tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Time Ch. 01

My Time Ch. 01


The air was passing over my body and the effect was always the same, my nipples were firm and pointing toward the ceiling. This time was different however since my vision was being blocked by a blindfold of some sort. I could tell from the chill that I was without clothing and the fact that my arms and legs could move only slightly without something holding me I was being restrained in some capacity. My ears strained trying to pick up something, anything, but nothing could be heard. I pulled on the binding on my hands again and the material would not give. Then I tried to pull at the ones on my feet. Using all the strength I could muster I pulled hard on my right leg. I was able to get a little elevation from the binding, but nothing would give. I slumped back onto the bed and tried to think. How had this all happened, why and even more importantly, could I get away without being harmed?

I thought back to the events of the day looking for a clue. Nothing came to mind. I got up this morning, I guess it was this morning; I showered and dressed for work. I selected a skirt a bit shorter than my normal routine and it had a delicious split along the right side to my upper thigh. Then there was the blouse, a bit on the translucent side and lower cut than normal as well. I had worn a lacy demi bra and had failed to put on the chemise. The hose were a sheer nude shade and the heels were more for night wear than office, but hey, they looked good and I liked me in them.

Lunch was uneventful, except the obvious stares I received from a lot of the men and some of the women. The excitement of knowing I had failed to wear any panties made me both damp and feeling wicked. Afterward I had made an effort to lean over the men as I brought different things to them during the afternoon. I know from self-examination this morning that the view would be considered enticing to say the least as my breasts were on display if they wanted to look. Many had during the afternoon.

Work ended and I drove to a local mall, walked around a little and enjoyed the attention. I even went into a shoe store and let the young teenager working there get a real good look up my skirt. All in all, it was an exciting day. I did not buy anything but the bulge in the front the salesman's pants told the story. He had liked what he saw.

I drove home and after retrieving the mail I went inside to relax. I even thought of going out, even without a date. It was Friday and the nightlife would do me good. I walked into my bedroom and out of the corner of my eye I saw him. He was standing behind the door when I came in. My mind panicked and then flight hit my feet at the same time he was on me. I was going to fight this but a small cloth was brought against my face covering my mouth and nose. I knew not to breathe in, but it was no time before the intake of air caused my legs to begin to buckle. The last thing I heard before I was totally under was, "you're mine bitch". Then darkness came as I slumped to the floor.

That brings me to the here and now. My mind was clearing and it was with a sense of relief that I recognized the perfume I often wore and I realized it was on the pillow beneath my head. I made the determination I was still home, just not knowing what was happening to me. I then made up my mind I was awake enough to get free, if I concentrated hard enough on the bindings. I pulled gently on the material and used more and more pressure. Still nothing gave way and I slumped back into the comfort of the bed. Then I heard it. Or maybe I should say I heard him.

"You're not going anywhere bitch. I know how to tie the knots so they just get tighter and tighter the more you struggle. So keep it up and after awhile you will cut off the circulation."

"Who are you? What do you want from me?"

"I'm someone you have teased for the last time and what I want," he paused and let out a horrible little chuckle, "Well what I want is some of that sweet pussy you been throwing at everyone. And I'm going to have some real soon."

The words were expected but still the sound of them brought the situation into crystal clarity. I was about to be fucked by someone I knew or at least who knew me. But who could it be?

His voice trailed over me as he was obviously walking around the bed gazing down at me. I was exposed, fully from what I could tell, as I felt no clothing and the bed linens were under me. I wanted to get up and run, but could not as the bindings were too tight. Then I felt his breathe as he neared my face.

I tried to concentrate on anything I could use to later identify this man, the one who had already invaded my home and appeared in all likelihood, about to ravage me as well. I heard his intake of breath and then the cooling effect as he exhaled it back on me. The air caused my nipples to harden even more than before. I tried to prevent the hardening, but the battle was already lost, as the chill from the air conditioning had already done the deed for him. My breasts rose firm and proud for his eyes and obvious delight. Then I felt it, for the first time. His tongue reached out and crossed my cheek and then moved slowly over to cross my lips. My first urge was to open my mouth and invite his invasion, then to clamp down will all my strength. But reason interjected and I knew if I made him mad there was no telling what he might do.

"Damn, you sure taste good. I bet you been told that a lot, haven't you? Amazing how your looks and taste match together so well."

I did not respond as I thought the question was more of the rhetorical type.

"Hey bitch, I asked you a question. The least you can do is give me a little response don't you think?"

He paused and I swallowed hard before my voice cracked out an answer, "yes, I have been told that before." I paused for what seemed forever before I spoke again, "You know, you don't have to do this. I don't know who you are, but if you do this, you have got to know you'll be caught eventually, right?"

"Who cares? I sure don't. Besides, who can catch me? You have no idea who I am. No one saw me come in and no one will know when I leave. So I'm safe."

He had obviously thought this all out from the beginning. How long had he been here in the house? Since this morning just after I left for work, or had he been here when I dressed and watched me, waiting till tonight? I had no way of knowing. All I knew was I was helpless and at his mercy, providing he felt any mercy for me.

I felt him rise from the bed and move somewhere in the room. My ears strained trying to hear him to get some idea of what was about to happen. Then I heard him chuckle lightly and his foot shuffle back toward the bed. He stopped just at the end of the bed and I could feel his eyes on me. From there he could see everything. I had just shaved my pussy and the way my legs were spread everything was open to him. Then I felt it, a soft touch, too soft and the touch caused my flesh to crawl and the goose bumps to rise. The touch was moving slowly up my leg and toward my openness. My mind raced and I determined it had to be a feather of some sort. The deft touch of the feather traveled further and further up my leg and when it neared the top the direction shifted and went back down the other leg. I could almost see the look of pleasure on his face as my body both sought the touch and tried to get away from it at the same time.

My back ached in spite of me as I sought the touch and I heard his light chuckle once more, "I knew you were a hot bitch the first time I saw you. This shows just how hot you really are."

He drew the feather down my leg and moved it back up, closer this time to my womanhood. Then once more but this time he paused right at the entrance. I felt myself squirm trying to get away as the light tough was giving me the chills throughout my whole body. He of course saw this as desire. Then the tip of the feather was brought across my vulva and he made tight circles in the flesh. Each pass was agonizing while at the same time exciting to a point. Then as if he were reading my mind he stopped and pushed gently into the opening. I could not help it as a guttural moan escaped from my mouth and echoed in my ears.

"That's what I wanted to hear. I knew you had it in you, just needed a bit of encouragement. Now let's see what this does to you."

My mind was feverish as I tried to think of what he would do next. I did not have to wait long as the feather was employed once more, but this time just running across the upper portion of my spread legs. He was teasing my clit and the results were not to be denied. Back and forth he moved the feather, back and forth, over and over again. Then I knew my body was lost as I felt the trickle of moisture slide lazily down from my opening. The feather had made me so sensitive that I could feel it as it slid down the outer lips of my pussy and ended on the sheets. The event did not go unnoticed.

"Hot damn, would you look at that? You done gone and got yourself all excited haven't you? I can see that little pearly drop of pussy juice from the other side of the room. You got yourself a mighty hot cunt there don't you? Bet I could slide my whole damn arm up inside you right now."

Fear struck me as the thought of something that large being pushed up inside me hit home. But then his mild laughter told me he had other plans. Instead he continued with the feather moving it all around my sex but mainly on the top where my pubes would be if I had not shaved. Over and over the area until it was akin to a Chinese water torture. And water was the key because my body was betraying me once more as the first then the second, third, forth drops of wetness descended to a growing area on the bed linen under me.

"There the little bugger is."

He stopped the feather and I was relieved to have the sensation stop. But just as I thought my agony was over I found out it was just beginning. I felt the bed move and the weight of the man between my legs. I braced myself for what was going to happen. I prepared for the invasion of his cock, but it did not come. Not yet anyway. Instead I felt his breathe inside my thighs and then his tongue flick out and touch me. I knew in a flash what he was referring to now as his tongue flicked over my erect and exposed clit. My clit has always been on the large size and when aroused it sticks out very visibly from behind the hood. Now it was available to him and he was using his tongue to send shivers of pleasure throughout my body. I could not help it as once more my body rose to greet his invading tongue and a moan came from deep within me.

I was ashamed and distressed with myself and my lack of control, but the feeling was becoming more and more overpowering. His tongue was tickling my clit without pause and I felt the orgasm building within me like a tidal wave. I tried to control it, I swear I tried, but the dam burst and I felt myself lunge at the bindings. Then a noise that did not sound like me at all came crashing to my ears as I was overtaken by the intense orgasm. My back arched and my arms strained against the bindings and still he did not stop. Over and over he stroked my clit with his tongue.

He was moving again but not any higher. Instead he ran his hand under my ass cheeks and felt just how wet the sheets had become. His tongue stopped its assault on my clit and I could feel him shift his weight. Then he grabbed one of the small throw pillows from the edge of the bed and pushed it under my ass. I was elevated further into the air but it was not uncomfortable. Once more a light touch, but it was not the feather this time. Instead it was his finger and he repeated the same action on my clit as his tongue had done. The touch was light, but compared to the feather and his tongue it was rough. Once more the sensations built and I rode toward another crest of pleasure. I was nearing yet another orgasm when his finger stopped its motion and he ran it around the outer edges of my pussy. I heard the sounds of wetness as continued to move around my edges of my vagina. I knew I was about to be entered but the depth surprised me as he only inserted about the length of his fingertip.

The finger eased along the edges of my pussy and became coated with my cum. I expected him to make some crude remark, but it never came. Instead he circled the area over and over until I could feel the juices begin to trickle down once more. Regardless of the situation, he knew how to pleasure me. His finger slowed and finally stopped on the bottom side of my pussy. Then he slowly began to remove it from me. My body involuntarily flexed upward seeking to continue the assault.

"I knew you were a hot fucking cunt, but now you are really showing it. Maybe I should call some of my friends and have them over for a party. Maybe I should let about 6 or 8 of them fuck you till you were finally satisfied. You'd like that, wouldn't you bitch? You would like having all of then fuck your tight cunt and maybe even fuck that sexy mouth of yours. You'd like that wouldn't you cunt?"

He paused and I was about to say no when he started again.

"Yeah, bet you would like having my buddy with the 12-inch cock shoving it all up your snatch. Hell, I could charge a hundred bucks each and make something out of this. Maybe even have you fucked all weekend long? Bet I could make a couple of thousand easy. Would you like that cunt?"

He paused again but for only a moment.

"Or maybe," he began the circling of my pussy again with his finger, "you would rather have this?"

His finger 'slipped' out of my pussy and fell right to the opening of my ass. He paused for only a moment for me to realize what was about to happen. My mouth opened to object but before any words could come out he began to use his fingertip to tickle the surface of my bum hole. The sensation was something I had never experienced before and I felt it to be most pleasurable. Even as he continued to ease over the surface of my puckered hole he used a slight bit of pressure to push inward a little at the time. I felt my anus stretch a bit until he eased his first digit into my virgin hole. He continued the almost wormlike action as he pushed further and further into my opening. I could feel as his next finger joint began to push on the sphincter opening. The wetness that had dripped down added to the moisture on his finger caused the opening to allow his next joint inside also with almost no resistance.

"Damn bitch, you got yourself a great fucking ass hole here. Bet I could come a gallon inside here. Once we get you all worked up and stretched a little, think I'll cum inside your ass as well as your wet cunt. Think you would like that bitch? I think you will. Just wait and see."

I barely heard his voice as I was being swept away with rising passions once more. I knew it could get no better when I felt his tongue once more flicking over my clit. His finger moved deeper into my ass while his tongue was working magic once more on my clit. The sensations were over powering and I felt myself fading in and out of consciousness.

I awoke some time later and felt a stillness in the room. I opened my eyes but still had a blindfold in place. I attempted to move my hands and arms and found that they too were still held in place by bindings of some sort. The one difference however was the fact that my legs were free. I could close them and decided to do just that. As the material of the bed linens were moving against me I could feel the stiffness of the material. I knew it was from the fluids that had drained from my own body just a short time before. I knew it was not too long since a couple of spots were still wet. I strained to hear anything at all and when no sounds could be heard I released a single breath.

"I see you have awakened. Guess you needed that little bit of shut-eye after all those orgasms. Bet you didn't know you were capable of such heights of pleasure. And to think, all from someone you would not even give the time of day to. How does that make you feel slut?"

Another of those pauses, like he wanted a reply, but once again he did not allow me to comment.

"By the way, any attempts to get away, or refuse me in any way and I'll just tie your legs open again. Must admit I do enjoy looking at that sweet pussy of yours, all shaved and moist. Makes someone just want to dive in and have lunch all over again. Know what I mean?"

I wanted to reply but knew I could say nothing that would make him leave. Then again, I wondered in my own mind if I really wanted him to leave anyway. I had not had so much sexual pleasure in my entire life. Fact was I seldom had an orgasm with a partner. Sure I could get myself off with little difficulty, but the men in my life had always been into themselves and had short fuses. I would be getting heated up and they were ready to leave already. I could not remember the number of times they had gone home and I had to finish the job myself.

What the fuck was wrong with me? This man had me held against my will and had done things to me no one had ever done before. I had passed out from orgasmic release sure, but it was still a rape no matter how you looked at it. How could I even think of enjoying this? It all made no sense.

Then a realization struck me. I had an almost irresistible urge to use the bathroom. My bladder had all but been forgotten, but now was straining to contain all the fluids normally allowed to leave.

"Hey, I really need to use the bathroom. My bladder is so full. If I don't go soon it will be all over the bed. Please, I really need to go."

He must have thought of everything except this little problem. I could almost hear the gears running in his head. Finally he spoke.

"Okay, here's the plan. I untie your hands and I help you to the toilet. But, and listen to this good bitch, if you try to get away or take the blindfold off, then the next couple of days will be pure hell for you. Do I make myself clear?"

I nodded my head and then thought better of the non-verbal and told him I understood perfectly.

I felt the binding being released on first my right hand and then my left. The circulation had not been cut off but the release was still a welcome one. I immediately rubbed my hands over my wrists where the bindings had been and resisted the urge to cover myself with my hands. After all he had seen everything and had been places no one else had ever been. I then felt his hand touch my arm as if to help me up. An embarrassing moment then as the sheet clung to my rear as the dried fluid had acted as glue. I finally had to grab the sheet and pull it from my butt. I had never known I had the capability of having so much juice run from me. Now I knew, as did this man with me.

The urge to reach for the blindfold was great but I fought it as he took my arm and led me toward the bathroom. I knew it well, but the total blackness still made everything seem so surreal. Finally I made it to the toilet and as I started to sit he cleared his voice and spoke once more.

"Don't try anything funny now. I'm standing right outside with the door blocked by my foot. You can remove the blindfold once I say, but you better not try to come out without it. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, I understand. And I promise I won't try anything. Just give me a couple of minutes please."

"You got two minutes lady, starting now."

I cautiously raised the blindfold and my eyes hurt from the light. Slowly they adjusted and I immediately sat on the toilet to relieve my bladder. The sound was loud and I was embarrassed by the fact. But he said nothing that I could hear. Then I felt something else. I look down just in time to see additional fluid dripping from my body. My first thought was he had raped me while I was out. But then I looked again and disbelief hit home again. I was literally dripping out the fluids I had produced during my pleasure binges. I stared like a child as they dripped from me. I know my mouth must have been open. Then I was jolted from my trance.

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