tagBDSMMy Sweet Pussycat Ch. 01-03

My Sweet Pussycat Ch. 01-03


Warning: This story contains watersports.

This story is dedicated to my sweet pussycat, a slut who wants nothing more than to serve me. She is the inspiration for Janice's character.

For additional background, please read Becoming a Domme, which chronicles Janice and Joel's submission to Kasey, and Grounded in Toronto (Ch. 05-07), which describes an episode later in life when Kasey meets Camille.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, merchandise, companies, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters are 18 years or older when in sexual situations.

Chapter One

To: Janice Kepler

From: Kasey Parker

Date: November 16, 2017 2:55 p.m.

Re: Your initiation to watersports

My sweet little pussycat,

Hopefully you have been a well behaved little pussycat. I'm thinking about our next game. Does that excite you?

Here are your instructions for tonight.

When you get home tonight, don't pee. Hold it until you take a shower before you go to bed. Get in the shower but don't turn the water on. Stand in the shower and start thinking about how you want to be dominated ... used ... owned ... and punished. Think about those lactating mothers you've been fantasizing about - sucking on their ripe, juicy tits, brimming with warm milk, touching the engorged soft white flesh with your tongue and then using your mouth to suck on an erect nipple, pulsing the milky essence into your eager mouth.

Now start slowly rubbing your whole cunt with the flat of your palm. Keep rubbing until you are good and wet and feeling as if you are about to cum. Then concentrate on peeing. Pee against the palm of your hand. Feel the hot liquid splashing against your skin and then dripping on the shower floor, running under your feet and down the drain. Keep rubbing your cunt as you pee against your palm. Don't cum.

Take your pee-soaked hand and hold it in front of you. Stick out your tongue and lick the palm of your hand, tasting the tangy bitter liquid and thinking that it's my pee you are tasting and that you are showing your submission to me by licking up my piss.

Now turn the shower on.

Let's the spray cleanse your body. While the bitter taste is still in your mouth put your finger in your bottom and work the first inch of your anal ring with your finger, moving your finger in every direction to stretch the muscle. If you dare, use two fingers in your bottom. Then use your other hand to rub yourself to an orgasm, imagining that you are laying on the floor of the shower as I pee on your pussy while you finger yourself to an orgasm.

Write me back telling me about your experience.

Sweet dreams my little pussycat.

Till tomorrow night.

Mistress K

I was in the hospital's cafeteria on my break, shaking as I read Mistress's e-mail on my phone. She was away on business but due to be home the next night. Her instructions were explicit and provocative. I had never engaged in watersports and was excited at the prospect of doing so. I had heard a great deal about this deviation and asked Mistress a number of times about it. She didn't appear interested but her e-mail made it clear she was listening.

I decided to finish my shift at 4 p.m. and then go straight to the fitness studio I belong to and dissipate some of my nervous energy. I would then read the instructions again in detail when I arrived home, now hot and sweaty. I peeled off my sweat soaked workout clothes and followed my Mistress's instructions. Here was the note I sent to Mistress late that night.

To: Kasey Parker

From: Janice Kepler

Date: November 16, 2017 10:55 p.m.

Re: My initiation to watersports

Hello Mistress,

I decided to follow your instructions this evening after an exhausting workout. I thought it would be the perfect time, having rid myself of the nervous energy that had built up after first reading your e-mail at the hospital.

I will try my very best to describe in great detail how it felt to follow your orders ... I do wish to give sweet slow licks on your delicious cunt and ass to show how thankful I am to you, my Mistress, to give me such salacious (and delicious) instructions.

I decided to perform your orders after the gym so I could think during my workout about bringing myself to a blissful orgasm later that night. Many times I caught sight of my nipples getting hard in the gym mirrors and felt a dull throbbing coming from underneath my yoga pants. I came home and was giddy to take part in watersports you designed just for your pussycat.

I stripped slowly in front of the bathroom mirror as I listened to bluesy music. I felt very warm and sensuous just thinking about how it would feel to strip for you, Mistress. My hands ran slowly up and down my stomach and hooked into my yoga pants. I slowly bent down pulling the tight material off of my smooth, toned legs. It felt good to finally get a bit of release from the skin hugging clothing. I ran my hands back up and raked my fingers along my ass, pulling my cheeks apart. I shivered as I saw myself so full of lust and want in the mirror. I thought about you behind me ordering me to bend over and lean into your pussy as you grabbed my hips and humped my ass with your strap-on dildo. I jiggled my ass, thinking about the way you would make it bounce. My shirt and sports bra were next. I pulled them off in one quick motion, not taking my eyes off of the mirror. My delicious tits bounced out of the tight constraint. I know you would devour my delicious globes and leave plenty of marks to show I was your property.

I stepped in the shower, wiggling my painted toes as I felt the cold tile. My body shivered. My pussy was already very wet.

Your sweet pussycat held her legs closed and slowly teased her thighs with light strokes of her fingertips, imagining my hands were yours. I then gave myself a spank on each side of my thighs as if you were asking me to spread my legs further so you could access my wanting, dripping cunt. I opened my legs and hiked one of them up on the shower bench, giving me better access to my wet cunt. I pressed one hand against the cold tile of the shower wall for balance. My back was a bit arched, giving you a delicious view of my ass. I brought my palm to my warm swollen pussy and began to give it slow full circles, wanting to get a feel of its fullness. God, I began to moan softly already feeling the heat within my body spike higher. I decided to take my hand off the wall and lean on my elbow instead so I could pull and tug on my hard nipple. My breathing became heavier and the thought of your creamy delicious breast popped into my head as I bit my lip, just wanting them in my mouth so bad. I could feel my heartbeat in my ears and decided to increase the speed of my hand on my pussy.

My pussy ached and needed this. I palmed my pussy faster but decreased the pressure to give myself a nice slow delicious ascent to my release. Mistress, I can't adequately describe the feelings I was experiencing. My legs began to shake and I already wanted to fall to my knees, but I tightened my muscles and powered through the pain.

I could feel my delicious soft shaven pussy soaking my hand, and my juices beginning to drip onto my thighs. The sensation of liquid running down my legs gave me a shiver and an irresistible urge to pee. I pushed down and let out a deep throated growl as I felt the warmth of my urine coat my warm swollen cunt and run along my thighs to the floor. I thought I was going to cum at that time, for I felt a delicious warmth run all through my body. God, I felt at this point that I could pass out. My pussy felt so heavy and so dirty Mistress. My mouth began to water thinking of how naughty I was going to be to lick my urine off my hand. I brought my palm to my lips and could smell the musky scent from my urine. I gave my hand a full long lick. The taste I could only describe as tangy but still very sweet for my hand was coated with my juices as well. I moaned softly as the idea of engaging in such a perverted act at your behest made me want to cum.

I twisted the handle to turn the shower on and immediately bucked as I felt the ice cold water hit my hard nipples and snake down to my swollen clit. The shock of the frigid water took the breath out of me and made me yelp. I decided to fight through it thinking about how you would probably keep my body under the cold water for longer than usual, wanting to remind me that I was yours. My nipples were stone hard Mistress. I wished you were there to run your warm tongue around them. I kept my body under the water until it became warm.

I decided to bend over so that most of the water from the shower was running over my ass. I hiked my leg up again and slowly with one hand teased my tight pucker. The combination of the now warm water and my hand gave me such a beautiful sensation. I ran my other hand back over my aching clit and gave it a spank thinking that was what you would have loved to do to my swollen red clit. That made my back arch and fall and with the same motion as I pressed one finger inside my tight pucker. The sensation of this invasion made me whine. The feeling initially was pain but as I began to rub my clit at the same time it made my anus relax and the push of my finger against my anal ring pleasurable. I could feel my finger go deeper into my pucker. I took a deep breath feeling so full. I started to rub my clit fast then slow then fast then slow and at the same time keeping a slow fucking rhythm in my ass.

Mmmmmmmmm. Mistress I so wish you were there. My legs began to shake, and I could not stand any longer. I crumpled to my knees, with the impact of the tile floor making me wince. I lowered my head to the tile floor. I was moaning and moaning. I did not give myself mercy and sped the rubbing of my hand, circling and circling, then fucking and fucking. I could only feel two things with my fingers, one of them being my rock hard pulsating clit, the other the feel of the smooth muscle deep in my ass as it clenched around my finger. My body began to arch and I let out a cry, the sweet burn filling every inch of my body. I was cumming and cumming so very hard for you Mistress.

I do want to thank you again so very much for bringing me such bliss.

-your playful pussycat

The session in the shower made me one raw nerve that night. I was able to keep enough focus to draft the e-mail to Mistress but otherwise I was a complete basket case. I had a hard time falling asleep that night thinking about Mistress returning the next day (Friday) and the fact that we usually played our game on Friday night. It didn't help that I could smell her intoxicating scent on the pillow and sheets (Mistress gave me permission to sleep in her bed when she was away). I finally fell asleep, dreaming of shadowy figures using my body in every imaginable way to satisfy their carnal desires.

Chapter Two

Thankfully I awoke the next morning feeling relaxed and revitalized. Finally ... it was time to play our game. I had been a good girl the entire week. I was fervently hoping that Mistress would reward me when she came home. But, as usual, self-doubt crept into my mind.

Over the past week I washed and folded the clothes and thoroughly cleaned the house, washed and waxed Mistress's sports car, made all of the meals, paid all of the bills and even "entertained" some of Mistress's friends while she watched. And of course last night I faithfully followed Mistress's instructions in the shower.

But those self-doubts wouldn't go away. Had I satisfied her when I licked her pussy in the shower? Did I do a good enough job cleaning her car? Did I show enough enthusiasm when she asked me to lick and suck on her best friend's asshole while she was kissing Mistress?

No, there was no room for such doubts. Today I was going to receive my reward.

I started the day sitting quietly in bed, using my hand to feel the residual warmth from her side of the bed, and burying my nose in her pillow, and thinking about her. I closed my eyes tightly to retrieve my favorite visions of her, first fully clothed, and then naked. I would of course be on my knees worshipping her. Her statuesque frame was perfectly curved and rounded, every contour a work of art. Every part of her body begged to be kissed - her flaming red hair, full pouty lips, luscious rounded 34D breasts and her sex, bearing witness to her desire for me. Her scent was an irresistible attractant to me. She would beckon me with her finger. I would crawl to her, wanting to show her how eagerly I would submit wholly and completely to her.

I snapped out of my lust-fueled reverie and went to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee and settle into the breakfast nook with my iPad. I answered a few work-related e-mails (I was taking a "personal" day off today), cleared some of my more urgent personal e-mails and texts, and then perused the day's headlines while sipping my black coffee. It was a gorgeous morning. The sunshine was streaming in through the kitchen windows. I opened one of the windows, welcoming the sounds in the distance of traffic and city life and the cool ocean-infused breeze.

I spent the remainder of the day getting ready for her and preparing dinner. I spent an hour in Mistress's soaking tub with her finest bath salts (with her permission again of course), reading trashy novels. I then stepped into her oversized shower, carefully shaving my entire body as I knew Mistress would inspect me closely. I hefted my breasts in my hand. They weren't as big as Mistress's, but they were well-rounded C cups that Mistress certainly seemed to enjoy. As I washed myself I fingered my pussy and anus, thinking about how Mistress would tease, tantalize, punish and reward me, careful not to bring myself too close to an orgasm (I still hadn't mastered self-control and thinking about Mistress all day had gotten me quite horny). I washed my wavy blonde hair, rinsed completely off, and then exited the shower clean and refreshed. Mistress preferred me naked, so I put on my favorite pair of flip flops and went to the kitchen with nothing on other than my collar and a towel wrapped around my hair.

I still had a hard time believing how I had arrived here. It was a circuitous path, starting in high school when I was befriended by Kasey. At that point in time I was exclusively interested in boys and I thought Kasey was as well. She certainly didn't have a problem attracting attention. At 5'10" with long wavy red hair and large womanly breasts at age 18, Kasey could have had anyone that she wanted. I was part of her entourage, and being a more petite 5'3" Kasey always looked like my big sister.

I lost my virginity my senior year, but sex with high school boys was wholly forgettable with the fumbling, awkwardness and inevitable premature ejaculation. Was this all there was I wondered? I knew there was something missing. I just didn't know what it was. I never really considered hooking up with a woman - perhaps because it never occurred to me to do so. I always felt an attraction to Kasey, but I thought of it more as an appreciation of her beauty rather than something sexual in nature.

I shared the most intimate details of my awkward trysts with Kasey. She always listened politely but never shared any details of her sex life, although I was certain it was robust and that Kasey was just shy or reticent to discuss it. I must have missed her signals back then, because it became clearer later that Kasey had always lusted after my body but didn't feel comfortable communicating her feelings to me.

Kasey couldn't have been in my life at a more opportune time. She was just on the cusp of realizing that she was a Domme, and I was unknowingly a seething tempest of wanton lust and latent submissiveness, just waiting for the right catalyst to bring all of my hidden desires to the surface. That catalyst was Kasey.

One day when we were in Kasey's bedroom she finally levelled with me. She told me that her senior prom date with Joel went well but that he wanted to please her. I didn't really understand what she was talking about until she described how Joel enthusiastically licked her bottom and then suppressed his orgasm until she gave him permission to cum. I couldn't believe how excited I was to hear about Joel's submission, especially to Kasey. It was as if a veil had been lifted and my eyes were now wide open to what was possible. When Kasey invited me to her next "date" with Joel it was an opportunity I couldn't resist.

That evening changed my life. I saw Kasey's full command of her sexual prowess. It was awe inspiring. Kasey manipulated Joel with a deft hand, first humiliating him by making him stand in his doorway, naked, and then making him beg and grovel for her attention, ultimately having him lick her ass while fingering her to an orgasm. The energy in the room was palpable. Joel's desire to please Kasey and Kasey's desire to control Joel overwhelmed me. I was literally panting that entire evening and was even scolded for playing with myself while witnessing Joel's submission. Ultimately Kasey got me to acknowledge that I wanted to be her slut.

That was three years ago. Kasey and I moved in together right after graduation from high school and had been together the entire three years since. She was working part-time at a public relations firm and carrying a full class load at a local university. She was the fortunate beneficiary of a family trust that allowed her to purchase a small house in the Richmond District of San Francisco. I was working full-time at a local hospital as a nurse's aide in the labor and delivery department, saving my money to study for a certification as a physician's assistant.

I apologize for the aside, but I should have always been thinking and saying "Mistress Kasey" or just "Mistress," but sometimes I slipped up and thought of her as just "Kasey." But that wouldn't be right. She didn't belong to me. I belonged to her.

And that pecking order was oh so clear over the past three years when I've been her slut. Perhaps another time when I have several days to recount what I've done to, with, or for her. Suffice it to say it was almost every depraved submissive act that Mistress Kasey and I could dream up. I did all of these depraved acts willingly and lovingly.

Our quest for my full submission to Mistress evolved into a game. Mistress would pick a new venue that she could decide to tell me about, or keep it to herself, and then dream up a submissive act to be performed by me in that venue. Mistress had modified the game over time to encompass one last element. Could Mistress make me disobey a direct command?

Today was the day. It was like celebrating Christmas and my birthday on the same day. I wanted to slow down the passage of time. It would be over too soon. Could I store every image from today so that I could use it as a library when I wanted to think of her?

I heard the sound of the garage door opening - the slow grind of the motor, the car easing into the garage and then silence. I was ready. I was nude, wearing only the first collar that Mistress gave to me. I'd since been given four more, and I treasured each one of them. I fingered the well-worn leather collar and tugged at it, trying to relieve some of my nervous energy. I was kneeling with my legs slightly open. I would put my hands behind my head when I heard Mistress turning the doorknob of the side door to the garage.

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