tagNovels and NovellasMy Sweet Candy Habit Ch. 11

My Sweet Candy Habit Ch. 11


Foreword: This chapter contains some Spanish text that was included for effect and atmosphere. I however do not speak Spanish so the use of English to Spanish translator software was employed. I'm sure in some instances there was not a 'clean' translation rendered. For this I offer to any Latino readers my sincere apologies and assure you no offense was intended. ____BilyumQ


This is chapter eleven of this look back at an affair I had with one of the most exciting women it has ever been my pleasure to know. Candy and I had been carrying on an affair for about three years at this point and everything was going well. Candy and I had long ago settled into an almost married-like relationship, although the rub was we were both married to others.

I guess this is sort of a cliché but if I could have somehow melted both my wife and Candy down and poured them into a mold and created one woman, that woman would be my ideal. The next best thing would have been for my wife to join Candy and me. But unfortunately my wife was not into swinging, at all, and not into other women, at all. So for me that left one thing, adultery. This being said, if I was forced to make a choice, I would chose my wife, even though loosing Candy would be hard on me, because I truly loved her too.

But Candy was happy in the way she fit into my life. She had a husband, of sorts, and was not looking to make changes, and frankly, neither was I. Right at the outset of our affair Candy said she knew I was married but that she didn't care, she wanted this affair to continue.

And continue it has, for three years. We've shared many sexual adventures together during this time. It's been mostly just her and I, occasionally her longtime lover, Jocelyn and sometimes others. But whomever it's included or not included, it's always been interesting and fun.

Being in related professions and attending some of the same industry seminars and meetings gave Candy and me opportunities to get together out of town. We'd attend meetings together, share breakfast, lunch and dinner, take in the sights and sounds of the city, make the rounds of hospitality suites and always end up spending the night together, but not always alone.

One of the trips we took together was to Denver where we were to attend an industry seminar/ symposium, which was being held in the convention hall of the hotel at which we were staying.

Sure there are some actual seminars and meetings going on but these things usually turn out to be a boondoggle, just a place to get together, meet people, eat, drink and party.

Candy and I flew into town together, which was unusual for us, arriving mid afternoon. And of course we shared a taxi for the ride to the hotel on Court Place in downtown Denver. We checked into separate rooms, which we always did, and both went up to hers, which we usually did.

We'd previously made plans to meet with some friends that first evening for dinner. Candy and I met them in the lobby about six-thirty, grabbed a couple of cabs, there were six of us, and went out to the Briarwood Inn in Golden, CO. After our meal we arrived back at the hotel around nine p.m. and made the rounds of a few of the hospitality suites the different vendors and companies at the seminar had set up.

We were both tired from the long day we'd put in and the trip up so shortly after midnight we headed back to her room, undressed and fell into bed. I lay my right arm out so Candy could lie against me. Candy's head rested on my shoulder, my arm around her and we quickly fell asleep snuggled tightly together, our bare skin feeling good against each other.

In the morning I awoke before Candy did. So I got out of bed and made us some coffee using the Mr. Coffee the hotel provided. Still nude, I went to the room door, looked through the peep hole and seeing no one, opened it and picked up the complimentary newspaper from the hallway floor, pushing the door closed behind me as I went back in. Candy was still asleep so I sat in the thick cushioned wing chair in front of the drapes and began to read.

A couple minutes later as the coffee brewed and the aroma filled the room Candy began to stir. Under the covers she stretched like a cat as she slowly came awake. In her 'almost awake state' Candy must have expected me to still be in bed with her. She rolled onto her side and placed her arm across where if I had still been in bed she would have laid it across my chest. Her head on her pillow she finally opened her eyes and batted them a few times as she became more awake. When she could focus Candy lifted her head, looked at the spot where I wasn't laying, then looked over at me in the chair, smiled and said sleepily, "Good morning, sweetheart."

I dropped the paper on the desk and went over and sat on the edge of the bed. Leaning over I kissed Candy and said, "Good morning, baby. Slept well?"

"Like a rock."

"Me too."

I kissed her once more then went to the table and poured two cups of coffee.

As I brought the cups back to the bed Candy sat up, piling all the pillows against the headboard. When I handed her a cup and saucer she leaned back, took a sip and said, "Hmmmm, this is what I need, you to bring me my coffee in bed every morning."

I slipped in beside her and we sat under the covers on the bed, our backs resting on the pillows stacked against the headboard drinking our coffee and reading the paper.

The sheet and comforter were only pulled up to our waists and Candy's breasts were exposed, her nipples hard not from sexual arousal but from the slight chill in the room.

After about ten minutes Candy got up and went to the bathroom as I poured us each another cup of coffee. When she returned she climbed back into bed with me and picked up the section of paper she'd been reading earlier.

After our second cup I asked if she'd like to take a shower with me.

"Every day for the rest of my life," she replied.

We padded into the bathroom and as I adjusted the water temperature in the shower Candy went to the basin and brushed her teeth. Letting the water in the shower run I shared the sink with her and brushed mine as well.

The hot water running in the shower soon caused a fog to begin to appear in the bathroom and as we finished up brushing and flossing the mirror fogged over too.

We stepped into the shower together and allowed the water to cascade down over us. Embracing each other we just stood under the spray hugging, her head resting against my chest for a minute or two.

Then I pushed the showerhead away from us to spray to one side, opened the shampoo and poured it into my palm and began to wash Candy's hair. Candy turned her back to me, but remained pressed up against my body as my fingertips moved over her head and through her hair.

After two or three minutes and satisfied I'd washed her hair thoroughly Candy pulled the shower head back around and rinsed. After she'd rinsed her hair of all the shampoo I worked in the conditioner and then set about washing the rest of her.

I rubbed the bar of soap between my palms building up a lather. Then as Candy held her face up to me, eyes closed, I used my fingertips to wash her face. I rubbed the soap onto her forehead, around her eyes, over her cheeks and nose, the side of her face, around and through her earlobes, her neck, her chin, and as she sealed her lips tight I washed over her mouth. I moved my fingers in tiny circles as I scrubbed her face, then Candy turned and rinsed.

Finished rinsing she lay the side of her head against my chest again and placed her arms around my waist hugging herself to me. As Candy held onto me I rubbed the bar of soap up and down her back. Using the wash cloth I scrubbed her from the back of her neck to the top of her ass. Then I reached up and directed the showerhead to rinse the soap from her back.

Candy turned in my arms, leaned back against me and placed the flat of her hands against my thighs. Using just the bar of soap my hands rubbed in a series of concentric circles over her belly, from just below her breasts to just above her pubic hair, my fingers brushing the edge of her bush each time they went around.

Placing the soap back in the tray I used just my hands to work the soap on her body into a lather and then brought them up, around and over Candy's breasts. First I cupped them, feeling their weight in my hands. Then keeping my palms in contact with her flesh, I rubbed around the outside of them, avoiding her nipples and areoles. Bringing my soapy hands around the globes of her breasts I brought them over the top, palm down. Finally I moved them downwards over the top and front of her breasts, my palms passing over her nipples and areoles.

After running my soapy hands over and around Candy's belly, chest and breasts for several minutes I washed her sides from her hips up. And as she held them straight up above her I washed each arm in turn. Then with one arm wrapped around her waist I reached up and took down the showerhead and rinsed her.

When I put the showerhead back in its cradle Candy turned to face me and we shared a kiss. A kiss that was more then just a quick peck but less then a passionate, soulful kiss.

I sat on the edge of the tub and washed her legs and feet as Candy placed one foot at a time onto my knee. My hands moved over her feet and ankles, my fingers moving between her toes. Then up the length of her calf and thighs my hands soaped and washed her. My soapy hands move up between her legs but just into the nook between her sex and the joint of each leg. I was careful to avoid her pussy.

After I'd washed and rinsed both legs I stood and without a word of instruction from me Candy turned to face the back wall of the enclosure, spread her feet and bent over some.

Soaping my hands again I moved them over the outside of the twin globes of her ass. Then starting at the top of the crack of Candy's ass I moved my soapy hands between her cheeks and washed up and down its length, moving my fingertips over her asshole and back up again. Holding the showerhead I rinsed her ass and between her legs where the soap had ran.

Candy remained as she was as I resoaped my hands and then reached under her and soaped her pussy from behind. My fingers moved quickly over and through her sex, washing between her lips making sure everyplace between them was squeaky clean. Knowing some women's pussies are sensitive to exposure to soap for too long, Candy being one of them, I rinsed her again quickly.

Having washed Candy many times before I knew she expected one more washing of her ass and pussy. So I worked up a good lather on the wash cloth and again reached under her from behind and washed first her pussy then her ass with it. Using the showerhead I sprayed the water over her ass and pussy from underneath her. The water shot upwards as I ran my hand between the cheeks of her ass and lips of her pussy making sure there was no left over soap remaining.

Candy wanted to wash me as well but I pointed out the time; six fifty-five. I reminded her we'd promised to meet someone for breakfast at seven thirty and she still needed to dry her hair, do her makeup and get dressed. So of course I also had to tell her, "With all that we'll be lucky to get out of here before eight o'clock."

For my comment Candy playfully poked me in the side with her finger and said, "Fuck you." Then with her eyes rolled up, her head cast slightly down, her bottom lip sticking out and a pout on her face she said, "Well then you owe me."

"Perpetually, my love. And even longer than that," I responded then kissed her.

Candy stepped out and dried herself as I washed. By the time I'd finished showering and washing my hair she was just finishing drying hers with the hair dryer. Of course her hair took longer because she had to fuss with it with a brush while she dried it.

I towel dried my hair as best I could then used the hair dryer for the rest. It only took a couple minutes to finish up and then I shaved and put on deodorant and cologne. Then I went into the bedroom and dressed. By the time I'd finished dressing, except for a sports coat, Candy was still not finished with her make-up and hair, or applying all the lotions she rubbed on herself. So I plopped back into the chair I'd been in earlier and picked up the newspaper again.

Candy came out of the bathroom at seven-twenty and began to dress. As long as it took her to do her face and hair was as little time as it took her to finish dressing. She didn't exactly throw her clothes on, but Candy moved with an efficiency of motion and a practiced grace and dressed in only five minutes. And when she was done Candy looked absolutely fabulous. After she put some perfume on we walked out of the hotel room at seven twenty-six and headed to the elevator.

After breakfast Candy and I attended two seminars of interest to us. Between these meetings we spent some time glad handing and talking with people we knew. Later we went to the exhibition hall to check out the vendor's booths and see what was new.

We'd been roaming up and down the aisles looking at this and that and had idly discussed our lunch plans as we strolled. Candy was hinting at skipping lunch and picking up where we'd left off earlier that morning.

We stopped at one of the booths and looked at literature for some new software being offered. There was a small group of people around the booth interested in what this vendor was hawking, some questions were asked and the salesman said he had a demo on his laptop to show us. As we watched the demo on the small screen of the laptop a woman on the side of us was trying to jockey for position to better see it as well. I stepped back some and let her stand in front of me. As she was only about 5'5" I could easily see over her.

She turned her head to thank me and did a double take on Candy's exhibition name tag then went back to watching the demo.

After the demo was over Candy and I really had no interest in the product and began to walk off.

After we'd taken only a few steps the woman from the demo rushed up on Candy's right, placed her hand on Candy's arm and said with a distinct Spanish accent, "Excuse me, excuse me. I hate to seem so bold but I saw your nametag and just had to ask; are you Candice M.?"

Candy answered pleasantly but warily, "Yes, I am," and we both took in her name tag. It said 'Manuela S.' with the name of the company she worked for under it.

The woman said excitedly as she patted Candy's forearm, "I thought so! I wasn't sure when I saw your name but when I heard your voice I was almost sure it was you."

With a small smile Candy looked at the woman as if wondering where the men with the butterfly nets were.

Realizing Candy didn't know what the hell she was talking about the woman said, "I'm sorry; sometimes I get a little flustered when I'm excited. I'm Manny with (her company)."

Candy's face lit up, "Oh! Oh my goodness." Candy stepped closer to the woman and the two women hugged, as women sometimes do. "It is so nice to finally meet you face to face. I didn't recognize your name as Manuela and your accent is certainly less pronounced on the phone."

Manny's face was aglow at Candy's recognition and said, "I know, everyone tells me that and I have no idea why."

Candy introduced me, "This is my friend Bill."

"A pleasure to meet you," I said extending my hand.

"Same to you," she responded, briefly taking her eyes from Candy and taking my hand.

Candy explained her relationship with Manny. "Manny works for one of our primary vendors; she's the...what...Assistant Vice President of Sales for the Southern Region?" After Manny nodded she went on, "We talk once or twice a month on the phone but have never met. I can't get over how different you sound in person...and if you don't mind me saying it how different you look than what I had pictured from just hearing your voice."

Manny's eyes swept down then back up Candy as she said, "As do you. You must come to our hospitality suite tonight and have a drink with me, I mean with us."

"We'll certainly be there."

Manny gave us the suite number then said, "Well I'll let you get back to your show. It was so nice to meet you at last." Then looking at me she said, "You too, Bill," but that seemed somehow a little less sincere.

Candy said, "Nonsense, unless you have to go. We were just talking about lunch; would you care to join us?"

"Really? You wouldn't mind?"

"No, not at all. Please join us," I said.

Looking back to Candy as if waiting for her approval she finally said with a big smile, "Ok, let me just check in at our booth and I'll meet you in the lobby in what...?"

"Fifteen minutes," I suggested.

"Fifteen minutes. See you then." Manny patted Candy's forearm again then turned and left.

We watched her walk off briskly picking her way through the crowd.

"A bundle of energy isn't she?" Candy commented.

"Uh-huh, and I think she has a thing for you too."

Candy looked at me and said, "No" dragging out the 'O' for a bit. "What makes you think so?" she asked seriously.

"Come on Candy, you're not slow on the up-take. She paid an inordinate amount of attention to you, touching you, looking to you for approval to join us for lunch. And about that, I thought you had other plans," I teased.

Candy waved her hand and said, "Oh you'll get it, but later." Then looking to me with a leer she said, "Just think how the wait will make you appreciate it that much more."

"Maybe I should just take you over there and get some now," I said pointing behind some booths against the wall. Between the back of those booths and the wall was about a three foot wide space running the length of the aisle.

Candy looked over to where I pointed then back at me with one of her impish grins on her face and asked, "You want to?"

Knowing how excited she gets at having sex in public places I knew my girlfriend was being serious. But in spite of that I answered, "No, we need to go meet your new friend."

Candy stuck out her bottom lip in a pout for a second then said, "I think you're wrong about Manny. She's a salesperson after all, that's what they do, suck up. We spend an obscene amount of money with her company; of course she wants to make me the center of her attention."

I gave Candy a skeptical look and said, "Well if that's what you want to think, ok. But if I'm wrong you can...," I lowered my voice so only she could hear, "...fuck me with your toys."

Laughing she said, "What kind of bet is that? You let me do that anyway."

We smiled at each other and then she said, "Tell you what. If I'm right and Manny doesn't make a pass at me then you have to do with Richard what I sometimes make him do to you, while I watch. Ok?"

Candy's married to Richard, a gay man, a strictly gay man. They've been friends since their grade school days and married just after graduation from college. They married for convenience, to further their respective careers in business; the theory being married folks presented a more stable and responsible image then single folks. From both their separate accounts the marriage has never been consummated but occasionally he does participate in Candy's sex life, although only right around the edges. Richard is submissive to Candy and pretty much follows her lead and direction in everything. From time to time she manages to convince me to let Richard suck me off, with no reciprocation from me, as she watches and masturbates. Watching as Richard does this is always an incredible turn on for her.

So knowing what she meant was for me to have oral sex with Richard too; which she's tried on only one or two occasions to talk me into doing, I said, "Ok, that's a safe bet. And if I'm right?"

"Well sweetheart, if you're right you get to have a threesome."

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