tagRomanceMy Teacher Ch. 3

My Teacher Ch. 3

byL.A. Wicker©

I would like to thank my new friend, Louis, and many others for getting me to finish this story. Be sure and read parts 1 and 2.

* * * * *

Cindy and I stayed at my place the rest of the weekend. We held and hugged each other day and night. There was no way I was going to let her go, she felt so good in my arms.

"I've never had anyone hold me with such warmth and love like you have this weekend." Cindy said, as tears formed in her eyes.

I caressed her back and replied, " I've wanted to hug, caress and make love to you from the first second I ever saw you."

"You're so sweet." Cindy moaned, as her lips found mine.

I pulled her on my lap, my tongue penetrated her wet, sexy mouth. My hands tenderly touched her bruised body, finding Cindy's silky breast.

Our kiss grew with passion, holding Cindy in my arms, I stood up, walking towards my bedroom. I needed this beautiful woman as much as she needed me.

Once in my room, delicately placed her on my bed. I slowly pulled opened her robe, exposing Cindy's sexy bruised body. As I gazed at her womanly fruits, my nine inch manhood began to stir.

"Mmmmmm, is that, all for me?" Cindy ask, as her eyes watched my manhood grow.

As I pulled off my shorts, I replied, " Oh yes, I've had this for you for a long time."

Cindy pulled me on top of her gorgeous sensual body. My stiff cock, all nine inches, rested on her panty covered sex mound.

I could feel the heat and dampness building as Cindy pushed her hips into my hardness. She began moving in little circles teasing my now hard, cock meat.

My hand moved between her legs, finding Cindy's wet panties. With a gentle pull, I exposed her love to my hard meat. I placed my swollen cock head to her love opening.

"Oh Larry," Cindy was on fire, " take me... take me."

KNOCK...KNOCK... KNOCK. On my front door.

"OH NO... NOT NOW..." I moaned, " Who could it be?"


Cindy hugged me saying, " It mite be to police, they told us they would come by this weekend."

I slipped on a robe, trying to hide my hardness as I went to the door. Opening it I saw about 25 students from school.

"Is Miss Jones here?" One of them ask.

Another student held out a bunch of greeting cards saying, " We have all kinds of cards for her."

"OK. Let me get her, she's taking a nap." I told them.

Cindy had heard them at the door, she was already dressed and coming to the door. She was so excited that all the kids had come to see her.

By the time they had left, I could see that Cindy was exhausted and needed to go to bed, by herself. I slept on the sofa.

It took me just about all night to fall asleep. When I did, my dreams were filled with Cindy and I making passionate love.

I woke up the next morning, Cindy was sitting on the edge of the sofa, telling me it was time to wake up. It was Monday, back to school.

My cock was at full hardness, her hands reached to it and she began to caress it softly.

"I need to fix this for you," Cindy licked her lips, " you better be ready tonight."

As I caressed Cindy's sexy breast, I said, " Oh, I will be, Sexy Lady, I will be."

That day had to have been the longest day of my life. All I did was think of the many ways I could make love to Cindy. Each time I would think of a new position to love her in, I got a major, " HARD ON ".

At last, it was time for my Writing Class, Miss Jones, class. The best teacher in the school and I hope in the bedroom.

As I strolled in her class room, our eyes met, she winked one of her sexy blue eyes at me. My cock got so hard, I had to run and sit down before anyone saw it.

Miss Jones, Cindy, stood up and started talking, " Good afternoon class. I'm sure most of you heard about what happened to me this past Friday."

As she walked around the class room, " I really hate to say this but, as of tomorrow morning...," she gave me the most sorrowful look, " I will be teaching at the, Middle Brook School of Performing Arts."

Every student in the class was upset, except, the black trouble makers, that always gave her a hard time. Me? I was... in shock. All my plans of making it with her were going down hill fast.

I ran to find her after school, I found her in the class room packing up all the things in her desk I ask, " How are we going to see each other? That school is an hours drive from my place!!!!!!!"

"I'm so sorry, Larry," Cindy's eyes filled with tears as she went on, " the school board found out what happened Friday night, I guess their worried I'm going to sue them."

With big tears running down her cheeks she finished, " we can... still.. see each other."

I was hurt, it felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest. The only woman I had ever loved, was leaving me. I didn't know what to say.

"PLEASE DON'T BE MAD AT ME," Cindy begged, " We can see each other on the weekends, O.K.?"

I told her it was all right but, deep down, I was hurting bad. How were we going to see each other. I had a part time job, baseball practice and three or four games a week.

I helped Cindy carry her things to her car. Once we had everything put in, I slid my arms around her thin sexy waist and said, " You...take care... remember... I love you..." I started to cry.

"Oh baby... don't cry...," Cindy was crying as she tried telling me not to, " this Sunday, meet me at Rolling Hills Park at... Um... 2 p.m.? Is that O.K.?"

I watched her drive away, something inside me went with her that day. A part of my soul and my heart.

That had to have been the slowest and longest week of my life. The days seemed so long. All I did was think of Cindy day and night. I woke up so many times at night with my cock so hard it would hurt.

Then Sunday came, I was ready for our little date three hours early. I couldn't wait to hold her in my arms again, To taste her sweet mouth.

I made it to the park in just under thirty minutes, I'm glad there were no police around.

I paced back and forth, " Where is she?" I thought, " I hope she didn't forget me."

Then I saw her walking towards me. The sun shining through her blonde hair made it look white. Her face had the smile of an angle. Her soft lips covered with pink Lipstick.

Cindy had worn a sheer white blouse that allowed me and every body at the park to see her dazzling, perky breast.

Looking down, I saw that she had worn a very short blue mini skirt that just did cover her sexy cheeks. Her long thin legs covered in a sheer panty hose.

I started to get hard as I walked to her. Holding out my arms to hug her. To feel her warm body pressed into mine, was all I wanted for the past week.

Cindy gave me a quick hug and a little peck on my cheek and told me, " I just saw some of my students, we have to be careful they don't see us doing anything."

"What? They don't know me," I said in pissed off voice, " who cares?"

"I care," Now Cindy was upset at me, " I could loose my job and my Teaching Certificate."

"Well, fuck me," I thought to myself, " I've been going nuts all week to hold, kiss and make love to you, now this shit."

I thought I was on a date with... My sister or mother. No hugging, no kisses, I should have stayed home and rested.

As I calmed down, it came to me, it was great just to see Cindy again. I know it had only been a week but, it felt like a year.

A few hours later Cindy looked at me and said, " I have to get home soon. I have a ton of papers to grade before tomorrow morning."

With lust in my eyes I replied, " Let me take you home. I need you so bad."

A little frown came on her face, " I can't, two teachers from school and three students live in my building."

Cindy gave me a good hug, when she started to give me a little kiss goodbye, I drove my tongue in her mouth. My hands found her tight ass, I began to push her into my swollen cock.

As she leaned on her car, her sexy, long legs parted just enough for my big thick cock to push on her silky love. My hands roamed her tender body, making sure I caressed all the, " Special Spots".

"OH Larry... no please, I can't." Cindy moaned, as she pulled my zipper down.

Her gentle hands found my cock, " Oh... you're so hard."

Cindy began pumping my cock with her sexy little hands. Up and down my cock shaft her hands moved so slow.

I caressed her sweet little ass, pushing her love mound into my stiff cock. I could feel her wetness, her heat.

"I need you baby... I need you so bad." I moaned.

"Oh Larry... You drive me crazy." Cindy pleaded as she pulled her skirt up.

Her hands guided my throbbing cock between her long sexy legs, to her wet love. She started moving her slender hips back and forth over my hardened meat. Her soaked panties kept me from entering her body.

"LARRY... LARRY," Her nails dug into my back, " you made meeeee... cummmmmm."

Cindy's hot love juices flowed over my rigid cock as she orgasmed. The juices coated my cock meat, making my humping her love even better.

"Cindy... I love you."

My cock began shooting my cum so hard I could hear it splashing on her car. Her tender hands pumped my cock hard and fast, bringing more and more cum out of my cock.

After we had finished she gave me her new phone number and told me to call her any time I was feeling lonely. We set up a date for the following Friday night, to go to a movie together.

The week was as slow as the last. I did have a few baseball games, that helped a little. Time just dragged on, all I did was look at my watch, hoping that Friday would come.

Friday finally came. I met Cindy at the movie theater. As I drove into the parking lot, I saw her talking to a group of kids.

"Well, great. More students." I thought.

And I was right, Cindy introduced me as her nephew. She told them I was the guy who saved her life and I was being scouted by some major league baseball teams.

As the kids walked away I told her, " Well, Aunt Cindy," I teased her as I talked, " I guess we better get inside before the movie starts."

"Larry... I'm sorry... I had to tell them something," Cindy said, as her hand squeezed my hurting meat, " I couldn't say ' this is my 18 year old lover' could I?"

My mind raced, " Oh yes... I mite have hope of getting lucky tonight."

Once inside the big, dark theater, we found two seats in the back corner. It was a great place to sit, nobody could see us unless, they where leaving the movie.

One more good thing, the seats sat right below a very large, air conditioning duct. Cindy would get cold, I would hug her to keep her warm.

The movie was pretty boring, a girl movie. Lots of sweet talk, hugging and kissing. But, no good sex scenes.

A little while into the movie, Cindy moved closer to me and whispered, " I'm cold," she put my arm around her, " heat me up... big boy."

My poor, lonely cock just about jumped out of my pants, " How warm do you want to be?" I ask, as I pulled Cindy even closer to me.

With her big blue eyes looking at me again she whispered, " Mmmm... Like that night at your place. Mmmmm or like that day at the park."

The door was open, I was planing on coming on in. My left arm held her body snugly, my right hand headed to Cindy's creamy smooth thighs.

Softly I began to caress my way around her beautiful legs and thighs. Her skin covered by a silky pair of sheer stockings.

Cindy's head moved to my shoulder, " Mmmmm... that feels so good." She purred.

Her legs moved slightly apart, my hand went under her short little skirt more. Making it's way to Cindy's soft panties, I could feel her heat and wetness forming.

"I love you." I told Cindy, as my finger moved under her delicate panties.

"yes... yes.." She moaned.

Ever so softly, my finger caressed her love. With each gentle caress she became wetter.

I had to be inside her, even if it was just my finger, " Can I go inside you... baby?" I begged.

"oh yes... anything..." Cindy purred again.

As my finger penetrated burning young body, she moaned so loud I'm sure some people in front of us heard it.

"Mmmmm... Larry... oh yes... oh yes..."

I moved my mouth to hers, our tongues met, we locked into a kiss that lasted so long, I lost track of time.

As our kiss deepened, another of my fingers invaded her tender body. Bringing her closer to surrendering to me.

I needed her love and I'm sure she also needed me. The times before in apartment, I knew she loved or lusted for me. I hoped it was love.

My fingers continued working her love. She became wetter with each stroke. Cindy's legs moved apart more, giving me total access to her love.

In the mean time, my other hand had moved under her thin blouse to her silky breast. Cindy's nipple was the hardest I had felt it.

As I toyed with her swollen nipple I whispered to her, " is it good baby? "

"oh yes..." She moaned.

I whispered more, " I'm so hard for you... your sexy body... your beautiful breast... your long sexy legs... and you know what I really want?"

"tell me... tell me.." Cindy begged.

"your... Hot... little... Pussy..." I whispered as I pushed my fingers deep inside her.

"OH YES... OH YES..." Cindy cried, as her body exploded.

"Oh shit... don't cum now," I thought, " wait girl."

My fingers just helped her, moving faster and deeper in her hot little love nest. Making each orgasm better than any she had ever known.

"Oh Larry... yes... fuck meeee. Fuck me..." Cindy screamed as she fucked, humped and just plain, used my hand.

When she had finished she looked into my eyes and moaned, " Lets go... now!"

We all but ran to my truck. Once there Cindy ripped open my jeans. Jerking out my stiff cock and drove it down her throat.

She sucked me hard and fast, like a vacuum cleaner. Her pretty head moving up and down my cock shaft. Her soft little moans as she sucked.

"OH BABY... I...I'M... I'M... CUMMMMMMIIINNNGGG." I screamed.

My cock started shooting cum in Cindy's mouth, down her throat and all over her soft breast.

"OH YES... OH SUCK BABY... SUCK..." I yelled.

Cindy just kept sucking hard as she could. Draining my cock of all it's built up fluids.

After I had finished cumming, Cindy sat up. She was covered in my cum. It was on her pretty face and all over her breast.

"Oh I'm sorry..." I said, trying to wipe it of her.

Cindy just licked her sexy lips and replied, " Mmmm it's O.K."

We hugged for a long time before she said, " I should be going, I need to be up early in the morning."

With a shocked look on my face I ask her, " What? I thought we were going to be together tonight?"

"Well, we kinda where, now," she hugged me, " the school is going on a ski trip all next week."

I had forgotten all about spring break. Now I would be really bored. No baseball, no school and worst of all, no Cindy.

"Oh no." I thought.

"I leaving at 5am. I'm sorry." Cindy said.

"Oh fuck," I moaned, pulling Cindy in my arms, " I'm going to die... without you."

"Don't be silly," she rubbed my cock, " when I get back... you can do ANYTHING... to me"

"Mmmm anything?" I ask.

"ANYTHING..." She said, with a big smile on her beautiful face.

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Some deep plot holes

The romantic relationship tale continues as well as it started in Chs 1+2.
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