tagBDSMMy Time Ch. 02

My Time Ch. 02


I found Mistress Q lounging in the chair She had been sitting in when I first talked to Her. There was an ottoman in front of the chair with some implements on it. I could not see all of them clearly as my eyes were cast to the floor. I stood in front of Mistress in the proper position. She sat up straight on the edge of the chair.

"Turn around and place your hands behind your back like a good little slave," She orders.

I do. Mistress Q uses a quick clip to fasten my wrist cuffs together. My cock starts to harden again. That little pill is doing its job like a champ. By the time She turns me around to face Her my cock is totally erect.

"Happy to see me?" She asks with a broad smile.

She takes three fingers and swats my cock. It stings like the devil, but my cock just bounces right back to the same position pointing out and slightly up. Mistress swats the topside of my cock again with the same results.

"That's what I want to see," She says. "A hard slave is good to find."

A belt is removed from the ottoman. Mistress puts this around my waist and pulls it tight enough so it will not move. It is black leather about 3 inches wide. Spaced strategically around the belt are 'D' rings. They do not move much due to the way they are sewn into the belt. Bending was going to be a little more of a chore than it had been so far. Mistress Q indicates that I am to turn back around. The quick clip is removed from one cuff, run through the 'D' ring in the center back of the belt and fastened back to the cuff it was removed from. This held my hands above my ass and right at the waistline. It also caused me elbows to bend and move out from my body.

"Now you can't do much," She said, "and your ass is open to the public."

She took the remaining items off the ottoman and placed them on the end table next to the chair.

"Kneel and lay over the ottoman," She ordered.

She walked around me several times. Each time She passed by my head I caught another glimpse of those beautiful feet. They were so dainty and the heels She wore set Her feet off like they were in a showcase. I am not much of a foot man, but these had my admiration.

"That ass is not nearly red enough to suit me," Mistress Q said. "I think I should remedy that. How much do you enjoy the paddle?"

"I haven't had the paddle used on me in years Mistress," I said. "I know that I never did care for it much."

"This may not be what you care for," She said, "but you are going to get it anyway."

I felt the first whack of the paddle across my ass cheeks. It stung, but not as bad as I expected. I yelped and jumped at the same time.

"I know it has been a while," She said, "so I have chosen a rather flexible leather paddle for you. This will work as a warm up to the real thing later."

Another whack landed on my ass. I yelped again.

"You can get as vocal as you want," Mistress Q said. "Remember that I like it when my slaves scream. Just don't make it fake. I will really make you scream in time."

Another smack landed on my precious ass cheeks and another after that in rapid succession. She kept up a steady stroke for about another five whacks. My ass cheeks were getting hot. The next five whacks were much harder than the first set. I must have given Her a lot of pleasure with my vocal talents on those. I was not faking it either.

The next set of five smacks was even harder. Mistress had a good rhythm going and did not miss a beat. My ass was on fire.

"A change of focus," She said enigmatically.

I felt the landing zone change to the backs of my thighs. I thought I would die. That really stung. First She would land a set on one leg and then the other. They both received equal attention and I gave Her a mighty chorus of screams. I had tears flowing from my eyes by the time She stopped.

"That's a nice shade of red," She said. "I like that. You were so pale back there when I started. Get used to this. Each time I see that the red is wearing off your ass cheeks I will light them up again."

Her hand was cool and soothing as it gently rubbed my ass. I appreciated every fond stroke that was delivered. Those hands could be gentle as well as cruel.

"Now your little ass looks so empty," She observed. "This will keep you full and stretch you out for future use. You will enjoy this"

Mistress Q brought around a black dildo for me to look at. It was huge looking. It was a monster to behold. I cringed inside and wondered if I would ever be able to walk again after She put that in me. The thing was 8 inches long and the diameter had to be at least 1½ inch in girth. It looked like a normal cock, but there was a flare at the base that ended in a handle that was about 6 inches long. It frightened me, but my cock gave away my excitement. It did not flag during the paddling and now it got a little harder. I loved those pills.

Mistress Q disappeared behind me. The sound of the latex gloves could be heard snapping into place. I felt the cold touch of the lubricant on my anus once more. It was almost soothing. It soon warmed to my body temperature and a finger slid into my anus. I did all I could to relax and let it in.

"That's my boy," cooed Mistress Q. "Let your Mistress right inside. It will be much easier on you. I will get inside no matter what you do so relaxing is the best form of action at this point."

The finger moved around and slid in and out. It finally touched my prostate. I moaned with pleasure when that happened.

"I think you are getting to like this," said Mistress. "That is a good thing. Your little asshole is going to get a lot of entries and stretching before you leave here."

A second finger slid in. I could feel the stretch and a little discomfort. That soon left as She moved the fingers around and in and out. She was fucking me with those lovely fingers. I knew they were not that thick to begin with. I began to wonder how many She meant to have in me this time.

A third finger entered. I was really feeling it now. It was a little on the painful side. I did my best to relax and not clench up.

"My," Mistress exclaimed, "You are a cooperative little slave. Most others would have tightened up for the third finger. Very good."

Again a sense of pride came through me. I was pleasing this beautiful creature. That was what I was here for after all. I was even proud that I could take that many fingers into my small hole back there with such ease.

The fingers were withdrawn and I felt the tip of that cold huge dildo knocking at the back door. This terrified me. I hoped that Mistress would be merciful and not just ram the whole thing in there at once. I did not think I could take the whole thing without being torn apart.

"Get ready to relax the best you can," said She. "If you can push out against it, it will go in a little easier and with less pain."

With that She pushed the tip a little farther in. I could feel the stretch and the pain started. It was not drastically bad right then, but I knew there was a lot more to come. She kept pushing with a light pressure until I felt the head pop through the muscle. I yelped and moaned loudly. That hurt. It felt like a telephone pole in there. I could do nothing about it. I could not move forward because I was up against the ottoman already. I sure didn't want to move backwards and implant that thing farther than it was. My cock was rock hard. The dirty traitor would betray me no matter what!

Mistress Q must have had the same thought. I felt a hand grab my cock in a light grip and start to pull on it. She was jacking me off slowly. That felt good! Her hand was cool and so smooth. I needed this distraction. I had been concentrating on the pain in my anus for too long now. That did not last long as Mistress Q started pushing the dildo in with a steady pressure.

I thought I was splitting apart back there. It just kept advancing and making me feel fuller and fuller as it went. At least it was a slow advance. I relaxed my sphincter the best I could, but it kept wanting to clench up against the intruder. Suddenly the inward progress stopped. Unfortunately, the stroking of my cock stopped at the same time. I felt stuffed. The stretching was the only pain that I had so it was not as bad as it could be. I thought the whole thing was in me.

"Nicely done," said Mistress Q. "You have taken half of my cock so far. I will give you a short rest to get used to it and then I will continue"

That was only half of it? I thought the whole train was in the station. The pain was getting a little less from the stretch and I was getting a little used to feeling full. I dared not move. I did not even want to wiggle. A moment was all I got.

The forward progress of the infernal thing started again. I was getting fuller and fuller. I wondered if the progress of it could be seen from the outside of my belly. No chance of that with me over the ottoman like this. I was beginning to pant and kept up a constant moaning. I was getting a little louder as it went further into me.

That was when the pain started inside of me. It felt way up inside and was becoming sharper and sharper.

"My cock seems to have hit a turning point," said Mistress Q.

She started moving it up and down and sideways as She pushed a little more gently. The pain stayed the same, but the movement of that thing inside was driving me crazy. Each time She would move it a certain way it would bump on my prostate and send a charge ripping through me. It was not unpleasant. It was starting to feel good.

A shift took place inside of me. I could feel that some barrier had ben breached. The pain stopped and my insides made a shift to one side. The dildo made a slight lurch forward and started to slide further in without any pain, but the fullness kept increasing. It actually felt wonderful. I was amazed at how much easier it was to take that thing. My cock bounced with joy. I could not get it any harder. It felt like an extended rock while this dildo just kept going and going like the energizer bunny. Then it stopped.

"There it goes," said Mistress Q. "Now I can get you opened up the right way. There is a turn in the colon that I had to get the end of this past so all of it would go in. It has to be done carefully or some damage can result. No damage here. I can just start the process."

I felt Her pulling the dildo out of me slowly. I burned and was irritating right at my asshole, but it felt so good inside. I could feel it some out passed that bend She spoke of and it still kept coming. It felt like there was a foot and a half up there. It finally stopped and started back up in. It passed my prostate and sent another jolt through me. This time it stayed against that gland and kept rubbing it as it went up in. I was in heaven until She hit the curve again. It was not so bad this time. I even enjoyed the wiggling She was giving it to get it through there. The head went past the bend and it continued back up inside. Then it stopped and started to back out all over again. I was getting fucked in the ass by a huge black dildo and I was enjoying it more and more. My cock was letting anyone who cared to look that I was enjoying it too. It was still very hard and I could feel it twitching in the air. I wanted to have it touched so badly.

"You like this?" Asked Mistress.

"Yes, Mistress," I replied with joy.

"Good," She said. "You should and will need to by the end of your time with Me this weekend."

Each time Mistress pushed the dildo past the curve in my colon it became easier and easier. Soon I was lost in the feelings it was generating. The pace stayed pretty much the same, but the feelings were more and more pleasurable. I hated to lose the full feeling as She pulled it out and looked forward to the inward motion of the darned thing after a while.

Mistress Q pushed it in as far as it had ever been and stopped. I felt Her doing something to the belt She had placed around my waist. Something like a string went down each cheek of my ass.

"Come up off the ottoman but stay on your knees," She ordered.

I started up off the ottoman and found that there was a definite shift in the pressure inside of me. Each inch that I moved felt like it moved that dildo a mile inside of me. It was torture until I got straight up on my knees and the movement stopped. I got used to the different angle of the dildo within a minute or two. Mistress was playing with the handle of it and then brought the two pieces of what I thought were strings in front of me from between my legs on either side of my cock and balls. I saw that they were actually those small bungee cords that are used to secure things in place. They are elastic and have a hook at each end of the cord. Obviously She had hooked one end of each cord to a 'd' ring in the belt on the back side and was in the process of hooking the other end to a 'd' ring one either side of the belt from the front. The effect was to hold the dildo in by putting pressure against the flange at the base of it before the handle. Mistress had pulled the cords tight enough to allow them to exert a constant pressure on the dildo pushing it up into me all the time. She intended for me to wear this thing for a while!

"The things I could do with that handle that is sticking out of you," She said. "Eventually these cords will push the dildo all the way into you as you move about and relax the muscles inside of you. You have about two inches to go and it will all be inside. It will keep your little bunghole open and stretch it out the way it should be stretched. You will also find it an annoyance and a thrill as it bumps against all kinds of things and moves around in there as you try to move different ways. You will be very conscious of my cock up inside you."

Mistress Q went behind me and sat on the chair.

"Turn and face me, slave," She ordered.

I did as I was told. She was right. Each movement of my body brought a responsive movement from the dildo. I felt it go just a fraction more inside of me, but the movement was the strongest feeling. It was really a great feeling.

Mistress placed a leg on either side of me and leaned back in the chair. What a beautiful sight. All She had on were the heels and the little black leather shorts. The rest of Her was gloriously naked and absolutely beautiful. Her breasts did not sag at all. Her Pixy face was perfectly framed by that gorgeously shiny blond hair. She was so delicate looking. She looked like a little doll. I loved short women anyway. To have one this delicious dominating me put me right in heaven. I could not believe my good fortune. I could not help but stare.

"You will be punished for staring later," She reminded me. "Right now I am horny and want some attention paid to my tits. Then you will get to make me cum. I hope that pill continues to work the way it is right now."

I glanced down and saw that my cock was telling Her just how much She excited me. It stood straight out in front of me. I had never had an erection last this long with such strength before. Hurray for the pills. I hoped the effects would be around for a long time. I wanted to cum so badly. My whole nervous system was on edge. It was as if I was vibrating on the inside from the excitement and tension.

"Lean forward and make love to my tits with your mouth," She said. "You better do a good job or I will make it miserable for you."

Gladly I bent to the task. I started with Her right nipple and licked all around it on the darker areola. The nipple was already as hard as a pebble and standing out for the attention. I kissed all around Her tit and licked it all over. Then I homed in on the nipple. Mistress Q gave a gasp and then a sigh. I must have been doing a good job. When I thought I had made the other tit jealous enough, I moved my attention to it and repeated the same treatment.

"You have a talented mouth and a good tongue," She said. "That will pay off with other parts of My body as well."

I kept this up and made Her squirm for many minutes while I besieged Her tits with my mouth. Her breathing was coming fast and heavy. Her chest was heaving with the effort. Her face was blushing with the pleasure. I was very proud of myself. Mistress Q pushed my head away from Her tits.

"Now kiss, lick, and suck your way down to the top of my shorts," ordered Mistress. "So it slowly."

I started to make my way down from Her tits in a slow and langorous manner. I took my time and covered every luscious inch of Her torso. I paid particular attention to the area around Her naval. She had a very tight body and it was such a pleasure to mouth Her smooth creamy skin.

"Back up on your knees and close your eyes tight," Mistress Q ordered. "I don't want you to look until I tell you too."

I knelt up and felt Mistress stand. I could tell by Her movements that the shorts were coming down. I could imagine the delicate little flower that She had down there. I was looking forward to seeing it in all its glory. I imagined that She had it clean-shaven. It was probably sealed together into a tight little clam. I would open it with my tongue. I would savor it with my nose and breathe in the delicate aroma of it. I would run my tongue over the velvety smoothness of it and taste the nectar that would be oozing from it. I am so ready for this!

Mistress Q sat back down on the chair.

"Open your eyes and behold the prize," She said.

I opened my eyes and my breath left my body. My heart stopped beating. My mouth dropped open and stayed there. My eyes were about to come out of my head. I was stunned. I had imagined Her to be clean-shaven. I was right. There was not a vestige of hair anywhere to be seen. The skin was just as creamy down there as it was on the rest of Her body. There were no tan lines. I could not believe my eyes. There looking back at me was the most perfectly formed, 8-inch, erect cock. A nicely formed pair of balls lay just below it. It was as big around as Her wrist.

"I should have told you," She said. "I don't know why I did not. I just knew you were going to be a perfect slave for Me. I guess that is why I left that little detail out. Are you disappointed?"

Speech was beyond me. I have never had a gay thought in my head. I was not even bi-sexual. I had never felt another man's cock in my life. But I have always had this yearn to be with a transsexual woman. They were totally different to me than a gay male. They were women with male plumbing. I saw nothing wrong with being intimate with a transsexual. My cock must have known this It gave a huge twitch. Mistress Q saw this and smiled.

"I was hoping that would be your reaction," She said with a smile. "Make love to Me at your own speed. I know you are a virgin in this department so I will give you some slack this first time around. You will make me cum before you get up from there."

I bent down to get closer to that wonderful pole that was sticking straight up. It was throbbing and twitching as much as mine was. I could pick up a slightly musky aroma coming from Her genitals. It was such a turn on. Where do I start first? I placed the side of my head against Her thigh and began to gently tongue Her balls. The skin was so soft and smooth. There was very little taste. I licked with more and more passion. I was getting lost in this world. The dildo in my ass was the only anchor keeping me from floating away. I wished that my hands were free so I could play with Her cock while I licked at Her balls. Mistress Q's breathing became ragged.

I was really getting into this. I gently took one of Her balls into my mouth and sucked on it. I ran my tongue around and around it. It was a delicate thing. Mistress Q moaned in pleasure. I switched and took the other ball into my mouth and gave it like treatment. I got another moan of pleasure from Mistress.

The moment of truth had arrived. I was going to suck cock. Tentatively I licked the head of Her cock. The skin was so soft and smooth. It did not feel like it looked. It looked like it would be so much firmer and strong to the touch. I planted little kisses on the head and around the crown of the head. Her cock twitched in response. Mistress was watching me very closely with a twinkle of delight in Her eyes. Not daring to look up at Her again I lowered my eyes back to that beautiful cock. It was big. It was bigger than mine and I had always thought of myself as being fairly well off.

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