My Teacher Ms. Miller Ch. 03


She pulled away from him and began kissing his bare chest. He felt her hot breath and her tongue on his nipples and stomach. She moved lower and pulled his boxers down. His penis was fully erect. It bobbed gently in place.

Ms. Miller pushed herself up again and sat up on him. Ms. Miller closed her eyes and began rubbing her crotch up and down the underside of his shaft. She used her thighs on either side of him to gently rock herself back and forth, back and forth.

Tony gasped. He could feel his cock between her cunt lips through the thin silky material. It felt incredibly stimulating to know that her pussy was so close to his cock, and that his teacher was so obviously getting off on his dick.

Her skirt acted like a pleated curtain, blocking his view of his dick. Tony gently lifted it and saw that her panties were yellow silk. Her pussy lips were clearly visible through the thin material, and Tony could see his cock head sandwiched between them, sliding up and down. Tony felt her bare thighs. He rubbed them gently, enjoying the feeling of his teacher's skin on his hands.

He hesitantly reached up to touch Ms. Miller's breasts through her cheerleader's uniform. Her eyes were closed and she was making little panting noises of pleasure. "Mmm... Tony, yes. Yes, baby."

He began to work the plastic zipper down the front of her chest. It resisted him, then finally surrendered when they passed the peaks of her breasts. She was not wearing a bra. He began to stroke her full breasts under her shirt. It spread open, allowing him to see her glorious chest. He moved tentatively at first, then cupped them fully with both hands as he sensed her pleasure intensifying.

After a few moments, Ms. Miller cried out, and then slumped forward on him, her blond hair covering his face momentarily.

She's orgasmed, Tony thought. He held her gently. He savored the warmth of his teacher's body on his and her fragrance, now slightly tinged with her sweat. He could feel her full left breast on his chest, now poking out through her cheerleader's uniform.

After a few moments of lying there, Ms. Miller got off of Tony and hopped off the bed. She turned away from him and peeled off her long socks. Then Ms. Miller shimmied out of her panties. Tony received a brief glimpse of Ms. Miller's sexy ass slipping out of her panties from underneath her skirt. Then her panties were around her ankles.

Ms. Miller shrugged off her unzipped white cheerleaders' top. Now she was only wearing that red pleated skirt. Her round full breasts were bare to his gaze. Their aureoles were large and dark, and her nipples appeared hard. Tony couldn't see her pussy because her skirt was still covering it.

She pulled her ponytails out, allowing her silky blond hair to drape over her shoulders.

Ms. Miller walked over to him again. She again straddled him, but this time sat on his thighs rather than his stomach. His stiff dick made a tent through the material of her skirt.

"Do you want this, Tony? Do you want me?"

"Yes, Ms. Miller. I want you more than anything."

Ms. Miller leaned over him, obscuring his vision. Then she raised her skirt up carefully and lowered herself on him. She was already stimulated, and her pubic hair felt wet to his dick.

Tony gasped. He lay on the bed and let Ms. Miller guide the process of his first fuck. First, just the tip of his cock was inside her, then the head. Slowly, inch by inch, Ms. Miller worked his shaft into her pussy.

Finally, when he was mostly inside her, she paused. "How does that feel, baby?"

Her pussy was tight, tighter than he had imagined sex would be. It felt hot and wet on his dick.

"It feels awesome, Ms. Miller. This is my first time, and I'm so glad it was with you."

Ms. Miller's eyes softened and she looked at him, their noses only inches apart. She drew him in for another deep kiss. He took this cue to move his pelvis up and down, drawing his penis out and then pushing it in again. His hands roamed her back and felt the deep curve of her narrow waist and flared hips.

She moaned out in pleasure, her hands ruffling his hair. "Yes, Tony. Oh Lord, yes!"

Then they began to fuck in earnest. She lapped his face with her tongue, moaning softly, "Deeper, Tony, deeper! Fuck me harder!"

He tried his best to respond, pushing back against her with his pelvis. Ms. Miller smashed her full breasts against his chest, and Tony could feel her nipples rubbing against him. Occasionally her cunt would pulse and tighten, and Tony would cry out with pleasure.

He reached behind her and cupped her ass. He relished for a moment the fullness of Ms. Miller's perfect butt cheeks. Then he used the extra leverage to pull her deeply onto himself again and again.

Ms. Miller, cried out, "Oh yes, baby. I like it hard. Give it to me hard!" With both hands on her ass, Tony pulled her crotch to him with as much force as he could. Their thighs slapped together with each push.

He could feel his own orgasm rising up in him as they thrust against each other. Quickly, too quickly, it seemed, he could feel himself on the edge.

"I'm cumming, Ms. Miller! I'm cumming!"

"Oh wait for me, Tony. Please wait for me!"

But Tony couldn't wait. He orgasmed deep into his teacher, shooting the full semen load of an adolescent male into her pussy. When he was almost done, she began to orgasm. Her pussy tightened until it gripped him like a vise. She cried out and her entire body tensed up.

Then they were both spent, and lay next to each other on the bed.

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by Anonymous01/14/18

I am half way through this story and have no

idea what Ms. Miller's motivation is. It's a fun elongated tale, but I would suggest to the author that you would be better off spending some time rounding out the teacher as a person.

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