!" she demanded.

I decided, what the hell, it's just dancing and Kelly did tell me to stay out here and entertain her. I let myself go and get into the music, and the soft womanly figure in front of me. As she stepped away I spun her around and pulled her in to me, running my hands up her legs, her sides, and lifting her arms above her head. I could see her breasts lifting in that position, and got a great view of her cleavage through the halter-top. She continued her arms backwards until they clasped around my neck and then held on as we danced for a bit. As the music sped up, we moved through various positions and I was able to discover that Sarah wasn't wearing a bra as I ran my hands over her back. Later, I realized as I brushed my hands past her ass that I couldn't feel a panty line either. My cock stiffened more at that discovery, and with all of the awkward timing possible, Sarah chose that moment to close the gap between us and squeeze tightly together for a grinding finale to the song. I knew there was no way she missed feeling my hardness pressed firmly against her ass for that time.

I looked over at our booth to see Kelly sipping at a cocktail and smoking a cigarette. She waved at me with a grin on her face. Feigning tiredness, I told Sarah I was ready for a break and a drink and she agreed. When we got to the booth, I slid in next to Kelly and she again moved over to create space for Sarah to sit next to me. I certainly wasn't going to complain about being between them again, but it was a little funny that Kelly was putting me in that position. Sarah reached down and took a cigarette from Kelly's pack and looked at me expectantly. It took me a minute to get the hint, and then I reached down for the lighter and lit it for her. Exhaling, she smiled at me, "What a gentleman you are!"

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