My Teacher - My Angel Ch. 02


"I am now fucking both your cunt and your mouth, Vijaya," I cried out in ecstasy.

She nodded her head vigorously thereby causing even more pleasure to my cock.

I had a strange desire. I wanted to play with her as if she were my toy. I wanted her to know that I was her boss and that I owned her sexually. As I started ejaculating in her mouth, I pulled out quickly and spurted my semen on her boobs and on her pubic area.

I also spurted some on to her face. Initially she was shocked. As she reached for her half sari to wipe herself clean I stopped her.

"Rub it with your hand first smoothly all over. It is good for your skin," I said with authority.

She believed what I said and followed my instructions.

"Now lick your fingers dry," I commanded.

As she obeyed my instructions meekly, I took her voni and wiped my now limp cock with that. Then I wiped her chest, crotch and finally, her face, with it. She looked quite happy that I took the trouble of wiping her clean and dry.

"I didn't fill your mouth with my cum because I was afraid you would choke. Actually, it is supposed to be very good for your health, if swallowed," I said with all seriousness.

"Oh, it tasted pungent and I almost gagged but I will swallow it in future totally," she replied.

I asked her to get up from the chair and I sat down on it.

"Come close to me and stand," I said. She obeyed.

Holding her by her slim waist I pulled her crotch close to me and smelled the scent. It was heady and intoxicating in its own way. I had heard vaguely that men lick cunt sometimes and it tastes good. I wanted to try it on her.

She was excited by my moves and her body shook in anticipation. I kissed her moist slit with my lips and my tongue darted and entered her juicy, hot pussy. I opened her pink lips with my thumb and forefinger and pushed my tongue into her wet interior. She moaned deeply and pressed herself hard against my mouth.

"ohhhhhh, it feels so good," she sounded ecstatic.

My lips clamped gently on her pink pussy lips and started chewing them sending her into raptures. Unknown to either of us, my nose rubbed against her clit and set her off on the start of a magnificent orgasm.

As I held her tight ass in my hands and as she pushed hard against my mouth, I felt her cunt and her body shaking against me and loud moans escaped her. Her eyes were closed and she swayed like a leaf.

Finally she just fell on top of me.

We rested for a few minutes and then cleaned up ourselves and the store room completely. We cleaned our mouths with warm water gurgling. We embraced and kissed hard before I sneaked out like a thief, unseen by anyone.

Life was back to normal routine after that wonderful interlude. We did continue with our nightly groping, but it was no longer as exciting as before because both of us tasted better things and wanted more in that direction.

But we couldn't repeat our Saturday encounters either because that would have aroused suspicions. So we kept waiting for better opportunities.

A few weeks went by. Then there was a wedding in their native place. Ramana and family went to attend the wedding. They came back in a couple of days sans Vijaya who stayed back to spend a few more days with her cousins. Ramana and I resumed our combined studies.

Author's Narrative

It is time we get to know Nirmala better. She hailed from an agricultural family with a rural background. She passed her School Final exam which was the maximum education she could get at her village.

She was married off when she was very young, a norm those days. Her husband was eight years her senior and an engineer. When she was eighteen she gave birth to Ramana and two years later to Vijaya.

She was a typical middle class house wife. Three years ago her husband was posted on the big project site. Due to lack of proper facilities for higher education at the project site, they decided to have the establishment at Hyderabad so that their children could have proper quality education.

Nirmala was of average height, around 5'4". She was a good looking woman with a nice body structure. Her bust was big (around 36") and so was her behind (around 38"). She dressed in simple saris and looked unglamorous most of the times.

However, at marriages and other functions she would dress in more glamorous saris and wear her very expensive jewelry. Then she looked her most beautiful.

Nirmala was very unhappy and nobody knew about it.

She was always a woman with a healthy appetite for sex. Past three years have been a torture to her; living apart from her husband. She was deprived of her normal dose of sex. Her husband's monthly visits were far from satisfactory.

She could detect his waning interest in her body and he was performing more as a ritual. His smoking and boozing seemed to have taken a toll. These days he could hardly stay erect for long. He ejaculated quickly and she had to fake orgasm often.

Her husband was very well endowed. He had a thick and longish cock and his balls were awesome. She literally fainted when she saw them first time. Over the years they served her well. But now, they are a big letdown.

Due to his underperformance these days, she developed an aversion to her husband and his equipment. Being a woman of healthy sexual appetite, these days she quenched her fires with masturbation, for the first time in her life. It was proving unsatisfactory too. She was at her wit's end.

Nirmala's Narrative

Life was tough those days. The pressures of taking the total responsibility of running a household and taking care of two grown up children was proving quite tiresome. My own sexual frustration was killing me too and I had no friends or peers to share the same.

He came once every month, fucked me like I was a whore and went back. I was sure he had a woman back in his project. The only saving grace was the children were doing better at studies. Thanks a lot to that boy, Sekhar.

Yes, that boy Sekhar , a gem really! So intelligent and hardworking! Sparing so much time to teach Vijaya and help Ramana with his doubts. Doing combined studies with Ramana to help him was indeed a magnanimous gesture on his part and she loved him for the same.

The more time he spent with her children, the closer she was feeling to him. He looked so innocent and young at times that her heart filled with tender love for that boy.

That night I went to sleep alone, a little away from the boys, thinking of Vijaya and missing her. I woke up past midnight with an urge to relieve myself. The boys were sleeping and the bed light was on.

I returned to my bed and lay down on my side facing them. I saw that Sekhar was also turned towards me and was sleeping on his left side.

I couldn't regain my sleep right away. I kept looking at Sekhar. He looked very slim and handsome in his white pajama and sleeveless bunion. I could see a light growth of hairs on his chin and a light mustache forming on his upper lip. I could see a few sparse hairs on his chest peeping through his bunion top.

As my sight moved down, I felt a shiver run through my body. I could clearly see a big tent formed in his pajamas. Even as I looked on, he shifted slightly in his sleep and stretched out his left hand towards me.

I narrowed my eyes into slits and watched closely for a minute. His hand was only a few inches away from my right breast. How nice would it be if my big breast gets fondled by his young hand, I wondered! That very thought set in a rush of blood and made me feel dizzy.

Oh god! The shameless me! Thinking of getting fondled by a boy who could be my son! Such evil thoughts! I cursed myself.

Cut out the hypocrisy, my conscience said. You are starved for sex and here is your opportunity. What is the harm if you let the boy feel your boobs? You would get some relief and he would get some pleasure. After all you like the boy and this is one way of showing your appreciation, it said. Have a little fun and see.

I undid the two lower buttons of my blouse. I wore no bodice and my big breasts bounced a little when partly released. I looked at my partly open blouse and on second thoughts, undid a third button too. Pushing the two loose ends a little apart, I saw that the bottom of my bare globes were quite visible.

I then let my pallu drop on to the mattress and turned a little more to my right. My right breast just touched his finger tip. I shut my eyes and waited with bated breath.

I didn't have to wait for long. I felt his finger tip apply the slightest pressure on that point of contact. After a few seconds it got a little bolder and traced a small circle on my soft flesh and kept up the pressure.

His middle finger joined the action now and together they started the gentle rub. It felt so different from the rough grab and squeeze of my husband. I kept quiet and enjoyed his tender touching.

Soon he got more adventurous and his entire left palm was in action. He started a gentle squeeze of my big boob and his fondling sent pleasant waves of pleasure through me. His palm soon reached the edge of my pushed up blouse and went under it and his finger tips touched my already hard and erect nipple.

I had a big nipple which got much bigger when hard. The boy was obviously shocked by its sheer size because he let out a small cry of surprise.

His first three fingers grabbed my hard nipple the next minute and pressed it, sending me into a tizzy. A moan escaped my lips, really a sigh of pleasure, because, apart from my husband's, this was the first male hand that ever touched it.

That the hand belonged to a horny teenager young enough to be my son made it even more exciting for me.

Seeing no adverse reaction from me and assuming that I was still asleep, Sekhar pushed the blouse all the way up and bared both my breasts. He first took my right breast in both hands and fondled it, rolling and tweaking my hard nipple, causing sweet pain in me.

Then, he repeated the same actions with my left breast. His young hands felt really good, loving my breasts with their tender care. They made me feel young too.

He kept playing with my breasts for a long time; may be fifteen minutes or more. I felt that he wanted to do more but was scared. I was scared too, just in case, my son woke up. It would be a calamity.

Any case, I shouldn't rush the boy. Let him take the matter forward; as much as he dared to. It would be exciting for me see this game played out.

My thoughts were interrupted when Ramana moved in his sleep. Sekhar's hands were off me in a trice and I quickly turned over to the other side, my back to the boys now.

The next night started the same way. Both boys were studying when I went to sleep. It was much later that I felt Sekhar's eager hands fondling and caressing my boobs and their excited nipples.

By now my nipples were very sensitive and they were like pencil erasers; only much bigger. I could feel him moving closer and his hands getting rougher. He started pinching them hard with his young fingers. I had difficulty suppressing my moans.

It was then that I felt his hot breath on my right tit and the next second his wet tongue licked my nipple sending an electric shock down my spine. His tongue licked my areole eagerly and his young lips clamped on my engorged nipple and sucked it hard.

At the first suck I felt my blood rushing and my cunt experiencing a churning. It was after a long, long time that my nipple was sucked! I could no longer feign ignorance, nor wanted to.

I put my right hand behind his head and pushed his face against the vast expanse of my breasts and let out a sigh of content. The boy needed no further encouragement. He became a proper tiger in no time.

Sucking my boobs greedily, pinching my nipples, kneading my boobs. My fingers played with his hair curling it around them in a tender gesture.

His right hand suddenly left my boob and I wondered where it was going. It landed on my fleshy tummy and started exploring its fleshy smoothness. His palm was tender and a little sweaty, his fingers were of average length and thick.

As his fingers searched for and found my big, deep navel, I thought of his penis for the first time. I had this strong urge to reach out and take possession of his young cock. To look at it, to touch it, to feel it and to stroke it! No, I said to myself, not yet.

His hand travelled further down and it reached the junction of my thighs and boldly pushed for access to my womanhood. I just opened my thighs a little and as his hand rested on the spot of my mound, I closed my thighs again.

Between his palm and my pussy there was my thick petticoat and several folds of my sari. But my heat emanated through all those layers and his palm pressed relentlessly against it.

I actually felt the juices flowing in my cunt and wetting everything. I felt dizzy and drugged like a young girl on first date. All my pent up passion was at last finding a release.

After the ritualistic and unsatisfactory lovemaking of my husband for years, here was young man who was really desiring me strongly and making passionate love to my body. Every move of his was hot and stoked the fires in my loins.

I would get fucked by this boy! Yes, I would...not yet; but ultimately!

While continuing to suck my boobs, his right hand kept pressing my mound, trying to squeeze it through all the layers of clothing. I let my left hand drop on to his pajamas and grab the bulge there.

He gasped as my fingers deftly opened his buttons and pulled out his hot, vibrating cock. It looked so cute to me compared to my husband's huge tool.

It was half as thick and just around five to six inches long and his balls were small and cute. Oh, he was just a boy, I thought. No, he was a tiger cub! He had two things which my pathetic husband didn't have now, I told myself. Sekhar had youth and its resilience.

I knew he could get it up again and again and fuck me whole night. Oh god, wouldn't that be lovely! And he loved and adored my body and its treasures and set me on fire with his innocent touch.

As these thoughts flashed through my mind, I stroked his erect penis with my soft hand after curling my fingers lovingly around it. A few strokes from his loving aunty after all the excitement of the night thus far was enough to cause his eruption.

He ejaculated hot sperm and I deftly cupped most of it in my palm and let some fly on to my bare tummy. I lapped my palm clean with my eager tongue and squeezed the last drop of cum from his cute cock.

I then pulled my young lover on to my bosom and held him in my protective embrace as if he was my own baby and he slept.

When I woke up next morning, I felt very happy and lightheaded. I was glad about what happened last night and decided that I should now take initiative and make things happen. That night, I made tea for the boys before I retired to bed.

I spiked Ramana's tea with a couple of my sleeping pills. I then lay down on my bed and started reading a magazine. After about fifteen minutes, Ramana started yawning and complained of feeling sleepy. Sekhar said it was too early to sleep, but no avail. Ramana fell asleep.

After a few minutes, I called out to Sekhar.

"Why is he sleeping so early today?" I asked in mock anger.

"I don't know aunty, may be, he is not well," he sounded worried.

I moved closer to their beds and bent over Ramana as if examining him. In the process, I let my pallu drop and Sekhar got an eyeful of my cleavage. I could see the young boy literally drooling.

"He seems to be okay. Nothing to worry," I said, lying on my back on my bed.

"Oh, I am feeling so tired today, my feet are hurting," I said, wincing with faked pain.

"Shall I massage your feet, aunty?" he asked, rather keenly, I thought.

"Would you please? You do not mind it?" I asked sounding apologetic.

"No problem aunty, I do it for my mother and my sister often," he replied.

"Okay," I said and closed my eyes.

Sitting cross legged next to me, he started massaging my feet with tender care. I loved the way he pulled at my toes and rolled each toe in his fingers suggestively. It reminded me of the tweaks he gave my nipples last night and my nipples started hardening.

When his fingers squeezed my ankles and his thumb pressed the sole of my feet, I felt every move erotic and my cunt started wetting.

Soon he started massaging my legs. His hands were good at what he was doing. His gentle squeeze of my fleshy calves was particularly erotic and his fingers appeared hungry for more.

But he just stopped short of my knees. He retraced the path down to my foot and repeated the whole process. It was time for me to help him, I thought.

"Oh, Sekhar, that was so good! Could you please massage a little above my knees too; the muscles there are hurting too," I said. His hands made immediate contact with my thighs just above my knees.

As he started kneading the flesh of my thighs, I felt increased blood flow to my groin. I started murmuring appreciatively and making small sounds of sighing and contentment. Then I feigned sleep.

My thighs were large and a little fleshy but they were soft and smooth and were hairless. I knew that they were attractive and sexy to men. I could feel his hands shaking with desire as they started massaging them. I let myself really relax and let the boy have his run.

Soon the massage became fondling. His hands moved further up my thighs and his fingertips tips started caressing my sensitive inner thighs.

I enjoyed his caressing so much that my thighs separated on their own making the passage easy for him. Before I realized it, his fingers touched my hairy pussy. I gave a gasp as his palm rested on it for a few seconds and then squeezed it gently, sending shock waves down my body.

"No, Sekhar, stop it, please," I said half-heartedly without making any effort to stop him.

"Aunty, please! Let me touch and feel it, just a little bit," he said his voice thick.

"What do you want to touch, Sekhar?" I asked, provoking further passion.

"I want to touch and feel your pussy, aunty," his voice shook with desire.

I felt my juices gushing and sloshing in my heated cunt at his words.

I guided his fingers to my now open and wet nether lips. He pushed his middle finger in tentatively. It slid in very smoothly.

"Put more fingers into my cunt," I whispered.

Sekhar shook like a leaf at my words. His two other fingers, the forefinger and the ring finger joined the middle one and he pushed all three into the squishy cunt and started moving them together like a cock. It was a heavenly pleasure for my sex starved cunt when his young male fingers started fucking it.

I guided his thumb to my clitoris which was already erect and sensitive and was just crying for the male touch. A quick learner, he started teasing it like a nipple shooting waves of pleasant pulses through my nerves. I needed a release and needed it urgently.

"Sekhar, do you really want to make aunty happy?" I asked with passion.

"Yes, aunty," he was shaking.

"Kiss my pussy, make love to it with your lips and mouth," I whispered to him in my husky tone.

Sitting on his knees, he bent his face close to my pussy and inhaled my musky odor. His tongue gave a lick to the slit and pushed in as his lips clamped on to my pussy's pink entrance.

When he sucked them for the first time it felt as if my cunt would burst with pleasure. I let out a deep moan and holding his head in my hands pushed his face against my mound.

My pubic hair tickled his nose and he rubbed it across my cunt, contacting my clit with the tip of his nose accidentally and arousing me further. As he sucked and chewed hungrily on my starved cunt, I had a mammoth orgasm, the likes of which I haven't had in ages.

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