tagIncest/TabooMy Taboo Lesbian Life Ch. 03

My Taboo Lesbian Life Ch. 03


In the weeks that followed, Amy, Andrea and I had more wild threesomes. Whenever Amy would bring Andrea home after school, they would play sexy games in Amy's room until I got home from college. Then they would be all over me. Sometimes I had a hard time even reaching my room without having to fight off their advances. Not that I tried very hard.

Having two beautiful high school seniors to play with, was certainly the best thing I had experienced in my sex life so far. I was thoroughly enjoying myself - and my young lovers.

Mom kept her cool about the whole affair. Even though we became negligent in our chores when Andrea was over. More than once she came home and the house was a mess, dinner wasn't prepared and three naked girls were moaning in either Amy's or my room. One day we even lost track of time so completely, that Mom caught us in a triangle on the living-room floor, noisily sucking each other's cummy snatches. She just told us to keep the noise down and then closed the door.

For a while, life at home was paradise. However, it didn't stay that way. After a while, Amy spent increasingly more time over at Andrea's. She also spent nights and whole weekends sleeping over at her place. So that sucked. I was deprived of both of my lovers at the same time. I didn't complain about it to Amy though. I wanted her to enjoy her first lesbian love relationship and not get caught up in a complicated love-triangle.

In a way the change was good for me. I had neglected my studies somewhat and exams were drawing closer. So instead of poking my tongue into those two girls, I spent my evenings in the library, poking my nose into dry books. Talk about fun!

One Sunday morning I was sitting in the kitchen with a bowl of cereal and a magazine, when Amy tiredly trudged in. She just waved at me and headed directly for the coffee machine, stopping to gently kiss the back of my neck as she passed by.

When she had her mug of coffee, she came over and squeezed herself onto my lap, one arm around my neck, the other holding the mug.

"Hey sleepyhead," I told her amusedly, "been staying up late?"

"Don't ask," Amy just mumbled and took a sip of coffee.

"I'm surprised you're not over at Andrea's, are you staying home today?" I asked with an onset of hope.

Amy shook her head. "She had to join her Mom for an appointment yesterday. But I'll go visit her after noon."

"Oh I see," I said, desperately trying to hide my disappointment.

My little sister looked at me curiously. "What are you gonna do? More studying?"

I sighed. "I suppose so. Exams are next week and I still have a lot of ground to cover."

"I think you're overdoing it," Amy said, seriously looking into my eyes, "You should take some time to relax and have fun. Tell you what, why don't we meet up at Pixie's for dinner tonight?"

Amy looked at me, awaiting my response. Pixie's was a diner, a popular meeting place for young people in our area. I hadn't been out for dinner for what seemed like ages, so the idea did appeal to me. And who knows, I thought, maybe the girls were in the mood to play afterwards?

So I smiled at Amy and nodded. "That's a terrific idea, Little Bit. I think I'd like that very much."

"Great," Amy cheered, "then let's meet up there at ... around 6:30?"

"6:30 it is!" I confirmed, my mood improving a mile a minute.

Amy moved in and kissed me gently on the lips. I had been so hungry for anyone's loving attention, that the mere contact with her lips made me shiver. My nipples tingled and I felt my pussy moisten in what seemed like seconds. Moaning, I opened my mouth and pushed my tongue against Amy's lips. She sighed excitedly and allowed me to enter her. Gawd, how I loved to make out with my little sister! I don't know how long our tongues mingled in her hot mouth, but just when I wanted to cup those firm titties of hers, she broke away and got up.

"Sorry Sis, I really have to get ready!" She said apologetically, "We'll continue this later, I promise."

With that, she blew me a kiss and left the kitchen. I sighed in frustration and languidly dug around with the spoon in my bowl of cereal. Oh well, I thought, maybe tonight after dinner I will get some action.

I spent the rest of the morning helping Mom around the house. Cleaning, laundry, that sort of thing. After lunch I took the bus to campus. The great thing about going to college on Sundays is that it's nearly deserted. I enjoyed being the only person in the library, collecting books and digging into them.

At first I had trouble concentrating, but by the time it was getting late, I almost forgot about my appointment with Amy and Andrea. It was already past 6:05 when I looked at my watch. Hurriedly, I put away the books and then rushed off campus to the bus station.

Luckily I made it in time. When I entered Pixie's, the diner was almost as empty as the campus had been. Only a few of the tables were occupied. I made my way to the back of the building, where "our" table was, and took a seat. Wondering where the girls were, I took a glance at my watch. It was 6:35 and no sign of them. Oh well, so I ordered an orange juice and waited.

About ten minutes later, someone spoke to me. "Excuse me, are you Lucy?"

I looked up and saw a blond woman around my age standing in front of my table, looking at me questioningly. She was very pretty, her body looking well proportioned under her business wear. I nodded.

"Yes, why?"

The girl sat down at the table across from me and smiled charmingly. She held her hand out to me. "Hi, I'm Karen."

It took me a few seconds, during which I must have looked utterly confused, then I remembered that Andrea's sister's name was Karen. And now that I thought of it, she did resemble Andrea to a certain degree. So I took her hand and shook it.

"Oh hi, I'm Lucy," I said dumbly, then realized she already knew that and blushed. Gawd I felt so stupid!

Karen just giggled and said, "Yeah I know, you already told me."

"Sorry," I said in embarrassment, "I guess all the studying has me confused lately."

Karen shook her head. "It's okay. Sorry I'm so late. I got stuck in traffic jam. So where are the girls? Haven't they shown up yet or are they in the bathroom?" She giggled.

"They haven't shown up. And I didn't know they had invited you too," I told her, then quickly added, "Not that I mind, of course."

Now Karen's face showed signs of confusion. "Strange. They did tell me you would be joining us." Her eyes widened and she blushed. "Oh gawd, do you think they set us up?"

I sipped my orange juice and put the glass down. "I wouldn't put it past those little devils," I smiled.

Karen seemed to be terrified by the whole situation. "Oh gawd, I'm so sorry Lucy. This must be so awkward for you. Those little shits. I had no idea they would pull off something like that. I'm sorry, I guess I better go."

She was about to stand up, but I quickly grabbed her hand. "No, you don't have to. I really don't mind at all."

She looked at me indecisively.

"Actually, I could use some company," I admitted and smiled warmly at her.

Her expression relaxed and she sank back down onto the bank. "Is it really okay," she asked insecurely, "I don't want to impose on you."

With an affirmative nod I said, "Yes. And no, you don't. In fact, I've always wanted to get to know Andrea's sister. She talked a lot about you."

Karen's eyes shone. "Oh dear," she said grinning, "only half of it is true, I promise!"

We both laughed at that. The waitress came to our table and we both ordered burgers and fries. While we were waiting for our food, we made small talk. She was actually nice to talk to, very open and funny.

I learned that she worked as a saleswoman in a clothing shop. Her dream was working her way up and someday being able to open her own shop.

Food came and we started to eat, all the while continuing to gossip with our mouths stuffed half full of burgers and French fries. Even though it was just an ordinary situation, I enjoyed myself tremendously. Which made me realize how much I had missed going out with friends.

So instead of wanting to kill Amy and Andrea, I started to wonder whether I should thank them for what they had done. Which brought me to the question why they had set me up with this pretty woman in the first place. Was she gay too? According to what Andrea had told me, she wasn't entirely certain but suspected so. That made me decide to take the risk and test the waters.

"So," I said reluctantly, "I assume you know about Amy and Andrea being, you know, an item?"

Karen put her glass down and nodded, her face showed surprise at first, but quickly relaxed again. "Yeah she came out to me a few weeks ago. So I take it, Amy talked to you too?"

"Right when they started dating," I confirmed, then added curiously, "And is it okay for you?"

Karen grinned and looked down at the table, "Yeah I'm fine with it. Glad she actually told me. Not sure how our Mom would react, though."

"I know the feeling," I said sympathetically. This all sounded promising, so I decided to be a bit more daring. "Are you dating anyone? I mean boyfriend or girlfriend?" I asked nonchalantly.

Karen just grinned, shook her head and hid her face behind her burger, biting off a piece. I was intrigued. She wasn't making this as easy as I had hoped. Did she shake her head to answer my question, or just because she wasn't going to answer that?

We continued with small talk after that. When we had finished our meals and drinks, Karen told me of a club she knew and asked if I wanted to go there. I was positively thrilled for her asking and had trouble hiding it.

So we got into her car and she drove us to the place. When we reached the front door, the bouncer looked us over a few times. It was then I realized that neither Karen nor I were wearing decent clothes. Karen wore her business clothes, which consisted of a black skirt, white blouse and blue blazer. It looked at least half decent. I on the other hand was wearing the typical student outfit, a pair of blue jeans and a pullover. I started to blush and was about to pull Karen from the waiting line, when the guy spoke.

"Hey Karen, good to see you again. New friend?" The bouncer said, winking at me.

"Who knows?" The blond girl said and smiled mysteriously.

She patted his shoulder amicably as he motioned for us to enter. I was so impressed, my eyes got as big as saucers.

"Wow," I blurted out, "You must have some pull with the people in this place."

"Yeah, I've worked here a while ago," she explained, "Before I started my current job. They're all very friendly people."

I looked around the club, which was well frequented by this late hour. The interior design was neither too pompous nor too tacky, I actually liked it. I also started to feel less self-conscious about my shabby clothing.

The club was divided into three floors. The first floor served as a lounge. It offered an abundance of big cushioned sofas and easy chairs. To one side was a bar. A winded metal staircase lead up to the second floor.

Karen grabbed my hand and pulled me up the staircase. I smiled excitedly at her initiative. It had been far too long for someone to hold my hand and lead me around. The second floor had several stages with metal poles. Scantily clad girls were dancing around the poles for the benefit of the audience. The rest of the area was scattered with tables and chairs.

As Karen pulled me through the crowded place, I stared with big eyes at the dancers. I had never been to a strip club or any place similar to this. Though the girls weren't really nude, their thin latex clothing didn't leave much to the imagination.

I had always believed to find the idea of dancers in strip clubs disgusting. But now that I watched one of the pretty ladies wind herself slowly around a metal bar, I was actually intrigued. The girl noticed me looking and smiled briefly at me. By the look of it, she enjoyed herself, she certainly didn't seem to hate her job.

"What do you think?" Karen shouted into my ear to overpower the pounding bass rhythm of the music.

"It's kinda weird," I said with a sheepish grin, "but also awesome. She seems to enjoy it though."

We both giggled, then Karen leaned in closer to me and said, "Yeah it's not so bad. They pay well and you don't have to dance naked. The audience can't touch you," She pointed to one of the walls, where a number of muscle packed bouncers stood, "If some drunken bastard tries something funny, they'll kick his sorry ass out before he even realizes what's up."

Curiously, I looked her in the eyes. "Does that mean you have," I started.

She giggled and nodded, "Yeah I was a dancer here. I actually liked it. But I didn't want to do it for the rest of my life."

"Wow," I just said, feeling speechless.

Karen grabbed my hand again and pulled me to the staircase to the third floor. "Who knows?" She said looking flirtingly over her shoulder, "Maybe one day I can dance just for you?"

That made my heart skip a beat and I just grinned. I guess I must have looked kinda stupid at that moment.

The third floor had another bar and the dance floor. Karen and I got some soft-drinks and watched the dancing couples for a while. When she had finished her drink she just turned to me, grabbed my glass, put it on the table, and pulled me over to the dance floor.

And that is how we spent the next few hours. Dancing, drinking, laughing and talking. It was fun and I was so happy, it felt like my heart was bursting.

Eventually it got late and Karen offered to drive me home. When we stopped in front of my house, we looked at each other and smiled from one ear to the other.

"It was fun," I said to her, "Thanks for the ride back home."

She didn't answer and just kept smiling and staring at me. So letting instinct take over, I just leaned in and softly kissed her lips.

Karen looked at me slightly surprised. "What was that for?" She asked with a smile.

"That's for making this girl very happy tonight," I whispered.

Karen's eyes shone with emotion. She grinned and answered, "There's more where that came from."

I chuckled softly, then leaned in for another, slightly longer kiss.

"Then there's also more where that came from," I told her softly, my face only inches from hers.

We gazed into each other's eyes for a moment. I could tell there was this unspoken question hanging in the air between us. So I gathered all my courage and spoke.

"Do you, like, want to come in for a bit?" I asked nervously.

Surprised, Karen pulled her head back and stared at me with a blank expression. I could feel my heart sink and felt my face flush with embarrassment.

"Oh gawd I'm sorry," I said quickly, "I shouldn't have asked that. I know we barely know each other. You must think I'm a slut. I don't usually do things like that, it's just, I don't know, you're so special and ..."

Interrupting me, Karen put her hands onto my cheeks and looked into my eyes. "Lucy, stop. Please, it's okay. I don't mind. I was just a little surprised that's all. I'm sorry." She whispered.

Relaxing, I looked questioningly into her pretty face. "Then you're not mad?"

Karen shook her head and looked down. "And if anyone's a slut it's me," she confessed, "because I got so wet when you kissed me." She smiled embarrassedly.

My heart leapt when she said that. Gawd she was so sweet! I chuckled and put my hand to her chin, turning her face towards mine. "In that case we're both sluts," I said with a bashful grin, "I'm soaked."

With a gasp, Karen embraced me and pulled me into a passionate kiss. Our tongues searching out to touch and caress each other. When we parted, we were both panting heavily and looking at each other like wild animals.

"Let's take this to my room," I breathed.

In mere seconds, we were out of the car and on our way into the house. As soon as the door closed behind us, we were all over each other, kissing and tearing at each other's clothes like two women possessed. The house was dark, so I assumed Mom was already in bed and Amy spent the night over at Andrea's.

However, when we passed the door to Amy's room on our way to mine, I saw light shining through the gap under her door. Just then, I heard faint giggling and then a deep moan. I looked at Karen and she had big eyes, her hand held across her mouth in surprise.

I grinned mischievously and put my finger to my lips, then very slowly and carefully pushed down the door handle. Opening the door a few inches, I peeked into Amy's room.

The room was mostly dark, only the bedside lamp was lighting up the area around the bed. I could see Amy laying on top of the covers, her legs spread wide, her hands massaging her own firm breasts. Her head was rolled to the side and her eyes shut as she softly moaned in pleasure. Between her splayed thighs, Andrea's blond head bobbed up and down, obviously licking her lover passionately. She knelt on the bed, her tight ass raised up into the air, displaying her small puffy labia to me. A sheen of moisture glistened on the tiny closed lips.

Since it was relatively save to do so, I opened the door wide enough so that Karen could glance inside too. I heard her gasp quietly when she saw the scene on the bed. I studied her expression, wondering if revealing the two lovers to her had been a mistake. After all, the last thing I wanted was to freak her out. But Karen just looked on intently, her eyes smoldering with fire.

I pulled her into my arms and kissed her cheek and the side of her neck. With my lips next to her ear, I whispered, "Does this turn you on?" Then I proceeded to plant kisses across her face and neck.

"Yes," she breathed almost inaudibly. Damn, that made me so hot!

We both peeked on them for another moment. Then I grabbed her hand and pulled her with me to my room, not bothering to close Amy's door. I just couldn't wait any longer. I had to have this sexy blond babe now!

What little clothing we still had on, came off in seconds. Then I pulled Karen over to the bed and pushed her forcefully onto the covers. She moaned when I shoved my tongue into her mouth, my body hovering over hers, our ample boobs pressing into each other.

As I nuzzled into her neck and shoulder, Karen's hands found my dangling breasts and began to feel them up. "Gawd, I love your big boobs," she sighed while gently massaging them. I gasped at the touch and kissed my way back up to her mouth. Once again, our lips met in a hot open-mouthed kiss.

When I pulled back, I licked my way down her body. Starting from her chin, I moved south, sucking and wetting her throat, then the area between her collar-bones and further down, between the soft globes of her quivering tits.

Karen mewled excitedly and ruffled my hair as I gave both her beautiful mounds a passionate tongue bath. As I sucked one of her big, brown nipples into my mouth, she gasped, "Oh Lucy!"

Grabbing my hand, Karen guided it between her wide spread thighs, and I knew what she wanted. When my fingers reached her damp pussy lips, she groaned with need and pushed her hips up to meet them. I lost no time and started to explore her slit, wetting my fingertips at her oozing cunt hole and dragging them up to her hard little clit. All the while I continued to suck her nipple.

"Oh gawd yes!" Karen gasped, her hips rolling and pushing into my fingers.

I kept up the treatment until Karen wailed loudly and her body started to convulse in climax. Copious amounts of girl cum were squirting out of her love hole, soaking my hands and my bed.

When she came down from her orgasmic high, she grabbed me by my shoulders and pulled me up on top of her. We passionately made out for a long while, our heated, sweaty bodies pressed together.

When she finally pulled away, she stared into me with fiery eyes. "Now show me your cunt!" She hissed like a madwoman.

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