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I was a submissive until I learned how to be a Dom. I was taught to be a Dom by being a submissive and experiencing all that a sub goes through. To me this was the best way to learn. The mindset became clear to me. The torments were more vivid. Suspense was appreciated. Pain was turned to pleasure in ways that the mind can't conceive of until it is done. After that it becomes second nature to bring about an erection or even an orgasm in the midst of pain never dreamed of.

I had just started using the internet to contact people with the same interests that I have when I cam across a female sub. It was through her that I met Mistress Q.

One day my sub admitted a desire to be Dominated by a Mistress. She had never experienced being with another female and had a burning desire to do so. I told her to go ahead and see if she could find one she could place her full trust in and be happy with. My sub started looking in earnest.

It was not long before she found a suitable Mistress, however she wanted me to talk with the Lady to give my approval of Her. I went online in a chat with the two of them. It was interesting to say the least. My poor subbie had to answer to both of Us at the same time. Her Mistress was named Mistress Q. She had a world of experience and was very firm, but loving in Her conversation and ways. These talks went on for a couple of days and I had a few private chats with Mistress Q as well. I was getting to like Her and the way She spoke.

A meeting between my sub and Mistress Q was set up for a weekend two weeks away. It would be in a rather nice hotel with a two-bedroom suite. Privacy was guaranteed at this establishment. Mistress Q had used it many times in the past and was well known by the management. I was requested to be there. It was to start at around 9:00 P.M. on a Friday night and go until that Sunday evening. I would be present, but would not participate other than to watch and make sure my sub was being treated well. This would be fun. I was looking forward to it.

The closer the time came for the meeting, the more reluctant my sub became. She was scared for her safety, then afraid of the drive there, and then could not get time from work. I finally told her to forget the whole thing. I was fed up with the excuses. My sub offered to contact Mistress Q to relay the bad news. I told her that I would contact the Mistress and give my apologies.

Mistress Q was understandably upset. "I have already made reservations for the room and they are not refundable. What am I going to do about that?" She asked.

"I am just as disappointed as You are Mistress Q. It would have been so exciting to watch You work over that sub. I started out as a sub and know the feelings she would have gone through. They would have brought me back to the old days. Some of those feelings have never left me even though I have been a Dom for so many years," I replied.

"Wanna play?" was Her response.

My mind went totally numb. Without thinking I said, "Absolutely!"

"Send Me an email with your hard limits and your soft limits. I will let you know my decision in the morning," She said and signed off.

What had I done? Without thinking I had just turned myself into Her sub for three days. The more I thought about it the more I was turned on to the idea. My imagination started running wild. I just had to get that email to Her while I could still think clearly. I do not have many hard limits and fewer soft limits. The email was ready in a flash and sent immediately. Now I had to make it through the night.

I could not sleep. I had such wonderful thoughts and put together all kinds of different situations. I jerked off so many times I lost count. I finally fell asleep and had many dreams. They were vivid. I woke with an erection that was made of stone. It was all I could do to go to the bathroom and then to the computer. I downloaded my email. There it was. My breath caught and I teased myself by taking care of all the other emails before opening Hers.

"Your limits are acceptable," it said. "You are now the provisional sub of Mistress Q. You will call Me Mistress at all times, even in public. You will do nothing without My permission and you will follow all of My commands to the letter and immediately," it went on. "There are a few things I will have you do right now in preparation of O/our meeting. The first is to shave your cock and balls so they are as smooth as a baby's rear end. I do not like stubble or hair in that area. You will also shave the patch between your scrotum and anus along with the hair around your anus. You will shave it everyday in the morning," she commanded next.

This was not a new to me. I had done this all along to my cock and balls. The other patch would be new. I went into the bathroom and did this right away. The email was still open on the computer. I would waste no time in following my Mistress' commands. This done I rubbed some skin moisturizer into the newly shaven area. It felt so smooth and open to the air. I had never felt that vulnerable around my anus before. This was something new. I liked it. I felt submissive. I was horny! I hurried back to the computer to read the rest of the email.

"You will go to a pet store and buy a heavy chain collar for a dog," was the next command. "It should be a long one for a large dog. When you get home you will put it around your cock and balls so that one end of it hangs down your leg. You may take this off to shower and to go to the bathroom. That is the only time you will not wear this unless I give you permission to remove it," She went on.

I left right then for the pet store down the road. I bought the appropriate collar and returned home. I pulled my pants down and put the colar on as She had commanded me to do it. The weight of it would not let me forget that it was there. I walked around the house to see how it felt. The end that hung down my leg flopped around inside my pants and kept tugging at my genitals with each step I took. I loved it. I felt so submissive and vulnerable. I was horny! I rushed back to the computer to see what was next.

"Come online to chat with Me," She said. "I am waiting for you."

I went online and found Her there. I was excited and nervous at the same time.

"Hello, Mistress," I said.

"I will be referring to you as 'slave' event though I know you to be only a submissive," She said. "Hello, slave. Have you completed the tasks I have set out for you?"

"Yes, Mistress," I replied.

"Good. You have impressed Me with your obedience," She said.

I was actually blushing. I felt like a little kid who had just pleased a parent. It was strange for me. I had not felt like this for many years. I started to get another full-blown erection. I had been semi-hard since looking at the first command. Now I was creating quite a bulge in my pants.

"I have changed the time we will be getting together on Friday to 10:00 A.M Do you have a problem with that?" She asked.

"No, Mistress," I replied. "I am looking forward to our meeting." Heck, I didn't even know what She looked like and I was still in a trance over Her.

"Later today, I want you to go to an adult toy store and buy a medium butt plug. You will put this in with a minimum of lubricant and keep it in 23 hours out of every day," She said. "You may take it off to go to the bathroom and to shower. That is all. Understood?"

"Yes, Mistress," I replied.

We talked about many things. I was told how to greet Her when I arrived at the hotel, directions to the hotel, and things to bring along with me to the hotel. I was told when to come on the chat program and that I was not allowed from that point on to masturbate or to have an orgasm in any way until She allowed me to. My body was Hers to do with as She pleased. She also gave me a list of some other toys and implements to buy at the store and the list of items that She would purchase. How I lasted out those two weeks, I don't know. I made it though. It was Friday morning and I was ready to leave for O/our meeting.

I drove to the hotel. It was easy to find. I was impressed with it. It was very high class and private. The room was located on the ground floor at the far corner of the main building. I was to leave everything in the car until told to bring my bags in. It was show time!

At the door to the room I went down on my knees and prayed that no one would come along and see me like this. I knocked on the door three times. No one answered. I knocked three times again. From inside a female voice called out, "Who is it?"

"It is Bruce, the provisional slave of Mistress Q," I replied as I had been instructed. My eyes remained on the ground in front of the door.

The door opened. "Enter and stand in the proper fashion," the lady advised.

I crawled just inside the door, moved to the left, and stood up. My head bowed, my eyes on the floor, my hands to my side with the palms facing forward, and my feet spread shoulder width apart. The door closed and a beautiful pair of feet came into my view. They were tanned with the nails painted black. The effect was stunning. The feet were small and dainty. Veins raised in the skin. A pair of black spike heeled shoes was under those feet. The heels had to be at least four inches. I could not see anymore of the lady who possessed those feet.

"Nicely done. At least I know you can follow simple directions," she said. "I am Mistress Q. You made it right on time. For the time being you may relax and be yourself while we talk. After we have talked you will be given a one-hour period to go outside and smoke and think. You must decide during that time what you want to do; serve me or go home. Come in and sit on the chair opposite Me."

Raising my eyes I beheld the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. How can I describe Her? She was 5 feet tall. She could not have weighed more than 110 pounds soak and wet. Her body was absolutely perfect. Her breasts were 36Bs with a waist of about 22 inches and Her hips came out from that to about a 34-inch wonder. Her breast rode high on Her chest. She had a pixy face with striking green eyes and shoulder length auburn hair that was fine and shiny. She was dress in a black leather halter-top that looked like a second skin. A pair of matching black leather short shorts clung to Her hips. As She turned to walk to the chair I could not help but stare at Her ass. It was gorgeous. I was wondering how in the world I ever got so lucky when I heard Her voice again. I looked into Her face to see the beginning of a smile cross it.

"Sit down before you fall down," She said.

I took my place in the chair facing Hers. I was rampantly erect. I could see She noticed.

"Is the chain too tight now?" She asked with a little giggle in Her voice.

"It is now, Mistress," I replied without thinking.

"Don't let the looks deceive you. I can be a real Bitch when things get going," She said sternly.

"I will tell you what you can expect while you are with Me," She stated. "You will be bound in some fashion all the time that W/we are together in private. You will be flogged, paddled, and strapped until you are black and blue in places from your armpits to your knees both front and back. I like to hear My slaves scream. You will be given large and frequent enemas because I like to fuck My slaves long and hard. By the same token, I like My slaves to fuck Me long and hard. There will be many other torments such as clamps, electric TENS unit shocks to your genitals, needles, CBT, and prolonged erections using cock rings. When W/we go out in public, you will be wearing a butt plug, maybe a vibrator, and a cock cage that will either prevent you from having a full erection or make one very painful for you. W/we will listen to all kinds of music together and you will also have sensory deprivation applied to you on occasion. You will belong to Me for My pleasure. That is all you are good for. You will be naked or in a very skimpy little outfit while in private with Me. This is the last time you will have clothes on in My presence that will not allow Me full access to any part of your body I desire at any time I desire. I will respect your hard limits and test your soft limits. I will find your level of tolerance this first weekend and then test it farther each time I decide to have fun with you."

"The decision is yours at this point," She said rising from the chair. "Go outside and make that decision. Should you wish to serve me and wear My collar, you may come back and knock on the door as before with your bags in hand. Should you not wish to serve Me, you may just get in your car and drive on out of the parking lot. I will never see or talk to you again. Understood?"

"Yes, Mistress," I said. I walked out and closed the door behind Me.

I lit a cigarette and walked around the parking lot. I noticed that my erection had not gone down one bit during that entire time. The chain tugging on it as I walked did not help matters in that department either.

I don't know why I waited for as long as I did before going to the car to get the bags I had brought. I knew from the start I would be submitting to Mistress Q. I smoked another cigarette while I got the bags out and took them to the door of the room. I was still erect and quite nervous. The excitement was killing me. I knelt and knocked on the door. At least there was no one in the parking lot that would see me like this.

"Who is there?" Mistress yelled form inside.

"It is Bruce the provisional slave of Mistress Q," I replied. My eyes were in the proper position when the door was opened.

"Bring your bags and enter. Step to the left of the door and kneel in My presence," She said.

When the door was closed, Mistress Q walked to stand in front of me.

"You have made a wise choice," She said. "Take your bags into the bedroom on the right and unpack them on the bed. Don't be slow. Call to me when you have done that."

Carrying the two bags I went into the bedroom She had indicated. I unpacked my clothing from the one bag and put them away in the dresser and the closet. I put my toilet articles in the bathroom and the toy bag was emptied and items were laid out on the top ot the dresser. I called to Mistress and advised Her that I was ready. I knelt on the floor beside the bed.

Mistress Q walked into the room and went directly to the dresser to inspect the toys. I had bought all that She commanded me to.

"While I check out the toys you brought you can get those clothes off," She said.

I rose and got my clothes off as fast as I could. My erection had gone down just slightly and still stood out in front of me as I knelt back on the floor. Mistress Q turned, walked to the bed, picked up my clothes and walked out of the room. I dared not move. She returned shortly.

"You will not need any of those until W/we go out for dinner later. I hope you brought appropriate clothing for that like I ordered," She said.

"Stand and let me have a good look at my property," She ordered.

I stood and assumed the proper position. Mistress walked around me slowly. I dared not look at Her. After completing one trip around me She began another. This time She let Her hands slide over my shoulders and back. They were so smooth and on the cool side. Her touch was feather light. My erection grew a little firmer and I was horny! Coming back to stand in front of me She reached up and pinched my nipples. Not hard, but enough to get a slight reaction out of me. She pinched a little harder and I moaned. That stung.

"You had better get used to feeling pressure and pain on those. I like clamps on them most of the time. I put them on and take them off often. You never know what I will put on them next," She stated.

"Put your hands behind your head, lock your fingers together and bend over at the waist," She ordered.

I did as I was told. This was the first time I was really embarrassed at being so vulnerable. I felt Her wonderful hands on my butt cheeks. She lightly ran Her nails over them. It felt so good.

"I see you have My butt plug in place like a good little slave," She observed. She tapped it with Her finger and I could feel the vibrations inside my bowels. It was only 4 inches long, but it reached my prostate and excited me each time it rubbed on it. It had been a chore to drive with it in me. Suddenly Mistress Q pulled it from my rectum. I groaned loudly and felt empty back there. I missed the full feeling it gave me.

"Don't worry little slave," She said. "I will be filling that hole often while you are with me. It will not feel so vacant for long. Stand up."

When I stood up again She walked around in front of me. She reached down and gently cupped my cock in Her hand. It felt wonderful. I throbbed with the feeling. Mistress Q giggled at my reaction. She then cupped my balls and lightly scraped Her fingernails over them. I was in heaven. She reached a little lower and gave a firm tug on the chain wrapped around my genitals. The loop tightened considerable and became a little uncomfortable.

"I will have you remove this while you are here," She stated. "I will find other ways to make this part of you noticeably uncomfortable." She removed the chain and laid it on the dresser.

"Go into the other bedroom and look on the dresser," She ordered. "Bring the four leather cuffs, the enema bag, the ball gag, the black leather flogger, and the clover clmps with the chain attached back with you."

I did this immediately. The items were placed on the bed when I returned. I noticed that Mistress Q had produced a length of rope, which She had strung through an eyelet protruding from the ceiling. I had not noticed these before and now saw quite a few of them placed at different points across the ceiling of the room. There were two spreader bars on the bed that I had not seen before along with a spool of pink packaging string and a pair of bandage scissors. I just knew I was going to enjoy what was coming. I had no idea what it was yet, but it would have to be exciting to say the least.

"Hold out your hands," Said Mistress.

She put one set of leather cuffs on my wrists and tightened them so they would not slide around. They were lined with a smooth material and seemed quite comfortable.

"Put your feet up on the bed one at a time," was Her next command.

The other set of cuffs were placed on my ankles. I noticed that She made sure that all of the metal 'D' rings were place on the outsides of my limbs. I would not be able to hold onto anything when they were attached to something.

Mistress went into the bathroom and came out with a glass of water. Her other hand was closed into a fist.

"Open your mouth and take this," She said. "You will notice the difference in a little while and then I will tell you what it is. It will not harm you."

I opened my mouth, allowed her to place the small pill on my tongue and then took a mouthful of the water from the glass She held to my lips. I swallowed it all.

She picked up the ball gag next and walked around behind me. I don't know whether I should have been watching all these proceedings, but I could not take my eyes off them. Mistress Q put the ball gag in front of my mouth with the tails on either side of my head.

"Open," She said.

She forced the ball into my mouth and pushed it so it sat behind my teeth. It held my moth open about as wide as I had ever had it. I knew it would soon become tedious. She brought the straps to the back of my head and tightened them securely. I tried to push the ball out with my tongue, but could not budge it.

" Yell for Me," She ordered.

A muffled sound was all I heard no matter how loud I tried to yell. I could be as vocal as I wanted and no one was going to hear me.

"I know I said I liked to hear My slaves scream," She said, "but I know you will whimper and wine for the first few procedures and I don't want to hear much of it."

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