tagBDSMMy Time Ch. 05

My Time Ch. 05


My Time 5: What a Morning

I must have fallen asleep immediately. I don't remember a thing until I woke up and had to pee badly. I tried to get out of bed but my right leg would not reach the floor. I recalled Mistress Q chaining it to the footboard. I located the plastic bottle She had left for this purpose and rolled onto my side so I could direct the stream into it. It worked. I relieved myself and put the lid back on the bottle. I set it back where I had gotten it from, rolled back over and fell back into a deep sleep. I don't even remember dreaming during the night.

I was lying on my back in a sound sleep when the covers were torn from me and I lay there naked to the world with Mistress Q standing next to the bed. Even startled like that I knew not to move or say a word.

"Roll over on your stomach and place your hands under you," She ordered.

I did as I was ordered. The butt plug was pulled from my anus.

"I must redden that ass for you," she said. "It lost its color during the night and W/we can't have you wandering around with a pale ass."

Mistress had the leather paddle and started to use it on my ass. It stung and I let Her know it by grunting loudly each time She struck me. This continued on both cheeks until She had reached 20 smacks on both cheeks. By that time I was crying and my ass was on fire again. What a way to start the day! For a change my cock was not hard. Mistress rubbed my ass cheeks to sooth them and then stood back.

"Get out of bed, clean your piss bottle and do your morning ablutions," She ordered. "Do everything but shower. You will do that later."

I did as I was ordered. I shaved all my important areas, brushed my teeth, combed my hair and peed. I just waited in the bathroom for Mistress, as She did not tell me to do anything else.

Finally Mistress Q came into the bathroom. She looked me over and felt my cock and balls to make sure that they were freshly shaven.

"Very good," She said. "Now I will start you out right so you will be ready for the rest of the day's activities. Get into the shower and stand facing Me."

When I had done that Mistress hooked my hands behind me and tied a rope through the cuffs on my wrists. She ran the rope through a hook in the ceiling with the aid of a chair She had brought with Her. The rope was pulled tighter until it started to lift my hands behind me. This caused me to bend at the waist. My hands were pulled upwards until I was bent at a ninety-degree angle to the floor. Mistress tied off the end of the rope to another hook set into the wall in the shower. I wondered just how much She had paid this Hotel for them to make all these special alterations for Her.

Mistress Q then placed a spreader bar between my feet and hooked each end to the ankle cuffs. This spread my feet apart about a foot on either side of my shoulders. I was hung and could not get out of that shower. Next Mistress filled the enema bag. My heart sank. I was to endure this even before breakfast. I noticed that She was using warm water this time. The bag was hung on a hook in the back of the shower about 18 inches above my ass.

"I am going to use the douche nozzle this morning," She said. "You must be a good slave and hold it in without the assistance of the inflatable one."

The hose clamp was opened and the water started to flow into me. It was pleasant at first. My cock gave me away again by starting to rise. The flow was pleasant and there was not too much pressure from it. I started to cramp a little. Mistress noticed this.

"You will just have to bear through these cramps and take it like a man for a change," She said. " I will help out a little, but I need you to learn to take the whole bag at one sitting or hanging as the case may be."

Mistress then reached down and took my cock into Her hand. She started stroking me and it soon was at full attention. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the stroking as much as I could. The cramps were still there, but they were easier to bear this way. I was beginning to enjoy myself and get into the rhythm of Her hand when the cramps became stronger. I looked down and saw that my belly was expanding. I wondered how much of the bag I had already taken. My arms were getting tired and starting to hurt from the pull on them.

"You are doing well slave," She said. "Keep it up and you will soon have the entire bag in you."

I was ready for the bag to run out of water. My belly was quite distended now and my arms hurt worse. The stroking on my cock was the only thing that was helping me maintain my sanity. Mistress Q reached Her other hand behind me and started giving me stinging slaps on my ass cheeks. This did not help matters at all.

I felt the pressure stop and the flow disappeared.

"You've taken the whole bag," Said Mistress. "Good slave. Now hold it while I prepare for you to release it. Don't you spill a drop."

She loosened the rope that secured my arms up behind me and pushed on my chest at the same time so I would not fall forward. I stood in the tub while she took the spreader bar loose from both ankles. She pulled out the nozzle and I had to grip real hard back there to hold all of that stuff in me. It wanted out badly.

"Get on the toilet and Hold it in," She said.

I did and Mistress handed me another one of those little pills and some water in a glass. I took the pill, drank the water and gave the glass back to Mistress. She turned to leave the bathroom.

"You may release it now, take a shower and meet me in the kitchen," She said as She walked out the door. "Take those cuffs off to shower and put them back on when done."

Everything let go and was gone in record time. When I was finished on the throne, I took my shower and cleaned myself very well. I dried off and headed for the kitchen. I was hoping that breakfast would be ready.

Breakfast was waiting when I got to the kitchen. It smelled wonderful. Mistress had me sit at the side of the table while She sat at the head. There were eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, and coffee. I devoured all of it. Mistress ate Hers while grinning at me.

"You will need every bit of nourishment you can get for this morning's activities," She said. "You will be very busy and stressed this morning. It will be easy on you in only one way. You will be sitting in a nice chair the whole time."

I was actually looking forward to Her planned activities for the morning. I was excited enough to have grown an erection just listening to Her voice and looking at Her beauty. Mistress had dressed in Her usual heels and nothing else. I loved looking at Her body. It was so perfectly formed and Her having a cock to boot just made it that much more erotic.

After finishing breakfast and cleaning off the table, Mistress ordered me to stand at the sink and face Her. The packing string was applied around the base of my balls and cock again and Mistress bent down to suck the head of my cock. This succeeded in raising a nice full erection and started my balls to swell up. The skin over my balls was getting tighter and tighter as I became more and more excited. Mistress finally stood up and left me standing there with my cock standing out in front of me. I knew it would be that way until She decided I had been hard long enough to suit Her.

Mistress pulled out one of the straight-backed kitchen chairs from the table and brought out a different butt plug than She had bee using. This one was about 7 inches long and had three bulges on it as it went from tip to base. The first was small. The second about the same size as the butt plug She had been using on me. The last one was quite large. There was a space at the base of the plug that was as narrow as the first bulge that my anus could clamp down on. Mistress lubed this plug up and set it on the seat of the chair. How convenient for me.

"Sit down," said Mistress Q. "You can figure out where that will go."

I went over to the chair, positioned my legs on either side of it for balance, and reached down to guide the plug to the mark. It was cold when it started into my anus. The first bulge was easy and created no problem for me. I was a little sore back there, but it was nothing major. I let go and sat a little more onto the plug. The second bulge went in with just a slight bit of stress. Keeping my back as straight as I could I sat down farther on the plug. It was really stretching my anus and a little bit painful. The more it went in the more painful it got. My anus was getting a real stretching out of this one. The tip hit the curve in the colon and I wiggled and leaned to the right to help it past that. It slid up after a little coaxing and my anus suddenly closed on the smaller part at the base. There was not a lot of relief in that, but it was better than the tremendous stretch of just a second before. I was now seated firmly on the chair.

Mistress came over and pushed down on both my shoulders.

"I don't want you cheating," She said. "I want that thing all the way up inside so you can feel every little movement of it."

My cock was still hard as a rock and I was horny as a toad. However horny toads get.

Mistress Q pulled my hands around the back of the chair, hooked them together and then secured them with a rope to the rung that ran across the two back legs of the chair. This way She could pull them down tight and they were held securely. Next She fastened a rope around my waist just below my naval and secured that to the chair. I would not be making any huge movements or sliding off the chair by accident. Mistress then tied a rope to each of my ankle cuffs. She pulled one out to the side and slipped the end through the table leg right under the tabletop. She did the other the same way. Mistress went back and forth between the two legs and made each one tighter each time. I was finally spread as wide as I could stand it with my legs straight out to the sides. I am sure I was a sight to behold.

"You may scream as loud as you want during this," She said. "I like to hear that. The redness of your skin will tell Me when you have had enough. Don't expect Me to stop until I am ready."

She took a leather flogger in Her right hand and made a few light passes over my chest with it. Then She made a few more light passes over my thighs. I found that the way She had my legs spread exposed my inner thighs to the flogger. This was going to hurt good.

"You will be happy to know that I did not forget the important part of this," said Mistress Q as She walked around to the front of me with the little cock flogger in Her hand.

She got right in front of me and let one go on my cock and balls that stung like the devil. I screamed. That must have charged Her up because She lashed my cock and balls about four more times in fast succession really hard. My genitals were on fire. I thought I could see welts rising up on my cock through the tears that were in my eyes.

This triggered the pace for the rest of the flogging. It was not light lashes that went on from here. She took the leather flogger again and beat my chest with hard lashes. Each one stung like hell and brought another yell from me. The tips of the lashes were the worst. She knew how to play them from the sides around to the center of my chest. I don't know how many lashes I received. Then She shifted direction. My leg closest to Her was the next target. During the short pause I noticed that Mistress' cock was erect and waving in the air with Her efforts. That monster sticking out in front of that gorgeous dainty body of Hers was erotic to look at. Her breasts were swaying slightly with Her movements and the nipples were hard and erect. I would have liked to have sucked on them for Her right then.

The sensitive inside of my thigh was the main target. I screamed each time that She struck there. I lost track of time and all other feeling for a little. Then the lashing paused again. Mistress moved around to the other side of the chair and stood there for a minute. It was during that pause that I became aware of the movement and stimulation from the butt plug. I was breathing heavily by now and each intake of breath brought a new wiggle from the plug. It was right up against my prostate and I could see the pre-cum on the head of my cock. It was standing up waiting for some more attention.

Mistress Q started in lashing my chest from the new direction. It was just as painful and I screamed and cried just as much, but I could feel the plug this time. I wanted to cum. Then the pause came and Mistress started in on the thigh that was closest to Her now. It hurt worse than the chest flogging. My skin was red all over. Everywhere that She had been flogging it was a burning red, on fire to my feeling, and welts were showing fast.

Mistress stopped flogging my thigh and came in front of me to continue on my cock and balls. I was lucky that my balls had swollen as much as they had. It cushioned them from the direct blows of the little flogger. Mistress flogged them for a long time this round. I was getting a little dizzy from not being able to breath right. Just when I knew I could not possibly take anymore Mistress stopped.

"Take a breather," She said. Mistress was panting with the effort also. She was flushed in the face and chest and Her cock was as hard as a rock.

"That was invigorating," She said. "You scream well. I am proud of you. Does the longer plug give you a better sense of an anchor on that chair?"

"Yes, Mistress," I gasped.

I was getting my breathing back to a normal state. My head was clearing up nicely. I thought I was going to recover from this. Mistress must have seen the signs. She walked up to the front of the chair and straddled it. Her cock was just about the height of my mouth.

"Open," She ordered.

I did. She shoved Her cock into my mouth and immediately started to fuck it with vigor. Her cock did not go in deep, but it was a good fucking. She grabbed the back of my head with both hands to keep it steady and just fucked away. She was sighing with pleasure. Suddenly She stopped.

"I am not near done with you yet," She said.

She got the cock flogger and started in on my cock. She worked the entire length of it. Each time it hit on the head of my cock I wanted to rocket out of that chair. The plug was driving me crazy at the same time.

Mistress stopped flogging my cock, straddled the chair and my legs and lowered Herself onto me. My cock went into Her hole like it was a heat-seeking missile. God did that hurt. My skin on my cock was on fire and now being ridden upon. Her hole was tight and clamped down on it with strength.

"I wanted some really hot cock in me," She said as She pulled my head back by my hair. "I know you want to cum in Me, but now you can't until I let you. Pretty good control, huh?"

She rode my cock up and down with enthusiasm. Mistress must have had Her hole lubricated beforehand, as it was moist and slick on my cock. She was enjoying Herself immensely. Mistress latched Her mouth on mine and buried Her tongue to my tonsils. It was a huge turn-on. I would have enjoyed it much more without the burning pain in my cock, but this was hot.

The kiss was broken and Mistress stood up and walked back from me.

"I don't want to take the edge off," She said panting. "I have so much more in store. Let's try something new."

I recognized the next weapon She grabbed. It was a rubber flogger. The lashes were of thin rubber. I had one of these used on me a long time ago and remembered that the sting was distinctive. Without any fanfare Mistress let loose with ten good blows with this flogger. It stung like crazy. I was screaming and crying again. She moved from my chest to my thigh and that was even worse. I was struggling in the chair to no avail. I was stuck there. That made the plug all the more active inside me and my prostate was almost over stimulated. I wanted to cum in the worst way. My cock was hugely erect. I don't think I had ever felt it so hard and inflamed. It was horribly wonderful.

Mistress Q moved around to the other side of me and repeated the lashing to my chest and the other thigh. I replied with more screaming and more crying. I was getting very short on breath and was light-headed again. Mistress picked up on this and stopped. There was very little respite for me as She took the cock flogger and beat out ten lashes on my cock and balls. Then I got to catch my breath. The entire front of my body was on fire. Mistress Q put down the cock flogger and backed up to the chair. She reached back for my cock and guided it into Her hole as She sat down on me. She fucked the daylights out of me. She was moving so steady and fast. She was moving Her hips round and round as they went up and down. It felt wonderful. I could have cum several times I think. The cock tie kept me from it.

Mistress got up off my cock before She came. She was panting and gasping.

"I have more work to do," She stated. " When I turn you loose you will bend over the table the same way you were last night."

She unfastened all my ties and I got off the chair rather shakily. My legs did not want to hold me up. I turned, moved the chair out of the way and lay over the table.

Mistress Q did not tie me down immediately. She came over to me and lay over the table with me. Her arm went around me. Her mouth was near my ear so I supposed that Her feet were pretty much off the floor. She whispered encouragements into my ear and allowed Her tongue to do a little nice work in my ear that raised goose bumps all over me. I felt so safe and loved.

"You have become very precious to Me in such a short time," She cooed. "I will take care of you but will not go easy on you."

She got off the table and tied me with my hands going to the corners of the table on the side my head was on and my knees tied and pulled out to the sides. I was glad the ball tie She had used on me the night before was not incorporated though my cock and balls were feeling a little on the cold side and were a nice shade of purple. My cock, of course, was still as erect as it could ever have been.

Mistress had the leather paddle and went to work with ten swats to each of my ass cheeks.

"This must stay that enticing shade of red," She told me. "I am going to be looking back here up close and personal for the next little while. You are just going to love this one."

The butt plug had stayed in my ass when I got off the chair. Mistress now pulled it out of me with a pop. I could feel that my anus did not close all the way. I found out that would not matter. I heard the snap of the latex glove and felt Mistress apply even more lube to my poor little hole.

Mistress Q pulled the chair up so She could sit right by my ass and stuck two fingers into me without ceremony. These were moved in and out and wiggled to make plenty of room back there. After the butt plug rubbing around in there this was almost a relief to have something even more active in me. Her fingers were doing even more to stimulate my prostate than the plug had. My butt cheeks were still plenty warm from the leather paddle. My chest felt better on the cool tabletop. It was rapidly warming to my body temperature though.

Mistress was even nice enough to stroke on my sore, but very excited, cock and balls. She used the hand without the glove on and Her cool hand did wonders for me. I wanted to cum so bad. I think I would have promised Her anything had She asked.

"I am going to try and stretch you farther than you have probably ever been stretched before," She said. "This will hurt at times, but I am watching close to see that no damage is done back here. Ready?"

I need not have answered. Mistress was going to do what She wanted to do anyway. At least I had gotten my breath back.

Another finger was inserted with the first two. There was pressure, but no pain at that point. They really played on my prostate. It felt like three snakes in me back there each one fighting for more room. It was thrilling. I could tell they were buried all the way up to the third knuckles. The glove made them feel almost like silk to the touch. Mistress' touch on my cock and balls was driving me wild. I was moaning loudly and constantly.

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