tagRomanceMy Teacher Ch. 4

My Teacher Ch. 4

byL.A. Wicker©

Hi all, be sure and read, parts one, two and three. I hope you enjoy.

* * * * *

After Cindy and I kissed goodnight, I started home. I was so excited, when she came back from the ski trip, she was mine.

That night I had taken a different way home. About half the way there, I saw a car broke down on the side of the dark, lonesome highway.

Steam bellowed out from under the hood and a woman standing by the car crying. With no man in site, I knew she needed help. Even in a big city like this, thousands of people in it, not one person had stopped to help her.

I pulled to the car, turning on all my truck lights and emergency flashers. I got out of my truck, I walked up to the woman. I saw big tears running down her face, as a smile appeared.

"Thank you so much for stopping to help me" She said.

"Don’t get to close to the car," I pulled her towards my truck, " The radiator… mite blow up."

"Can…. you get my baby?" The woman asked.

"O.K. calm down." I told her.

I walked over to the car door. I saw a baby sleeping in a car seat. I pulled it from the steaming car and took the child to it’s mother.

"OH THANK YOU… " The woman cried.

"Everything I own is in that fucking car," she started crying, " how could he do this to me… how am I going to get home."

Crying harder, she went on talking, " after all I did for him… I gave up my life for himmm."

She started to fall to her knees, when I reached to help her. Before I knew what was going on, her strong arms wrapped around my neck.

Sobbing in my ear, the woman told me more, " He… he kicked me and his baby," she hugged me tighter, " out of the house I paid for, cleaned… everything."

I patted her back, " Come on… it will be O.K. I’ll take you home," I slowly caressed her back, " I’ll help you, don’t worry about."

She giggled and said, " You’re going to take me home?"

"Sure, why not? Where do you live?" I ask.

"You’re so sweet. But, I can’t ask you to take me home. We live in Atlanta Georgia…." She said.

I think my jaw hit the grown when she said, ’Atlanta Georgia’. It was almost an 8 hour drive from Ohio. A very long way from here.

"I hate to say this," As I looked at her car, " your car is pretty much dead. It would cost more to fix it than it’s worth."

She pulled away from me saying," Oh it’s O.K. I can call my Momma and Little Sister to come and get me."

"You know what?" I smiled at her, " Heck I’m out of school, it’ll be fun taking you home. I would love to see the Braves play."

"You’re sure?" a big smile came on her face, " that would be so nice of you. I’ll pay for everything, O.K.? Even a Braves game."

"Oh by the way, I’m Kelly," She hugged the baby, " this is Kayla."

I told her my name and that she was lucky I came this way.

She stepped into the lights from my truck, I froze when I saw her. Kelly stood close to six feet tall, I guess she weighed 160 pounds or so. Her body was not fat, just a big, big woman.

She had wavy blonde hair past her shoulders. Big sexy green eyes, luscious full lips, that any man would die for.

My eyes wondered down her body to her big supple size 38dd. Breast. They stood up by them selves, no bra in site. I had never seen a woman with such big breast and have them so perky.

Looking down more, she had a very trim waist. No fat anywhere. Her hips, where also very wide, again, no fat any place. Her jeans fit her tight, so tight that if I had the time, I could have counted her hip and pelvic bones.

When she turned her back to me… I saw her lovely ass for time first time. It was a very firm size 38, again, not an ounce of fat on it.

Kelly’s ass was the kind that was nice and full. Muscles all over it from good fucking or I bet in her case, lots of good masturbation. Any man that would kick his big, sexy wife and baby out, have to have been a FAG. That’s right, a FAG.

Her legs blended into her great tight ass like a work of art. Kelly’s legs were longer than mine, they like the rest of her great body, big and sexy.

I pulled my eyes off her to tell her, " Lets get all your stuff in my truck," I paused to peek at her breast, " we will leave for, Atlanta, tomorrow afternoon."

With a puzzled look she ask, " Why in the afternoon?

I told Kelly, I played baseball and it was the last game before spring break. We could leave right after the game was over.

I couldn’t believe all the boxes of her things she had got in her car. After about 10 trips loading it in my truck, I came to the last box.

When I looked in it, "the box was open, O.K." It was full of her private things, panties of all styles and colors. The best was a pair of red, string bikini panties, all I could think was, " how in the hell does she get that sexy big ass in theses little things?"

As I drove, she told me about her ‘ass hole’ husband, he layed around their house all day. Drinking, smoking pot and watching porno movies, while she worked two jobs.

Then that night she came home early from work. When she opened the door, she heard the baby crying it’s eyes out. Empty beer bottles and a woman’s clothing all over the house.

When she went to get the baby out of it’s room that’s when she saw him, her husband, making love… no fucking, the 15 year old girl next door.

"That’s when he told me to get out, get my shit," she cried harder, " get my… my big fat ass out of his life."

"Big fat ass? What? You’re… anything but fat," I said, " you are unreal…. I umm mean, pretty. I know… you’re a AMAZON QUEEN!"

"WHAT?," Kelly busted up laughing at me, " my brother always tells me that all the time… thank you, very much."

We pulled up to my place, " I better bring your things in," I looked up at the cloudy sky, " it mite rain or somebody will steal it all."

"Let me help you tote it all in this time." Kelly asked me.

I told her no, it was O.K. and I showed her and the baby in my apartment. I told her to make herself at home and that she could sleep in my room. Box after box, I finished in just under 30 minutes.

Kelly came out of the bathroom, wearing a small towel, the tops of her breast peaked out from under the towel. Water ran down her long, lean legs as she walked towards me….

"HELLO!……… Have you seen a box from " Walmart" it has my… panties in it." Kelly gave me a little smile.

"Oh shit," I thought, the red string bikinis are on top of the box, layed out real nice, so I could look at them. I never had I chance to put them back right." Oh well."

I found the box, handed it to her and went to get a cold drink from the kitchen. I needed it after seeing Kelly wearing that towel.

Kelly yelled from the bath if I had a shirt she could use for the night. I told her to use anything that she wanted, and that I was going to sleep on the sofa.

I woke up the next morning to hear Kelly singing a song to her baby and cleaning my dirty apartment. Even with my eyes having the ‘morning blurries’ I could see that Kelly had picked out a very short shirt to wear to bed.

"Well, hey sleepy head," Kelly said, walking towards me.

My eyes were fixed on her beautiful hips and ass. She must have seen the red panties on the box. Yes, she was wearing them. As she came closer to me, my dreams of counting her hip bones came true. Her love stuck out a good two inches. I had never seen a woman so big and sexy as this in my life.

The panties, they fit her hips like they were painted on. They just did cover the top of her sex. As for covering Kelly’s wonderful sexy ass… half of it.

My cock was growing faster than it ever had before. All I could think of was what it would be like to have a woman so big, to love me.

Each step towards me I could see more of her sexy love spot, I could see that she shaved it, the panties were so tight I could also see all of the wonderful folds of her flesh.

She sat on the sofa, one leg under her, then Kelly ask, " How did you sleep, Sugar?"

As I gazed between her legs, I replied, " Not bad and you?"

She told me she slept pretty good considering all that had happened last night.

"I hope you don’t mind, I fixed us some breakfast." Kelly said, with a big smile.

"Well, let me go finish," Kelly reached to the back of the sofa to push herself up. That’s when her hand bumped into my hard cock.

"OH my," she looked at the sheet that covered my cock, " what in the world do you have under here?"

Kelly lifted the sheet to expose my full 9 inches, " OH MY LORD," she gazed at my cock meat, " does your girl friend know you have this monster in your pants?"

I nodded yes.

Then she ask, " And she lets you come home by yourself?"

I nodded again and said, "I’ve never…. Done it with her yet."

"What? Are you kiddin’ me?" Kelly looked as if she was in shock, " She hasn’t rode this? Is she young? How old is she?"

"I guess your age," I tried to think, " she’s…. was one of my high school teachers."

"She’s a grown woman…. And hasn’t raped you? Is she all there?" asked Kelly.

"I don’t really know why she doesn’t want to do it with me." I replied.

"Well, Mr. Larry," her hands moved to my meat, she began to inspect it," if this was mine…," she started caress my cock, " … I would be sittin’ on this thing, day and night."

"Mmmm… I’m going to have to fix…," Kelly slid from the sofa, sitting on her knees, " this fine hunk of manhood for you."

She leaned her beautiful face to my cock meat. With one move, my cock was down her throat. She sucked me that day, better than any woman or girl had ever done.

My cock was deep in Kelly’s throat, her mouth sucking me as gentle as she could. Her sexy green eyes watching my face, to see the pleasure she was giving me.

Then it started, " OH…. OHH. KELLY. YES… GOD YOUR SO GOOD."

My cock started shooting it’s massive load her in her mouth. She just sucking me, hard and deep. She drank all my love juices down her long sexy throat.

"WOW," Kelly stood up, licking her lips, " that’s a great way to start the day."

All I could do was, lay there, in shock. I just met this fine lady and her baby last night. She just sucked me dry, better than any woman I had ever been with.

I some how pulled myself off the sofa and went to the kitchen. We ate and talked more about her and me.

Kelly had only been married to her husband two years. Just after she got pregnant, he stopped making love to her. She had not been with a man in way over a year. One more thing she said shocked me, Kelly had never had an orgasm.

"So, when I saw that monster you have," Kelly reached under the table and grabbed my cock, " I had to have a little of it."

I was in shock again, no woman in my life had never acted like this. But, I loved it. Some day I wished, Cindy would be this forward with me.

Kelly looked in my eyes, " One more thing….," a sexy smile came over her face, " I do plan on takin’ you from your lady friend."

"My girl friend? Who? Let me think….Oh shit… Cindy." I thought, She was on the ski trip and had no way of knowing this sexy lady wanted me.

The baby started to fuss a little, Kelly stood up, " I think this little Bugger, is ready for a short, Cat Nap."

"And I better start getting ready for the game," As walked past Kelly, my cock rubbed on her long leg, " I’m getting a shower then, I better get dressed."

"Hey Sugar…" Kelly gave me one of her great warm smiles, " do you mind if me and Kayla go?"

"It’s O.K." I caressed Kelly’s fine ass, " you mite give me good luck."

"If she goes right to sleep…" Kelly said, looking down to my cock, " I was planin’ on givin’ you something better…. than luck."

Kelly went in my room to put the baby down for a nap. My cock was hard as hell now, thinking I mite get some of her fine big body. "If we do get it on," I thought, "I hope I have the strength to play ball".

And a funny thing came to me…. Cindy had only crossed my mind two times. Maybe I’ve been to hung up on her, maybe she’s just not willing to go all the way with me. Or just embarrassed, me being so young.

I started my shower, the water was hot as hell. It ran down my lean trim body. Relaxing me to the point that, I didn’t hear the bathroom door open.

The shower drape opened, there stood Kelly. Only wearing the red string bikini panties that I liked so much and a warm smile.

"Hey…" Kelly smiled, as her eyes went to my hard, thick cock, " How can a girl…. get some of that?" She pointed to my cock.

I looked her fine body up and down, her skin was as white as milk. Her light brown nipples already hard with anticipation. Kelly had a excited but, frightened look on her face.

I reached for her hands, pulling her into the hot steaming shower. As I held her body, I could feel her trembling.

"What’s wrong?" I ask.

"I’m…. I’m…" Kelly hugged me to her sexy body, " I’m just a little scared…"

"Why? Is it me?" I ask Kelly.

"Oh Lord no…. Sugar…," Kelly kissed me softly, " It’s me… anytime I meet a nice man."

With tears in her eyes, she told me, " Something always…. Fu… messes up. They run off….or they think I’m crazy, to big or I’m a… nympho. I can never get a nice guy…..like you…." Kelly burst into tears, crying like a heartbroken baby.

I hugged her as tight as I could, " Oh you’re not crazy… and not to big… maybe a nympho….well… O.K. a nympho…," I hugged her more, " But, I could learn to love that… real easy."

Tears ran down her face as she forced a smiled and said, " You could huh… I get pretty horny… But, you being a young stud, I bet you could handle it."

Kelly’s red lips moved to mine, we kissed softly. My hands started to roam her lovely big body, enjoying it to the fullest. Every curve and mound of her tender flesh my roaming hands found.

My fingers located her big wonderful bosom, I was in heaven. They were so warm to the touch, I had never held any softer than theses.

"Oh Sugar," Kelly gasp, " It’s been so long for me… use me easy at first until I get used to that monster…."

My mouth moved to her hard nipples, tormenting them with the tip of my tongue. I did little circles on her areolas, then back to the nipple.

My fingers moved around her trembling body, caressing her tender flesh. With each caress I could feel her body giving in to me. My hands found their way to Kellys full round ass. Slowly I touched her inflamed skin, I wanted to be as gentle as I could.

She spread her legs, letting my man-flesh rest on her panty covered love. I could feel her warmth through her wet panties. She began moving her seductive passion hill on my pounding cock meat. Slowly, teasing me so nice, moving back and forth over me.

"mmmmmmmm…..how’s that, sugar?" Kellys big green eyes again watched the pleasure she was giving me, " you still like my red panties?"

Embarrassed I replied, " Shit, you knew I was looking at them last night, didn’t you?"

"MMMMMMM I sure did baby," she smiled, " it turned me on knowing a fine lookin’ man like you was checkin’ me out."

"Did you see me looking you over in front of my truck, too?" I asked.

"Sugar…. A woman knows when there’s a horny stud lookin’ her over," Kelly giggled, " I’m embarrassed askin’ you this but, what do you like the most about me? My breast? Or what?"

I started rubbing my thick cock just a little faster between her legs and replied, " MMMMMMM let me think?" I wanted to tease her a little, " what do I like the most?"

"Come on now, don’t tease." Kelly smiled.

"I like…. That beautiful smile of yours," I gently kissed her lips, " it makes me so warm inside seeing it."

"Really?" Kelly said, with a big smile.

"Can I love you now?" I ask.

"Sugar…. You can do anything your heart desires." Kelly replied.

My hands slowly pulled her tiny panties down, as I bent over pulling them down, I placed little soft kisses down the front her body. When I reached her love, I again placed little kisses around her creamy white thighs. Slowly I moved to her love, I began kissing her so soft, and I watched her delight.

"Oh yes… it’s so goo…," She stopped everything, " Oh no…. Kayla’s awake."

"What…. Oh no… oh shit.. not now… my poor cock." I told myself.

"Kelly gave me a big kiss, " I’m sorry," her tongue went in my mouth for a few laps, " tonight, O.K.?"

Out the door she went. Hell I didn’t care, I had a game. As horny as she was…. There’s a good chance I mite need a doctor afterwards...

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