tagBDSMMy Surrender

My Surrender


I stand by the open window feeling the gentle breeze wafting in from the sea as it caresses my skin. I am waiting for you to return to our secret place in the trees, our hideaway, the place we can go to escape the worries of a troubled world. The window is open because it takes up most of the wall and looks out onto the sea and it is always open because in our secret place the weather is always pleasant, only occasionally becoming cool in the evenings. This is sometimes nice because then we build a fire and you hold me in your arms and talk to me of anything and everything. I treasure these nights like fine works of art hung in the gallery of my mind. However, tonight is not one of those nights. Tonight is different. Tonight you have commanded me, as you sometimes do, to wait here for you dressed in the shimmering gauze gown you had made for me so long ago. It hangs luxuriously on my body, caressing every part of me, making me tingle from head to toe. I am anxious tonight because I do not know what you have planned for me. In the past you have come to me in this manner only slightly demanding, occasionally ordering me to do this or that for your pleasure, each time going a bit further in those orders. Tonight you have said you will push me further then you ever have before, a test if you will to see if I can stand up to being your only love and companion through out time. I wonder what you will do this time.

I shudder remembering the first time you had me wait for you here. You came in as you usually do, taking me up in your arms and kissing me passionately and deeply. I thrilled to your touch and the delight of having you near me. But you stood back and looked at me disappointedly. I was confused for a moment because you so rarely look at me that way and when you do I strive to please you beyond all things.

You shook your head and said, "My love, did you forget to do something?" I looked around to see what I had forgotten. I was dressed appropriately, I had the Champaign set to chill, and I had the music you requested. Everything looked fine to me and then I noticed your gaze sweep across the bed. I had forgotten to turn down the sheets as you like for me to do.

"I am sorry; I was so excited for you to be here it must have slipped my mind." I said as I smiled into your eyes.

"Be that as it may, you were careless and disobedient. You must be punished so that you do not forget to mind my orders." You said this with such love in your voice that I was immediately ashamed of my forgetfulness and truly felt that I needed to me reprimanded for my crime.

"Now, go over to the bed and place your hands on it, bending at the waist and make sure your feet are planted firmly apart, we don't want you falling." I did as you asked, not sure what it was that you meant to do. I felt you walk up behind me, slowly and with purpose. I jumped as you reached out a hand and caressed my ass ever so lovingly. "Now you mustn't move or try to get away, if you do I will have to increase your punishment and you don't want that do you?"

I shook my head and replied, "No."

At this you said, "From now on when you are here at my request you will address me as Milord. Do you understand?"

"Yes Milord." I answered as reverently as I could. I was beginning to understand that this was not play as it had been before; there was earnestness in you that I had never seen.

Then without further discussion you brought your hand down hard on my ass and I yelped in surprise and pain. As I was still reeling from the first blow you planted another one on the opposite side and it hurt just as much as the first but was not as surprising allowing me to take it better. My first instinct was to run and get away, but as my mind looked for an escape I realized that I anticipating the next blow with delight. I was confused by this, I shouldn't like this but I did. As you hit me again, a little harder this time, I realized that my pussy was becoming wet and even though there were tears streaming down my cheeks now, I loved the feeling of your hand on my skin and the heat your blows were creating not only on my ass but in my pussy as well.

Ten times you plied your hand to me and ten times I cried out in pain/ecstasy. What was coming over me? I found myself on my knees in front of you with my hands behind my back, looking at your face and hoping that I had pleased you.

"You did very well for your first time kitten. But you must learn to take a punishment with more dignity. But you did very will indeed. Now you must show me how much you want to please me."

"Yes Milord," was my reply.

With that you unbuttoned your pants and took out your throbbing cock. It was red and pulsing from being constrained while you administered my punishment. "Suck it and show me how you want to please me." I slowly bent forward and took your hard cock in my mouth, slowly taking the entire length up to the base, opening my throat the way you like it. I began to move my head back and forth slowly each time allowing your cock to enter and rape my throat opening.

I glanced up and you were gazing at me with the most love I had ever seen in your eyes. From that moment on I decided that I would do what ever you wanted, if only I could see that look in your eyes everyday. As I contemplated this you began to thrust harder into my throat, making me open to the fullest extent to accept your throbbing manhood. I was determined to please you no matter what, so I began sucking your cock in earnest. Faster and faster you pumped, holding my head in your hands and grasping my hair in your fingers. My pussy was becoming wetter by the second because I was pleasing you and I knew you would soon cum because of my ministrations and with one final deep thrust you released your seed into my throat, holding my head down on your cock until I was gasping for breath.

That was the beginning for me. That was the night I became your slave in everyway. That night held other pleasures but that first was in the back of my mind for days and weeks after and as I stand here I wonder what you could be planning for me this evening. I shiver at the thought as I stroll over to the bed and fold up the covers.

To be continued...

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