tagRomanceMy Teacher Ch. 5

My Teacher Ch. 5

byL.A. Wicker©

Hi all, be sure and read, parts one, two, three and four. I hope you enjoy.

We talked about baseball on the way to the game. Kelly loved the game, she played in high school. I told her my dreams of someday playing, Pro ball.

I could talk to her about anything, I was never embarrassed. She gave me the feeling of a long time friend instead of just meeting her the night before.

How could any man treat this woman like he had. She was emotional, compassionate, charming and filled with so much love. Just in the few hours I had spent with her, I would have to be careful not to fall for her.

The game went on for hours, it had been a tied sense the first inning. The one bright thing, every time I would make a play or come up to bat, I could hear Kelly cheering for me.

Somewhere towards the end of the game I was getting ready to bat, when I heard Kelly, " Come here Sugar," there she stood, with a cold drink and that warm smile, " Oh you look so hot and tired."

She gave me the greatest hug I had ever had and another of her smiles. Her hips pushed into mine as we hugged. I could feel the heat coming from between her legs. As our eyes gazed at each other, I knew I was in trouble. I loved how this woman made me feel.

Finally the game was over, after four hours of standing in the hot sun. I was worn out, how could I start our trip?

" Hey baby," Kelly said, hugging me, " lets go back to your place so you can rest a few hours."

She went on talking, " You can take a cool shower, take a nap and I’ll cook us some supper. We can leave in the mornin’, it’s not that important."

" Hey? Do ya want me to drive, you don’t really look to good Sugar," Kelly said, looking into my eyes, " you just relax and tell my where to turn."

We made to back to my place, Kelly carried the baby in one arm and held me up with the other. I must have been dehydrated or something. I had never felt so bad in my life. As we went through the door I passed out.

" Sugar? Hey Sugar…. you O.K.? Kelly asked, as she fanned my face with her hand, " talk to me…. you’re scarin’ me, come on, wake up, Baby."

I slowly sat up, Kelly hugged me like I had been dead and came back to life. Her arms around me was the best feeling I had in a long time.

" You scared me plum to death," she said hugging me, " we need to get some drinks in you and a cold shower."

She must have poured a gallon of water down my throat. I felt like a water balloon ready pop. Then she helped me to the shower, without even thinking she began to undress me.

My cock started to grow as she pulled down my pants, " I swear…. you men could get hard if you was…. dead." Kelly smiled, looking up to me.

After my shower, Kelly helped me to bed, " Sugar, you sleep good, O.K.?" And kissed me softly on my lips.

I woke up hours later feeling a lot better. I got up looking around my apartment, I found Kelly and Kayla cuddled on my sofa. Even in her sleep, Kelly had that wonderful sweet smile. My eyes wondered around her sleeping body, she was wearing a powder blue panty and bra set that looked so sexy.

Kelly turned in her sleep, placing her body in a small beam of light from the street. I could now see that the bra and panties were, see-through. Her nipples stood up as if they had just been sucked. As I looked down Kelly’s long legs I saw that her love was damp.

I made my way to find something to eat, I found Kelly had fixed a nice dinner. She had covered my food, and had a drink all set up for me on the table.

I whispered, " Shit…. I sure could get used to having that babe around."

" You could huh?" Kelly said as she hugged me, " you must feel better?"

I turned to face her, I had nothing on. My hard, thick cock slid right between her long legs. Kelly moved into my arms as if we were made for each other. Her skin was so soft and cool to the touch.

" MMMMMM your goin’ to spoil me Mister, with all this lovin’." She purred.

" I could hug and love on you day and night and never get tied of it." I said.

I began kissing her, my hands found her sexy tight ass. I pushed her into my cock meat, while my hips moved back and forth.

I could feel her heat and wetness building in her panties. As I rubbed my cock on Kelly, I moved her against the wall. I slowly moved my hands to Kellys panties, pulling them to the side.

" Oh Sugar," Kelly groaned, " fill me with that ‘Monster’, make me feel good."

I bent my knees a little, placing my hardened cock to her Love Tunnel. Slowly I started to stand up, pushing my cock in Kellys wonderful body.

" OH…. YES…. YES… SUGAR, DO IT." Kelly Moaned, loud.

Deeper, my cock invaded her wanting body. Her heat warmed my cock. Her wetness helped it slide through her tight muscles until I rested deep, inside her inflamed body.

" O Sugar…." Kelly cried, " that thing feels like a hot sword inside me."

Kellys tight muscles locked on my cock as I began to pump her, " You are so tight Baby, " as I pushed my cock deeper inside her, " relax…. Come on, relax…."

" Oh Larry…. Yes….yes…. deeper," Kelly moaned, " No…. man has ever…. Been this…. Deep in me…. before…. Yes…."

I started kissing Kellys long sexy neck, while my hard cock continued to satisfy her tight little pussy. I placed little kisses all over her neck, stopping only to give her a few sucker marks.

" Lets go to your bed," Kelly pleaded, " Lets hurry…."

I pulled my thick cock from her tight love hole. As I did it made the loudest suck noise I had ever heard in my life.

" OOOOO I don’t think your pussy wanted to stop." I laughed.

Kelly pulled me to my bedroom as fast as she could. She jumped on my bed, pulling her legs to her big breast, spreading as wide as she could.

" HURRY…. PLEASE, I NEED YOU BAD." Kelly screamed.

I moved between her legs, looking at her laying there wide open to me. Giving herself to me like no other girl or woman had ever done. Kelly made me feel special.

I looked to her face, there it was, that ‘Kelly Smile’, " What’s wrong Sugar? Kelly asked.

" Just thinking how pretty you are…." I told her.

" Mister Larry, I shouldn’t tell you this," Kelly smiled, with a sparkle in her eyes, " I’m a fallin’ for you."

Her hands reached for my face, pulling me to meet her lips. We kissed deep and passionate, for what seemed to be an hour. Our eyes stayed locked on each other, I loved seeing her pleasured face.

My cock slid back inside Kelly, somewhere during our kiss. She had relaxed this time, I went deeper in her, than before. To her inner most cavern.

" Oh Sugar…. Yes right…. There, go…. GO FAST….," Kelly moaned, as her long legs wrapped around my hips, " GO…. DO IT…. HARD…. FAST."

I started pumping her as fast as I could, I wanted to do anything and everything to please this sexy lady. As I pumped her body, her smile was still there, as bright as ever.

" OH YES…. MAKE ME CUM…. YES…. YES." Kelly was screaming.

I pumped her with long full strokes, pushing my cock in her as deep as I could without hurting her. As I pushed to her deepest depths, I loved watching her face, to see the pleasure I was giving her.

Then it happened, Kelly started having her first orgasm in her life. Her face went blank, except for a big smile, Kellys long legs locked around my hips.


I lifted my hips up and started to give her what she screamed for, a ‘good fuck’. I pumped in and out of Kellys tender flesh as fast and as deep as I could.

" YES…. OH GOD YES…..," Kelly screamed, " OH LARRY…. OH BABY…. I L…. YOU."

" WHAT? Did you say?." I ask, still pumped Kellys fine tight little pussy. No answer.

I pushed in her pussy deep, " What did you say?" I ask again. Still no answer.

I just kept on loving her, fast and deep. Then it was my turn to fill her body up.

" I’m cumming…. I cumming…." Was all I could say.

My body froze as I sprayed her inner love tunnel with all my seeds. Shot after shot I filled her with more of my cum that night than I had ever done before.

" Come on Sugar… get that stuff out… fill Kelly up." She smiled.

As I was pumping out my last shots of cum, Kelly started to orgasm again. Her love muscles locked on my cock as her body released one finale explosion.

" OH LARRY…. SUGAR… " Kelly moaned.

I stayed on top of her and inside her body after each of us had finished. I started placing little kisses around Kellys face and on her pretty eye lids as I held her warm and tender body.

" This could be very, ‘habit forming’ for somebody that has never really been loved before," Kelly said, as little tears formed in her eyes, " all my life all I ever wanted was a lovin’ man, a good lover and most of all…. Someone that loved me….."

Kelly started crying like a little baby. I pulled her into my arms rocking her gently. Caressing her as I rocked back and forth.

" Come on sweety, it’s O.K." I kissed Kelly on her lips.

A big smile came on her face as she said, " You ask what I said, I said, ‘I love you’."

I just smiled back at her, " I know…. I just wanted to hear it again."

" You bugger…." Kelly rolled on top of me, driving my still hard, cock deep inside her body, " Oh my…. I’ve never done it like this before…."

Kellys big hips started rocking back and forth, enjoying her new found pleasure. She pushed my cock deeper inside her love tunnel.

" Oh Sugar…. I’m cummin’ again…." Kelly moaned, as her exploding body fell on top of me.

Her hips still moving and thrusting against my cock. My hips began pushing into hers, we were moving as one. Our bodies locked in love, lust, just pure hot sex.

We both yelled at the same time, " I’M CUMMING…."

Our bodies orgasmed at the same second, Kellys juices flowing from her inflamed body and I shot my love deep inside her.

" Is sex always this good?" Kelly ask, panting for air. I told her when two people really care for each other it is.

We laid together hugging, kissing and talking into the early hours of morning. We shared more of our dreams, Kelly wanted more babies. She loved being pregnant, she told me her body would be on fire 24 hours a day.

Until tonight, she had never been able to have an orgasm. She would walk around day and night in soaked panties.

" Those days are gone now," I said as I gently caressed between her legs, " I got your number…."

Somewhere in our talking into the night, I fell asleep.

The next morning Kelly seemed a little ‘grumpy’ so I ask what was wrong with her.

" I hurt really bad," Kelly said, rubbing her lower tummy, " it feels like I’ve been horny for six months straight."

" Oh baby, I’ll fix you up. Go lay on my bed, I’ll be right there."

I put Kayla in her car seat in front of my Big Screen TV turned on some cartoons and went to fix up Kelly.

" You poor thing, does your little hips and pussy hurt?" I ask Kelly.

With a little girl voice, " Yes, it hurts bad."

I pulled Kelly to the side of the bed. Her hips and legs over the side, with me standing between her long legs.

I reached for some Baby Oil I had on my night stand. I pulled Kellys long legs up on my shoulders. I poured a bunch of the oil on her tummy, hips and between her legs.

My hands began to massage her hurting flesh, slow and easy at first. I began with her tummy, rubbing little circles that got bigger as I rubbed.

Then I moved my hands between her legs. Caressing her supple thighs, lettings my thumbs lightly graze over her sensitive love. Each stroke my thumbs pressed more into her love and I could feel her relaxing.

Looking up at me with a little smile Kelly said, " You’ve made me so horny, I could just die."

" Oh really? I guess I better, fix you up then" I replied.

With a look of lust and love on her face, " Please…. I’m on fire." Kelly begged.

I pulled my shorts down, exposing my rock hard nine inches. Kellys love was ready, it was swollen and very wet. I moved my cock to her body. Just pushing my cock head inside her.

What a sight it was, her bare love eating my cock. I continued watching as I pushed deeper inside Kellys tender body, at last I was completely submerged in her.

" Love me, Sugar…." Kelly said.

Standing between her legs, I started pumping her love canal. Nice full, long strokes, driving my thick love meat as far inside her as I could.

" Oh Sugar…. Yes…. Yes…. Love me," Kelly started to giggle, " oh…. I’m cummmmiiinnngggg."

I kept pumping her love tunnel deep and with good firm thrust. As I loved her, that wonderful smile stayed on her face.

" Oh Sugar, you’re the best…," Kelly panted, " now…. Fill up my pussy. Fill me full."

I laid across her body and began to drive my cock in and out of her body as fast as I could. I also needed to cum. Seeing her lay there telling me to fill her up, drove me over the edge.

" Come on Sugar. Fuck my pussy, cum in me… give me your hot cum…." Kelly moaned.

My cock started shooting jet after jet of cum deep inside her body. My hot cum swam deep inside her, three months from now I would find out how far it did swim….

" Oh yes…. That’s my Sugar, give it to Kelly."

I rested on her body for a minute or so, kissing her, holding her. Just enjoying that ‘after sex’ feeling, when at looked towards the living room. There stood, Cindy, with one hand down her pants and the other under her blouse.

I pulled out of Kelly and starting moving to Cindy. Her eyes watched my cock, it was covered in my cum and juices from Kelly’s hot pussy.

I took her by the hand, leading her to the bed," Come, I’ve needed to be with you for so long," I pulled off her blouse and jeans, " this is my new friend Kelly. Kelly this is Cindy."

They just gave each other a jealous smile, " Come on you two, lets all be friends," I moved between Cindy’s long, sexy legs," oh I’ve waited for this for so long." I pushed inside Cindy.

" OH LARRY, BABY YES, YES, OH GOD, YES." Cindy screamed.

Kelly began caressing her breast and said, " Doesn’t it feel so good?" She moved her mouth to Cindy’s nipples, " do you mind if I help?"

Cindy pulled Kelly’s mouth to her hard nipples, " Oh Larry, this is so hot. So sexy. Fuck me, fuck me hard for teasing you so long."

My cock slipped in and out of her tight pussy as fast as I could go. Filling her inner most cavern, deep as my stiff cock would go.

" Oh I Love You, I love your hot pussy," I fucked her faster, harder and so deep, " I’, going to cum soon. You turn me on so much."

Kelly’s slender fingers found their way between Cindy’s legs. She rubbed her pussy and caressed my cock, " FUCK HER LARRY. FUCK HER FUCK HARD, FOR TEASING YOU. FILL HER CUNT WITH HOT CUM," Kelly sat up, kissing me and pulling Cindy’s nipples hard, " FUCK HER CUNT, MAKE HER HURT. TEAR HER CUNT UP."


" Oh fuck, I’m cumming, I’m cumming," I moaned.

Cindy, still screaming," YES, YES. FUCK MY CUNT. FILL IT WITH CUM. OH YES, OH YES."


As I shot my cum in Cindy, she was still screaming, " YES, YES, I’M YOUR WHORE. FUCK MY CUNT, FUCK MY CUNT," she hugged me and began to cry, " I love you, Larry. Give me your baby, make me a Mommy, please."

After I had finished cumming in Cindy. Her and Kelly locked into a deep, long French kiss.

Cindy looked at Kelly and giggled, " Well, girl friend, we did it."

Kelly hugged Cindy, " I told you it would work."

Part 5? Let me know.

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5 Star Story line and we all need more!

You definitely need to follow up with several more chapters, since your story line can go so much further!

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Great Story

Loved this story and the conclusion when both gals indicated that they had plotted to capture Larry for their own. A 6th chapter, heck no, there is enough here to last another 5 or 6 chapters. Writingmore...

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Please, carry on

5/5 for the romantic fairy tale. Nicely done, good plot surprises, vivid and interesting interactions.
3/3 for overall plot. Real life issues not addressed like repercussions from the good deed in themore...

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by PDelta4110/30/17

Excellent story!

We definitely need a ch 6 for this one!

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