tagHow ToMy Take on Blowing With Words

My Take on Blowing With Words


So you want to blow something or someone? Or perhaps you've been blown and you want to know if it was done right? Well, my friend, reader, or stalker, I can't help you there. What this "How To" is about, is writing. Yes, I know, writing. . .what was I thinking? I was thinking it would be fun to help individuals find different ways to write a blowjob. I had fun writing "My Take on Writing a Female Orgasm" and "Can You Kiss Me Like This" and I hope, if you like this "How To" you'll check out those as well as others available on Lit.

First, before we go further if you are going to debate me on blow job, or blowjob, then stop reading. I'm going with blowjob, because in my opinion, I like how it looks when writing erotica. I also googled it and it comes up as one word; if Google says it is, you know it has to be true.

Words are flat, unless you are writing with blocks or scrabble tiles. Your words on the screen are going to be flat and typically black. Pretty boring, huh? So what is going to make your story jump from the screen and hopefully land in your reader's lap? Well, colors and detail are certainly going to help. You want to capture the reader and transport them into that flat world of black and show them there is life inside those letters. We're going to assume you have gotten the reader hooked with your character(s) plight and they are now waiting anxiously with bated breath for the hero to get his reward.

I often hear readers and some writers ask: "Surely you can't write sex forever. I mean really, how many times can you write a blowjob and have it be different?" I raise a brow and say, many, many, many times. It is all in the way you, the writer, put the words together. You can't use the same words over and over again, or not only will your readers become bored, but you as a writer will too. At least I know I would. So let's get blowing.

Her first time/His first time

The following is a quick blurb of two friends, both eighteen, written from the girl's view. The couple in this mini-story have known each other for years. Their parents are good friends and very conservative in the upbringing of their children, or so they think.

Becky licked her lips as she stared at Nate's cock. She wasn't sure what she was supposed to do with it, but she knew it involved her mouth and tongue. She glanced up and saw the same look of nervousness in his eyes that she knew her's held. She swallowed hoping to find some moisture in her dry mouth. "It's so . . .odd," she whispered, reaching out to touch the head. He jerked and she pulled her hand away. "Did that hurt?" she asked.

Nate shook his head, his eyes wide. He glanced at the clock. "Beck, we don't have to do this. Your mom is supposed to pick you up in a little bit. We could get caught."

"No Nate. I want to do it. I heard Samantha telling Darla that she sucked Adam's cock and he came in her mouth and Darla asked her how it tasted. Sammy said it was wonderful. Samantha's always doing things with Adam that she says is wonderful. I'm tired of being kept in the dark. I want to know what it means when a boy says 'blow me.' I thought I knew, but Rachel made a comment about me thinking it meant to blow on a boy's dick. Well. . .Nate, that is what I thought it meant."

Nate groaned. "I know Beck and I told you what it meant. It doesn't mean you have to do it."

"Have you ever had a blowjob, Nate? I mean you are older than me." Becky asked as she moved closer, lowering her face to study the swollen veins of her long-time friend and neighbor's shaft. One of her fingers ran across the largest vein and then up to the head, where she examined the slit.

"No," Nate gasped and reached down to hold the base of his cock. "Just because I'm a year older than you, doesn't mean I've had it done to me. I just know what it means. My parents would shoot me if they knew what we were doing."

Becky giggled. "Mine too. You're the best Nate," Becky said just before opening her mouth and sticking her tongue out to taste her friend's shaft. She gave it a small lick, then a longer one. "It doesn't taste different. Just taste like skin." She shrugged her shoulders and opened her mouth wider, this time she lowered herself over the head of his dick and rolled her tongue around it, toying with the slit. She popped off and licked her lips. "You ain't peed lately have ya?" she asked.

Nate blanched. "Hell no!"

"I'm just checking; there was something on the tip and well. . ."

"That's normal. It happens when I get hard and. . .excited," Nate replied. "What's it taste like?"

Becky shrugged her shoulders. "Boring, not much flavor, just oily." She opened her mouth again and went back to exploring his cock with her tongue. She eyed Nate every once in a while as she eased herself up and then down the length. She swallowed saliva as well as the oily liquid that pooled in her mouth. Nate grunted and groaned and Becky smiled inside. She sucked harder and heard her friend hiss.

"Ohh God, Beck. Right there," he whispered just as her tongue pushed against the front of his dick. Eventually Becky felt his fingers in her hair, petting her and she felt her own excitement growing. She ignored the feeling of pressure in her sex that was trying to distract her and concentrated on Nate. She wanted to hear him moan and whimper some more. She bobbed up and down, then pushed his hand away from the base of his dick and replaced it with her own. She closed her eyes and rubbed his dick with her fingers, rolled her tongue around the tip of his rod before she slid him back into her mouth.

She saw where her fingers were and wanted to try and suck all of him down. Deeper she went, but then gagged and retreated. Nate apologized, but Becky just shrugged her shoulders and continued to suck on what would fit in her virgin mouth. Soon she heard Nate talk about "coming." Immediately she thought of her mom and quickly sucked harder and faster. "Ooooh yesss!" Nick growled and held his hands in Becky's hair.

She shook her head, still thinking they were going to get caught. Just as she was about to pop off her friend's cock, a spray of hot liquid filled her mouth. She gagged on the salty flavor and spit out the concoction, swallowed what she couldn't dispel and watched as a second volley of white cream leapt from Nate's dick. It landed on his stomach and she glanced up at him. His eyes were closed and his lips parted as he tried to breathe. "Nate? Who was coming?" Nate moaned and chuckled softly, before pulling Becky back up to the couch.

Hopefully you felt the innocence or the questioning curiosity of the two characters. Certain words are used to portray their "ignorance" in a subject that many people know about, but not all. Being realistic helps add appeal to a story. Becky didn't know what was oozing from her friend's cock, so she asked a natural question. She shrugged her shoulders, showing she wasn't aroused, but curious. She didn't moan and beg for more of his cock. She was there to learn about this "wonderful" thing her sister Samantha knew so much about.

Nate, he wasn't as naive as young Becky, but he too was new to it all. Granted you don't get to dive into his mind, but you can with just a few key words, give the reader a hint as to what he was feeling. He didn't want to rush Becky or scare her, but his actions showed his desire as well as their bond. Nate didn't insist she do it. He tried to give her a way out. By touching her hair in a soft manner he reached out to her, encouraged her without being forceful. What was he thinking? It could have been anything from "Damn, I should have gotten blown a long time ago!" or "Harder! Becky, harder!" Instead he told her "Right there." He made it a point to tell his friend she was doing just right.

Realism to a story helps bring it life. Becky didn't deep-throat her friend, nor swallow. She wasn't there to be the next porn star. She was there to learn, nothing more, nothing less. Nate. . .he was a very willing guinea pig.

Paid Pleasure

This next example is exactly what the title says. A blowjob written from a man's point of view and he's paid for a quick blowjob from a pro, or at least he hopes she is.

Mike watched the redhead deep-throat him. His fingers were buried in her hair and he felt the heat of her breath cover his balls. He hadn't thought about paying for a blowjob until he'd shared his lack of sexual contact with anyone, to a colleague at work. That colleague had given him a number and a name, followed by a wink and a slap on the back. Mike made the call and arranged a meeting for him and Debbie.

As soon as he closed the door to the flea-bag hotel and dropped a twenty on the table, Debbie was on her knees and freeing his zipper. She had her mouth on his cock faster than any previous girlfriend had and was working him into a mind-numbing state of madness. His hands had instinctively wrapped around her oily locks. Mike pumped in and out of her, encouraging her to continue with her sucking and swallowing motions.

When she pulled off, he groaned in disappointment, even telling her to get back to it. She'd giggled, opened her mouth and inhaled his balls. That should have been his undoing, but it wasn't. He leaned back against the door and was treated to her version of a quick suckle and roll motion with each hard sphere. When she was done lashing his sack with her hard firm licks Mike was ready to burst, but again she popped off and went back to his rod.

That was when she started the deep-throating. He knew she was well worth another twenty. No one had ever taken his thick tool to the depths she was taking it. Her fingers never stopped moving either. She palmed his packaged, squeezed his balls and rolled them between her callused hands. He shuddered when one of her fingers pressed against his ass and then he felt the dragging sensation of her teeth as they ascended up the full length of his dick and back down again.

Mike couldn't wait any longer. He grabbed Debbie's head hard and slammed back into her. He felt her nails dig into his skin and knew she was holding on to his massive rod with all her strength. He pumped in and out of her, controlling the action until his come was shooting from his tightened balls and splashing against her worn throat. His fluids shot free a second time, then a third. When he did ease up, he felt her breath surrounding him as she began to pop off and slide down, making sure she left his dick clean.

"Fuck. . .," he muttered as he gazed down on her cream-coated lips. He watched her lick the full flesh and then rise up. He reached into his back pocket, pulled another twenty from its black leather as she picked up the one from the table. "Same time tomorrow?" he asked.

"Unless a better deal comes along," she answered.

Mike shook his head in understanding, zipped up and opened the door. Debbie stepped out and Mike followed.

Not as innocent as the first example. A bit more quick and rushed, perhaps? I hope so, because that is what I wanted. This isn't a romance; this is Debbie's reality, but Mike's purchase. There is no love, no hidden emotions, no desires that one rescue the other from life's path. A blowjob for money.

The words portray that Mike is tired of using his hand. He wants the real thing and he's willing to pay for it. This colleague at work. . .why did Mike go to them? Did he know that the colleague had the means to arrange for Mike to find that release? Mike wanted it raw; he wanted no strings attached; he wanted a quick come. He got it.

Debbie? We don't know what Debbie wanted. This was for Mike, not her. She got her money. She told him she'd meet him again, if something better didn't come along. How realistic was that? No promises for more. Just a simple purchase between two people.


Carol and John are married, happily even, not something everyone is lucky enough to proclaim, but for a fantasy world, they can shout it to the Heaven's. This version will, I hope, give you a chance to read something from both their points of view.

John cupped Carol's cheek and pulled her closer to his shaft. His eyes were full of want and his cock jerked in anticipation for her tender touch. It had been a while since they had indulged in slow seduction, but this night was special. It was their anniversary and Carol had told him that she was passing on desert at the restaurant, because she had something else in mind. John had known what she meant and his slacks had grown tight and remained that way all through dinner and the cab ride home. Now she was going to torture him and he knew it. . .and he loved it.

Carol ran her tongue across her lips and then her teeth. She gave an evil grin as she toyed with the sharpest ones and giggled when her husband winced at the threat. Her face relaxed and she returned to the seductive temptress she was wanting to portray. One hand moved up John's thigh, her nails grazing his skin and skipping lazily through the coarse hairs of his leg. "Ready baby?" she asked as she tilted her head at an angle and exhaled a slow, long, warm, draw of breath against his balls.

"Yesss," he muttered, slipping his fingers into her hair, as he sat back on the edge of the bed. He gazed at her as she lowered her lips to his balls and pressed a gentle kiss to the underside. The soft pressure gave him a shiver that seemed to slide up the full length of his cock. "Damn, baby. You know how much I want to fuck your mouth?"

"Yeah, I know, but you have to wait. This is my dessert and I want it to simmer a little," she whispered. John groaned, then lay back on the bed, letting his wife have her way with him.

As her husband tried to get comfortable Carol's hands moved to his hips. One traveled up to tease his chest hairs, eventually finding his left nipple. Her nail traced its shape, while her other hand managed to find a home around his shaft. She opened her mouth and used her tongue to prod his right testicle into her mouth. Once it was settled against her teeth, she stroked it slowly, making sure to roll it several times and suck it back toward her throat. She heard him groan and whisper, "Carol." She smiled and released the wet orb, noted the different color of a freshly sucked ball and one that hadn't been teased. Soon however the other sphere was being given its own tongue bath and was equal to its twin in hue.

John lay on the bed, feeling his cock jerk in his wife's soft hand. He pushed up into her slow, teasing stroke and muttered a low groan of approval when her fingers moved to the spongy head and she began to knead it like a lump of dough. His hand moved to cover the one that lay on his chest. He bent forward just enough to lift her hand from his body and bring it to his lips. He kissed each finger, sucking softly on the index one, before gliding it down his torso to lay against his stomach. "Carol baby, please," he muttered, "I don't know if I can take it. You're going awfully slow."

"You like it slow, don't you baby?" she asked as she licked her way up one vein and down another. In time she lifted his cock and wrapped a long lazy stroke around the base of his member before sliding the wet muscle to the top of his shaft. "You want me to go faster?" she asked, before drawing just the head of his dick into her mouth.

"Fuck yes," he told her and then sighed when her lips rolled over the head and then another inch further down. She slipped up, then down. Over and over she maneuvered his cock into the welcoming blanket of heat and moisture. Her fingers massaged his balls and her other hand circled the base of his dick. Her goal was to work him back far enough that he would feel her throat. She angled her mouth, sucked hard and felt several drops of pre cum spill onto her tongue. Moaning in pleasure, she swallowed them and increased her strokes for more.

"Carol!" John shouted a bit louder than he realized. He felt her chuckle around his cock and then was rewarded with what he had been praying for. She increased both the rhythm and pressure. He felt as if her fingers were everywhere, moving from his balls to his shaft and then down further to toy with the sensitive flesh between his sack and ass.

Carol felt the surge of his blood pumping through his veins. She sucked harder, working her muscles to draw the fluids from his balls up through his cock and then splash at the back of her throat. She growled low, the hum vibrating around her husband's shaft. He jerked again, another shot of come sailed into her mouth and she drank it up with a drawn out, "Mmm."

I hope you're able to see a bit more detail, a slower build up and a bit more emotion between the characters. Carol wanted to tease her spouse, but eventually she gave in. Why? Was she as aroused as him and hungered for her dessert? Did she recognize the need in his voice and want to please him by making him come fast? Again, a lot of these questions can be answered with the words, you the writer, write for the reader. Paint your picture and then sit back and relax.

A blowjob can be just as exciting as any other erotic writing. You can write out the same ol' stuff, or you can look at it from another angle. Speaking of angles. . . an upside-down blowjob would be a fun one. Underwater. Two girls on one guy. See there are so many ways to blow. Enjoy yourself and have fun with the words; your readers will appreciate it.


Author's Note:

This story was entered in the "How To" Contest 2007 here at Literotica. If you would like to vote, please do so. Comments are very much appreciated and welcomed. Thanks, I hope you enjoyed this submission. ~ Red

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