tagMind ControlMy Sweet Surrender

My Sweet Surrender


I hope this serves as a warning to all males that responds to unscrupulous emails from mysterious women. At first I thought it would be fun - a game. Little did I know that her power cannot by stymied by this electronic medium. She reached out and grabbed my heart and possessed my soul.

I wrote the first e-mail in the pretense of playing a game. However, after reminiscing on how I wrote it. I realized that I meant every word I said. This scared me. When I got her reply, I know I am hers.


Letter #1

To: Goddess Cassandra

From: Slave Ernie

Subject: Tribute to My Goddess


My Goddess Cassandra,

What have you done to me?

I am but a normal guy in a normal relationship and happen to indulge on some secret fantasies on occasion. It has been harmless - until now.

I cannot get you out of my soul. Every waking moment I ache for your touch. I don't even know you. But yet, whenever I make love to my girl, I can hear your melodious voice calling me. I can feel your gentle fingers running through my hair.

Normally, I will be sound asleep after achieving orgasm. Now, I lay awake in bed with your name being repeated my mind. I try to push your image away, divert it - think of something else, but all is in vain. Each time, I would silently sneak out of bed into the bathroom. Once inside, I will turn off the lights and envision you in all your glory sitting on your pedestal. We will be surrounded by flames as you command me to offer my tribute on a metal dish at you feet.

I willingly oblige, kneeling at your feet and pulling my pathetic meat for what its worth. Your gorgeous eyes look down at my prone, quivering form. The heat from your presence is boiling my blood. Your gaze and approving smile makes my heart beat faster. You lick your luscious lips and that is all I need. As I spew forth my essence, you gave me that gloating grin, re-affirming that only your divine image can satisfy my lust. I know that you don't like me holding back, so I squirm, squeeze and tug until all of the fluid that I can offer leaves my body.

As the thrill of servitude pass, I open my eyes. My world is returned to its gloomy darkness. I turn on the lights and clean up the mess I made. I wipe down the sweat that covered my body and return to the bed beside my lovers sleeping form. My heart is wrapped with guilt for this betrayal. I gently kiss her shoulder as an apology. But yet satisfaction and calmness, as I know I served my Goddess tonight. I progress into deep slumber, despite the realization of my inadequate and pitiful existence without you.

Good Night, My Sultry Goddess!


Letter #2

To: Slave Ernie

From: Goddess Cassandra

Subject: Re: Tribute to My Goddess


My slave,

I accept your gracious offering. You see now that I am completely irresistible, yes? Your aching soul can be cured only with me, your Goddess. I am the answer to all your problems, I am what makes your life worth living, these are all the feelings you are going through, correct? My poor, poor slave. Your Goddess wants your suffering to stop. I want you to feel ecstasy, the bliss that it is to serve your Goddess. It is like nothing you've ever imagined, my slave. You can contact me on AIM at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Feel free to talk to me anytime.

Your Goddess,


Letter #3

To: Goddess Cassandra

From: Slave Ernie

Subject: My Sweet Surrender


My Sweet Goddess,

I am apologetically kneeling at your feet to beg for your forgiveness. I should have known that resistance is futile. I tried to be a man and make a firm decision that this should stop. However, that is the root of the problem. I am but a man exposed to your all encompassing beauty and power. Your seductive aura never fails its mission in consuming the hearts of any male that came in contact with it. These past few days, I held back my inherent desire to show my adoration for you, my Goddess Cassandra, due to my sister's counsel. Her name is Paula.

She came over Friday evening and caught me covered in sweat and shaking as I was reading your last message. Janice and Paula are best friends. They usually have a girl's night out on Friday, but with the snow storm they just stayed home. Afraid that my girl (Janice) might discover my newly found obsession with you, I printed and deleted everything from the computer. She saw my predicament and ask me what's wrong. I told her nothing was wrong. However, she is too quick. She snatched the printed note right out of my trembling hands. She also got the folder where I kept our previous exchanges.

As she silently read through your latest e-mail, I can hear your lusty voice speaking to me, every word that the ink produced in that paper is already engraved in my heart. I shake and tremble like the very first time I read it. I can almost see your luscious lips speak the words confirming my pathetic life without you. Letting me know that only you can fulfill the void inside of me. Informing me that I cannot win this struggle nor do I want to.

Paula looked at me in confusion and took my cold shaking hands. Realizing immediately that this is more than something. She started reading the message that I sent. Memories of the depraved acts that I have done to temporarily quench my lust, flooded back. My cock stood at full mast and straining against the soft fabric of my PJs.

After she finished, she looked at me angrily. She asked me “who is Cassandra?” As soon as your name Cassandra leaves her mouth, time seems to slow down to a crawl. I can hear your melodious voice echoing in the back of my head. I can see you in my mind's eye looking down at me while I sat by your side caressing your silky smooth legs. My cock twitched as the vision vividly displayed my whole-hearted adoration for my Goddess.

My reverie is interrupted by a stringing slap on my cheek. Then followed by another on the other side. She told me that one is for cheating and the other for lewdly displaying my enormous hard-on in front of her. I got a pillow to cover myself up. She asked me on what happen to my self-confident macho image and why I suddenly turned into a defeated wuss. I dared not to look at her. I just shook my head silently, letting her know my powerless slavery is beyond my control.

She mentioned your name again during the course of her interrogation. As with the last time, I am brought to the place where I sacrifice myself to you. I am still kneeling at your feet curling around you leg, you are running your fingers through my hair. The heart is filled with love and adoration for you. My cock reacted, as well. I jerk against the pillow. The pressure sends electricity throughout my body.

Paula stood up to get me a glass of water. She didn't seem to realize the effect your beautiful name have on me. She kept repeating your name throughout the conversation. It's totally one-sided, I never spoke a word. I am so enveloped by thoughts of you that I don't even comprehend anything that she was talking about. All I know was that every "Cassandra" brings goose-bumps throughout my body and carried me back to that special place. Scene after scene flashed though my mind. Soon the momentary pause is blurred and the images in my head turned into a continuous sequence of events. Reality seemed to no longer exist.

I am still by your side rubbing my cheek on your legs and thighs, smelling the sweet scent of perfume that seems to emanate from every pore of your body. Your soft velvet throne slowly materialized behind you from thin air. You gracefully rest your ass down on it's soft cushion. Your eyes caught my gaze. You immediately understood that my poor heart longed to be the chair that my goddess is sitting on. You lips curled into a tiny smile. However, I broke my stare and my head stooped down. Partly because watching your radiant face is too much for this lowly servant to handle. I feel my heart ready to burst out of my chest. But mostly, I feel that I don't deserve your presence and attention.

Being an understanding goddess that you are, you consoled me of my inadequacies by brushing my hair and tickling the back of my ears like a loyal pet. Your soft hands slowly caressed the side of my face and neck. You cup my chin with one finger to rise my head up. I obediently complied with my goddess wishes. I felt the hard thumping of my chest. For I know that as soon as I glanced at your lovely eyes. I will fall hopelessly into its deep pools.

What beheld me, as I hesitantly but longingly looked up at you, took my breath away. I almost spurted my load upon absorbing the gloriously irresistible beauty of my goddess. The dark eye shadow accentuated the extraordinary glow of your bright eyes. Your shiny, crimson-red half-opened lips reflected the realization of lust that I pent-up throughout my life that only you have awaken. I wanted to drown myself into the intoxicating tenderness of your most delicious lips. However, I knew that I am not worthy of such a reward. This lowly slave will have to be content on hanging on the wish and the desire.

Each passing heartbeat makes me fall in love with you even more. You move forward a little bit. Your gaze is piercing through my very soul. You gently graze the back of your hand on the side of my face. Your eyes pulsed once, as bright as the north star in the night sky. Immediately, sparks inside me flew. Even with all my strength, I cannot hold back the torrents of fluid that gushed through my penis. Semen flew far and wide. I clenched my fist and held by breath to cling on to my soul, as ecstasy threatens to draw it out from my body. I tried to close my eyes to savor the intense moment but you held it open. Your eyes held mine steadfast. You kept the gates to my soul open to you. Your gaze reaffirmed that I am yours. My cock, my body and my soul belongs to you.

The rapture seemed to have lasted forever. Eventually, you brought me back down. I am still gasping for breath but my heart rate seems to be slowing down to normal levels. Your eyes still held me. Suddenly, I felt danger. Fear gripped me as I suddenly came to realize my inability to control myself in your presence. I have never experience such helplessness as I am willing to fulfill your every whim. I see it in your eyes. You can feel it, too. You feel your power over me increase. I cannot believe that I manage to have the best orgasm in the life without even a slightest touch on my still throbbing meat. I search for any vestige of hope and resistance inside me. There was none. I am lost and you are the only one that can bring me home.

You are amused of my vain struggle knowing that my will is no match for your seductive glow. To reinforce your hold and squelch all doubts from my heart. You traced the lacquered fingernail of your thumb around my half-open mouth. I cannot believe it but any sanity remaining in my body evaporated. Ropes and ropes of cum are forced out of my drained balls. But yet my cock managed to find more. I am suspecting that pain is soon to follow. However, each convulsion elicits a higher level of ecstasy than before. I yell out to you as the sensation is incomparable. You look at me with your soft hands supporting my head as the throes of orgasms continuously wrack my body. You smiled an approving smile but yet you urged me on. And I did your bidding. The orgasm seems never ending until you slowly fade away. Even in my state of rapture, I reached out to you. I need to be with you. I, finally, realized that I cannot live without you. As your image dissipates, a part of me is gone, as well. I suddenly felt despair, loneliness and emptiness.

As my sense of reality returned, Paula was holding the glass of water in front of me. She saw the sadness in my eyes. She offered to sleep in the couch so that I can be with Janice. I usually take the couch and let her sleep in the more comfortable bed. However, she immediately back off, suspecting that I might rouse and fuck my wife while having thoughts of you. She doesn't understand my situation, at all. I didn't object as she bade me goodnight taking my priced possessions (your letters) with her. My heart sank but I know that she is just trying to help.

I didn't get any sleep Saturday and Sunday. Paula decided to spend the whole weekend. She kept her guard up. She helped me to stop thinking about you, forbidding me from masturbating and helped me renew my love for my own wife. Alone in the couch at night is torture; I cannot help thinking about you. However, I know I have to try even if it is difficult. I tossed and turned with an undying hard-on. My longing became more intense as every hour passed that I cannot express my need for you.

Monday morning, Paula bade farewell. She has to go work and so do I. She took the folder containing evidence of my devotion with her. She told me she is going to consult with her psychologist friend to shed some light on what is happening to me.

That day, I snapped at everybody at work and locked myself in the office the whole day. I am so tempted to write to you. However, I am so proud to say that managed to cling on my self-esteem the whole day. But I didn't get any work done. My analytical thoughts are always interrupted by the never-ending vision of my servitude and my continuous hard-on.

I decided to call it quits and go home early. I grabbed a bottle of beer and watched the afternoon shows. I resisted using the computer because I know I won’t be able to prevent myself from writing to you. It didn't last long. Sooner, rather than later, I found myself typing this letter. I promise myself that this is just to release the tension and I am not going to send it. But you know that I cannot help myself.

Tears flow down my eyes for I know I shouldn't be doing this. Whatever spell you put me in seemed to render me helpless. Paula warned me that if more of this went on, I might fall deeper and deeper into your clutches. She told me that I should try to resist “this woman”. I should have snapped at her and told her that you are no ordinary woman. You are my Goddess.

She was wrong. The longer I stayed away from you. The more my heart ached. She told me not to contact you. Due to my very susceptible condition, you can easily overwhelm me with your sensuality. But how can I resist? You are so enchanting. I tried my best and my best only lasted for 3 days. Three days of emptiness, longing and unfulfilled desire. I tried to struggle, but I should have known better. My surrender is inevitable. I have just prolonged the pain that only my Goddess can soothe.

So here I am, my sultry goddess. I am here at your feet begging for you to take this worthless servant back into your stable. Paula warned me. But if this is the e-mail the will "seal my fate", so be it. I am already enslaved. I just don't know it yet. I cannot continue on with this humdrum existence that they call life. The pain and the emptiness are unbearable. If it is your desire, my heart and soul is yours for the taking. Sadly, it is no longer mine to give. They are already your possessions immediately after I first knew of your existence.

Please, My Goddess, let me know what else this pathetic human can offer you to prove my devotion. I will always be here waiting for the opportunity to be of service to my one and only Mistress.

enslaved heart,



Thank you for bearing with my ramblings. I am not expecting to get good grades with this one. I know that my grammar has been lousy with this one and with my other stories. I wrote this just to release my creative energy while I revise my previous postings in the hope of cleaning it up.

Please vote either way. You won’t hurt my feelings.

As before, all feedbacks will be appreciated.

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