tagErotic CouplingsMy Teacher's Perfect Ass

My Teacher's Perfect Ass


I'm going to change my name for privacy reasons. This story is based on true characters, but is fictional. All persons are 18+ in this story.


My name is Ryan. I'm average height, with an athletic body, but I'm not super muscular. I'm not super handsome like some models, but multiple girls have called me cute or good looking. I don't get tons of girls, but a decent amount. However, I am still a virgin. But enough about me, the person you'd want to know about is my teacher.

Her name is Ms.Garcia, but I've never found out her first name. She's amazing. Standing at 5'5", with large b cups to medium c cups, short, brown, curly hairs that go down to her shoulders, tan skin, a beautiful face and great make up skills, my teacher is extremely irresistible. Everyone talks about her. But the main thing people talk about is her perfectly shaped, round juicy ass. She has a perfect squat booty, paired with juicy yet muscular thighs and a skinny waist, Ms.Garcia would've made more money as a pornstar or a model.

One day I was at brunch get water at the vending machine when she walked past. Everyone's head turned to look her succulent butt. She turned around and saw me looking. I got so scared. She got a mad look on her face and walked to her class. I was definitely in trouble.

Sixth period came and Ms.Garcia was my teacher. The second i sat down, she placed a pink piece of paper on my desk, a detention slip. I got so embarrassed, everyone started laughing.

When the bell rang, I stayed behind. Everyone left, so it was just me and big booty. I mean my teacher. Ms.Garcia walked towards me and sat down next to me. She thought about what to say and spoke.

"You can't look at my ass Ryan."

"It was an accident, I promise."

"I saw your erection."

I blushed, my face became bright red. She sighed and went back to her desk. She started moving papers around cleaning up her messy desk. Her shirt drooped down a bit, and I got a perfect downblouse view of her hanging tits. If only I could see her nipples. Her actions made her tits sway, and her swaying tits made me do something else.

I pulled my cock put of my shorts under the table and started stroking. Precum dripped down to my nuts. I jacked hard, my chair making a quiet creaking noise. Ms.Garcia didn't seem to notice. She stopped with the papers and stood up, instantly i shuffled around to hide my penis. She moved to the front of her desk to fix her projector. Her short skirt rose up, but not high enough for me to see her panties. She muttered something about her projector going to take a long time to fix. Her thin skirt brought an idea to my head. I whipped a small flashlight out from my backpack. It was like a mini spotlight, showing a small white light in a tiny area. I pointed the flashlight at her ass and turned it on. Miraculously, she had no panties and her puffy lips were visible. I stroked so hard. I was so close to cumming.

I had my sisters panties in my backpack (I lusted after her too and loved panties) and wrapped them around my cock. I stroked my cock and came in the underwear. My orgasm was earth tembling the cum dripped out the sides, so I wiped up the rest and put the panties in a ziploc. To rest from the amazing orgasm, I laid back, mindlessly rubbing my cock with my eyes closed.

Someone cleared their voice. I jumped up, startled. Ms.Garcia stood next to me staring at my cock.

"Were you jerking off to me?"

"I... uhh..." There was no point in lying, so I admitted to it. "Yah."

She bent down and kissed me square on the lips, pushing her tongue through so our tongues intertwined. She grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. She stopped kissing and stroking me so she could get naked. I took my clothes off too. She brought her tits to my face and I sucked her nipples hard. She moved down to suck my dick. Her juicy, soft lips wrapped my penis and sucked hard. I could've came right there. She stopped and brought her tits back to my face. I started sucking her tits again, this time also licking and spitting in her cleavage. She spit between her tits too and I placed my cock between her perfect globes. I tittyfucked her with all my might.

"IM CUMMING!" I yelled.

"Hold it in," she replied. She moved onto her stomach on the table.

"Please eat my pussy," she begged.

I licked her sticky slit tasting her sweet, musky juices. My tongue fucked her, then I replaced it with my fingers. I started sucking hard on her clit. She screamed a loud and primal scream. Her body started shaking and quivering as her orgasm hit her. When she relaxed, I started licking between her asscrack. When she was slick with my saliva, I buttfucked her. She clenched her juicy cheeks together wrapping around my cock. When my orgasm started to arise, I turned her onto her back and guided my cock into her pussy. I fucked her hard. My face when down to kiss her, and when embraced each other. We were stucked together, perfectly intertwined. Our tongues, my cock in her pussy, and her legs kept us stuck together. With one final hump, I shot my thick, sticky load deep into her vagina. Her second orgasm came with mine, and we lay together, enjoying each other. I slipped out of her mouth and her pussy, then she finger her pussy and scooped out our mixed cum. She devoured it all.

"I love you" we said in unison.

From that day on, we tried every possible sex position known to man, and I always groped her at school. When I graduated, she divorced her husband and we got married. We lived happily ever after.

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