tagBDSMMy Surrender Ch. 02

My Surrender Ch. 02


I have been awaiting your arrival this evening with quick anticipation. You called and ordered me here, dressed in my gauze gown, washed and fresh for you. I obeyed as I always do, with one small difference. I did not turn the bed down as you instructed. What makes it even worse is that I did it on purpose.

I remember what happened the last time I forgot to do this one small thing, and it makes me long for the punishment you dealt out then. I remember the loving way you disciplined me with that first spanking and it shakes me to my very core. It leaves me wanting more, it leaves me wanting to be punished and please you all at the same time. I ask myself how this is possible. I truly cannot find an answer and so I wait.

Now I hear you on the stairs and my pulse quickens! My breathing becomes faster, the anticipation is almost more then I can take! Just to see your face and that look you give me is enough to make me want to be on my knees in front of you with your cock in my mouth. You enter the room and look at me with those green eyes so full of love and admiration and I melt, and instantaneously regret my decision to not turn down the bed.

"Hello my love." You say as you come over to kiss my lips. Not a full kiss, just a soft touching of the lips, just a hint of what is to come, leaving my wanting more.

"I see you have prepared as I instructed." As you say this, your eyes sweep the room and me to make sure that your wishes have been obeyed; it is then that you see the unturned sheets and comforter.

"Oh dear, I see you have forgotten again my pet. Whatever shall I do with you? I suppose that I will just have to make the punishment stick this time."

I see the look in your eyes and am ashamed that I have acted so thoughtlessly. You only discipline me out of love, and here I have wronged you out of selfishness.

"May I speak Milord?" I ask with my eyes down cast.


"I did not forget to turn down the bed. I simply did not do it, and I am ashamed." I say this with the most reverent apology in my voice. I truly am sorry for what I have done, and wish to be forgiven.

"I see." You say this with a mix of disappointment and pride that I have confessed to you my transgression.

"You will have to be punished for this, but I will take into account that you have confessed and are contrite in your confession. But still it was an act of willful disobedience, and must be treated as such. If you wish to serve me then you must do it in all things."

"Yes Milord." I say with a slight curtsy to you.

"What must I do to be forgiven Milord?" I ask

this with eyes still down cast.

"First you must be punished in the same manner as before. You know the position I require." You say this with love and command in your voice. Even though I am being punished I thrill to timber of your voice. I require it as much as I require oxygen to breath.

I go over to the bed as I have done before and place my hands flat on the bed, bending at the waist. I plant my feet firmly apart so that I remain stable under your ministrations. You come behind me and softly caress my ass with your strong hand, brushing your fingers under both ass cheeks.

"Now, the last time I did this I did it with my hand and it doesn't seem to have lasted. So, I think this time I must use something else a bit more impressionable." As you say this I hear the clinking if your belt as you remove it from around your waist and the rustling of the leather against fabric as you slide it out of your belt loops.

"I am going to spank you, and it will hurt. I am going to give you fifteen lashes and I want you to count each one out loud. If you miss one or forget to count I will start over from one. Do you understand me?"

"Yes Milord. I understand." I am almost afraid now. You have never used anything but your hand in my punishment before. I am not sure I can handle it, but the sound in your voice makes me want to try. Makes me determined to take it and make you proud of me.

Suddenly I feel the first lash across my ass! It stings and I can feel the immediate whelp it is raising on my skin.

"One." I say this through clinched teeth as I brace myself for the next blow.

"Two." This time I am a bit more ready for the sting, but it still hurts and I do not know if I can handle the next thirteen lashes.

"Three." The sound of the leather striking my flesh mesmerizes me. I focus in on it and ride the wave of pain to the next contact.

"Four." Tears are raising to my eyes now as I strive to keep counting, knowing that if you have to start over I will surely collapse.




"Eight." My knees are shaking and my breath is coming in sobs now. I am crying but I refuse to beg you to stop. I have disappointed you once tonight; I refuse to do it a second time.





"Thirteen." I am struggling to remember the numbers in order. Just two more lashes and you will give me that look letting me know you are proud of me and I have please you.


"Fifteen." Finally you stop but I do not collapse as my body screams for me to do. I stay in the position until you tell me otherwise. I know that if I move you will begin the punishment again. I will not give you reason to be disappointed in me again this night.

"Very good kitten. You handled that beautifully and I truly do believe you are sorry for your error. Since you were such a good girl during your punishment I will start you on the training I had planned for tonight." My heart races at the pride and forgiveness in your voice. I cannot help but glow in the light of your admiration.

"Now there are certain things that I require from you if you are to serve me. I like to have access to all areas of your body. They must be given freely, of your own choice. Do you understand?"

"Yes Milord." At these words I wonder what you are talking about. You already have all of me, or at least I think you do.

"I have brought a contract for you to sign. If you sign it then you are mine. I will own you body and soul. You will do as I say for a year and a day, at that point we will discuss if this is a life you can lead or if you feel you need to move on. I will be the best master that I can be to you. I will guide you and discipline you as needed. I will love you as no other has ever loved you before."

At this you hand me the piece of paper that gives you the right to lord over me in all things. As I read it I struggle with the thought of someone having that much control over me at all times. Then I suddenly realize that I am reaching for the pen you offer and signing my name. I want this; no I need this, as I have never needed anything else in my life. I hand you back the contract and look into your eyes hoping that I am conveying to you the need and love I feel.

"Now, you have signed your name and given yourself to me unconditionally. This is the most pure form of trust another human being can give to another. You trust that I will always act with your best interest and I trust that you will always strive to please me." As you say this you reach over and cup my face in your hands. Then you kiss me deeply and passionately. As you pull back from me you look at me with pride, and then your instruction begins.

"You must learn the proper way to await me my sweet. From this day forward when I instruct you to meet me you will be naked, on your knees, hands behind your back, and eyes downcast. Show me that you understand."

At your last words I take off my gown, fall to my knees and assume the position you just described.

"Oh, very good. I am so very pleased with you. Now let's begin some training. You may be shocked at what I will ask you to do, but remember I am acting in your best interest."

I am excited by the tone in your voice and wonder what you might be talking about. I hear you go over to the bed and then I see the blankets fall from the bed.

"Come here and get up on the bed. I want you to get on your hands and knees and hold that position no matter what happens."

I obey your command and await the training you have planned for me. I hear you open a drawer and take out several items. You then come over to the bed and sit down next to me.

"As I have said before, all areas of your body must be open to me. I want to know the limits of your body and how far we can push it. I have had your pussy many times but not your asshole and that must change. I want to be able to have it anytime I want to, therefore we must open you up."

At this you reach up and fondle my pussy, I am soaking wet from the spanking I received earlier and you can't help but notice.

"You are so very wet my love. That is a good thing. You must learn to be excited by all I do to you. I will want you to be a slut as well as demure."

With this you put two fingers inside my pussy opening and pump them in and out. Then three fingers. I begin to rock back on your hand, pushing your fingers deeper inside me. This encourages you to put in a fourth finger. I am so full now, I am groaning with lust and need. Rocking back and forth on your hand, I start to cum but you pull out your hand.

"Another thing you must learn is that your orgasms are mine as well. You will have them at my discretion not yours. In time you will even learn to have them on command, but just now let's start with learning to wait until I give you permission."

I am shocked at your words but I understand them. You must have complete control and what better way to have it then to teach me to control something that makes me feel so good. You will be the source of my joy and my control.

"You are wet enough now I think. But I do have lube just in case. I don't think you will need it though."

At this you put just one finger in my pussy and get it very wet. Then you run that finger along the skin separating my pussy from my asshole. You begin to play with my asshole and start working the finger into it a tiny bit at a time. The first touch is a shock to me and I tense up.

"Don't tense up kitten. It will only make it uncomfortable for you. You must relax; I will not hurt you in this. I will be patient and slow."

I know you will do just as you have said and I begin to relax. After the first shock I begin to feel the sensation your finger is making and I revel in it. I want more but I give myself up to your expert hands. I trust you know what I can handle.

You work your finger into my ass slowly and with tenderness. You use a little of the lube just to be sure that I am comfortable, telling me all the time that you know I can do it. You know I am capable of this and I can succeed. I am in ecstasy! Your finger is fully inserted and the pressure is not painful, it is exquisite. I want more.

"Now we will fit you for your plug."

You pick up a leather case from the floor where you were hiding it and unzip it. You open it like a book and show me the contents. Inside there are several butt plugs of graduating sizes. You choose the smallest which is about a half inch in diameter. Then you put lubricant on the plug and begin to insert it into my ass. I can feel the skin stretching around the plug and I try to relax. I know it will only hurt if I tense up. Finally it is fully inserted and you pat me on the behind.

"There is a good girl. You handled that with such poise. Now you must wear this for at least two hours every day. I will call you and instruct you when to do this every day. Do you understand my instructions?"

"Yes Milord." I say this while wondering if I will ever be able to take some of the bigger plugs I saw in that bag.

"I also want to make sure that you are always ready for me. To make sure that you are, I have another training tool for you."

Here you pull out a small velvet box. You open it to reveal two silver balls about two inches in circumference. When you shake them they make sounds like a wind chime. You then take these and insert them one at a time into my pussy.

"You will wear these most of the day at my discretion. I will inform you when you may take them out and when you will wear them. I want your pussy ready for me anytime I want it and this will insure that it is."

"Yes Milord." I can feel the balls inside me. They are heavy and smooth. With my ass and my pussy filled I want to cum desperately.

"Tonight you may not cum. This is part of your punishment for earlier. You may not pleasure me as this will reinforce that I am your Master and when you disobey me it hurts us both. Do you understand this, my love?"

"Yes Milord." I am crushed at not being able to pleasure you. My own pleasure is second to yours and it hurts me that I am the cause of your discomfort.

"Tonight you will remain in this position until I grow tired of looking at you in it. Then I will allow you to sleep. What happens tomorrow will all depend on your actions this evening."

"Yes Milord," is all I can say to this and I brace myself to live up to your expectations.

To be continued...

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