tagRomanceMy Sweet Little Angel Ch. 02

My Sweet Little Angel Ch. 02


'Is this Mrs. Fiona Trucker?' asked a strong male voice.

Hearing someone refer her by Robert's surname made her hate herself. She wanted to lash out at the caller, but maybe the man didn't know that they were divorced.

'No. This is Miss Fiona Kahler. Mr. Trucker and I got divorced a few months back. Who is this?' she asked as she walked into the living room and sat down on the couch.

'Ma'am, this is Officer Reynolds. I am sorry to inform you but Mr. Trucker has been in an accident. We found your business card in his wallet.'

'Accident? Is he alright?' asked Fiona and thought about what the man had said. What business card was he talking about? She hadn't given Robert any card.

Her chain of thoughts was broken by the voice from the other end.

'His pulse is strong. But we are shifting him to the nearest hospital. If you could inform his family members ...'

'I am sorry, officer. But Robert has no immediate family. And I don't have the contact details of any of his friends,' said Fiona cutting short the officer's request.

'Ma'am, in that case, you could complete the formalities. I am sure that it wouldn't be much of a trouble.'

'No, officer,' she said firmly, uninterested in dealing with Robert ever again. 'I am busy right now and I don't think Mr. Trucker would like my presence.'

She heard a man's laugh from the other end and some shuffling sound. And then it happened.

'Hello Bitch. Seems like you have found someone to warm your bed,' the voice from the other end snickered, making the blood drain from her face.

No! This couldn't happen she thought frantically as she looked around the room helplessly. He was supposed to be out of her life. It was all over. The laughter at the other end jolted her thoughts.

'I am still here, my bitch. How's the new guy?'

'Was that a prank? How dare you?' she asked her voice loud and clear.

'I am having fun, slut. You do know what turns me on, don't you?' he grunted and then howled, making her remember the horrific days, when he used to howl in the same way after he had his share of fun with her body.

'Why ... Why are you calling me?' she asked, hoping her tone carried the right amount of indignation.

'I miss your body, Fiona. I miss the screams and my marks of possession,' said Robert's voice and she distinctly heard the swish of a whip.

'Leave me alone. I am not yours anymore,' she said bravely, holding onto the phone tightly.

'You will always be mine, bitch. Mine to own and please,' he said and gave out a loud growl. 'Did you show him your scars? Or are you still hiding them?'

'You can't hurt me again, asshole. You cannot,' she screamed more to herself that to him.

'Confident, aren't you?' he asked and his steel like voice sent a chill down her spine. 'If I were you, I wouldn't be sleeping tonight.'

'Fuck off, bastard,' she said and slammed the phone shut.

She took a deep breath, trying to calm her beating heart. He can't hurt you. Not anymore. She had pushed the incident to the back of her mind and was immersed in her new life until Nick returned back from his business trip.

Nick was at her home and they were sharing a pizza. He was narrating an incident that had taken place during the meeting in New York. Fiona tried to listen because it was a funny story, but she kept looking across the table at Nick and thinking about how much she appreciated him, how thankful she was to be with him now. In the middle of his story, she stood up and crawled into his lap.

'Baby?' Nick brushed back her hair. 'What is it?'

'Nothing. I just missed you. I love you so much.'

But he knew her better than that. He tilted her chin up and gazed into his eyes. 'What happened, doll? Are you having problems with work? You can quit any day. I told you I wouldn't mind ...'

'Robert called here, the day you left.'

She saw the flare of alarm in his eyes turn to anger and then concern.

'How did he know to find you here?'

'He knows that I am in Boston and everyone at work knows where I live.'

'So, where's he now? Give me that damn phone,' he muttered and tried to process whatever she had said. Fiona went to grab her phone, then returned and let him pull her back into his lap. Nick clicked to the caller ID display to find the number. 'What did he say? Tell me the whole conversation.'

Fiona related as much of it as she could remember, emphasizing the part where she had told him to fuck off at the end. Nick messed with some more buttons on the phone.

'Okay, I have blocked the calls from any unknown number. But listen, if he ever contacts you -- here or anywhere -- I want you to call me immediately.' He kissed her forehead, then both her eyes before clasping her to his chest. 'You worried about this for the past couple of days, didn't you?'

'I just can't believe he called here and played that prank. It was horrible to hear his voice after all this time.'

'He's never going to be part of your life again. You know that.' Fiona nodded, soothed by the deep rumble of his voice against her ear. 'And even if you ran into him, you are not his wife. You owe him nothing, not even acknowledgement. You are mine now and my girl is brave, isn't she?'

'Yes, she is and I know.'

'Not that I worry about that. He is not stupid.'

Fiona suppressed a shudder. 'No, not Robert.'

'He is not going to try to win you back. I should hope not.'

No, thought Fiona. He wouldn't try to win her back. He wouldn't do it that way.


Long after he took Fiona to bed, long after he loved her senseless, Nick lay awake worrying about the phone call and those little tense lines he had seen around her mouth. She was more upset than she was telling him, but Nick didn't want to force the issue. For Robert to call, he would have to uncover Fiona's unlisted personal number, which was a little aggressive. And it didn't escape his notice that he had used someone and constructed a cock-and-bull story. What would have happened if Fiona had actually believed his story? He shuddered as the thought ran through his mind. And he also realized that the bastard had called while Nick was away. Coincidence? The alternative gave him a chill -- that Robert might be monitoring him and Fiona in a more involved way.

It made him never want to leave her alone again. Thankfully, the trip to New York had been the last one and there weren't any more trips scheduled. Nick knew without a doubt that he wasn't going out of the state without taking Fiona with him. He looked down at her sleeping form. And as if she had felt his gaze on her, she immediately stirred in her sleep and crept closer towards him; curling into him. She laid her arm over him and sighed. In intimate moments like these, the strength of his feelings for her always surprised him. He pulled her on top of him like a limp blanket. He took her lips in a tender kiss then settled her head into the hollow of his shoulder.

'I love you,' he murmured against her ear, breathing in the vanilla scent of her shampoo.


'Do I look alright?' asked Fiona as she stood before the mirror and looked at her reflection. 'Will they like me?'

'They are going to love you, Fi. Stop thinking so much, baby. You look beautiful,' said Nick dropping a kiss on her forehead. 'Now come on, you don't wanna be late.'

Nick was taking Fiona to his parents' farmhouse so that they could meet her. His actual intent was to divert her mind from the phone call but Fiona was as nervous as a cat. It had taken him a lot of time to convince her. Fiona didn't want to meet his parents especially when he had already told them about her past. She had cried foul and stomped off, not even wanting to talk with him. But Nick had been persistent. He wasn't letting her go so easily and finally after a lot of "why, when and how", Fiona had agreed to meet them.

'How much farther do we have to go?' Fiona asked looking at the beautiful country side.

'The house straight ahead,' he replied as he swiveled the car onto a small dirt road.

'You mean that castle straight ahead?' she corrected as she kept staring at the magnificent mansion.

'You like it?' he asked, parking the car before the gate.

Fiona nodded and alighted from the car. Nick locked the car and waited for her. He took her hand into his and walked in towards the small patio.

'Please don't leave me alone,' pleaded Fiona as Nick rang the doorbell. 'I can't face them without you.'

'Shh... Relax, Fi. I am not going anywhere,' he said, tucking the wild strands of her hair behind her ear.

They both turned and looked at the door as it jingled open. A sweet little lady stood before them, a smile lighting up her face.

'Look who's here,' she said and Nick stepped forward, dropping a kiss on her forehead and giving her a brief hug.

'Mom, this is Fiona,' he introduced, bringing Fiona forward.

'Nice to meet you, Mrs. Madison,' greeted Fiona as she shook the old lady's hand.

'Come on in, you two,' said Nick's mother as she held the door wide open and ushered them inside. 'And Fiona, Mrs. Madison won't do. Call me Carol.'

'Okay,' whispered Fiona as she held onto Nick's hand tightly.

'My my ... who is this angel?' asked a heavy voice, making Fiona glance in the direction of the voice.

'Dad!' exclaimed Nick as he walked towards the old guy, Fiona on his side. 'How are you?'

'I am as fit as a fiddle,' replied the old man and patted his son. 'I am Patrick Madison. And you, pretty lady, might be Fiona.'

Fiona blushed and extended her hand. 'It's nice to meet you, Mr. Madison. Now, I know from where Nick got his charming style.'

'Mr. Madison is a no go, Fiona. Call me Patrick. Nick hasn't got anything compared to me,' said the old man as he winked at his son.

'Dad, don't try to charm her. She's already taken,' remarked Nick as he showed Patrick their entwined hands.

'That's a pity. I am vexed of your mother,' said Patrick looking at his wife who seemed to be enjoying the banter between the father and son.

'Go and have a seat, young fellas. The lunch is almost done,' said Carol as she shooed them to the nearest couch.


'You look happy, Nicholas,' said Carol, occupying the empty space on the couch beside her son.

Lunch was done and it had gone off smoothly. Fiona didn't feel out of place. Carol and Patrick went out of their way to make her feel comfortable. And as promised, Nick didn't leave her side. They shared some funny and interesting stories about Nick making Fiona fall in love with her guy all over again.

'Where is Fiona?' he asked, looking around.

'Patrick took her on a tour of the backyard. I think she is going to love the flowers.'

'I hope so. I thought I always was happy,' said Nick, as he looked his mother, questioningly.

'Don't try to fool me, Nick. You love her, don't you?' asked Carol, looking at her son.

'More than I think I could love anyone. She is everything I ever wanted, Mom. If only I could do something about her past ...'

'I like her, Nick. She is spirited and has a soft heart. And here she comes,' said Carol, raising her head as the back door swung open and Fiona entered with a bunch of flowers and bubbling with laughter.

'Aren't they beautiful?' asked Fiona sitting down on the couch across Nick and Carol.

'They are,' said Nick, least concerned about the flowers. He looked at the happy girl before his eyes and he knew that his old Fiona was back into action. Her smile lit up her entire face and her green eyes sparkled. It made her look even more beautiful. And then she caught him staring at her and raised her brows and mouthed "What's wrong?" He shook his head and walked into the kitchen to grab a glass of water and most importantly, to get a hold on his feelings.

'She loves you, Nicholas,' said his father, standing beside him and unscrewing the cork of a champagne bottle.

'You seem pretty confident about that,' remarked Nick, gulping down the water.

'She looks at you the same way in which your mother used to look at me. And let me tell you, had I been in your place I wouldn't let her go,' said Patrick, tossing the cork and pouring the champagne into the glasses.

'I can't let her go, Dad. I did it once and I am not doing it again,' promised Nick more to himself than his father. 'Let me help you with that,' he said and carried the glasses to the living room.


'Are we going on Thanksgiving?' asked Fiona as soon as Nick guided the car onto the highway.

'I don't think I can refuse. You seem more than eager to go,' chuckled Nick, casting a casual glance towards her.

'Don't you wanna go?' she asked with a pout, making him want to pull over the car and take her right then and there.

'I always attend the Thanksgiving lunch, Fi. Now, no more pouting,' he said sharply, 'be a good girl and let me drive.'

He was certain that he heard her laugh before she turned her attention to the beautiful landscape on her side. Damn! But her laugh did something to him.


Where the fuck was she? Robert pounded on Fiona's apartment door again so hard his ring bit into his knuckle. No answer. No lights were on inside.

All the work he had done this morning to finish up his workload would be wasted if she didn't show up. He took the elevator and entered the parking area. The first look shot panic through him. Her car was gone. But then he saw her Mustang in the darkened area, and his muscles loosened. She hadn't run.

Hell, he wasn't thinking clearly. It was a Sunday after all. She had probably gone on a date. With her new guy. Anger burned through him like spilled acid. 'Fucking bitch.' He slammed his fist on the nearest wall. The skin over his knuckles split, the pain snapping him back to reality.

Turning, he took deep breaths, forcing himself to calm down. Sweat beaded on his face and poured down the middle of his back as he walked away from the vehicle. His anticipation had been so high, but really, this didn't change the plan he had devised that morning.

Last week, his strategy had been to sedate her with Valium and take her home right away. But now, his wait had been too long, and his anticipation had grown too high. He felt twitchy, off-center. He needed the release that only she could give him as he watched the look on her face when the whip struck, listened to her screams. Spilled her blood.

In the sky above the city, fireworks rose into the sky, the distant booms setting the air to throbbing. Damn her, where was she?


'Please ...,' whimpered Fiona as Nick's lips hovered over her nipple.

'You have been a bad girl, Fi,' said Nick, nuzzling the underside of her breast. 'That pout was so uncalled for.'

They were back in her home, ignorant of the fact that the Devil had paid a visit, not less than a couple of hours back. On their way home from the farmhouse, Nick had taken her to a romantic play which she had been planning to watch for a couple of weeks. Somehow Nick always seemed to know what she wanted and liked. Even before she could talk about them, he had them before her. Her eyes shone with love for the wonderful guy in her life, who was bent on fulfilling her each and every whim.

'Can't I even pout?' she asked, looping her arms around his neck.

'You can but not in a seductive, sexy way. Do you know how mesmerizing you were today? I was so close to losing it, Fi,' he murmured, pressing his erection against her.

'Nick, I wanna ... I ...' stammered Fiona, making Nick look at her a little perplexed.

'What do you want, baby?' asked Nick, his voice calm and composed.

'I wanna give you a blowjob,' admitted Fiona, her face flushed and she looked into his dark eyes, before asking, 'Can I?'

'Hell, woman! What's wrong with you?' he asked, moving away from her and rolling onto his back.

'I am not good at this. So ...,' she gave a wry smile and continued, '... bear with me.'

This wasn't the first time that Fiona had been hesitant to open up during their love-making. During the start of their relationship, she had confessed that her ex used to tell her over and over again that she wasn't a bombshell in bed. According to Robert, she couldn't scream, moan and make those sounds that could turn on a guy. And he had even criticized her over her cock-sucking skills. Nick wanted to change all that. He told her every night that she was everything that he had ever wanted in a girl and he encouraged, appreciated and praised her every small little caress. But sometimes like these, she still couldn't express herself freely.

'Come on, baby. Just because some moron says that you aren't good ... Forget it. Come over here,' he said and pulled her so that she was sprawled on top of him. 'I am all yours, Fiona. Look, touch and do whatever you want to. You don't have to ask permission,' he said with a grin and caught her tiny palm into his.

Curling her palm around his cock, he dropped a kiss on her forehead and asked her to go on. Fiona looked down at his handsome face, his strong jaw line and his eyes which looked at her lovingly. She ran her fingers through his hair and kissed his forehead. Her lips travelled down a path -- meeting his brows, his eyes, the top of his nose, before finally meeting his waiting lips. She felt him deepen the kiss, his tongue playing with hers, making her shudder. Out of breath, she pulled back and cupped his face. The stubble gave him a rugged look and her fingers grazed against it. She peppered a flurry of kisses along his jaw, inhaling the lemony smell of his after shave. She bit the outer lobe of his ear playfully making him groan.

'I should have never allowed you to touch me,' he sighed playfully, loving the soft little kisses that she was giving him.

She didn't remark to his statement and moved down to his neck. She kissed his erratically beating pulse and rose on her elbows giving him a sly look. Before he could comprehend her intentions, she bent and bit his skin slightly, giving him a hickey. Nick groaned and cursed.

She flashed him a cute smile and looked at him with puppy eyes, faking her innocence. When Nick shot her a heated look, she went back to his body and kissed his nipples. She tugged and nipped at his nipples, forcing him to clutch the sheets. Her lips met his abs and travelled down south, reaching his cock which was standing in its full glory, thick and long. Her hands stroked over him, the satiny soft skin already tight over the rigid shaft beneath. This time it was her turn to torture him. To please him ... She licked over the round tip, tasted the drop of pre-cum, and swirled her tongue around him. She moved down his cock, taking her time, tracing the big veins with her tongue, setting her teeth ever so lightly at the underside at the base, hearing his slight inhalation. She laved his heavy balls, pulling each one into her mouth to suck gently, tonguing between them before working her way back up his cock. And then, she slid him, hard and fast into her mouth, feeling his jerk of pleasure.

"Not good at this?" wondered Nick as she worked him for a minute using only her lips and tongue until his thigh muscles tensed. Suction then suck and slide. She added her hands at the base, taking a narrow grip, sliding her hands up and down in counterpoint to her mouth. She set up a forceful, driving rhythm and heard him groan, felt him swell under her hands.

Then his hands were on her shoulders, pulling her up. 'Stop, you little minx. I want to finish inside you.'

'No, I want to ... Didn't you enjoy? I told you I wasn't good ...' trailed off Fiona as she looked at him remorsefully.

'Shh... You were too good, sweetie. I would have come in a few minutes if you had kept that up,' he said, running a finger over her lips.

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