tagErotic CouplingsMy Three Hole Anniversary

My Three Hole Anniversary


It was our 6th anniversary. My wife Nicole and I decided to spend a weekend at the beach, without the kids, just surf, sand and lots of sex. I had been looking forward to this weekend ever since we made reservations almost two months ago. I had plenty of time to be dreaming about what we could be doing on our little get away.

We arrived at our hotel on Friday evening and decided after our drive to stay in for the night. This would allow us to be well rested for the next couple of days. So after we finished our room service dinner Nicole said she wanted to get a shower and head for bed. I naturally thought that this sounded like a great idea so I jumped up and followed her into the bathroom.

As I got to the door she looked up at me and said "May I help you?"

"I just wanted to make sure everything got squeaky clean." I replied.

"Oh, I see. In that case don't just stand there get those clothes off."

We both started to undress; I intentionally went a little slower so I could watch Nicole become naked. I watched as she, noticing my attention, slowly raised her shirt over her shoulder length strawberry red hair; exposing her perfect 32B black lace covered breast. She then removed her bra bringing her hard pink nipples into view. Nicole then turned and bent her well toned 5'1 frame over sliding her fingers under the waist band of her shorts. In one sensual motion she pulled both her shorts and panties down to her ankles. The site of the fabric passing over her heart shaped ass and well shaped legs sprung my member to attention immediately. She then turned around to show me her nearly bald pussy, only a small red triangle of hair remained.

She noticed my gaze and said "That's for a little surprise you'll get tomorrow."

"I can't wait." I replied with a wry grin "And I have a little plan for us too. I'll tell you about it later tonight."

With that Nicole ran the water for the shower and we spent nearly a half an hour "cleaning" every part of each other's bodies. When we could take it no more we moved onto the bed. I laid Nicole down on her back and spread her beautiful thighs and began to slowly, rhythmically thrust into her slick pussy. As I loving invaded her body I took the opportunity to reveal my plan for the following day.

"Nicole," I began to whisper "tomorrow I want to fuck all three of your beautiful holes. I will start with the full rose lips of your mouth. Next, when the time is right I will fill your tight rectum with my cock. Finally later that night I'm going to slam my dick so far up your honey hole your cervix will tingle."

Apparently the idea was appealing to her because as I spoke the wetter she became. By the time I finished speaking she was on the verge of climax. A few more slow hard strokes were all it took and she went over the top moaning softly as her body began to quiver. This immediately sent me over as well and as we climaxed together. I rolled off of her and we fell into deep sleep still cuddled close to each other.

The next morning I awoke to a warm feeling on my very rigid cock. As my eyes opened Nicole's face came into focus as she was licking and sucking the full length of my shaft.

She looked up and said "You said you wanted to start with my mouth right."

She then resumed stroking me with her mouth and hands. After my mind cleared a bit more I ran my hand down to Nicole's damp pussy lips and began to work her clit with my fingers. I slowly circled her clit with my thumb and as it began to swell in response two other digits explored inward.

Nicole just kept working my cock until my probing fingers brought her to a first small orgasm. Her moans were muffled by my cock in her mouth and the vibrations they caused nearly made me loose my load right then, but I wanted to do something a little different.

I shifted Nicole to the edge of the bed so that her head was hanging over. I then stood on the floor in front of her and lowered my balls to her waiting tongue. She almost greedily began to lick and suck my balls she lapped my entire underside from the edge of my anus to the tip of the prick. I then slid my member between her lips and slowly thrust in and out as she continued to suck the length of my shaft. Meanwhile my fingers found her button again. I worked her little hot box until she was close to the brink of a second orgasm. As her orgasm grew it was apparent that this one was going to be bigger than the last. Her body shuttered and squirmed as she sucked harder and harder on my cock. Suddenly, as her climax peaked, she grabbed my ass and pulled me deep into her throat Nicole managed to take my entire length into her and the boiling in my sack could be held no more. I erupted string after string of hot jizz into her wanton larynx. After a long few minutes of recovery we cleaned up, dressed and headed for breakfast.

Following breakfast we headed for the beach. This is when Nicole gave me the surprise she spoke of last night. She took off her beach robe revealing a hot pink string bikini that, without the shave job, would have shown about two thirds of her red brush. My well sucked dick found new life with this vision, and it seemed to have the same effect on several other guys that were around us, judging by the number of heads that turned my wife's direction.

We spent a few hours on the beach. We walked down the sand and waded into the sea. I made sure I took every opportunity to give a quick squeeze to Nicole's ass or tits as I told her how horny her new bikini made me and how much I loved her. I was also enjoying the stares Nicole was getting from those around us, knowing they could only look as I touched. When we finally left the beach I was more than ready to move into phase two of my plan.

We headed back to the hotel room and as soon as the door closed I took Nicole from behind removed her top, spun her around and dropped to my knees. At her height her tits are the perfect level to be taken into my mouth. I could taste the salt of the sea on her skin as I licked her now rock hard nipples. I assaulted her breasts licking and sucking both of them until I knew Nicole's juices were building between her thighs. Between sucks I managed to tell Nicole it was time to fill her second hole.

I moved her on to the bed and put her on all fours. Then starting at her neck I slowly kissed and licked my way down to the bikini string parting her ass crease. I grabbed the fragile garment with my teeth and hand pulling then down to her knees. My tongue then worked its way back up the crack of her ass slowly coating the area with wetness. After a few trips up and down I gently parted her cheeks and ran my tongue around the rim of her tight rosebud. Nicole's responded with a shiver and a low moan of approval. I began to probe her sphincter with my tongue and every insertion was met with a moan and a push back toward my little invader.

With her little bud now well lubed I finished the removal of her bikini bottoms and proceeded to apply a generous amount of lube to myself. I then placed to head of my cock against her backdoor and gently pushed until the initial resistance had subsided. This drew another deep moan from Nicole. We had had anal sex in the past but not often so even though my head slipped in relatively easily I still knew I had to take in slow. I began my movement slowly inward allowing her to expand to meet me as I drove deeper into her bowels. Gradually my pace quickened and Nicole's own movements soon were in sync with mine. She became increasingly aroused as the thrusts sank deeper into her as her hips grinded into me. Her breath quickened as I reach around and fondled her swollen clit. By now I was pounding my wife's ass faster and harder then ever before and she seemed to be enjoying every second. Then just as she could hardly take it anymore I stopped and removed myself from her. I quickly grabbed the vibrator I had strategically placed under the pillow and placed it against her dripping pussy.

"You can't go in there after my ass." Nicole stated confused by her pre orgasmic delirium.

I ignored her comments placing my cock back against her still stretched asshole. Then in one swift motion I slammed home both the vibrator and my cock, turning on the vibe as it slid down her canal. Nicole stiffened slightly, but then as I began to pound her ass again and the vibrations hit home her body realized what was happening. She just started to quiver and shake in a way I have never seen her before.


It took all my strength to keep my dick impaled in her ass and the vibrator up her pussy. Fortunately it didn't take long before I was rocketing my second load of cum of the day deep into my wife's hot ass.

Nicole must have sensed my orgasm she started to yell; "YES BABY, OH YES BABY, CUM IN MY ASS, FILL IT BABY, FILL ME WITH THAT HOT CUM."

This caused a second stream of cum to release into her bowels, as a second smaller orgasm ripped through her body. We slowly calmed down as I leaned over kissing the back of Nicole's neck, telling her how much I love her and how good she makes me feel. Finally after several minutes, of continued pulses, my cock slipped out of Nicole's ass. Nicole and I then realized that a good ass fuck makes one hungry. We cleaned up and headed for lunch and then decided to take a nap before dinner.

We woke up at about 5:30 P.M. for our 7:00 P.M. reservations at a popular local seafood place. As Nicole was getting her "little black dress" ready I made a request that she leave her panties off. She gave me a curious look but did as I asked. I then asked that she come over and stand in front of me so that I could give her a little present. I pulled out a pair of black thong panties that had a special little pocket in the front for a vibrating egg, for which I happened to have a remote control. I did not tell Nicole about this fact though.

"What do you plan to do with that?" she asked

"Oh not much I just wanted you to have something to think about for later while we eat." I replied with an innocent look on my face.

I helped her step into the thong and made sure that her pussy lips were properly adjust for maximum clitoral contact.

As we left the room to walk the short distance to the restaurant I hit the remote and saw Nicole jump slightly when the buzz hit her sensitive area.

"Not much you say." She said as she stopped and gave me a mock punch to the stomach.

As we continued our walk I made sure to keep the egg at a low but steady setting. We arrived at the restaurant and were escorted to a booth in the back corner. I think the low buzz was having a nice effect on Nicole, because as we sat down at the table I hit the high switch making her jump slightly and a small squeal escaped her lips. The host gave her a strange almost concerned look when he heard this.

"Oh, I had a cramp earlier while swimming. I guess it hasn't quite worked its way out yet." Nicole told him as she shot me a look from across the table.

I just took the menu and grinned as the host walked away seemingly content with the explanation.

We placed our orders and settled in for our meal. I however, had no intention to just have a normal dinner. Now knowing the little egg was having the effect I had hoped for on Nicole I kept the pressure on throughout the evening. I kept varying the vibe's setting and would give Nicole "cramps" at the most inopportune times. The waiter must have thought Nicole was going to lock up completely by the time we got close to dessert. By the time dessert actually arrived I knew Nicole's aching clit could not take much more. So I turned the egg all the way up and let it work. In a very short time Nicole began to squirm in her seat. She shot me another look, but this time her eyes were smoldering with lust.

She then said "MMMM. It feels too good. Please stop or I'm going to cum right here."

"That's exactly what I want you to do my dear." I whispered in reply.

Her gorgeous brown eyes returned to mine as the lust within them nearly melted me where I sat.

Fortunately, we were in a fairly secluded part of the restaurant and if anyone had noticed then they would just have to be jealous, because I wanted to see my beautiful wife cum.

Nicole continued to squirm, her breathing got faster, her eyes closed and she began to moan very softly. Nicole has the ability to cum without making much noise at all, so as not to wake our kids, and she was using all of that ability at this moment. She then reached across and grabbed my hand and shuddered as three or four waves of pleasure coursed through her body. Finally I relented as Nicole nearly slid out of her seat. We finished our dessert at a leisurely pace and only occasionally would I hit the switch so as to keep Nicole at a constant state of arousal. I think it was working too and I was soon going to find out.

We headed back to the hotel and as soon as I got into the room it was Nicole's turn to become the aggressor. She spun me around and pinned me against the door kissing me deeply and passionately. Then before I knew it she had managed to get my shirt up and over my head and her hands ran up and down my chest and stomach. After sucking my tongue briefly Nicole moved her lips to my neck began to kiss and lick her way down to my nipples sucking and nipping each in turn. As she made my nipples rock hard with her mouth hers hands had managed to get my pants opened release the aching pole between my legs.

Once freed Nicole dropped to her knees and immediately took my engorged head into her mouth sucking it greedily. My knees nearly buckled from the onslaught. Nicole sensed this and came up for a breath. She then basically dragged me across the room and threw me face up on the bed. She stood in front of me and began a seductive strip tease as I removed the rest of my clothing. Now completely nude Nicole quickly jumped on top of me again pinning me.

"I think it's about time you filled that third hole." she said as she grabbed my cock and slammed it home deep within her soaking pussy.

Slowly she slid up and down my pole allowing every inch to feel the wonderful sensations. Gradually her pace increased as her finger feverously worked her clit. She continued to build faster, deeper, harder...faster, deeper, harder she rode. I was calling on every once of control I had to hold off my orgasm until she reached hers. She was riding so hard by now that I actually believe my cock head hit her cervix. Finally after what seemed like an hour of pure pleasure Nicole's breathing changed and somehow she seemed to increase the pace one final time. Her eyes rolled back as they closed and she found her voice again.

"OOhh OOhh OOOOhh here I cum. OOOhhh OOOhh here I cum. YES BABY I CUMMING"

Suddenly I seemed to have found my voice as well and began encouraging her orgasm.

"Yes baby cum on my cock, cum on my cock while I fill your hot pussy with my seed. CUM ON MY COCK, CUM ON MY COCK NOOOOW."

With that we simultaneously exploded in an orgasmic bliss. Nicole bucked wildly as stream after stream of hot jizz coated deep into her honey hole. She collapsed on top of me still shaking from the pleasure running through her. After a few minutes of recovery Nicole sat up and I looked down to where our bodies were still joined and saw a puddle of our combined fluid leaking onto my stomach filling my navel. Nicole looked down were I was gazing and slowly began to ride my still semi rigid cock squeezing out even more fluid. Eventually she leaned forward and kissed me deeply and we fell asleep that way with me still impaled in her beautiful body.

A couple of hours later I woke and rolled Nicole over onto her back gently kissing and caressing her face, rousing her. We began to make sweet slow love once more, just like we would several more times before returning home from our wonderful "three hole" anniversary.

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