tagMind ControlMy TBI becomes Total Brain Instruct

My TBI becomes Total Brain Instruct


"Oh shit." I said out loud as I looked down into the face of the Navy Nurse Corps Commander that was on her knees in front of me as she took my cock into her mouth.

I couldn't help myself and grabbed a couple of handfuls of her short mousy brown hair and drove my cock all the way in. Then I allowed her a minor orgasm as I prevented the same from occurring to me. Her eyes rolled back and her entire body began to shake as she crested. She's so beautiful when she cums, so I guess I'll just have to let her cum a whole lot I thought as a grin spread across my face.

With my new found ability I could read her mind and knew that she had many thoughts racing through her head. First and foremost was, "It's soooo good, oh my god it's so gooood to cum."

The other thoughts amused me. I'd already learned in my very short time with this skill that women's thoughts were in the constant ON mode. They were a complete jumble of deep, shallow, serious, and totally inane streams of consciousness. As a guy I rarely had more than two thoughts going at any one time (which also proved to be the case with all the other guys I was reading). So at first it was causing me headaches. But once I trained my mind to sort everyone else's thoughts into separate named files and to stack the thoughts of each file into percentages so that the most prevalent thought was what I read the loudest and the others were kind of just there by their thought subject name (that I could access when I wished) then the headaches went away.

My skill allows me to know the thoughts and manipulate the brain (and therefore the body) of anyone I physically touched skin to skin after my accident. All I had to do was focus on that file (the name of the person) and I knew what they were thinking and I could manipulate them both consciously and subconsciously.

In the case of 40 year old Commander Jane Krause USN, who was currently on her knees and sucking my cock as she orgasmed, the other thoughts running through her head were (in percent order); I hope I don't end up with bruises on my knees (14%), I can't believe I'm cheating on my husband---for the first time EVER in 16 years of marriage! (13%), I'm glad I'm never disturbed during counseling sessions so there is almost no chance of getting caught (11.2%), I need to do laundry tonight (4%). Obviously the other 59.8% of the Jane Krause thought file was occupied with her orgasm.

She was only my second sexual conquest since I got what I thought of as my gift three weeks prior.

The day she came into the hospital ward set aside for all of us Traumatic Brain Injury patients I knew I had to (and would) have her. I know most guys (and 78% of the 34 guys I was able to read) didn't consider her in any way when they thought about sex (which of course averages 66% of all guy's thoughts all the time). But she was the perfect mature dream for me.

She was 5'7" and about 130 pounds. Her brown hair was kind of thin and cut short in the way of military women, a no nonsense style that required no fuss. From what I could tell she had an A - B cup bra size and a little bit disproportionally larger ass in her size 4 frame. She had a girl-next-door face, nothing at all striking but not in the least bit ugly either. She had lips that were neither thick nor thin, a medium nose, and eyes that were brown and shined with intelligence. Her teeth were perfect and she had a fantastic smile. Her skin was an olive color like she had some Hispanic or Italian ancestors. I was mesmerized.

I knew we'd fit together perfectly as I'm 5'6" and 170 pounds. Being a Marine I'm built pretty well, nothing like getting paid to do Physical Training or PT.

I instructed Leah (a young corpsman with big tits) that I was training myself on (and fucking the shit out of) to bring the Commander to me.

Leah immediately ran up to the Commander, interrupted her, and said, "Ma'am, you MUST come meet patient X." Oops. That will teach me not to just give orders without detailed instructions, especially to a ditz like Leah.

After getting reprimanded for the interruption, the Commander asked Leah why she should meet me. Of course Leah didn't know why and I choose not to put an answer in her brain because I wanted to see what kind of a person the Commander was. Mean people turn me off big time and I knew that if the Commander was a bitch then I wanted nothing to do with her. But she was as nice as her smile and indulgently said, "Well, now that we have a mystery on our hands let's go try to solve it." and they came over to where I was.

Of course I immediately stuck out my hand (I make a point of touching every person I can) which forced her to shake it and then I owned her. The first thought of hers I could read was, "Now I have to wash my hands again."

We made the normal conversation---her asking and me telling her how I got injured (I was blown up by a command detonated IED (Improvised Explosive Device)) that killed two of my Marines and injured two others on the patrol I was accompanying. I told her I was getting headaches and feeling depressed as I had scanned her and found out that she was the head neurology nurse and a licensed clinician. Then I put in her head that I would be a good case for her to take on.

"Well Captain X I think that you should come see me tomorrow so that I can review your program of therapy."

"OK Ma'am, but I'm telling you it's the damn counseling that's giving me a headache and the reason I'm depressed is that I'm stuck in here and my Marines are out there without me."

"Captain I can assure you that TBI is NOT a minor affliction and it can affect you for the rest of your life. So we're going to make damn sure you're good to go (GTG) before we let you out of here and back to your unit, and that GTG diagnosis starts with me and my staff."

"Aye aye ma'am, I'll see you tomorrow". And I damn sure hope this affliction IS for the rest of my life.

Amazingly enough I didn't take advantage of Jane during our first meeting which was yesterday. I definitely manipulated the shit out of her but I didn't touch her sexually. I decided to tease myself (and her) and waited until today to force her to her knees and have her suck my cock. But I'm sure you want to know what I did to her yesterday before we get to what we did the rest of today.

I guess I should describe the setting. Her office is about an 8 foot by 8 foot cube with the door being at one of the corners. She has a desk in one of the far corners and a small upright locker in the other. Along the wall with the locker is a narrow couch about 6 feet long. She has an office chair at the desk and a comfortable recliner in the corner near the door.

Unlike the other counselors offices she doesn't have see through glass on her door because theoretically she isn't acting as a counselor but instead is the director overseeing the counselors and reviewing files to make recommendations to the Doctors (so her in counseling times are supposed to be with the counselors). She's wearing hospital scrubs because (A) they're more comfortable and (B) when a mass casualty occurs everyone gets called in to help.

When I came in she was thinking about how much she missed her husband Greg and how happy she was that she was now in the countdown mode to heading home as she had just passed the eight month mark of her 12 month tour. I asked her brain when was the last time she had sex and the memory was eight months ago. Not even masturbation I asked!?! No the brain functions and her memory indicated, she's really horny but just doesn't see the point of masturbation.

So I immediately asked the Commander, "Does my lack of desire to masturbate indicate that there is something wrong with my brain? I've NEVER had that problem before." Then I had her brain start releasing testosterone into her system.

She felt herself get wet and her nipples tighten and thought to herself, "Man am I suddenly horny, it's just been too damn long, why did this guy have to mention masturbation?" But then she forced herself to concentrate and said out loud to me, "Well I would think that in the middle of a war zone it wouldn't be unusual not to be horny."

"I don't know about the Navy ma'am, but I do know it's damn unusual for me and the same is true for all my Marines. I mean we're always talking about T&A when the Iraqi women walk by."

"But they're all in Burkas, you can't see anything!"

"Yes ma'am, in the case of Iraqi women T&A means Toes and Ankles, and even that gets us hard as a lead pipe. But I got nothing now and there are decent looking women all over this hospital."

Then I increased the flow of testosterone and put images of erect cocks in her brain. All different shapes and sizes and colors. And I got a perfect image back of her husband's cock. Average size, just like my own, but his is uncircumcised. I'm circumcised and measure at just under 6.5 inches. Her brain tells me his is right at 6 inches. There is no doubt that I'm a bit wider though.

She's definitely going to enjoy my cock I think. Though that would be true even if I had a three incher :). Man, do I love this ability.

She felt her nipples get fully hard and her clit start to distend. I had her cross her legs and start swinging the top one back and forth which caused her panties to rub against her clit. Then I put in her brain that maybe she could tease me a bit to see if that helped my problem so she accidently dropped her pencil and when she leaned over to pick it up her top billowed open and I could see straight down it to her bra covered little tits.

The bra was (no surprise) a plain white one. She stayed down fishing for the pencil for almost a full minute allowing me a really good view so I decided to reward her with a semi erect cock stretching down my pant leg. Sure enough, without my making her, she glanced right at my groin as she came up and I could hear the gasp as she saw the 5 or so inch outline of my semi-hard cock.

Without her understanding why (of course I was making her) she then decided to get a picture of her husband out of her locker to show to me. She went to the locker and slowly bent over sticking her ass out in an almost obscene way as she looked for a box of pictures she was sure was at the bottom of the locker. I just stared at her ass and it took all the will power I had not to take her right then. When she bent over the material was stretched tight and I could clearly see the outline of her panties.

I made her stay that way for at least 5 minutes while detaching her brain from any notion of time or knowledge of me being in the room. I then got on my knees right behind her and got as close as a I could without touching her and put my nose right up near her ass and sniffed. I could smell her. I could smell her desire. I could almost feel the heat coming from her pussy. And joy of joys when I looked between her legs I could look right up her top and again see those small little bra enclosed tits.

I was hard as a rock. I finally sat back down and let her finish looking for and finding the picture which of course was taped at eye height inside the locker door. I put the thought in her head that she had bent over (for just a moment) in order to tease me some more. When she handed me the picture she looked straight at my cock as soon as she thought I was focused on looking at the photo of her husband. Her brain practically screamed, "Oh God it's so big!" as she saw the outline of my cock pushing up on my trousers.

When she sat back down she was practically shaking and I gave her another shot of testosterone. Her beautiful smell was now permeating the room, not that she had any idea. I took pity on us both and had her set up a 3 hour appointment with me for the next morning.

Then as I left I had her lock the door behind me and pull off her top and start pulling on her nipples. But I wouldn't let her do anything more than just stand there and take herself higher and higher by twisting and pulling on her nipples through her bra. She was getting frantic but so was I, and there was no way she was getting relief unless I was.

I immediately focused my mind on Leah. She was getting ready to go to lunch. "Leah, go to the fuck room right now."

Our fuck room was simply a supply room that only Leah and I had the key to. It had been a simple matter to touch the few who had access to it and then help them decide in their own mind that they didn't need anything in there any more and to give all the keys to Leah for safekeeping. I'd then used some heavy blankets and plywood to try to sound proof the room as Leah could be a real screamer when I let her.

Leah got there right before I did and was already pulling her pants down and bending over when I came in. She was a typical Navy corpsman. She came from a broken home, was very sweet and idealistic. She joined the Navy to see the world and she became a corpsman to help others.

She was about 5'4" and already getting soft all over even though she was only 19. She weighed 137 pounds and had huge D cup tits, a nice ass, and was quite energetic every time we fucked. One of the reasons I chose her as my "learning piece" was that she had a much higher sex drive than the other women corpsman had when I first read their thoughts.

I didn't want to look at her which is why she was bent over. I yanked her panties aside and entered her with a single thrust as I put her in her fuck me, fuck me mode. She was already wet but instantly started moaning and begging me to keep fucking her as she started pushing back against me as roughly as I was slamming myself forward.

Now that I had my cock sunk into a nice tight cunt I released my hold on Jane and let her do whatever she wanted while I watched her thoughts. I made sure I didn't go into the optical center of her brain and see what she was seeing. That would have been great but I was still teasing myself so I concentrated on just her thoughts and the muscle movement signals her brain was sending.

As soon as she was released she collapsed in the soft recliner and spread her legs draping them across the arms of the chair. My own imagination was running wild as I thought about this conservative 40 year old MILF in the throes of sexual excitement with her legs spread and masturbating. She shoved her right hand down her pants and immediately began frigging her clit while her left hand shoved her bra up so she could get at her right nipple.

I grabbed Leah's hips and started yanking her back even harder on my cock. I would have cum on the first couple of thrusts into her if I hadn't been able to use my powers to control my own body responses. I was harder and more excited than I had ever been. Part of it was the situation but I think most of it was knowing for sure that I could use my powers on anyone and get them to do anything I wanted. I decided that I would let myself cum when my beautiful Jane did.

She dropped her right nipple and then gave the left one a swift yank before shoving three fingers of her left hand up her sopping wet cunt. Her right hand never stopped the frantic rubbing of her clit. As soon as she felt her fingers deep in her 8 month unused hole she went over the edge and began to cum. "Yeesss, oh fuck yes, it's sooo gooood." she said to herself (and me) as she kept up the assault on her clit and pussy.

I knew what was coming as I'd already seen it occur in Leah a number of times. Jane's orgasm began to stair step up in intensity and her whole body went into spasms as she came and came and came. I let myself go flooding Leah's cunt which instantly triggered her own orgasm.

Jane's body locked up as she went higher than she'd been in quite a long time. The three of us were moaning and sighing in ecstasy as we slowly came down from the heights. I envy a woman's ability to keep orgasming, but it's not like I don't really enjoy being a man.

Jane's thoughts, as soon as she could think, were of embarrassment and relief. "I can't believe I did that. But I desperately needed to. Oh man that felt so good. I guess 8 months without an orgasm is too long."

When she began to wonder if she should see that Marine Captain as she knew she wasn't a counselor anymore I immediately put in her head that it was probably important to her professional development as a supervisor and to keeping her own certifications up to date to see an occasional client and after all I was a fellow officer who obviously had some issues. I then flooded her system with endorphins and she immediately lapsed into a post orgasmic feeling of contentment and freedom from worry. I knew then that tomorrow would bring me to where I now was---slamming my cock into her pretty girl-next-door mouth.

As soon as I arrived for my appointment this morning she was taken aback by the 3 foot long by 2 foot high mirror I was carrying. "What's that for?"

"You asked me to find and bring a mirror. You said we might use it in therapy." I then placed a memory in her head of her doing just that. "You're right of course, where is my head these days?" she laughed. She then looked around the room to try to figure out where to put it and ultimately decided that it should replace a cheap bulletin board that was hung above the couch, which is exactly where I wanted it.

"Well, lets sit down and get started," she said while seating herself in the easy chair. I had her remember exactly what she was doing in that same chair yesterday while also putting back in her head the picture of my cock straining against my pant leg. I then started flooding her system with both testosterone and the hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin, scientific literature will tell you, is also known as the love hormone. The combined affect of these actions had an immediate and noticeable effect. Once again she started to get wet while her nipples began to harden. I immediately went on the offensive.

"Doc, I just want to tell you that something clicked in me when I saw you yesterday. I got this huge hard on and it practically hasn't gone down since then. I have to tell you I had the greatest orgasm whacking off last night."

I then put in her mind a clear picture of my cock and another one of me masturbating. "I don't know what you did, maybe it was just coincidence, but I feel great again. So does this mean I'm cured and can go back to my unit?"

I kept the images in her head as I kept flooding her with hormones. It was almost funny watching her try to focus on my words. Her smell began to fill the room and her nipples were hard points lifting her hospital scrub top. As she understood what I said she couldn't help but look down at my groin where once again my cock was tenting up my pants.

"Uh, I don't think we should jump the gun Captain but it certainly is a positive sign I guess." She couldn't help herself now and was just staring at the outline of my cock.

"Look Doc, it's all hard again right now. I think I'm going to hurt it though if I don't take it out. You're a medical professional, surely it won't bother you to see a patients cock and you understand the need, right?"

"Um, Uh, I, I guess so." There was perfect silence in the room as I stood up and moved right next to her. I very slowly pulled my medical patient pants away from my waist and then pushed them down over my cock which sprang free and thunked up against my belly. She was completely mesmerized and almost panting. I just stood there for a full minute while she stared at my cock. I was pouring on the hormones now.

"Put it in your mouth Doc. You know as a medical professional that blue balls can be very painful so it's medically indicated that I have an orgasm and I know you don't want me cumming on your floor so I guess you'll just have to swallow it."

Into her brain I kept inserting two thoughts. One was that it made perfect sense to do what I said and the other was that she really did want to touch it and taste it. Of course I also kept overloading the hormones. She was helpless and fell to her knees in front of me and took me into her mouth.

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