tagIncest/TabooMy Taboo Family Ch. 01

My Taboo Family Ch. 01


Everyone is over 18. This is a true story.


Growing up in a small Indiana town, there weren't people around that were able to fire my fantasies. Luckily, I grew up with three sisters and a divorced Mom. Mom is where the story starts.

Mom was recently divorced. Dad left her for a secretary at his company. Personally I thought he was crazy. Granted, the secretary has these amazing tits with incredible upturned nipples. But Mom was something else entirely. She always reminded me of Kay Parker. The hair was different, but the body was identical. At least from what I'd managed to see at that point. Her 38DD chest always got my attention right away.

My story starts not to long after the divorce. Mom was the kind to leave her bedroom door open. All of a sudden, several nights a week, it was closed. It took a week or so for be to finally get curious about that. After hearing her door close one night, I snuck up to it to see what I could hear.

I heard Mom open a drawer, and then turn the TV on. Then, a few minutes later, I heard a buzzing sound. That confused me for a minute. Then when I heard her moan, it hit me. Mom had a vibrator!

The thoughts that ran through my mind at the moment were amazing. I could just imagine Mom laying there naked; playing with her nipples and a toy plunging into her hot wet pussy. I got hard right away, and snuck back to my room to take care of things.

When Mom left for work the next day, I had to find her stash. So I went into her room, and started opening drawers. Finally, right under the TV, I hit the jackpot. There were several videos, and her toy.

I checked the videos first. Mom and I evidently had similar tastes in porn. She had several amateur videos there, and three of the "Taboo" series. Then I turned to her toy. It was an average sized vibrator, about six inches or so. I had to smell it: I could smell her on it. I even licked it once, tasting her juices on it. Then I put everything back. I had to work out a plan.

It took a day, but I came up with something. I had Mom's closed door schedule down by then, and knew the next day would be her night for fun. So about twenty minutes before she got home, I went into her bedroom completely naked, turned on the TV and started watching the first "Taboo". By the time I heard the garage door open, I was stroking my 8" cock slowly. That was the sight that greeted Mom when she walked in.

"Oh my God! What the hell are you doing?"

I looked at Mom and smiled.

"Enjoying your video. By the way, you've got great taste in porn. I absolutely love Kay Parker in this."

Mom sat on the edge of the bed, and to her credit, looked me in the eye.

"Oh really. What do you like about her?"

"Do you really want to know?"

"Yes. I want to hear it. Honestly."

"Ok. Ever since I've seen this movie, I've been a big fan of hers. The main reason is because physically she looks like you."

That shook her. Mom was flustered, but still pressed on.

"What's the other reasons?"

"Reason Mom. The other reason is because she gives in and fucks her son."

Mom shut down when I said that. She turned to the TV, watching the action there.

Finally, we got to my favorite scene. A horny Mom walking into her son's room while he sleeps. Yeah, you know the one. I could tell Mom was enjoying that scene too. Her incredible nipples were hard and showering through her blouse. She was sneaking glances at my cock too, and that's all it took for me to push her farther.

I scooted my ass over until my hip was touching hers. Of course that put my cock inches from her. And I said,

"I just love this scene. She's so fucking horny; you can see it in her eyes. And when she sucks her son's cock into her mouth? I can't tell you how many times I've cum right there fantasizing it was you, and you were waking me up the same way."

She was staring at my cock at that point. All she needed was a nudge.

"Go ahead Mom. You know you want to. Touch my cock."

Her hand shook a bit, but I watched as she reached out and wrapped her hand around my length. It only took a few seconds, and she started stroking me. God, it felt fantastic! She stroked me, watching the screen. By now, I was wondering how far she'd go with this. Don't get me wrong; a hand job from Mom was incredible. But how much more could I talk her into?

I decided to try.


She looked me in the eye.

"Yes dear?"

"Do it Mom. Suck your son's cock. I want to feel it in your mouth. I want to watch your lips stretch as you swallow as much of me as you can."

She stroked me for a few more seconds, then the sensations must have been too much. She looked me dead in the eye as her head lowered, her mouth opened and she sucked me in for the first time. It was incredible; watching her lips wrap around me. Watching the journey they made down my length, then back up.

She started sucking harder, putting everything she had into it. While she sucked, my left hand reached down and started unbuttoning her blouse. I watched as that amazing cleavage came into view, held in place by a sheer bra. Slipping the unbuttoned blouse of her shoulders, it was time for more. Time for my first real look at Mom's tits. My have snaked around her back, and the hooks came next. Five small hooks and then I was slipping her bra off. I was right; from the neck down she did look like Kay Parker. Magnificent tits and hard thick nipples came into view. I played with those nipples, teasing then and stroking then while she swallowed my cock.

I figured then it was time to try for everything. Reluctantly I stopped her. I'd have loved to fill her mouth with cum, but if this was only a one time thing, I wanted it all.

She looked at me when I stopped her, her eyes questioning. I answered her unspoken question by saying,

"You're wearing too many clothes. Take the rest of them off. Get naked with me Mom."

She looked unsure.

"Are you sure? Is this really what you want?"

I told her the absolute truth.

"Mom, it's all I've wanted for years. I cum so many gallons over the years dreaming about you naked, doing every nasty little thing our hearts desire. Having the real thing now would be amazing. Strip for me Mom. And fulfill my deepest fantasy."

She stood up, and taking a deep breath she unzipped her skirt. I watched it slide down, leaving her in just a frilly pair of panties. Those were the next to go.

My Mom was naked in front of me. Amazing big tits, and a nicely trimmed bush were on display just for my eyes. I had to comment.

"Mom, you look amazing. You're drop dead gorgeous."

She smiled.

"Thank you dear. But what now? What would fulfill your fantasy?"

"You climbing on the bed Mom. Straddling me and riding my cock until I cum. That's what my heart desires."

She crawled onto the bed and straddled my body. Watching me again, her small hand wrapped around my cock, guiding it into her. That's what I was watching. I was staring at my length disappeared into the pussy that had given birth to me. It took her two or three strokes, but finally she took me all in. My hips were pressed against her ass; my cock buried inside her.

"Now, ride me Mom. I want to see you cum. Cum all over your boys cock."

I was treated to the sight of her body moving as she rode me. Slowly at first, then faster and harder. Those tits bounced as we fucked, and I had to have those nipples in my mouth. I started with one, then the other.

"Bite them honey. Bite Mommy's nipples. Bite them hard."

I did, harder than I would have thought she liked. She just gasped, riding me harder, and pulling my head to her tits. She was grinding on me harder and faster until finally told me,

"Oh fuck. I'm cumming. I'm cumming on my son's cock."

I watched her body jerk through her orgasm. Finally, she rolled off me to catch her breath. After a few minutes, she looked at me again and said,

"That was amazing. Thank you. And you're still hard?"

"I haven't cum yet Mom. I was holding back, watching you enjoy yourself. And believe me, it was an incredible sight."

"Well, we have to remedy that situation. One good cum deserves another. Have any ideas on how we can do that?"

"Actually, yes. I've got an idea there. Normally I'd want to watch you suck my cock. I've always wanted to fill your mouth with cum. And I'm my fantasies, you swallow. But today, something different comes to mind. Are you up for something different?"

She laughed.

"I just fucked my son and came all over his cock. And he asks me if I'm up for something different? I can say I'm probably up for anything now dear. What do you want to do?"

"I want to stroke my cock for you Mom. I want to watch you play with those nipples while I do it. And when I cum, I want to cum on those tits. If course you'll need to lick all that cum up. Can you do that?"

"Just watch. Do you mean like this?

She lifted one amazing breast to her mouth, and as I watched, sucked one hard nipple right in. I could see tongue teasing it, and her teeth biting down. I started stroking then. Inches from her face, I knew this show would make me cum fast. And all too soon it did.

I warned her;

"Mom, I'm gonna cum!"

"Do it baby. Right on my nipples. Cum for Mommy."

I did, coating those tits and nipples in hot thick cum. When I was finished, she looked at me and said,

"Now watch."

As I did, her tongue licked and sucked all my cum from her nipples. I saw her swallow it all, licking her nipples clean.

We laid back on the bed, now strangely comfortable with our mutual nakedness. She was the first to speak.

"So where do we go from here?"

Well Mom, that's up to you. If this was a one time thing, I can live with that. Of course I'll be frustrated knowing you're using a toy rather than my cock too get off. But I can understand it. Of course, if not a one time thing, throw that damn toy in the trash, and I'll make you cum as often as you want."

She looked at me for a minute, then stood and walked over to the drawer. She reached in, got her toy, and took it to the trash can, throwing it in there.

Now that I knew there was more to explore, life was going to be interesting!

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by Anonymous

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by linnear04/22/19

Hot But

That was a very hot story but I thought a bit to quick to the sex. I look forward to reading the rest of the series.

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by max05202/15/19

Not bad ...

Thought your critics were a little tough on you, I didn't have any trouble following you. Got right to the point, not too long. Hate trying to read a 7 page chapter, don't have all day to waste. I'llmore...

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by prop6902/12/19

Awesome...loved the story

Can't wait for more chapters

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by browser252512/11/18

Too polished = Not real

Honestly, I read this as being quite real... I had something similar happen to me, but with my MIL...

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by Anonymous12/09/18


Unrealistic to the point of being ridiculous. If you stick at it, maybe in 12-15 years, when you are in twenties,you will be able to write a good story.

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