tagGroup SexMy Swinging Neighbors

My Swinging Neighbors


"No, that won't work!"

I continue to shuffle through my closet, trying to find an appropriate outfit for the dinner with my new neighbors. I can't seem to decide what would be the best choice in attire. I go back and forth in my mind:

*Should I wear a dress? Or is that too fancy? No, maybe more casual. But I don't want to look like a soccer mom ... Hmm ...*

I compare outfits laid out on the bed. I hold up my favorite black dress to my body. No, too date-y. I toss the dress back onto the bed. As I turn back to the mirror, I take a moment to look over my freshly washed body. I have a towel around me, as well as one on my hair. This towel get-up makes me look too matronly! I think to myself as I tug both loose and let them fall to the floor.

With an approving eye, I look over my still-glistening skin. Running my hands through my hair, I admire the deep black color and the silky smooth feel. I let my locks cascade around my breasts, and then gently pull it all back behind my shoulders.

Turning slightly to the right and then to the left with a sensual flare, I take in the sight of my proportional breasts. I've always loved my breasts. They're definitely small, but then, so am I. With my petite frame and just-under-five-inches height, they fit me perfectly. My nipples, already perky, retained a youthful appearance, even as I entered my thirties.

My hands continue their journey over my flat stomach. I nod approvingly at myself. I have worked hard to keep myself in great shape, and it shows. With a more sultry flair, I turn sideways and stick my ass out to admire. Again, I admired my proportional shape and pleasant hourglass figure. My olive colored skin gave me an exotic appearance, and my devotion to maintaining an even tan ensured that my Hispanic skin kept the same tone from top to bottom.

As I turn back towards the mirror, I gently slip my hands between my legs, running a finger gently through my pussy. I admire the nice trim I had just accomplished in the shower, as I spread my legs and crouched down low, exposing my tantalizing pussy to the mirror.

I giggle to myself and whisper triumphantly, "I've still got it!" My mind snaps back to the present when I hear my neighbor's car pull into the driveway. I walk to the window and see both Terri, and her husband Greg, step out of the car with groceries in hand.

They were a beautiful couple, and very friendly. My husband and I had just moved into the neighborhood, and they immediately welcomed us with open arms. Upon discovering that my husband would be out of town for the weekend, they were gracious enough to invite me to dinner.

I took this opportunity to see how they were dressed for tonight's occasion. I could see Greg was in nice slacks and a fitted button down. He was sporting the "sleek new executive look." It fit him well; Greg was a very tall, broad, and physically fit man. I found myself dreamily staring at his tight form. He sported a nice haircut with a well trimmed beard. He had these piercing blue eyes that make you pause whenever you glance at him. His muscles were easily discernible under his shirt, and my eyes subconsciously drifted to his ass.

"What ... an ... ass." I whisper, the sound of my voice snapping me back to reality as a married woman. Who I really wanted to see was Terri. A good rule of thumb for dinner parties; try not to be prettier than the host's wife.

Apparently, that was not going to be possible with Terri. As she walked around the car, I saw her in a beautiful forest green dress that matched her luxurious red hair. She was a tall woman, with a frame to match. Her breasts were bigger than mine, yet not so big as they seemed unnatural. Her skin was quite fair, due to her Irish heritage. She looked as if she had walked out of a magazine.

"Phew," I breathed, intimidated by my newfound friend's attractiveness. "Dress it is."

I walked up to my neighbors' house with a flare in my step. I had found my favorite purple dress in the midst of all the boxes, and I loved the way it made me look. It had an open back and it ended a little higher on the thigh than I thought would be appropriate, but Terri had looked stunning. I'm sure I am dressed just fine, as I ring the doorbell.

Terri opens the door, and with a delighted squeal, she reaches forward and gives me a hug. "Hi, Amy, it's so good to see you!" She exclaims as she ushers me into the entryway of their home.

"Greg is prepping things outside ... but let me give you the grand tour!" She exclaimed. I could tell that they were quite well off. They had a large TV, luxurious furniture, an espresso machine, and a King sized mattress in their master bedroom. It sat on the second story with a balcony that overlooked the backyard.

The yard was breath-taking. The landscaping was gorgeous, and they had a lovely cobblestone patio with a built in fire pit and outdoor kitchen, at which Greg was putting the finishing touches for dinner. He had rolled up his sleeve and unbuttoned his shirt a bit, which added a masculine mystique about him ...

"Wine?" Terri interjected into my thoughts. I turn sheepishly and smiled. "Yeah, that sounds ... Great." Terri knowingly winks at me, and I stutter out awkwardly, "Sorry, I uh, was sort of checking out your husband."

Terri giggles and replies, "Babe, any woman that doesn't stare at that man is either blind or dead," as she proceeds down the hallway. She pauses momentarily and says, "You know, if you really want to have a go with him ..." she seductively looks over her shoulder and me and lets her voice trail off.

"Seriously?" I ask, interpreting her apparent invitation as a joke.

"Mmmhmm," Terri nods her head up and down, staring seductively into my eyes. She has fully turned around, facing me as if pleading for an answer. "He's a fantastic fuck."

"I, uh, well I'm - he's hot, but, I'm marr-"

Terri immediately bursts into laughter. "Ha ha, ha ha hah! Oh, the look on your face. Come on, let's go talk to the eye candy." With that, she playfully grabs my hand and leads me down the stairs. I giggle and pick up my pace so I walk alongside her. Still, my heart was racing; whether it was from the awkwardness of the offer, or the temptation of the situation, I couldn't tell.


I had a wonderful dinner with my newfound friends. It turned out that Greg was the head chef at a high scale restaurant in town, and the meal did not fail to disappoint. Terri and I would keep up our secret joke; whenever Greg would turn around to fetch more wine, Terri would quickly tap me on the arm and gesture towards Greg's incredibly attractive backside.

"Look at that, just look at that!" She'd exclaim to me under her breath. "He is fiiine!" I'd whisper back, playing along with the jest. Greg would knowingly turn around with a smirk on his face and simply state, "Ladies."

As the wine continued to flow and the sun began to set, we talked about anything and everything. I found out where each of them grew up, how they met, and I responded with my own stories and history of my marriage.

Terri was definitely the talker out of the two of them. Greg would only interject commentary to her stories, and he spent the majority of the time watching two beautiful women talk.

"Well?" Terri asks. "How did you find a man so good looking like your husband? He's got s nice ass too!"

"Hmm? Oh, he's a good guy ..." I trail off my voice, lost in the blissful haze of just a bit too much wine.

Terri snickers and retorts, "What, that's it? I just paid him a better compliment than you did!" She begins to giggle enthusiastically, under the same haze that I feel.

"Well, his nice ass isn't here tonight, now is it?" I jokingly respond. Terri giggles just a little harder as Greg joins in with the laughter.

The sun has now fully retreated beyond the horizon, and it became a little dark outside. Greg stands up and says, "Would you ladies care for the fire pit?" "Yes, baby, that sounds great!" Terry exclaims, as Greg goes over to the firepit to light the propane.

Terri, in her mischievous fashion, motions towards him once more. A bit of silence falls as Terri inquisitively looks back and forth between her husband and myself.

"Greg, honey ..." she asks, her eyes intent on me with a smile. "Do you think Amy looks sexy tonight?"

I cough on my latest sip of wine and gasp at Terri with feigned indignation, followed by a giggle. Greg turns around and looks in my direction. His eyes are different this time, fierce and intent. My laughter subsides as I take in the enamoring attention I was receiving from this mesmerizing man. His eyes sweep confidently up and down my body, and I find myself sitting up straighter, as if on display.

I lean to the side and brace my head delicately with my fingers, mischievously playing along with their game, yet also trying to impress his gaze. I wanted to look sexy for him. Maybe it was the wine, but something overcame me as I seductively fiddled with my necklace and gave him a sultry gaze of my own.

"Yes," he stated, with a powerful confidence. "She looks very sexy tonight." It sends a shiver up my back.

"What about her looks sexy, baby?" Terri stands to her feet, takes my hands, and stands me up. She brings me closer to her husband, and I follow her lead. I am entranced by both Greg's gaze and Terri's forwardness. "Well, for one thing, she has beautiful skin." Greg exclaims, taking my hand in his own and stroking my arm. I gasp ... not in an alarmed way, but more ... vulnerable. I felt so open to these two.

"And her shoulders?" Terri gently moves my hair to expose my bare shoulders, as she gently plays with the straps to my dress. "Perfect." He states, as he traces his fingers up my arms and over my shoulders.

"What else, baby?" Terri stands behind me, running her fingers up and down my exposed back. I glance into Greg's eyes, and his hands momentarily freeze. A spark of uncertainty enters his eyes. But, I can't let, whatever this was, stop here. I can't think. I can only act, with some hidden yet ravenous libido from deep within me.

Without breaking his gaze, I reach for his strong hands and guide them to my breasts. We silently stare at one another, and I could feel my heart pounding in my chest.

"We saw you watching us earlier, you know," Terri says, as she began to pull at my dress straps. "When we pulled up. You were naked in the window." She slips one strap over the shoulder, then the other, and I feel her pull my dress downwards as it slides past Greg's groping hands. "We couldn't get a good look then," she pauses to kiss my back, lower and lower, her lips following the trail of my dress, along my spine.

"We'd like to see you now." I audibly shudder as my dress passes over my hips and falls to the ground. Greg removes my strapless bra, and I stand there, mesmerized, with my hands at my sides. I'm only wearing my black lacy panties and black high heels. Despite the warm summer air, I feel a chill run through my exposed skin, and my already hard nipples throbbed with the sexual tension.

Both stood there, wordlessly. The only movement was Greg's hands tracing my bare breasts with his fingers. It all seemed like a rush, yet the moment stayed still for what seemed hours. I slowly raise my hands to cover Greg's, and push them into me, wordlessly asking him to squeeze my breasts.

As he played with me, Terri came around us and slid behind her husband. She reaches around him and slowly unbuttons his shirt. She tantalizingly peers around her man, and we make eye contact. As she undoes the last button, she smiles and pulls back his arms, removing his shirt entirely. I take in the sight of his muscular, lean chest. I trace his pecs, then down over his abs. He has a chiseled body. I look down lower, and with a surprised gasp, I see an impressive bulge on his slacks.

Terri slides back around, standing to the side of us. She grins and runs her hand over her husband's dick. He closes his eyes and lets out a breath. She turns her attention towards me and, with a sudden look of concern, says

"Hey ... are you okay with this?" I look at her, a million thoughts running through my mind. Things were happening so fast, I didn't have time to process anything. All I could say was, "Yes."

Terri smiles. She turns to Greg and gives him a passionate kiss. She leans back with him in his arms and says, "Greg, honey, I'm going to take our guest up to our bedroom. Can you take care of things down here?"

Greg, who had been staring at my naked body, broke his gaze for just a moment. "Yes, baby. I'll be there soon."

She takes me by the hand. "Amy, come with me."

Wordlessly, I follow her into the house, leaving my dress and bra behind. Everything seemed so surreal as she led me back up the stairs. As we enter her bedroom, she turns her back towards me and points to the zipper on the back of her dress. I slowly slide it down, exposing the strap for a sultry red bra. As I got lower, I could catch a glimpse of matching panties. Terri helps herself fully out of her dress and turns around to face me. It hadn't occurred to me until now that Terri was into me.

My impression was that she simply wanted to see her husband with another woman. I see the same spark of uncertainty cross her eyes that her husband had only minutes ago.

"Amy, have you ever been with a woman?"

"No," I responded. "I haven't." She twirls her red hair between her fingers, and as she looks me up and down, she asks, "Do you think I'm attractive?" I watch her as she takes her bra off and lets it fall to the ground. I take in her beauty - she is a perfect specimen of a woman.

Her breasts, much fuller than mine, fill her chest completely, and her stomach is flat and toned. I find myself tracing her stomach, just as I was Greg's. She grabs my arm and pulls it around her back, bringing us closer. My heart is racing; I've never thought of another woman this way. And, to be honest, I don't know how I feel.

As we fully embrace, I find myself trembling with anticipation as her chin rests on my head. She is much taller than me, and the feeling of her breasts pressing on me invoked feelings that I have never felt before. She steps back, and taking my face into her hands, she leans forward and begins to passionately kiss me.

It feels so different, yet familiar. The tenderness of her lips was unlike any other kiss, yet it seemed that she knows exactly what I want. Maybe it's a womanly intuition. I begin to feel my knees quiver beneath me as a drip from my pussy begins to run down the inside of my leg. I let out a soft moan.

"Lay down, babe." Terri guides me to the edge of the bed, and I sit down and slowly slide my wet panties down. She watches intently as she caresses my breasts in her hands. I lay back, my pussy fully exposed, with nothing but my high heels on.

Using her teeth, Terri gently removes the latches on my shoes and slides them off. Every move feels elegant, every touch impeccably intentional.

In the past, with men, there was always a sort of clumsiness when it came to oral sex. Not with Terri. She seems to intuitively know exactly what I like. She kisses her way up my legs, until she reaches the streak of my pussy juice. She licks it all the way up to its origin, just shy of my waiting pussy.

First, she kisses just to the left. Then, the right. Her hands slide up and down my inner thighs, coaxing them open. She rubs her nose gently over my pussy, inhaling with a greedy hunger. "Mmmm, your pussy smells amazing."

With that, she places her mouth over me and licks straight up. I inhale sharply and arch my back. She looks up at me and smiles, and licks again. "Ahhh ..." my voice trails off until her tongue licks again, this time finding a new path under one of my pussy lips.

"Ohh, yeah, Terri - ughhh..." I pull her head in deeper, playing with her beautiful locks of red hair. Her pace quickens, but the careful gentleness of her deft tongue plays softly over my clit.

With all of the new sensations, I begin to feel a wave of pleasure forming. She abruptly stops, as I open my eyes and sit up. Greg had entered the room, and Terri got up to greet him.

As she leans into him to give him a kiss, I notice that he is no longer wearing any pants. Terri, sensing my desire, looks at me over her shoulder and steps to the side.

If there was one word to describe Greg's cock, it would be majestic. My eyes widened and my mouth opened as I stared at his beautiful dick. His dick would twitch in anticipation, allowing it to swing back and forth as I took it in.

It was long; much longer than my husband's, and substantially thicker, too. It stood up nice and straight, with a beautiful head, surrounded by uncut foreskin. His member was accompanied by two shapely and large balls that looked well groomed and clean shaven.

Terri giggles at me as I stare unabashedly at his magnificent dick. Greg advances toward me with a confident smirk on his face; he knows he's the biggest I've seen.

"What do you think of my husband's hard cock, Amy?" Terri follows behind Greg as he approaches the edge of the bed.

My hand subconsciously goes to my pussy. "I want to fuck it, Terri."

The words fall out of my mouth before I could think of them. She laughs, climbs next to me on the bed, and asks "Do you think you can take it?"

Greg is now standing at the corner of the bed. I wordlessly slide down and kneel in front of him. I reach up and feel the shaft. Oh God, I think to myself. It's so fucking heavy! "Well, what do you think, Amy?"

"I think that your husband has an amazing cock, and I want to suck it!" I don't know where the slutty words were coming from, but I was speaking and acting instinctively.

I place my mouth over the head and twirl my tongue around it. With my left hand I caress his heavy balls, and with my right I begin to stroke his massive member. "You like that, baby?" Terri asks her man. Between moans, he nods his head.

I pop him out of my mouth and greedily spit on his shaft, pumping both my hands on his dick now. He grabs the bedpost as I increase my rhythm. I switch up my technique, taking turns stroking with each hand, from the base to the top. I take the head back in my mouth and continue pumping his impressive shaft.

"Amy," she says, "You're doing great. But he likes it a little rougher. Want to try to take it deeper?" I've deepthroated before. My husband definitely enjoyed my finesse in that area. But his dick is much smaller than the one before me. Still, with his dick in my mouth, I nod.

Terri slides in behind me, kneels, and plays with my nipples from behind. Looking up at Greg, I lower my head deeper onto his dick. Greg moans and pulls my head in closer. He is certainly rougher than my husband would be. I cough and sputter as he fills my mouth with the tip of his dick. I widen mouth as much as possible for him as he wraps his fingers deeper into my hair and pushes me further.

I pull back for air as Terri calls out Greg's name. "Take it slower, honey."

Undeterred, I continue to pump my mouth onto his dick. Every few strokes, I'd press down, trying to get deeper than before. Each time, I'd gag just a bit, and he would pull back just enough to give me time to try again. Soon enough, I was taking more than half of him in my throat!

"That is so fucking hot," Terri exclaimed. One of her hands moved down to my dripping pussy as Greg increased his rhythm. My mouth was getting used to his size. I could feel my spit swinging around from his dick as it stuck to my face. He then started pumping me harder. I gagged with every push, as I pulled myself into him!

Just as quickly as it began, he pulled me off his dick. "If we keep going like that, I'm going to cum!" Greg panted. I kept on gasping for air, still turned on by the sight and feel of this beautiful dick. Terri grabs a towel from behind us and wipes my faces clean.

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