tagIncest/TabooMy Taboo Lesbian Life Ch. 02

My Taboo Lesbian Life Ch. 02


From that night on, Amy and I got together quite frequently. She would sneak into my room every few nights for some sweet lesbian loving. And she was getting quite good at it too! She was a fast learner and very open about trying new things.

When she asked me about my favorite position, I told her it was straddling a girl's head and feeding my pussy to her mouth. From that day on, she would sometimes come into my room, get naked, lay down on the bed and wiggle her tongue at me. Gawd that was so naughty, it had my cunt gushing in seconds! All I had to do was lose my pants and panties and climb on to get expertly eaten out by my sexy little sister.

Amy loved the sideway sixty-nine most, so we spent a fair deal of time during those nights eating out each other's oozing snatches. It was heaven.

I think after a few weeks Mom suspected something, because more than once she saw Amy going into my room at night or coming out there early in the morning. She never said anything though, and she didn't behave differently, so we didn't worry too much about it.

Even if Mom hadn't seen Amy come from my room, I guess it wasn't too difficult to notice the change in our behavior. Amy and I had always had a good relationship, but not like this. We were very caring and loving around each other and we couldn't always suppress that when Mom was there. Amy would often gaze lovingly at me during breakfast or on other occasions and you didn't have to be an expert to notice something was going on.

I knew Amy was in love with me and, as strange as that seemed at first, the feeling was mutual. Of course we had always loved each other as sisters, but now this bond had strengthened by adding a romantic and a physical dimension.

Yes, there was a romantic side too. We didn't just fuck. When we both had spare time, I took her out with Mom's car. We would walk in the park, sit in a café or go to the movies together. It was wonderful taking her to places where no one knew us, so we could hold hands and even kiss in public. It still was risky though. The fear that someone would happen to see this who knew us always nagging in the back of our heads.

Apart from visiting my room for some sexy time, Amy had also started to make love to Andrea. She had told me about their first encounter right away and it got me so hot, I just grabbed her and fucked her right after her little friend had. She was actually still gooey from her encounter with Andrea when I sucked her little cunt. Her fingers still smelled of her friend's pussy and she let me lick the strange girl's fragrance off them, which made me so horny, I was literally burning up!

So one night Amy really shocked me. She told me she had told Andrea about us making love and that Andrea wanted to meet me. Initially I was furious that she had taken such a risky step without talking to me first. But I quickly realized that it was just fear and shame getting the better of me. Had Amy asked me, I would have told her no. But ultimately, why should she ask my advice about a girl that she knew very well and I didn't know at all?

So the next day, when I got home from college they were both sitting in the living-room watching TV. Mom was working late, as she did most days and wouldn't be home before 9 pm. I walked up to my room, showered, slipped into something comfortable and then joined them in the living-room.

I have to say, Andrea was a pleasant surprise. I'm usually not into blonds, but this girl was really cute. She also had a nice figure, not as voluptuous as Amy, but still nice curves. I really couldn't blame my sister for hooking up with such a sweetie.

We sat and watched TV and talked for a while. They weren't shy about hugging and kissing each other with me present, which was giving me mixed emotions. On one hand, seeing two cute young girls kiss and caress so openly was really sexy. But on the other, I didn't want to seem like a freak by staring at them.

Plus, it felt like someone had stolen my lover. Of course I knew it was stupid feeling jealous over my own sister, but I couldn't suppress the feeling.

When Amy pulled back from a kiss and looked at me, she must have read the emotions right out of my face. She motioned me over to where they sat on the couch. I was actually stunned by her invitation, not knowing what I should do. Andrea looked over to me and smiled openly.

So I stood, moved over to the couch and knelt down in front of them, feeling silly and nervous and horny all at the same time. Amy seemed to know exactly what she wanted though. She pulled me over by my shoulders and planted a long wet kiss on my mouth. I heard Andrea gasp in amazement next to us.

Even though it felt a little weird at first, being watched kissing my sister by a strange girl was an incredible turn on for me. Soon my nervousness and fear was forgotten and I really leaned into the kiss, opening my mouth and letting my tongue dance with my Amy's.

Andrea looked on wide eyed. I could tell she wasn't shocked or jealous by our incestuous display, only intrigued. When we finally pulled back, we were both panting breathlessly.

"Wow, that was so hot," Andrea whispered.

Nudging my shoulder, Amy said, "Now her."

I was momentarily taken aback. I hadn't expected Amy to want me to touch her girlfriend. Andrea looked at me with gleaming eyes, an expectant expression on her face.

"Are you sure?" I asked quietly, not taking my eyes off the blond girl.

Andrea smiled shyly and nodded. That was all I needed. I leaned over and touched her soft lips with mine. Her arms came around me and pulled me into an embrace. Only seconds later we were sharing a passionate French-kiss, one of her hands cupping one of my large boobs.

Amy closed in on us and caressed our backs as she watched her older sister kiss her lover. "I want to watch the two of you make love," she whispered softly.

I moaned at Amy's naughty request and pulled away from Andrea. Looking into the girl's blue eyes, I asked, "What about you, Andrea? What do you want?"

The sexy young girl looked up at me with smoldering eyes and breathed, "I want you to take me to your bed."

That made my cunt twitch, so I got up on my feet, grabbed Andrea's hand with my left and Amy's with my right and pulled both of them up to my room. By the time we had entered, the three of us were so hot from the prospect of what we were about to do, we discarded our clothing within mere seconds.

Being the oldest and most likely also the more experienced, I took charge. I had Andrea lay down on the bed and bent over her, Frenching her for a while. Andrea's hands were all over my dangling breasts, cupping, squeezing, kneading them, twisting and pulling my hard nipples. Amy sat next to us on the bed and just watched me make love to her girlfriend with big fiery eyes.

However, once I slid down Andrea's beautiful slender body, Amy got up and knelt across her friend's head. I watched enthralled as my little sister lowered her juicy box down onto her friends waiting mouth. When the little blond's tongue slithered over Amy's wet gash, both Amy and I moaned in unison. Amy from the feeling of having her juicy cunt eaten and I from the incredible sight of it.

While Andrea licked my sister's copious juices from her little cunt, I busied myself with the girl's firm breasts. She had the tiniest pink nipples I have ever seen and I took great joy from sucking them into my mouth. Andrea moaned into my sister's hot muff while I did this.

I continued my way south until I reached her silky bush. Andrea readily spread her legs for me when I kissed her fragrant mound. Her scent was different from Amy's and mine, but still very enjoyable. I moved between the girl's slender legs and started to play with her cute little slit. Her labia were actually a little smaller than Amy's. They were red and swollen. When I pulled them apart gently, I could see her little love hole. Rich amounts of girl juice were seeping out of her, running down her perineum and wrinkled anus, soaking my bedsheets.

Turned on by the shameless sight, I put my tongue tip onto her asshole and slithered my way up to her hard little clit. Mmmm, she tasted absolutely wonderful! Andrea groaned in pleasure, her voice muffled by Amy's drooling cunt. Encouraged by her reaction, I repeated the action a few times, making the girl squirm lustfully. Moments later I probed her tight little cunt opening, shoving my stiff tongue in as deep as I could. Andrea pressed down on me wantonly, trying to get as much of my tongue into her as she could. I really enjoyed eating this blond beauty. She tasted great and responded so intensely to my tongue lashes.

When I started to rub her hard little clit in addition to my tongue fucking, it took only a few moments before the girl squirted her girl cum onto my tongue. She produced quite an amount. Not like a real squirter but far more than Amy and I usually did when we came.

I swallowed some of the clear fluid, but kept some of it on my tongue. Then I got up on my knees, straddled Andrea's body and pulled the panting Amy into my embrace. As her sweaty tits pressed into mine, I shoved my gooey tongue into her mouth, letting her taste her friend's sweet secretions. My sister moaned excitedly into my mouth as her tongue dueled with mine, both of them bathing in the mix of our saliva and Andrea's girl cum.

As I knelt over Andrea, I felt the girl's finger exploring the delta between my widespread thighs. Soon she she had found my hot wet gash and started to rub my needy clit. Groaning, Amy and I kept our lips locked while Andrea brought both of us closer to climax. Amy came with a shriek and fell forward into my arms. I held her until she had recovered from her orgasmic bliss and then let her down onto the bed.

Looking down at Andrea's pretty face, I noticed she was literally smeared in Amy's juices. Just as I wanted to bend down to lick her face clean, the girl opened her mouth and sexily wiggled her tongue at me. I groaned at the naughty invitation and eased forward until I straddled her head. As soon as my hot cunt was in reach of her mouth, Andrea started to eat me out. And she was quite talented too!

Grinding my pussy into her lips and tongue, I grabbed my boobs and started to squeeze them hard. Only a few minutes later I exploded into a screaming orgasm. Afterwards, I felt so weak I just dropped to the bed next to Andrea.

When I had recovered, the girls snuggled up to me from both sides, pressing their soft warm bodies into me. It felt divine. We just lay there enjoying our warmth and closeness for a while.

Then the girls got horny again and started to gang up on me. I ended up with Amy's gooey cunt on my mouth while Andrea explored the depths of my more mature cunt with her talented tongue.

Much later, I had the girls kneel on all fours on the bed, their sexy asses near the edge. I then knelt on the carpet in front of their delicious behinds and started to play with both of their pussies and anuses. I didn't enter their assholes, but caressed them with my tongue tip and fingers. The girls seemed to enjoy that very much, both of them gasping out loud, every time they felt me touch their little sphincters.

When I was momentarily satisfied with playing with their privates, I started focusing on getting them off. I pushed two fingers into each of their tight little cunts and started to fuck them hard. My tongue switching from one anus to the other to provide extra stimulation. Soon Andrea bucked under my ministrations and crashed to the bed. Amy followed only minutes later.

We cuddled back up on the bed and traded loving kisses. It was so wonderful. Both girls just seemed to love kissing me and watching me get kissed by their lover. I completely lost track of time, which is why I didn't notice Mom coming home before I heard her climbing up the stairs and calling out for us.

All three of us were frozen to the spot in shock when Mom knocked on Amy's door. Not getting a reply, she opened the door to peek in. In unison all three of us jumped out of the bed and reached for our clothes, but it was already too late. Mom knocked on my door.

"Lucy?" I heard Mom ask through the door.

My head was racing, trying to come up with something to save us from being found out. If I stayed silent, Mom would peek in. If I said I wasn't dressed, she would come in anyway. After all our family was all female and we were very close, so we had little modesty around each other.

Before I could even come to a decision, Mom opened the door and looked in. She was getting quite a sight. Three naked girls, their skin still glistening with sweat, their hair disheveled, their make-up smeared. Mom just looked from one to the next and then back at me, raising an eyebrow.

"Mom, I can explain," I stammered weakly.

Mom chuckled. "I'm sure you can, honey."

Then she looked at Andrea who seemed to want to sink into the ground in shame. Mom smiled politely and held her hand out to the girl.

"Hi, my name is Carol. I'm Lucy and Amy's mother." She introduced herself.

Despite the awkward situation, the girl shook Mom's hand and answered, "Hi, I'm Andrea."

"Oh, you're Amy's friend, right? She told me about you," Mom said.

Andrea and Amy nodded in unison.

"Well, sorry for my intrusion," Mom said apologetically, "I suggest the three of you get cleaned up and I'll go downstairs and make us something to eat. Andrea, you're welcome to stay for dinner, if you want."

Andrea nodded. "Thanks."

"Thanks Mom," I said dumbly, not knowing anything else to say.

She looked at me saying, "We'll talk later, hon." With that she turned and left.

Andrea was quite shaken by the whole experience, so I took her by the hand and led her to the bathroom. We showered together while Amy took the shower downstairs.

As I soaped and washed her slender body, Andrea started to relax. "Your Mom didn't seem too upset about this," She remarked.

"Nah my Mom's pretty cool. Don't worry, you're not in trouble." I said reassuringly.

That made her smile and she hugged and kissed me. When we parted, she looked at me with loving eyes. "You know, I really loved doing this with you. I hope we can do this again," She said.

Hearing her say that made me so happy, I was really moved. "Mmmm, anytime sweetheart," I answered, "Whenever the two of you feel like wanting to include me, you know where to find me."

We kissed some more while she fondled my big tits. When the kiss ended, she put her arms around my neck and pushed her body into mine. "Can I tell you something?" She whispered into my ear.

"Sure hon, anything." I softly replied.

"I think it's so hot that you and Amy make love. When she told me, I couldn't believe it at first, but the thought turned me on so terribly. I wish I could do that with my sister!"

"You have a sister? Is she as beautiful as you?" I grinned.

She giggled and then said, "Yeah, she's my older sister. She's around your age. But she isn't in college. She's working in retail. And yeah, she's the most beautiful girl I know. Well next to Amy and you of course. Her name is Karen."

"Sounds like a terrific girl. I'd like to meet her some day. But if you're really serious about what you said, that you want to make love to her, then maybe you should tell her. Provided she is into girls, that is."

Andrea looked up at me doubtfully, "Well I know she isn't into guys. She dated her last boyfriend years ago. But she also doesn't date any girls. At least not that I know of. I'm just scared if I tell her how I feel, that she'll feel repulsed and hate me."

I pulled the slender blond into my arms and kissed her gently. Then I said, "She's your sister, hon. I think she'll understand. Especially if she's a lesbian. I'm not saying she'll agree to sleep with you. But I'm pretty sure she won't hate you for being honest about your feelings."

Andrea smiled and nodded. "Thanks," she said.

After we had dried and dressed, we went downstairs to join Mom and Amy. When we entered the kitchen, my little sister rushed to her cute blond friend and pulled her into an embrace. Andrea went beet red when Amy made out with her right in front of our mother. Mom just smiled and shook her head at them.

We sat down and had dinner together, talking and joking. It was really fun and by the time she got ready to leave, I could tell Andrea was really relieved that Mom handled the whole situation so easily.

She French-kissed Amy and me good-bye and even gave Mom a peck on the cheek before she finally left for home.

When the door had closed, Amy turned around and looked at us with sparkling eyes. "Isn't she great?" She said enthusiastically.

Mom and I laughed in unison.

Later we relaxed in the living-room. That was when Mom looked at us questioningly. "So how long has this gone on between the two of you?"

Amy and I looked at each other. I shrugged. "For a few weeks now, Mom."

"I'm sorry Mom," Amy blurted out, "It's my fault. I wanted Lucy to teach me about making love to a girl, so I could be with Andrea."

"Amy, you don't have to explain," I told my sister. "I'm sure Mom understands. Right Mom?"

"Oh do I?" Mom replied and looked at me with a frown, "Well, maybe and maybe not. You two are adults and I'm sure you know that what you're doing is considered wrong by most people."

"We know Mom," I said, "But we don't agree. Amy and I really love each other and we're okay with this. But we'll stop if you want us to. Or at least we'll not do it under your roof."

"And then you'll be doing it in some goddamn other place?" Mom shook her head, "I'm not going to drive my daughters out of the house like that."

Amy looked up at Mom. "Does that mean you'll allow it?" She asked hopefully.

"It means I'm not willing to let this drive us apart," She sighed.

We all were silent for a while, each lost in their own thought.

Then Mom spoke again, "I know I can't order you to stop this. You're both adults now and entitled to your own decisions. And even if I made you promise not to do it again, I would just force you to lie and sneak around behind my back. I don't want that. So I guess I have no choice but to accept it."

"Oh Mom, you're the best!" Amy exclaimed and rushed over to where Mom sat. She sat down on her lap, threw her arms around Mom's neck and pulled her in for a tight hug. Mom patted her back and smiled, "It's okay hon."

I got up and sat down next to them on the couch. Kissing Mom on the cheek I said, "Thanks for be so understanding, Mom. You're really cool."

Amy looked at me with glimmering eyes and following pure instinct, I just leaned in and kissed her. She sighed and parted her lips almost immediately. Slowly our tongues danced, completely oblivious to the fact that Mom sat right next to us, watching her daughters French-kiss.

We continued to make out for a while, Mom's hands stroking our backs as she looked on. Then she patted our backs and said, "Alright you two, that's enough for now. Your old Mom is tired and needs some rest. Please clean up here before going to bed, okay?"

With that she pushed Amy from her lap, kissed us both good-night and moved upstairs to her room.

"Wow," Amy said as she slid into my arms, "I can't believe we made out in front of Mom like that and she actually watched us. That was so hot!"

"It really was," I agreed, "but we should be careful not to go overboard with our feelings in front of Mom. I don't want her to regret her decision."

Amy frowned and nodded. "Yeah, she's given us awesome lead-way. Let's not ask too much of her."

"So what do you say, Little Bit? Wanna sleep in my room tonight?" I asked seductively.

"Mmmm," Amy mewled excitedly, then she pushed her tongue into my mouth to answer my question.

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