tagLoving WivesMy Thai Wife Takes a Stud

My Thai Wife Takes a Stud


My Thai wife takes a stud and becomes a slut. This story is about 70% fact based. (MMF, wife, voy, cuck, asian, prost, threesome)


My first wife had been a good mother, God bless her, but making love to her was like doing a dead fish - the same look in the eyes, a similar gaping, bored expression and the zombie jerking robotic movements to our juice-less lovemaking. How we managed to beget children is still a mystery to me. Don't blame me! I've had and satisfied many partners before, during and since, so I knew it was her! I had been her first and only lover and to begin with it had been fun. Eventually things had settled into a comfortable routine but after fifteen seven years of married life, marital sex was something that even I undertook with reluctance. Like food, if you leave it too long it goes stale, I guess.

After several years of this dead end marriage, I decided to fly off to Bangkok, looking for new scenery. No, I can hear you asking, I didn't bring my wife: it would have been like bringing a sandwich to a banquet! I do not want to labor the point, but the place is not called 'Bang -Cock' for nothing.... Anyway, like most English blokes there I met up with this very attractive Thai girl named Bee. She is small and slim and sexy, and always gets paid lots of attention. She is just over 5ft 5 tall, long black hair, cute little face and a slim 32 figure. She looks so fuckable. She is also 21 years old and her only wish was to satisfy my every desire. All the girls in Thailand are marvelous and make the best lovers in the world. Most of them are beautiful, adore sex and want to marry you. Of course, I fell in love, married my lovely Bee and brought her home with me for a fresh start. My ex did not approve of course, especially when Bee described me as: 'He my big handsome stud'. (Funny thing is at work they called me 'Big Cahuna' - I wonder why?) My ex found the whole matter rather 'revolting' to use her own words.

Our sex life was great at first but she soon became restless as the novelty wore off after a couple of years. I tried several things including watching videos and that worked for while then she soon made excuses not to perform her duties at night with me. She grew restless to go home to see her friends and family and madly in love and desperate, I agreed.

We spent to first week with her family then moved up to a cheap hotel in Bangkok so she could visit her friends. She told me she wanted to go out a few evenings with a group of girlfriends. She left all dolled up in a short black micro skirt, tube top, black fishnets and her knee high black boots I had bought for her birthday.

She came home very late and aroused.

"Sorry to wake you dear...but I need some cock." She whispered.

Then climbing on top of me, she took my cock and rubbed the head against her slippery clit, masturbating herself with it and working it inside her extremely ready and slick pussy. Her warmth wrapped around me as I strained to hold back from filling her with cum on the spot.

She put her hands on my chest and raising her hips up and down as she fucked and kissed me like she hadn't done in years. It was wonderful! Where had this woman been?

"You need to start giving your wife more cock." She said, as she seduced me.

She told me they had gone into a lively bar for a few drinks in the tourist area. The music was great there and the club was heaving and sensual. They had decided to stay because they liked the atmosphere there. Being in Patpong in the nightlife, she had naturally dressed as she would have before without thinking that she fitted in perfectly with the other bargirls who frequented that sort of establishment at night. Some of the foreign lone men had leered at her and several had tried to chat her up. She found herself constantly been hassled with lots of offers to buy her a drink. Lots of guys flirted with her and wanted to dance with her and get into her micro panties, but she wouldn't let them go further she told me. At one point a French guy had brushed up against her and told her he would show her a good time. She flushed, embarrassed and laughed and then said that she was already taken.

"He asked me if I would like to feel his cock." She said smiling sluttishly. "I thought he was joking then he brushed against me and I couldn't help but feel his erection through his pants." She licked her lips obviously troubled. "He was so big and virile. He asked me if I wanted to fuck? He offered me $400. I said wow, but no thanks."

She laughed it off but it made me so hard I nearly came immediately inside her pussy. My cock had grown so very hard listening to her and in no time she came, bucking on top of me and digging her nails into my shoulders. Then I followed quickly filling her with my warm cum. I was imagining her working as a whore in the bars there, picking up and fucking many johns each evening. It was quick for both of us, but then we both needed it so badly.

The next morning I told her that I wanted her to go out again like that with her friend and tease some more cock. She told me a she had enjoyed it tremendously but was hesitant. I told her this was her chance to really enjoy herself with her friend as soon we would be going back home. Her long nipples poked hard against her tight tube top. I guess any man would really love to fuck her if he saw her like that. She took extra care with her make-up and long nails and the like. My first reaction was she really looked hot! Any man who saw her would mistake her for a street meat and just want to stick his cock inside her Asian pussy. But instead of saying anything I just kissed her goodbye, watched her get in the taxi then followed her. I knew I could trust her and dressed like that she would be teasing cocks without realizing it and thinking with my cock instead of my head I found myself aroused by that. I knew we could fuck after if we were both aroused.

I decided to visit a bar and have a drink with the girls rather than wait in my hotel room alone while Bee went with her friends. I ordered a beer and flirted with the local bargirls. I was there a couple of hours when I noticed Bee and two of her girlfriends coming out of a shop and two mature tourists following them. Bee and her friends looked just the same as any of the other bargirls. They were dressed in tube tops and mini-skirts just like the bargirls. I was sitting out of sight watching them. It seemed the men wanted them to stay on some more. They asked for a hug before they left. I watched as a the drunken guy pulled my wife against him, pressing his crotch into her loins and kissing her on the mouth. Her eyes sparkled with arousal and her tongue darted into his mouth as he held her. It really turned me on watching him rubbing his cock on my girl with her enjoying it. He slipped his hands under her skirt and touched her thighs and crotch as he held her in the strong embrace before she pushed him away playfully. The girls walked away from them laughing. I stopped drinking and went home, tremendously aroused. Bee was slightly drunk when she arrived home an hour later. I waited for her in bed; she asked why I wasn't asleep since it was 1:30 a.m. I told her I was excited by what I had witnessed. She explained to me that nothing had happened with the men. I said I believed her and I told her I thought she looked like a Thai bargirl and that had gotten me so excited. She laughed and iinstinctively ran her hand over the length of my cock, squeezing it's pulsating hardness in her hand.

Bee talked to me as she continued to run her hand up and down my cock.

"Are you horny?"

At first I had joked about the way she turned other men on but then I decided to share my fantasy with her.

"You like to show me off, don't you?" She said with a knowing smile.

"Yeah," I admitted, and plucking up my courage added: "It makes me hard to think that all those guys want is to fuck your cute little Thai bargirl arse."

To my surprise, she didn't become angry or shut me down. She laughed.

I laughed too and said I liked it when she teased other men's cocks.

"You know if I seriously tease cock the other guy will want to do something, Honey. And I'm not sure what would happen." She replied. "Men like to screw women, well women like to screw men too. Everyone screws around if they can. I mean a woman likes a big dick in her too, especially some home cooking. Everyone here thinks I'm a slut and I when I go out like this I feel like a prostitute. What would you think if I did something like that sometime? I mean for real. Imagine. I mean service another man. A total stranger. Would you like to see me fucking him like a street hoe?" She teased, rubbing my erection discretely through my trousers. Her hand was pulling at my cock, lengthening it. I was so excited.

"But don't worry, honey, I won't. I love you too much." She quickly added. "

"I love you too, but I guess the thought of you taking a lover and cuckolding me while I watch does in fact turn me on incredibly. It has always been one of my fantasies to see my wife screw another man, especially if I can participate." I managed after an awkward truthful moment.

She laughed gently and looked at me strangely but she continued to stroke my hard cock while playing along with my fantasy, she questioned me about what I would like to see her doing. She was toying with the idea in her mind, aroused at the idea of enacting my fantasy. She imagined how I would watch these men touch her, watch their dicks as they disappeared inside her hot pussy. As we talked, my cock grew bigger and harder. She knew then that I wasn't kidding about my desires. We had done some pretty wild things but so far the only time that someone else was involved was at a distance. She asked me if I was serious about what I had suggested and I said that yes, I was. She asked me if I could really handle watching her fuck another man? The idea sent tingles through her whole body.

I flipped Bee over and ripped her button sleep shirt open exposing her 34c tits, and I could feel her excitement as I took her nipples one at a time hungrily into my mouth. Next, her black bikini panties were off and I was licking down toward her wet pussy, I began eating her pussy as her breath shortened with each lick.

"Do you really like to see me like that, at the bar? Would you mind that?" Bee asked.

I told her "definitely yes". She told me.

She was all over me. Bee took my hand and guided it down between her legs and placed my hand on her dripping pussy. I could feel her soaking through the panties. She kissed me again. We fucked like animals that night. She was wilder than I'd ever seen her in my years of marriage. Bee had slipped down slowly kissing her way down my belly until she licked the head of my 5" cock head. She looked up at me with her beautiful green eyes and. My pre-cum was leaking already but I knew she wanted to play.

She laughed and pushed herself on top of me sliding herself forward until her mound was only a couple inches from my face. I want you to lick me, get me nice and wet for my lover. She moved forward until her pussy was in my face and started to move and rotate her pussy against my mouth.

While she was on top, bouncing on my cock she kept bringing up the role playing fantasy: Honey, do you want me to take a lover and make you a cuckold? Kissing me running her tongue deep inside my mouth and rubbing my balls with her long fingers.

"That's it, lick me, get me juicy and horny for another man's big cock. It's what you want to hear me say, right? You dirty sex maniac. You want me to take a lover and bring him home and make you watch as he fucks my married pussy, juicy with wanton desire for his cock? Tell me, honey?" She said as she kept moving herself around on my tongue.

I just looked up at her as she kept moving herself faster and rotating her arse around on my face. My mind was full of images of her doing it with some guy between her thighs, stuffing her pussy with a wonderful big new cock.

She pushed me back on the bed and positioned herself over my upper thighs. Then she took my rock solid cock in her soft hands and guided it to her pussy. A complete change had come over my sex shy wife, she was not only instigating our mating, and she was leading it. She rubbed the head of my cock over her pussy lips, where for the first time I could tell how really turned on she was. My cock head easily slid up and down her lips and I felt more lubricant from her pussy than ever before.

Suddenly my shaft was swallowed up by the warmest, wettest sensation it had ever felt. Bee leaned forward and put her hands on my shoulders, pushing them into the mattress, using that brace she lifted her torso four times in quick succession, each time ending by slamming her weight down on my thighs, forcing my cock into her pussy as far as it could go, while at the same time grinding her clit against my pelvis.

"Fuck your slut. Fuck your filthy cum loving bitch! Fuck me like a slut should be fucked! Oohhh yesss, fuck me baby, slam that big cock of yours in my nasty cunt." She groaned.

Those four jabs were all it took for my sweet innocent wife to have the most intense orgasm of her short sexual life. Her body quaked and quivered as it straddled me. Finally she collapsed in near exhaustion, her chest resting upon mine, while my still hard dick was lodged in her cunt.

We fucked till her pussy was almost raw, I came twice without stopping and Bee's orgasms were stronger each time, I know she came three times. We screwed like crazy that night until we collapsed in each other's arms, sweating and breathing as if we had just ran a marathon.

I guess that what I had said must have lingered on in both our minds and I was surprised that I really did mean it. I didn't give up. I really wanted it to happen. I know it's strange that a husband would want to have his wife fucked by another man, but Bee was just so hot looking when she was enjoying sex with me that I had this overpowering urge to watch her doing it with another man so I could see every detail, every move she and he made. I continually fantasized what it would be like to see his stiff dick pumping in and out of her juicy pussy. Watching as her perfect legs game up and wrapped around the guy's humping arse as he fucked my lovely wife. It was such a hot fantasy for me that I just had to make it happen somehow so I began thinking about ways to progress things.

That evening at the hotel I showed Bee slut wife stories on the internet – the ones where a wife takes a lover and enjoys their cock in font of her cuckold husband. As she read them, her face flushed red. I watched as she bit her lips and began to touch herself, rubbing her clit with her forefinger. I realized that the stories turned her on. After she had finished reading, we screwed and she came in a series of tremendous orgasms. I began to have fantasies about seeing her with other men and I'd whisper to her about bringing home a well-hung man. That always was good for a second cum. I convinced her to let me take pictures of her nude and while she was giving me a blowjob. Her mouth was puffed as he took most of my cock in her mouth.

We repeated this fantasy with more photos for several nights and our lovemaking was so fantastic that I resolved even further to act out our little fantasy. I knew if I kept persisting she would eventually come around and open up. You see my wife is a little bit of an exhibitionist and loves to tease and flirt with men. She always wears extremely short mini skirts when we go out tops that reveal most of her 36d chest.

I had met this young Asian, called Noo, at the local Thai restaurant I used to frequent. Now I got talking to him and we joked about women. Questioning him, I found out that he was between girl friends at the time and looking. Jokingly, I asked him if he would be interested in a threesome with my wife. He laughed and said that he was desperate enough to try anything. I knew that I wanted to watch her have sex with him, no matter what the consequences to our marriage so I slowly drew out the nude photos I had taken of my wife plus the ones of her with my cock planted in her pussy. I now showed him these adult sex pictures of my wife. I could see from his reactions that he was impressed. His erection was showing through his trousers. I could tell that he found her sexy and attractive by the way he stared at her in the photos. He told me how lucky I was to have such a beautiful "fuckable" wife. He was staring at me as he said this to judge my reaction and he must have been pleased because he then came right out and asked if I wanted some fun.

My throat was dry but of course, I nodded yes.

"I think I know what you would like, you want to see her getting fucked, don't you."

This time I managed a croaky "Yes" and asked him if he would like to screw her. Excitement mingled with arousal set my blood on course. I had always wanted to see his lovely wife savagely fucked by another man, and it looked as if is fantasy was unfolding into reality. He had no problem with fucking the pussy of a married woman whose hubby liked to slut her out to strangers.

I told him that I had asked her and that she too had agreed as long as I was there to make sure nothing happened she did not consent to... I told him my wife was dying for a young vigorous cock to satisfy. Wanting to close matters, I invited him to meet us at a local hotel the very next evening. He agreed and left me saying:

"You will enjoy watching Bee coming on my cock like all bitches do."

I was a bit excited at the prospect of her fucking a man better endowed than myself. A man who would leave his mark on her morally, on her soul, and ruin her reputation. A man who would forever stretch her pussy to fit his cock, not mine.

I circled back to the discussion with Bee.

"Would you be jealous if I enjoyed it?" She asked.

"Yes. Probably." I said.

"If it makes you jealous won't you want me to stop then?" She asked.

"No." I said. "I would want you to enjoy his cock as much as you could." I heard myself say.

"You would want me to enjoy myself and make you jealous then, no matter what?" Is that what you're saying?" She asked.

I looked at her, feeling a little embarrassed to answer. I held my drink in both hands. "Yeah, that is what would excite me most, you enjoying it, no matter what."

"And you think you could handle it? Sharing me, I mean." She asked.

"Oh yeah, I think I could."

When we were in bed I told Bee about the arrangement I had made. That I wanted to see Noo's big cock stuffed in her pussy, she was speechless at first realizing I was serious. After hearing my description of his cock, I asked if she would like that. She was silent and but did not grow angry. Instead she began to kiss me and we started to fondle.

"You really want to see me fuck another man? Watch him stretch your wife's tight pussy with his large cock? Knowing that you're pretty little Thai wife has had sex with another man and that it will always be there between us."

My dick was very hard.

"I'd ask you if you like the idea but I've never seen your dick this hard before."

She was right, I was really hard but also really nervous. She licked my ear.

"Yes..." I managed. "I really want you to do this!"

I sent a finger into her pussy. It was wet from forbidden lustful lubrication – she was thinking about another man's cock in her married pussy. She looked at me with deep searching eyes and said:

"OK Tony, if you really want, I will. I would never do this to you. Ever, but since you keep insisting and pestering me about it, I'll do it just for just you. I'll let another man take your lovely wife and have sex with me. But remember there is no going back afterwards. I will be forever marked an unfaithful slut in your mind. You will no longer be the last cock I experienced and nothing will change the fact that I have known another. You realize I will be unfaithful. I will have his horny cock fucking me like a slut while you watch. Don't blame me if I cum screaming like bitch in heat when he fills my cunt with his bareback cock. If he is vigorous as you say I will surely fuck his brains out. And after, remember, I get to do whatever I please with my cunt after that, right? "

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