tagBDSMMy Sweet Valentine

My Sweet Valentine


Sunny watched Him sleep. She had been awake for a while, her mind reviewing the last month, since she had said yes to Him. They had been friends for over a year, and though she had suspected that His feelings were deep almost from the start, and she knew hers were, she had been glad that He had given her the time she needed to get to know and trust Him. Because what they had now, as a couple, was more than she could ever have dreamed of.

She realized, as she stroked His skin, that she was happy. He made her happy in ways she had not thought to expect it, and He showed her that He loved her devotedly in every act between them, in everything He did for and to her. She listened to Him mumble in His sleep, and her smile grew wider. She loved the early morning play, because she knew how it would end, and she looked forward to giving Him even a little of the pleasure He always gave her.

Changing positions in the wide bed, Sunny knelt over Him, watching His chest rise and fall rhythmically. anticipating the moment when her attentions would wake Him, and He would pretend to be asleep, so He could startle her. She played along with Him, because she enjoyed their play as much as she enjoyed their lovemaking. She stroked his chest, loving the feel of His chest hairs on her palms, and walked her fingers down His belly to the elastic waist of His boxer briefs.

A car horn blared outside, and He stirred and opened His eyes. She sighed...her plan was foiled, but she loved looking into the black depths and seeing her reflection in them. She bent to press her lips to His chest, and He closed His eyes.

"Carry on!" He invited her, remaining relaxed, letting her touch Him wherever she pleased. "I love waking up to your hands." He smiled at her, and then added archly, "Missing your mouth, though!"

She laughed and winked at Him. "Coming right up, Master!"

She lowered her head, and feathered light kisses down his chest, pausing to lick around His navel, so she could hear Him hiss in pleasure. And when she licked her way down His shaft, and back up the other side, His hisses became moans. She loved to hear Him verbalize his pleasure. It turned her on, and made her wet for Him.

She turned up the pressure, licking him once more all around the base of His cock before taking one of the balls in His sac into her mouth, and laving it with loving attention. He groaned when she sucked first one, then the other into her mouth, gently rolling them with her tongue before letting them go. His cock jerked in response, in anticipation of her mouth on it again. She did not make Him wait long, but took the blushing head into her mouth and licked it lightly before sucking it in, and swallowing the pre-cum that began to seep from it as she attended to His pleasure.

He hissed again in appreciation of her technique as she cleaned Him and slid her tongue back over the head, before opening her mouth over Him and taking Him in, an inch at a time.

"You're killing Me, babygirl!" he complained, with such heat in His voice that she knew he was happy to be killed. She grinned, and sucked Him deeper, letting him feel her moan of pleasure against His hard rod. He was so hard, so deliciously hard, she grew wetter at the thought of having Him penetrate her folds and take her.

Taking Him all in slowly, opening her throat to receive Him, she moaned again before releasing Him, the saliva trailing from her lips to his cock. She hissed and sucked Him in again, feeling him jerk under her hands.

"Are you ready, Master?" she asked, peeping at him from under her lashes.

"Payback will be sweet, babygirl!" he promised darkly, his smile lush and full of promise.

Sunny held His rod at the base, squeezing Him there as she sucked the head, and then pumped Him slow and steady, making Him groan deeply. Repeating the motion, she sucked Him in, swirling her tongue around the head as she did, and felt Him tightening, trying to keep control. He reached for her, and she lifted her mouth from Him to say harshly,

"No, Master, no touching! This is my gift to You!"

She felt emboldened to speak like that to Him, because in the past He had allowed her to take the reins. She watched His face to see how He would react. His smile was slow and deliberate, and full of passion and promise. She inhaled deeply and set about finishing what she had begun, the total dismantling of His control. True to His silent word, He did not touch her, but groaned and grabbed the sheets as she worked Him over with demanding lips and teeth and tongue, until He erupted, past all possibility of holding back the orgasm that had Him shouting her name.

Sunny smiled in satisfaction as she licked Him clean, and then she lay on His chest, kissing His mouth fiercely, her sex throbbing with the need for Him.

"May I touch you now, My lady?" He asked, His voice hoarse with still-burning lust.

"Yes, please!" she answered simply, and let Him roll her over till she was beneath Him, and He was devouring her with a raging hunger that threatened to consume them both. He held both her hands above her head and raised his head to say,

"Put your legs around my waist and hang on, love!" He waited only a heartbeat, and then He drove into her in one deep, hard plunge, ramming her to the hilt, withdrawing slowly, and ramming her again. He grunted as He fucked her, and she groaned with the savage pleasure that tore through her as He tortured her with slow plunges followed by fast, hard fucking. He held her hips, raising her to His raging cock and taking her body and soul.

Sunny felt Him clear to her womb, and the emotion He evoked in her as He took her made the tears gather behind her closed eyelids.

"Oh, baby, you please Me so much" he growled. "Open your eyes! Let Me see how much you love how I fuck you, baby! Show me you love it!"

Sunny dragged her eyes open, and a tear slid down her cheek. The sight of it clutched at His heart, and He bent to lick it away, his hips pistoning in and out of her tight, wet channel. He could feel his orgasm crowding in on Him, and when she tightened around Him and cried out, He spilled His seed into her, smothering their shouts of completion in a ravenous kiss.

He collapsed around her, breathing hard, hugging her to His chest, and Sunny felt an immeasurable peace. She loved this man so much, and she thanked God every day that He had found her when she thought she would never find anyone. She lay quiet in His arms, and when His stomach growled, she chuckled.

"I guess that means you need breakfast, huh?" she asked, looking up at Him.

"Now that my other hunger has been sated for the time being, yes!" he answered, chuckling with her.

"I have plans for a special breakfast for you, but you'll need to let me go, Master!" Another chuckle accompanied that statement, and she felt His chest rumble in amusement.

"Okay! You convinced me!"

He let her wriggle out from the warmth of His arms, and swatted her bottom as she moved away. The pleasant sting sent fresh cream to her pussy, and she turned to look at Him, her eyes darkening with longing. He saw the need she felt, and felt His own body stir.

"Naughty girl!" He said, swatting her again, then passing a wicked finger under her to swipe it through the cream, and plunge it into her. She rocked back on his thrusting digit, her breath catching in her throat, and when He withdrew His finger, she whimpered in protest.

"Breakfast, babygirl! I have some reports to finish!" He sucked on His finger, taking her juices onto His tongue, and then He pulled her head back and kissed her, sharing her taste with her.

"We have all day, baby! Just think how much better it'll be later, hmmm?"

Another swift kiss, and then he pushed her gently away. Sunny went to the bathroom and showered quickly, and then walked back into their bedroom to dress.

"No panties at home today, baby!" he ordered, and she quivered at the sensual command.

She dressed in soft cotton shorts and a T-shirt, brushed her long hair and braided it, watching Him as He got off the bed and walked toward her, his cock once again hard and ready. She licked her lips, and His eyes caught the motion. He smiled at her.

"Later, babygirl! I promise!"

Half an hour later, Sunny had prepared a special breakfast of heart shaped pancakes and eggs scrambled with fresh veggies and feta cheese. She found Him in the study, poring over papers on His desk.

"Breakfast, Master!" she said, and waited for Him to accompany her to the breakfast table. She had laid everything out on the table, and as He sat she asked, "What would You like to eat?"

"Some of everything!" He answered, smiling at her. "This all smells delicious!" He rubbed His hands together, and Sunny laughed.

"You're like a little boy, aren't You?"

"Well, that's debatable!" He said, winking at her.

Sunny blushed, and He laughed as He forked egg and pancake into His mouth. He loved it that she was still shy enough to blush, and yet wild enough to want anything He did to her.

"So, what are your plans today?" He asked, watching her sip her coffee.

"I had wanted to go shopping with Jill, but she cried off at the last minute, so I guess I'll go alone!" She took another sip, and then looked at Him. "Unless there's something you want me to do for You?"

"No, I'll be busy all morning! Go have some fun! I'll see about dinner. Fancy take out?"

"Where from?" Sunny asked. "Not Chinese, this time, please!"

"We liked that Vietnamese place that we went to a couple of months ago. That okay?"

Sunny smiled brightly at Him. "Sounds great!"

They finished their meal in companionable silence, and after Sunny changed, she went in to tell Him she was leaving.

"Have a nice time, babygirl!"

He got up and went to her where she stood by the door. Cupping her cheeks in his big hands, He placed a hungry kiss on her mouth.

"Thanks for this morning, My love!"

"My pleasure, Master!" she whispered, missing His smooth, warm lips against hers.

He kissed her again, and then patted her bottom gently as she turned to leave.

"See you later!"

Sunny blew Him a kiss and went out. She had decided to leave the major shopping for when she and her friend could do it together but there was nothing to stop her from having her hair done, and her nails, before she returned home. Master liked it when she painted her nails red, and since it was Valentine's Day, the color was appropriate. Maybe she'd buy some red underwear. Maybe a red negligee?

By the time she got back home, the sun had begun to slide westwards, and the brilliant oranges and golds lit up the sky. Master was snoring lightly in the couch, the television running. She smiled as she slipped quietly past him to put her purchases in their bedroom, and ti change back into comfy home clothes. Then she went to where He sat, His legs sprawled out in front of Him, and she sat beside Him.

He awoke with a start, and turned His head to look at her.

"I wore You out, Master?" she asked impishly, and His slow grin rewarded her.

"You wish!" He retorted. "We'll see who wears out whom later, babygirl!"

He chuckled and sat up, swiping a hand over His face. He looked at the grandfather clock in the corner and saw it was time to order their dinner. While He went to find the number and make the call, Sunny flipped through the channels, and not finding anything interesting to watch, she shut it off and curled up in the couch. The warmth of His body still lingered on it, and she snuggled in, sniffing it to get a whiff of His scent. She loved the woodsy, spicy fragrance that wafted around him, a combination of soap, cologne, and man.

"Dinner in half an hour!" He announced, coming back into the room, and coming to squat in front of her.

"I missed you today!" He told her. "Did you have a nice day out?"

He didn't wait for her response, but leaned forward and kissed her lips softly.

"Yes, I did, Master!" she said. "And I bought a few things you might like!"

His brows quirked. "Such as?" He inquired.

"Red underwear!" she said succinctly, and watched the gleam of lust bloom in His eyes.

His answering smile was predatory. "MY plans for our evening will benefit from the addition of red underwear!"

He slid to the floor, and pulled her down to His lap, where He kissed her soundly, His hands roaming over her body, searching for the familiar places to set her on fire for Him. A turgid nipple, a palm, an ear - everywhere He touched, he inflamed her. When the doorbell chimed, He inhaled deeply and growled.

"I'll go," Sunny offered, but He stopped her. "It's okay. I'll get it. You set uo the trays, okay?"

A swift kiss and He was on His feet. Before too long, they were sitting together on the floor in front of the couch, trays with their food, two glasses, and a bottle of wine, feeding each other food and drink, laughing like children, and letting the desire between them simmer. Master stole kisses from her, fed her with food from His mouth, licked the drops of wine that clung to her lips.

"I have a taste for red underwear for dessert!" He informed her as they moved the trays tot he side. "Here's to dessert!" He added, tilting his glass to hers.

They sipped amicably, and then Sunny rose to her feet to clear the dishes away.

"Leave them for now," He ordered her. "Change for Me! I need you!"

He followed her into the bedroom, where He sat in the armchair and watched as she stripped and then turned to Him.

"Which would you prefer, Master?" She looked at Him with a wicked grin on her face, and He laughed.

"Let's see, then, shall we? Show me!"

Sunny picked up the lacy red thongs she had bought and slid one leg into it, then cast Him a look that said she knew He loved this game. Sliding in the other leg, she pulled it up slowly, and pivoted on her tiptoes so he could see her rounded ass when she had it at her waist. Casting a teasing glance over her shoulder, she pushed her bottom out slightly and rocked back on her heels.

She heard his sharp intake of breath when she passed her hands over her ass cheeks, and undulated her hips again. Then she straightened slowly and turned to face his again, stepping closer to him and leaning forward so one breast was almost touching his nose.

"Shall I show you the bra, Master?" Her voice was sultry, and it stirred His blood, as she had known it would.

He moved his head so that He could catch her nipple between His teeth, and He bit her there, a sharp sting that made her moan, and then hiss when He licked it and suckled her.

"Yes!" He answered at last, after satisfying His need to taste her.

Sunny backed away, picking up the demi-bra that held her firmly but showed off her luscious mounds. She slid it over her shoulders, and clasped it in the front, letting her fingers trail in the cleavage, and up over the tops. Cupping her breast with one hand, and sliding her hand down her belly to cup her already damp slit with the other, she struck a pose, and then turned slowly so she could treat Him to the sight of her rounded bottom, marked only by the thin strip of lace that ran down the crack between them.

She heard Him move then, and felt the sharp smack as He crowded her where she stood, and slid a finger down the crack.

"You make me wild!" He said. "Stay here! And don't move!"

Expecting to be obeyed, He walked into their bathroom and retrieved the toys He had laid out for His gift to her. She watched Him approach her again, with the strip of black silk that she knew would shut off her visual perceptions of the room. Her breath hitched in her throat when He turned her and tied the cloth over her eyes.

"Can you see?" He asked hoarsely.

"No, Master!" Her voice matched His, as He suckled her breasts, biting the nipples sharply, then licking them to soothe the little stings. When He sucked her into His mouth, she almost lost her balance.

"Comfy?" He asked, and Sunny smiled. She loved it that He always made sure He wasn't hurting her.

"Yes, Master!" she answered.

Before she had stopped speaking, she felt the hard thwack of her favorite suede flogger across both cheeks. She hissed in pleasure, and He pulled her with Him to the bed, and draped her over His knee, where He proceeded to apply the paddle again and again. Sunny felt herself creaming, and knew He could smell her arousal.

"Whose babygirl are you?" He asked gruffly.

"Yours, Master!" she answered, wishing He would touch her where she needed Him.

"Mine!" He echoed, applying the paddle again. "And you have such a beautiful, rosy ass, baby!"

Sunny closed her eyes, even though she couldn't see through her blindfold, savoring the feel of His hands caressing the redness of her paddled bottom, between sharp smacks of the suede against her skin. She loved how He attended to her every need, even when He bound her, and how He made he cream for Him. As though He had heard her thought, she felt herself set gently on the bed, lying on her belly, her hands caught and tied together above her head.

"Still comfy?" He asked again.

"Yes, Master!"

"Whatever I do to you, don't move! Do you understand Me?"

His rough demand tightened her nerve endings as Sunny answered yes. Another sharp whack with the suede, and she marveled at His ability to make her pussy wet for Him. She could feel her juices oozing between the lips of her sex, and she moaned.

"Like that, babygirl?" He crooned in her ear, before sliding his finger under her to swirl it in the juices that were flowing from her body. She wanted him to fuck her with his fingers, and wished she could wriggle and hump his finger. but He had told her not to move, so she remained motionless, moaning as He played with her.

He dropped a wet kiss on the small of her back, and then moved away from her. Sunny wondered what He was doing. she didn't have long to wait. He was pouring something warm into the hollow of her back, and spreading it over her bottom.

"You have such a gorgeous ass!" He mused as he worked, and Sunny heard the love He had for her in His voice. "I love the way it reddens for me, baby!"

Sunny felt His kiss feather across her shoulders, and his fingers once more invade her soaking pussy, where he finger-fucked her for a long, agonizingly pleasurable minute. She groaned, and strained to stop herself from grinding against his invading digits. She could only moan with pleasure, and whimper with desire as she felt Him pushing her higher, making her wetter. She wanted to touch Him, but she was restrained and could only feel.

One last hard fuck with his now trembling fingers, before He removed them, and pressed them to her lips. Sunny licked His fingers, and then He pushed them into her mouth, and when she had sucked them clean, he replaced His fingers with His tongue, turning her head so He could kiss her and show her how much he wanted her.

"Soon, baby girl! Soon!" He promised her when she moaned into His kiss.

The next sensation, as her senses swirled from His kiss and the simmering heat of his fingers in her pussy, was the sharp tingle of a blade against her skin as He began to peel away the hardened wax on her back. The subtle danger of the blade, coupled with the coolness of its edge, and the increasing chill as her skin was revealed all pushed her closer to a need she wanted to drown herself in.

"Such a beautiful ass!" He whispered again, and Sunny felt His mouth on the newly waxed skin. He bit her on each cheek, and then laved the little wound with His tongue, long, slow, wicked licks that somehow managed to breach the crack where that scrap of lace separated the two halves of her ass.

Sunny hissed as His finger slid under her again, this time to slide her juices to the tight little hole of her ass, where He teased her as He wet it with her juices. God, He was killing her, and she loved every tormenting second of it!

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