tagGay MaleMy Time in the Monastery

My Time in the Monastery


Brother / Sister/Slave, ("TML") November 1970

"Good loving & Good Scourging"

The story of a MASTER and his slave!

WOW, "it" finally happened!!! I had had my first sex, and it was with a fellow brother monk in the monastery. It was great. I always imagined having my "first time" with a sexy gal, but nonetheless my first sex was great! I often fantasize and wish for more.

I was a 20-year-old virgin and had fantasized about lots of women. I distinctly remember "wanting" Sally and Roberta in grade school and Cathy and Bonnie in high school boarding school. I did have mini-longings for a of classmate in boarding school, but I thought that the raging testosterone was taking over. Never did anything about those feelings and practiced my vow of celibacy to the letter. I had great fantasies about women, and jacked off to erotic fantasies of women. I was hooked on fantasy and self-pleasure. Jacking off in boarding school was risky, but not as risky or when I became a 'brother' in the monastery. Getting caught in boarding school would have been an embarrassment, but getting caught at the monastery would have meant immediate expulsion and condemnation.

I am unashamedly a total self-professed "tit man" who unashamedly has/had an oral fixation on boobs and most especially on women with pink nipples. I am still a confirmed tit man in my older years. I distinctly remember in junior high when my female classmates started sprouting tits, that I knew right then that I wanted to see, bite, chew, touch, grope, and suck all the titties I could possibly could.

I had become a monk and was sent to a small town in Indiana for my novitiate. Noviate is a time to ponder vocations and the religious order I was joining. The place sucked. We were isolated, mistreated and just plain miserable. The quaint village also housed a novitiate for nuns directly across the street as you can imagine, there was no contact between the novices. Too bad, maybe things would be different had I had my first sexual contact with a nun.

Although, I continued my nightly jack off sessions dreaming of Sally, Roberta Cathy, and Bonnie, I became aware that a fellow "Brother" who was my classmate was starting to flirt with openly with me. My "fun-friend" was a bit obvious, and ostentatious, even though I did not have any feelings for Brother "TML", but loved the attention that she was giving to me. Brother was a tad on the femmy side, but not a total he-she. I enjoyed his femininity; I was having very confused longings and a bit of lust towards her. I chalked it up to isolation, misery and just complete horniness. She chalked it to total lust and wanting me. "She was openly "hitting on me", and it was like "dating" in the outside world. He would shower me with attention and always would take the seat next to me. "She" would be near and constantly and try in any manner to get even closer to where I was sitting and or standing. I was very confused and in a state of semi-panic. My male classmate and fellow monk appeared to have the "hots" on me. Was I the cause? Did I provoke this strange relationship? Did I have any culpability for what my classmate was feeling, and how "she" was expressing those feelings? Was I enjoying the situation too damn much? What did I want to occur next?

I was also baffled one evening I woke up from a wet dream after dreaming that I was had gotten a blowjob and a hand job from my classmate. I couldn't remember having such an intense wet dream throughout my horny youth. I also remember that I still had a raging hard on, and that I began pumping my cock with great fervor thinking about that blowjob that "she" had given., and also the hand job which "she" had given with a complete knowledge of how to stroke and alternately suck my cock. I must have masturbated myself to orgasm three or four times that night. I had to take an earlier than normal shower to clean myself of all the cum and sweat and to cool and calm myself. I had a new fantasy "girl" for my jack off sessions, and the SHE was a HE. What the fuck was happening? Was I "enjoying myself too much? Was I feeling something for "her"?

The priests and brother teachers often gave stern lectures in classroom settings re stories of effeminate monks having the "inordinate desires" for brothers. They would warn us of the sinful nature of any such liaisons. Me, the total dumb ass would only wonder who the hell would be so crazy. I would wonder how any monk would break his vows for another brother. I would never imagine how soon I would be part of that story and "hot" my Brother/Sister TML would soon become; "hot" for me and my cock. We were sternly warned that such relationships were prohibited and that we should seek immediate counseling. I also remember during one of these sessions that Brother TML was looking at me in a rather strange manner. "She" also licked her lips in a provocative way and she smiled and winked at me. I suppose that in looking back over the situation that I should have known what the hell was "up" with her. The "up" was her dick craving immoral, forbidden sex with me, her fantasy man, and her dream cock that was underneath my brown robes. I suppose in hindsight that I should have reported her but selfishly I relished her longings for my cock. I probably should have taken instant advantage of my love-struck suck-boy toy, but I was confused, horny, and just a mess.

"Sister" was very effeminate, slender, and kinda cute. I noticed that "Sissy", her new nickname, had very nice nipples, and femmy tits, which were obvious under her robe. Her nipples were often erect, and were very noticeable during our limited rec time. Her pink nubs were often in full nipple erection during our free time by the pool. She and the other fems would spend the entire rec session working on their tans. I immediately noticed her almost perfect pink nipples. "Sissy" would be "nipped out" even during the warmest and hottest days. I loved her little titty erections and I noticed that her pink nubs would harden when I would spread my towel by her while she was chatting with the other femmies and the "girls" were "scoping out" the straight monks The closer my towel was to her space the more erect her nipples would become. I was very confused that I wanted to touch, bite, and or suck another man's tits. I guess that I could rationalize that my tit fetish was taking control of my dick, but I had never thought about that another man's titties would cause me to have constant impure thoughts and constant woodies.

I distinctly remember one day by the pool .We novices had just gone outside, during a long overdue rec period. The sun was shining brilliantly, and it was hot and humid as all hell. One of the other monks tossed a foam ball in my general direction. While I was attempting to catch the ball, I accidentally grazed her titties and her chest while attempting to catch the ball. She immediately had pink hard nipples, a hard on, and a purely seductive smile. I had a huge embarrassing woody. "Sissy" immediately fixated her look on my crotch and smirked. She caught me looking and getting hard at her hardening delicious titties. I think I said something brilliant like, "Oops, sorry about that!" What in the hell was happening to me that would cause a first-time woody for another man? I instantly knew that I soon had to, and needed to chomp on "Sissy's" tits, and I had to have them. I need some "Sissy" titty action soon in my mouth, and in my hands ass soon as possible. FUCK, I really wanted to kiss, massage, bite, suck, and lick "Sissy's" boobies. Those titties were mine. Those titties would soon become my nightly nesting, grazing and gnawing area. I jacked off and came buckets that evening after prayers, I was fantasizing about my little fairy's nipples, and how I longed to engage my long suppressed oral mammalian desires. I prayed that evening, not for salvation, but for the opportunity to again not to just graze, but to munch and play, and suck and bite my baby- girl's titties. "Sissy's titties and my obsession with her titties became an all consuming obsession. I was jacking off two or three times a day just imagining have them to chew. I wanted to suck on her titties and make her my cum queen. I really was in serious lust with my bitch.

My little soon-to-be cock sucker also played with herself the evening of our titty contact. She told me that she whacked off for days thinking abut the exact moment when I first titties, and how she hoped and prayed that that was not my last touch of her titties.

"Sissy" was considerably taller than, also a turn –on, I was, and she was so obsequious and fun to be around. She was always swooning when I was talking and giving the other femmies dirty piercing looks if they were getting too close to me.

As I mentioned earlier, the Novitiate is a dull, boring, repressive place. My little "Sissy" was always laughing at my jokes, and buttering me up. I would soon be "buttering" her butt up too. "Sissy" my soon to be cocksucker later told me that she "had fallen" for me during our first weeks' retreat session. "Sissy" told me that when she first saw me that she would jack off two or three times a day. My "friend" beat herself so often that she was worried about her vow of chastity. She was also worried that one of the other femmies would hit on me, and she would not have first dibbs on my cock. Being a control freak, had I known her desires, I would have acted and commanded her sooner. Oh, well!!

"Sissy" would seek me out for conversation and during our limited "rec" time. I also noticed that Sister would often "accidentally" rub against me at any given opportunity. "Sissy" later related that she would "beat herself silly" after those minimal contacts. She dreamed and jacked off to erotic fantasies about me. My little cunt would jack off and pretend that she was with me. My fairy-queen-cum-toy was preparing for thing(s) to cum. I enjoyed the devotion and the submissive behavior by Brother "TML". I enjoyed the sexual innuendoes that were taking place, and I further enjoyed my little twat's intoxicating company.

I really hadn't thought about much more than "Sister TML" performing duties that I did not want to do. My little "fem-cake" would always show up and help with my monastic chores and sit down beside me during REC times and TV times on Sunday evenings. I thought it to be my imagination, but "Sissy" was constantly looking at my crotch through my robes. Though, average sized she fantasized of her upcoming whopper. Who knew that my little fem-bitch would soon be gazing and grazing on and at my cock in the near future, and for hours at a time.

I enjoyed the flirting and "Sissy's" help. Although initially totally freaked out, I started developing a "crush" on "Sissy". I questioned my own virility when thinking about her titties at night gave me a raging hard on. I was horny, conflicted and with a hard on most of my waking hours.

I knew that I wanted "more" from "Sissy" and I wanted to make"Sissy" my very own. . I still jacked off to thoughts of women, but would often have flashes of "TML" blowing me or of me shooting off on her girly titties. I also thought about putting my dick in unimaginable places on and in her cute femmy body. I literally wanted to fuck "Sissy" and have her blow me. I had problems dealing with my "growing" thoughts. I knew then, that I would have to pursue these feelings further. "Sissy" also told me that she knew that I would be THE "one" who she would service and THE "one" who would "have her!" She knew that I would be the one she would "do" her" for her first time. My soon to be "cock-hound bitch" was already planning our sex-filled-monastic sex times. "Sissy" was a tad kinky, how kinky my soon to be slave was I would soon discover. I would soon mount and conquer Mt. Sissy."

It finally happened! During a monthly Name's Day celebration where the Novices could drink cheap wine, I got a total buzz. After supper, I asked her if she would love to "cum" to my room after evening prayers. "Sissy" stated that she would love to visit, but to wait a bit for her to freshen up and she would meet me in my room. "Sister" knocked on my door and I invited her to come in. Our rooms did not have chairs, so we sat on my single monastic bed. I at once noticed that "Sissy" was wearing cologne. I believe that she was wearing a fragrance called: English Leather. We were not allowed to use cologne, but here was my cute little pussy girl using a banned substance to attract her man. My little fem-cake knew how to seduce her prey. She had dreamt of this moment from the instant that she had seen me. "Sissy" was a conniving, cock-hungry bitch who had planned for the evening months before we got together. She, in her own words, was "ready for some action".

I don't to this day remember who started, I'm sure that I took the lead forcefully but soon we were embracing, kissing fondling and frenching one another. I soon was on top of "Sister TML, dry humping him/her I was also able to cop a feel and rub of her titties. My little fairy's titties were very sensitive and she moaned when I pinched her nipples. She also moaned as I chewed her nipples through her monastic brown robe. I was in heaven, and Sister was moaning loudly as I dry-humped her cute, girlish monastic little bod. "Sister" was so very blissed out, and I sure the hell was too. I had never cum like I did on my little fairy pussy queen's -brown robe. I finally had a human contact to go with my fantasies. I was a new monk.

My new femmy bitch insisted that I cum on her robe. Who the hell was I to argue? I had cum, and would cum again and again with my little cum bitch's help on top of her cute body. My little love-monk had become my whore. My little sex toy later told me that she had only fantasized about having sex. She had never participated in a sexual session, ergo; my little "monkette" was in paradise. She knew that as I was cumming on her that se would become my little cum bitch my personal, devoted, passionate slave-girl.

"Sissy" was just too eager to be dry humped. We didn't wait another 24 hours to repeat our scenario. As I remember, we performed our love making during the next morning's break period. We could only dry hump for 15 minutes, but I had a terrific cum and my love-twink just lay there. She was so eager to please and to serve. "Sissy" was mine for the taking and the using. "Sissy" only desired that I cum. She didn't seem to mind that she frequently would not have the opportunity to herself cum. Bummer. I loved the power, and I loved the passion, and I loved the risk factor that we were taking.

I was a super horny monk who wanted another monk's ass. I was in carnal heaven. We did the dry hump sessions many times during the following weeks. We would take off our robes and strip to our underwear. We would cuddle, hug, and embrace erotically. "Sissy" never wanted and or asked me to touch her rod, but she certainly knew where and how to touch and arouse me. My little boy-slave wanted to out do each previous session. I too, wanted to dry hump my little cunt. She sometimes came without a touch or as I shot my load. She would often clean me off with her robe or with her handkerchief. My little cock hound was driving me insane with lust and guilt. Fuck the guilt; I wanted the lust and sex.

Both "Sissy" and I wanted more sessions, but caution was important for the two of us. Caution and wanting more dry humping" was driving me crazy I needed more cum time with my little fairy queen, and she would have done "it" as often as monastically possible. My virginity was still intact, but my little pussy bitch's would soon be taken, or at least that was my wish. I was obsessed with my cumming on "Sissy" or on her brown monk's habit (robe). The bitch knew that she too had some power. She would often grin seductively or discreetly purr as we were walking into the chapel. The bitch would often feign reluctance or fear. I didn't. I wanted "Sissy Time to be" 24 hours a day. I became a "Sissy" addict. I wanted her! I wanted to be with her and on top of her. M little bitch knew that although horny herself, she would often pretend that she was too busy, or not interested. Damn, she did have power over my cock and my cum.

I was young, dumb, and out-of-control-horny. I probably could have dry-humped my little fairy princess eight or nine times a day. We had to be careful. Other "brother /"sisters" also wanted my cock. My bitch told me that several other "sisters" were also fighting over my cock. I discovered that much later after leaving the monastery. My little pussy told me later that although she never shared the actual truth of our "fun", that she did indeed shared "her "fairy princess'" fantasies/plans with the other "femmy" monks. "Sissy" told me that she was certain that all the "gals" were beating off to her stories. "Sissy" told me that the other femmies treated her like the Homecoming Queen who fucked the quarterback. The "girls" were jealous of my bitch, and she was a proud little queen. "Sissy" was my little cheerleader virgin bitch and I was her quarterback who would soon hump and bump her "monastically pure white ass. Damn, I couldn't believe how much, and how often I wanted to hump my little bitch's body. I wanted her, and I wanted more of her. She, too, wanted my cock and my cum on her robes. We were almost certain to be caught, but at that point, of my cummings and goings I didn't really give a shit. All I knew was that I was slowly and surely having more orgasms than I had ever had in my life.

Again, our sessions changed for the better, once again with "Sissy" taking my cock and slathering it with Vaseline and beating me off till I would come and come and then come some more. My little cum-muffin would slowly slide her hand up and down my cock until I was ready to explode. She then pumped faster and faster until I was completely drained. "Sissy", my bitch had her own special techniques where she would use her fingers and thumb on the head of my cock as if she were lifting my cock from my nuts. My bitch was gifted. My fairy queen was cock savvy and a total pleaser. She was my cock pleaser and squeezer. "Sissy" bitch knew my cock better than I knew my cock. She discovered sensitive spots that my fiancée and I use to this day.

Sister was happy to give and not receive. I was ecstatic to have my gallons of cum land in someone's hand other than my own. "Sissy" was just beaming and breathing hard as she jacked me off. I too was breathing hard as my cutie manipulated my greased cock until I shot my load. "Sissy" was giving world-class hand jobs, and purring and smiling with devotion. "Sissy" would often jack me off and want nothing in return. I just wanted to cum in her delicate femmy hands, and as we were both naked to have her rub my cum on her girly titties. Yup, I loved my bitch's hand jobs.

Again, the scenario became a tad kinkier. Brother "Sissy" asked me to whip her adorable girlish ass while she jacked me off. How the hell could I refuse my little bitch? For the first time "sissy" called me her MASTER, and I loved the title. "Sissy" the goddess of my cum, looked straight into my eyes and said, "MASTER, beat my ass, I am yours." My little "pussy-bitch" handed me a mini-whip (scourge cord) which I used on her with great pleasure and great pain for my "little pussy girl. I, "Sissy's" MASTER whipped her and made her cum as she was lying on her stomach. We both had massive emissions. We were both being satisfied. I still wanted more of my little pussy-bitch. I remember her muffled yells pleading for me, her MASTER to increase the number and harshness of my scourging. My cutie "monkette" was always a horny little bitch who always wanted more of my cock. My horny little bitch always wanted more of the whipping and paddlings that made me her MASTER. My horny little cunt wanted more of anything that made her MASTER have a hard on.

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