tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Teacher, My Object of Desire

My Teacher, My Object of Desire


The day was yet another scorcher. For the past few days the weather has been at a constant 30 degrees Celsius. Science teacher, Ms. Kelly Tan, absent-mindedly swipes at yet another trail of sweat that is running down her neck. She had unbuttoned the two top buttons of her shirt earlier and her gently heaving bosom has been the object of fixation of Jimmy Koh, a detention student.

Jimmy is a menace who causes a lot of problems for the school administrative. As part of his punishment for his latest scheme, he is to clean the staffroom after school every day for one week. He has been spying on his teacher for the past 40 minutes from across the teachers' room.

Kelly had stayed back to grade a batch of exam papers that she had her students take as a sort of preparatory to the real exam that will take place next week. Now she stands up and stretches to her full height to release the kinks in her body, involuntary making Jimmy's cock stand at even more fuller attention.

Kelly is a petite and soft-spoken Chinese teacher. She is 5'2" and weighs 43kg. She is almost virginal in her demeanor and is the subject of fantasy of all the boys in the school that she is teaching. She teaches in an all-boys school, which is noted for its 'problematic' kids.

Many of the boys speculated that she is still a virgin at the age of 26, and she is. Kelly has been brought up in a traditional way and believes that she should save herself for marriage. Pretty in an angelic kind of way, she has the greatest pair of legs, which is rarely seen as she wears long skirts most of the time. She wears a minimal amount of make-up and covers herself from head to feet in shapeless clothes. She rarely speaks up for herself and therefore is taken for granted most of the time by both teachers and the students.

She was just about to go and get herself a glass of water from the water dispenser when Jimmy comes up and offers her a glass of Coke. He says that he got one for himself and might as well get one for her. Kelly thought that it was very thoughtful of him and proceeded to drink it without giving the matter a second thought.

Unbeknown to Kelly, Jimmy had slipped in a 'party' pill into that drink. As expected, after a while, Kelly started to sway in her seat and Jimmy was at her side in an instant. Acting very concerned, Jimmy helped Kelly into the lady teachers' washroom with the excuse that maybe it was the heat and she needed to cool herself off with a splash of water to the face.

Jimmy is a 6'1" 18-year-old Form 5 student who weighs 80kg and he didn't have any difficulty 'assisting' his teacher into the washroom.

Settling her gently onto the floor of the spacious washroom, Jimmy goes to see if there was anyone around before hanging the 'Out of Order' sign on the door and then locking it. He turns back to observe the object of his fantasy lying half-unconscious on the floor. He had planned the rape of his teacher for the past two weeks and he wasn't going to take any chances of anyone walking in on them.

Kelly's mind is swimming, and tries as she might, she couldn't get her brain to focus. She feels so weak that she couldn't even speak. She is too drugged to consider the precarious situation that she is in right now.

This is exactly what Jimmy is expecting as he starts to strip himself. As he pushes down his pants, his 7” cock springs up. He stands and surveys the sight before his eyes. Kelly is lying on her back on the floor and her hair is tousled. He kneels down next to her and slowly starts to tug her skirt down her legs.

The sight of her flawless, milky white legs nearly made him cum right there and then. Jimmy couldn’t resist running his hands up and down her legs and running his tongue where his hands had been, even including sucking on her dainty little toes.

Next to come off is her shapeless shirt. Her breasts are a bit small but fit into the palms of his hands perfectly. Reverently Jimmy squeezed the two white globes and then bends down to lick and suck at them. Kelly has started to whimper softly and this seems to encourage Jimmy to suck harder and even bite her nipples.

Reluctantly, he lets go of her breasts to start an attack on her pussy. Jimmy couldn't believe that he was actually getting to taste his teacher's sweet pussy. With a burst of vigour he starts to attack her pussy. Alternating between broad sweeps of his tongue on her clit and fast licking on her clit, he is pushing his tongue into her pussy. With his other hand, he is stroking his cock and rubbing the precum around his cockhead. All this while Kelly is blissfully unaware of whatever that is happening.

Finally, couldn't take it any more, Jimmy rolls her onto her side and lifts up one of her legs onto his shoulder. He guides his cock into the opening of her pussy and starts to gently push it in. He only managed to get his cockhead into her pussy.

Gosh, but this pussy is tight! Jimmy is very pleased to know that the rumor is true - that this teacher is still a virgin! – but not for long. He slowly starts to fuck her, an inch at a time. The effort was killing him as his body is clamoring for release. Sweat form beads all over his muscular body. His hand reaches down to squeeze her cute ass, another hand moving up to feel her smooth tummy and then her beautiful pink nipples, giving them a little tweak.

With one thrust he impales his rock-hard cock deeply inside her. The pain must have been so great that Kelly blacks out. He then begins to fuck her slowly and deeply, savoring the sensation of his cock deep inside her pussy. The feel of her tight pussy clamping tight on his cock is so mind-blowing.

Jimmy then shifts position by grabbing both of her legs in the crook of his arms and leans down to fuck her furiously, the blood that appears acting as lubricant. He would withdraw himself till only his cockhead is inside her pussy, and then just as quickly shoving it back into her pussy. The only sound to be heard is Jimmy’s soft grunting and the soft ‘slap slap’ sound of his cock going in and out of Kelly’s pussy as he fucks her.

Jimmy wants to savor the sensation but looking down at her, at her unresisting, naked body, he feels himself swelling more than he had ever felt before when he used to masturbate while fantasizing about her. Sweat trickles from his body and drips on her.

The sensation was too much and he couldn't hold back any longer so he bit on her breasts and neck, giving her love bites, as he shoots spurt after spurt of cum deep inside her. He lets his cock rest deep inside her as it jerks a few more times. Leaning down, Jimmy kisses Kelly on the lips, dipping his tongue into her mouth to taste her and run his tongue over her pink lips and her teeth.

His now limp cock slips out of her and he stood up. Methodically he stands up and starts to clean and dress himself. Taking a roll of tissue paper he starts to clean his teacher up, soaking up the cum plus a little bit of blood that is running down her legs. After that he puts on her clothes for her and try to straighten her up as much as possible. Kelly was still out like a light. He props her in a sitting position against the wall and then do a quick survey of anything that he might have missed.

Satisfied that everything looks to be in place, he looks to see if the coast is clear before removing the 'Out of Order' sign from the door and quietly leaving.

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