tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Tainted Aunt

My Tainted Aunt


When my Uncle George was killed in a mysterious road accident, I was devastated. It would seem that as he had been coming over to pick me up for a football match, his BMW failed to take a tight bend on the hilly road from their house and went over the cliff edge. The car had exploded on impact and his remains consumed by the ensuing holocaust, there was nothing left to recover and the verdict had been accidental death.

He was more like a father to me than my own Dad, his brother, was. It wasn't Dad's fault that he had to spend so much time away from home, it was his job and I had grown up with the fact that he couldn't be there when I was playing football or learning to ride a bike, or doing any of the other things that Dads normally do with their sons. Uncle George did though and as he and Aunt Marjory never had kids, he spent all the time he could with me and over the years, she grew to resent this. It wasn't until after his untimely death that I found out just how much she hated me.

"Carol, how that useless son of yours could be a part of our family is beyond me, he does nothing but plays sport and hang around in the gym with his equally obnoxious, lay about friends. I cannot, for the life of me, see why George took such a liking to him" She said one dinner time, during one of her frequent visits to our house. Mum looked a bit embarrassed at her sister-in-law's venomous outburst and replied,

"Madge, you know George enjoyed his sport and loved Gordon's involvement, if Bob had more time off work, he would be just the same, and wouldn't you love?" Dad managed to take his head out of the paper long enough to grunt a reply,

"Of course I would, but some of us don't have the luck that George had with his wheeling and dealing, or I might have been able to only work three days a week like he did." I actually think that Dad was jealous of his older brother's success with the stock market and possibly even the rapport that Uncle George and I had had between us. Auntie Madge couldn't resist having another snipe at me and included her dead husband this time,

"To be honest, George could be as much of a waster as Gordon sometimes; they made a fine pair you know?" This was said to nobody in particular and she went on to say, "And as he couldn't give me the children I so desperately wanted, he latched on to Gordon and spent less and less time with me" There was a tear in her eye when she said that and I'm sure it was a big act, to gain sympathy from Mum and Dad. Dad paid no attention, but Mum dutifully put an arm around her and said,

"You have been through a trying time Madge, I'm sure George loved you every bit as much as you loved him. But now he is gone, you still have us and you know we will do anything we can to help, don't you? Bob, for goodness sake, will you put down that paper and listen to Madge. She needs our help!"

Reluctantly, he threw down the paper and said that he was listening. He was far too busy to give her any of his time, but he was sure that I was big enough and ugly enough for anything she had in mind. After all, since I had turned eighteen, it was about time that I did something useful for a change and what was it she wanted help with?

George's will hadn't even been read yet, but it seemed that his devoted wife wanted to put the house on the market and needed assistance in getting everything packed into boxes. She glared at Dad and pointedly said that it was a man's job and not one for a mindless kid like me to handle. Mum jumped in and reassured her that I would be more than happy to do the heavy work and she could do the more delicate chore of wrapping and putting things in boxes. By the look she gave me, I knew she wanted me to say something comforting to my Aunt.

"You know me Auntie Madge, all brawn and no brain, great at lifting heavy weights, so when do you want me to start?" I said a bit sarcastically, remembering what she had just said about me being useless.

I really wasn't looking forward to helping her out, especially when Mum told her that I could stay over for a couple of nights to get things done quicker. It wasn't that she was bad looking or anything; it was her attitude that stank. She detested me and made no attempt to disguise the fact. She was a little older than Mum, mid forties I would say, she dressed in the latest of fashion and I have to say, quite sexily for her age. Since George's death she had taken to wearing black, which, with her short blond hair, suited her perfectly. Her figure could be described as trim but not skinny, pert breasts, tight butt and very shapely legs, all fitted into a shortish, 5' 4" frame which some would say, made her a very desirable woman.

She gave me a withering look, my sarcasm obviously hadn't gone unnoticed and she said,

"Well I suppose if Bob hasn't got the time, then you will just have to do. Go and get your things ready, I want to make a start as soon as possible and I don't want to be hanging about here all day waiting for you" I deliberately took my time about leaving the room and heard her say to Mum that she hoped I would be able to cope with a couple of days of real work and not let her down like some she could mention. That remark went right over Dad's head like a stealth jet, totally unnoticed.

The drive up to her house was uneventful and almost in complete silence as we didn't have much in common, other than George that is; and it would have been very boring if I hadn't been giving her sexy legs, a good coat of looking at. When she got into the drivers seat, her tight skirt had ridden up her thighs, a bit more than I think she was aware of and I could see the darker tops of her stockings leading to delights that I could only imagine. I quickly pushed these evil thoughts to one side and started counting sheep. Well I had to do something to stop the growing bulge in my jeans and quickly, before Auntie Madge spotted it and thought I was a pervert, as well as a lay about and told my parents about her disgusting nephew.

A feeling of deep sadness and loss came over me as we sped past the hastily repaired crash barrier where my uncle's car had over shot the bend. The twisted metal of the ruined crash barrier and charred vegetation was the only legacy of his mystifying crash. Seemingly unaffected, Madge negotiated the twisting turns competently and we were soon parked outside their beautiful house. The sun glinted off the clear, still water of the pool and again I thought of Uncle George and how he had spent hours teaching me to swim. My thoughts were rudely interrupted by my Aunt saying,

"No time for day dreaming, the quicker we get started, the quicker I can you off home again. I'm not so sure that this was such a good idea after all, especially if you are going to spend all the time with your head in the clouds. You're in the attic bedroom; I don't want you making a mess of the good rooms and don't forget to bring my case with you when you come inside. Put it in my bedroom, but don't touch anything in there, Ok?" Bloody hell, what had I let myself in for? I thought to myself, hard bitten old cow that she is.

I knocked on her bedroom door and not really expecting her to be there, I went right in and stopped dead in my tracks. There was my Aunt Madge, standing in only her underwear, hands on hips and glaring at me as if I had just crawled from under a stone.

"Don't you usually wait for an answer when you knock on a door, or do you normally barge in, like the clumsy oaf that you are? Have you no manners at all? Stop staring at me and get out of my room, now!"

My face turned a deep scarlet; I mumbled something about being sorry and not knowing that she would be changing. Tearing my eyes from her gorgeous body, I quickly left and went to my room. Underwear could not describe adequately how she was attired, it was the sexiest lingerie I had ever seen and she wore it very well, I must say. What there was of it, was all in black satin trimmed with lace, a bra that barely concealed her hard nipples and the thong was so tight that her labia were clearly defined. I was correct about her wearing stockings and these were held up by a wispy suspender belt of the same material. She was a walking 'wet dream' and I had a feeling that I might just be having one tonight.

As I expected, when I went back downstairs, I was met by a look that would have frozen a lava flow solid in seconds. She was not a happy bunny and told me to get started taking boxes out to the double garage and that she would speak to me later about trying to spy on her getting undressed. It was pointless attempting to explain myself to her, she had made up her mind that I had walked in on her deliberately and wanted to humiliate me further.

The rest of the afternoon flew past and the garage was soon filling up with boxes packed with her belongings. She finally called a halt at about six o'clock and said that we had done enough for today and that it was time for something to eat. After grabbing a quick shower and change of clothes, we ate together in the kitchen. Nothing was said about the incident earlier, she had either forgotten all about it, or was too tired to have another go at my character assassination, for which I breathed a sigh of relief. It was only about eight o'clock, but she said she was going to bed and suggested that I do the same, because we were going to start on the attic in the morning and I would need all my strength to get everything cleared.

To keep my mind off what I had seen earlier, I decided to have a nose about in the attic and check out all the stuff that I would be shifting in the morning. There was a mountain of junk, old beds, rolls of carpet, chests, you name it, it was there and all covered in a fine layer of dust. That was all except for one thing, a shiny bright, combination, television and video player. It was powered up, so my curiosity got the better of me and I turned it on and pressed 'play'.

The screen flickered slowly into life and I felt the short hairs on the back of my neck rising, for there, as large as life, was Uncle George! I felt weak at the knees and sat down on a nearby trunk to listen what he had to say.

"What you are watching now was recorded before my 'accident' and I will now be deceased. If it is not Gordon who has found this, please stop the tape immediately because it is for his eyes only. Please respect my request as the final wish of a dead man"

There was a pause for about a minute before he continued,

"Hi Gordon, I'm sorry if this is all a huge shock to you, but I was not killed in an accident, whatever happened to me was murder and I'm sad to say, it was contrived by my dear wife and Bob, my brother! Now you are horrified and probably think I have lost my marbles, let me explain Gordon. They have been having an affair, supposedly behind my back, for years! But, when I built our house, I installed a CCTV system in all the bedrooms and don't look so disgusted, it wasn't to spy on our guests, but to check on what the lovely Marjory was getting up to when I was away.

The hardest part to take in this entire sordid story Gordon was that she was doing it with my own Brother. Yes, with poor old hard working Robert! The reason he had so little time to spend at home was because he was fucking my wife, your Aunt Madge. Well it was more the other way round actually, she likes to dominate men and she knew that I would have none of that from her, so she switched her attentions to him. As you will see shortly, he loved being her sub, would do anything for her and that is why you are watching this tape now. They thought that if they arranged my 'accidental' death, she would get everything and they could set up home together. Incidentally, Bob planned to leave you to look after your Mother; he would have nothing more to do with either of you, nice guy eh? You might ask yourself why I never divorced the bitch. That's easy, she would have made sure that I never had access to you again Gordon, she would have insisted that Bob got custody of you and that would have been an end to our friendship.

The chest that you are probably sitting on at the moment has all the evidence you need to do with what you want. But rather than reporting them to the police, I want you to turn the tables on her Gordon. You have the perfect opportunity to make her life a living hell, how you do that is entirely up to you boy, but I know what I would do in your shoes. She will be so worried about losing her inheritance that she will do anything you desire. Give her the life of misery she gave me son, I'll be watching over you"

And with a final wink and a smile, he faded out and the screen went blank. I sat there stunned, unable to comprehend everything I had just heard. I replayed the tape again and again until I was convinced that it was genuine, this wasn't a practical joke, and Uncle George meant every word he said.

I finally regained control and decided to have a look in the chest. Inside there were notebooks and video tapes, all dated and laid out neatly. George always was a fastidious man in all that he did and he even continued that with the evidence of his wife's infidelity. With shaking hands, I inserted the first tape and sat back to see what George had recorded.

The scene opened to a shot of Madge dressed in a tight black leather basque, stockings and suspenders and black knee length boots with extremely high heels. She was pointing to the floor in front of her with a flogger; a man appeared, sank down to his knees and prostrated himself before her. It was my father, but not the man I knew or admired. This man was naked except for a black collar around his neck, to which was attached a leash. She told him that he had been a bad boy and that he should be punished. He was to start by cleaning her boots with his tongue and to pay homage to her clean shaven pussy. She sat back in a chair and he did as she commanded. When his mouth made contact with her puffy labia and engorged clitoris, he reached down and stroked his already erect manhood.

This brought a shout of disapproval from my Aunt and she pressed her high heels into his groin, followed by a slash across his bare back from the wicked looking flogger. She stood up and jerking savagely on the leash, she lifted him to his feet and ordered him to lie across the chair to receive his punishment. He readily complied, kissed the tails of her instrument of torture and I watched as she flogged him mercilessly. After a while, her breathing became laboured and she ceased, leaving his body with a mass of raised welts everywhere. No part of him had escaped her furious beating; even his genitals had felt the sting of her flogger and appeared to be quite swollen. She turned away from him and went off screen. He remained where he was, obviously awaiting her return and I could tell he was sexually excited by her mistreatment, but scared to do anything about it until she gave him permission.

If I had been shocked by what I was watching, what happened next left me speechless. When she reappeared on the screen, my Aunt was tightening the straps on a leather harness to which was attached the largest dildo I had ever seen and she was coating it with some sort of lubricant. She told my hapless father that as he was her slave, she was going to fuck his pathetic arse and would keep doing so until she was ready to be brought of by his tongue and lips. Without any tenderness or warning, she lined up the ten inch rubber phallus at the entrance to anus and with one thrust, she speared through his sphincter. His cries were terrible to hear, but she just laughed and began to fuck him in earnest, slapping his abused buttocks with every inward thrust. When she had cruelly used him like this for a few minutes, she withdrew, leaving his hole like a gaping cavern and she pulled his face to her inflamed sex. Her eyes closed in ecstasy, her whole body shuddered with her climax and he swallowed all she could give him.

He remained on his knees as she lay down on the bed, spread her gorgeous legs and told him that he could fuck her now and to be sure that she had another orgasm or it would be the worst for him. Uttering that he would be honoured to pleasure his Mistress, he hurriedly got between her thighs, fed his aching cock into her sloppy pussy and he gave her all that she desired. After shuddering to his climax, she had him lick her clean of their combined juices and told him to run her bath. He left, followed shortly by her after she had removed her Mistress's outfit and the room fell quiet.

My mind was in turmoil, on one hand I was horrified by the scene I had just witnessed, but on the other I was strangely excited by it all. Madge was stunning, even better than I remembered from my quick glimpse of her this afternoon and I found myself stroking my erect cock. I had a quick look at some of the other tapes and saw that they were all in the same vein, my Aunt being the Dominant one and my father being her submissive. Some of the things she made him to for her, I found totally abhorrent, but I couldn't take my eyes off her perfect mature figure and knew that I wanted this woman and wanted her now!

George must have known me better than I knew myself, because included in the contents of the chest were a few items he thought I could make use of. There were ropes, restraints, nipple clamps, various vibrators and dildoes, in fact everything an aspiring Dom could hope for and although I had never thought about taking on the role of Dominant before, the situation I now found myself in called for that and I was well prepared to make my Aunt into my first sub. I shouted down the stairs,

"Auntie Madge, could you come here for a moment please?" Her reply was hardly surprising,

"What is it you stupid boy, I'm ready for bed, can't it wait till the morning?" I smiled and shouted back,

"No Auntie, I need you to tell me what to with some things I've found up here"

"I don't suppose I'll get any peace till I do, will I?" She called back haughtily and I heard her making her way up the stairs. She had no idea yet, but she would be getting very little peace from now on and I felt my groin tighten in anticipation of what was to come.

She had thrown on a fluffy white robe over her night things and turned her nose up at the dust covered attic, trying to avoid the dirt touching her clean attire. Her eyes took in the TV right away and she asked me what was that doing here, it was one that George had kept in his study and why it was here was a mystery to her. I told her to sit on the trunk and to watch. She was about to object when yet again the screen came to life and there she was subjecting my father to another of their Dom/sub games. In this scene, she had tied his cock and balls tightly and was flailing them with a small flogger. He must have pleased her immensely because when she stopped beating him, she knelt before him and sucked his inflamed maleness and swallowed his ensuing ejaculate noisily.

I stopped the tape and waited for her reaction, which I knew wouldn't be long in coming,

"Oh my God! He knew all along. He knew everything. What are you going to do with this tape Gordon? I'll be ruined, the family will disown me and I'll get nothing from his estate. It will destroy your father too Gordon. Please don't tell anyone about this, I beg you Gordon"

I decided not to show her the first tape, the one where George told me everything, I would keep that as my hole card, for emergencies. I looked her up and down, causing her to blush in embarrassment and took my time before eventually saying,

"Your days of being Dom are over slut; you will be my sub and accept me as your Dom. Your body will be mine to use, as and when I wish, is that understood bitch?" She started to get up and I saw the anger in her face as she said,

"You little shit; do you for one minute think I would agree to be your sub?" I pushed her back down and said,

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