tagMind ControlMy Time with Irena

My Time with Irena

byJay Dee©

This story is a sequel to my time with Katrina. It is suggested that you read that tale prior to starting this one.



Nine years have elapsed since I graduated from Cornell and ten since I had been under Katrina's hypnotic thumb. I had let her hypnotize me during my junior year and had moved in with her for some eight weeks shortly thereafter, probably not of my own free will. During that time she had played out many games with me as her willing, if beguiled, subject. At the end she was using handcuffs in conjunction with her hypnosis to strengthen her hold over me and to allow another to easily take control of me. I always had the feeling she was preparing me for a visit from her sister, Irena, who then was a junior at Boston College and was due to visit during spring break. But Katrina had died in a tragic automobile accident just prior to the vacation and I had taken that opportunity to move out and go home for the ten days. When I returned to school, I moved back to the fraternity and finished my degree without incident.

For the last nine years I've been working at one of the largest insurance companies headquartered in Hartford. I have a nice apartment there and am the youngest Branch Head in the Human Resources Department. I'm also working part time on my MBA at the West Hartford Branch of the University of Connecticut. I'm between girl friends right now, but the career is working out quite well.

A few weeks ago, one Saturday morning there came a knock on my door. I opened it to find a tall somewhat heavy set woman. She looked familiar, yet...

She said, "Hi, I'm Irena, Katrina's sister." and brushed by me into the apartment. Alarm bells seemed to go off in my head.

"Katrina told me all about you. I somehow expected to find you there when I rushed to Ithaca after the accident, especially since she said you were living together. But I guessed I missed you or something. No one seemed to know where to find you. Anyway, your friend Frank Johnson helped me with the arrangements so it all worked out."

"Well, hello." I said getting a word in through what seemed like her nervous chatter. "Why are you here, especially after all these years?" I looked at her for the first time. She was dressed in knee high smooth black boots, a severe looking black leather skirt, a red blouse with a kind of vest. She carried a large hand bag and over one arm and her coat over the other. Her hair was blonde and cut short. I remembered her from the picture on Katrina's bureau.

"I'll tell you how I came to be here in a bit, but there is something I need to do first. Is there anyone else here in the apartment?" She closed the door and sat in a chair.

"No, we're alone. Well, tell me what you've been doing; did you graduate from BU? You got a boy friend here?"

"No boy friend. The guy I wanted to marry just broke up with me. I got so depressed and angry that I thought I'd just leave Boston and strike out to some place new. You serious or engaged to anyone?"

"No, I'm kind of between women right now."

"You know, Katrina thought highly of you. That's why I wanted to come to Ithaca, to find out who she found so appealing."

"Really." I said, feeling kind of pleased and wary at the same time. She seemed to be getting over her nerves and seemed more sure of herself. "Would you like a drink or something?"

"No, not right now. You know, Katrina sent me a very long letter about you guys but I didn't get to read it then. It got delayed and came in the mail after your friend Frank called about Katrina's death. So when it arrived, I couldn't open anything from her and just threw it in the drawer and forgot about it. It wasn't till a month ago that I found it and read it. It made me want to see you and have you tell me about her, especially after Carl left me. I found out your address through the Cornell alumni office.

"Well, sure. Where would you like me to begin?"

With her back to me, she stood up and walked to the kitchen table, took something from her large purse and laid it down.. It clanked. Then she turned and walked over to me. She directed my gaze to the table. I saw a pair of handcuffs there and the cuff key! Oh No! I instantly remembered the post hypnotic suggestion Katrina practiced over and over again with me! Sure enough, Irena said the first line, "BRING ME THE HANDCUFFS."

It happened just the way it had ten years ago. I went into a kind of semi trance, got the cuffs and brought them to Irena and stood there. Irena whispered in a very quiet voice, "God! It works just as she said. She's actually anchored the hypnosis to the handcuffs that somehow symbolizes his submission!"

I just stood there. I couldn't seem to move. I have to get unstuck.

Then, to me, she said the second though unnecessary line that Katrina always repeated, "WHEN A WOMAN LOCKS YOU IN HANDCUFFS, YOU WILL GO INTO A DEEP HYPNOTIC TRANCE AND CARRY OUT HER ORDERS."

She then put the handcuffs on my wrists. Just before everything went dark, I remember falling to my knees and saying, "How may I serve you?"

"Open your eyes. You are partially entranced, but I am now about to hypnotize you completely and most deeply. I want you to remember this phase and know I am doing it. You do not want to resist, you want to help me hypnotize you. You want to submit to me." (Maybe, I'm not so sure, but I'm stuck.)

"From your seat in this chair, I want you to look at the light on that wall across the room. We will start with your arms and your eyes." (I can hear, should I fight this?)

"Hold your arms out in front of you. Your eyes are tied by invisible threads to the handcuffs on your wrists. As long as your cuffed hands are in the air, you can keep your eyes open. As your arms fall they will pull your eyes closed." ( Damn, I put out my arms, I can't help it.)

"Your arms with those strong handcuffs are feeling heavy, but I want you to keep them in the air a bit longer." (It 's so hard keeping them up.)

"Your arms very heavy now. It's taking all your strength to keep them up." (I hurt from the effort.)

"Your arms are slowly starting to fall and your eyes are starting to close." (I must not give in to her)

"Let your arms sink." (I must not give in to her. I feel my arms begin to slowly rise and my eyes open a bit!)

"You are so tired; your arms will slowly fall." (I must fight.)

"I'm prepared for this. I'm adding more weight to your hands." She reached down and brought up a pair of thumb cuffs! (Where did she get these things?)

"I'm locking these thumb cuffs on you. You are doubly cuffed! Your arms are very, very heavy now."

"Your arms are now sinking and your eyes are closing." (So tired! So heavy!)

"Your arms are sinking." (I'm drifting away....)

"Your eyes are closing." (I'm floating on a cloud. So soft...)

"You are relaxing. You are giving yourself up to me." (It feels so good to float away; I could drift forever.)

"Your arms are almost down."

"Your eyes are almost closed and you are coming into my power."

"You are falling deeper and you are giving yourself to me" (My arms touched my lap; my eyes closed.)

"You are now hypnotized and in my power."

"It feels so good, so safe, so comfortable"

"You want to please me."

"I'm now going to take you into a deeper trance than you have ever been."

"In your mind's eye, picture a large digital display with numbers on it. When I start the display, the numbers will begin slowly counting down backwards from 50. I've started the display"




"As the numbers click back you are feeling more and more in my power."

"When the numbers reach 40 I want you to say '40 Irena' and so on for each fifth number."

(40 Irena)

"With each number you are falling deeper into my power."

(35 Irena)

"And it feels so good."

(30 Irena)

"It feels wonderful to submit to me."

(25 Irena)

"You want me to control you."

(20 Irena)

"You want to please me."

(15 Irena)

"It feels wonderful to submit to my power."

(10 Irena)

"When it hits zero, you will say 'I am yours, Irena'. Your body will go completely limp and you will slump in the chair."

(5 Irena)

"When it hits zero, you will say 'I am yours Irena' and your body will slump in the chair."

(0 Irena. I am yours Irena.)

"Know that I control you completely."


"Open your eyes. Look at me."

She was dressed in just her bra and panties. She was beautiful. I thought immediately of the character, "Domina" the slave girl in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. She was big, shapely and beautiful, just like Irena. I wanted to hold her. I was just dressed in my boxers.

"Monday you will use your influence to get me a decent job at the insurance company. After all, you work in Human Resources. Later today you'll go down to my car and bring my bags up. You want me to move in, don't you?" The answer was yes, of course! She was so lovely!

She continued talking, not so much to me as perhaps an opportunity to let her bottled up thoughts out. "Katrina's letter explained all the hypnosis things she did to you and how to do them. She also suggested two books to read to help me learn. She promised to teach me everything she could with you to practice on when I came to Ithaca. I may not be an expert yet, but this all worked great on you! After what men have done to me, I love the thought of having you in MY power!"

The more she talked, the more turned on she seemed to be getting.

"You're mine now. I have fantasized this moment since before Carl walked out. You won't be leaving me, but you know that. I plan to be in control and I love the feeling. It's so hot! Maybe I'll take you now, my boy toy!"

"No." I said, my voice coming from somewhere far away.

"Oh, I guess I didn't do as complete a programming job as I thought. Time to show you who's got the power." Then she said, "HYPNOTIC HANDCUFFS" and everything went black.

"...Four, five, open your eyes."

We were still on the bed, but both of us were naked. A handcuff was locked on one wrist.

"I think we'll use the cuffs for today for reinforcement. When I lock the other cuff on, you will remain awake and remember, but be fully hypnotized and carry out my wishes. You have no choice, but you know that." With that she strung the cuff around a bed post and locked it on my other wrist. "How does that feel my pet."

I felt a charge go through my body. I felt so powerless, yet it felt so good.

"Too bad I've locked your wrists, I would have like you to touch me. We'll have to make do. She leaned over me. "Kiss my breasts.... Yes! Now suck this nipple. Yes. Yes.... Now the other one.... Oh, yes, yes! More slowly. Yes, like that..... Now I cover your face with my breasts. Lick and kiss. That's it..... Oh, but I see you're getting hard. Must do something about that."

She opened the drawer to my night table and took out my leather snap cock ring. (How did she know that was there?) She snapped it on. I was hard and would stay that way. She started kissing my stomach, then my upper legs. I began to thrash around. "Stop that, or do I have to tie your ankles down, too. No, wait. I AM TELLING YOU TO STOP, NOW." I immediately stopped.

"I love being able to do that!" she whispered.

"They say I can control when you cum through hypnosis. That's the next experiment, but today we'll keep your ring on for now. This time I want to cum first. And don't worry, I'm on the pill. Now, my toy, I'm going to ride you!"

She mounted me and she rode me up and down. My whole body felt like a giant penis. She came and she shouted and she came again. She dismounted, and wiped me with a towel. I still had not climaxed. She unsnapped the ring and stroked my penis. She brought me close to a climax and looked me in the eye.

"You are still hypnotized by both me and the handcuffs. Therefore, when I say "climax for Irena," you WILL cum. Then you will be fully mine!"

She rubbed me with her hand. "Getting close, getting closer, closer still. NOW, climax for Irena!"

And I did. Big time.


After a couple of weeks, we had fallen into a routine. She had moved in and I had gotten her a trainee position in the claims department. As I look back, I can see that she enjoyed having me do the cleaning, cooking etc. She seemed to revel in controlling me. I enjoyed submitting to her, but over time, that enjoyment began to wane. We didn't have the daily, long hypnotic sessions that Katrina conducted; rather she'd do that kind of session only once or twice a week. After these weekly or biweekly sessions, I would be more agreeable or more submissive. Still, I continued to find her very attractive, if not as beautiful as before. Might her powers weaken over time?

Katrina had clearly been more skilled at hypnotism and more loving and gentle. Irena, on the other hand, seemed more angry and more controlling. She liked to have me realize who was in command. For example, on occasion she might have me make the bed while wearing her thumb cuffs. If I showed any resistance or hesitancy, she would say the trigger, "HYPNOTIC HANDCUFFS." I would listen and remember her commands. I was always more agreeable upon opening my eyes. I also gave her long rub downs, brushed her hair, rubbed her feet, kneeled before her on command and did other personal things to prove I "wasn't like Carl."

At one point, Irena needed to show off to someone, to brag about what she had accomplished. That was why she had Claire over one Saturday afternoon. She worked in Claims with Irena and had been sworn to secrecy. Claire was one of those very pretty petite blondes, Five feet two or so, who never seem to age. However, she had a reputation in her department as a "three B: Bitchy, Bossy and Bad Attitude." In size she was the Mutt to Irena's Jeff. She had few if any friends.

When Claire had been seated in the living room, Irena took me into the bedroom. She said "HYPNOTIC HANDCUFFS." While entranced, she told me that I would be very submissive, do as she demanded and, upon her command, totally submit to Claire.

Then we went out. Then it began.

"You will bring me and Claire some coffee, but you know that." And I did.

"You'll kneel in front of Claire." And I did.

"You'll remove Claire's shoes and stockings and kiss her feet, but you know that you will." And I did.

Amazed, Claire asked how she got me to do all these things without complaint.

Irena said, "I've hypnotized him. He must comply. In fact, it's like I'm the old Wonder Woman comic book heroine with the magic lasso; he's compelled to obey! Stop kissing her feet."

I stopped and just knelt there.

"And he must obey? I love the possibilities."

"Well, he has certain limits." Said Irena. "But he obeys for those things that count for me."

"Why do you say, 'But you know that.'"

"My sister Katrina programmed him to that phrase, thinking that if he was somewhat resistant, that phrase would reinforce the command. I didn't see that mentioned in any of my reading, but Katrina really knew her hypnosis so I use it. She had hypnotized him years ago. Would you like to try to command him?"

"You bet! What do I do?"

Irena said, "You will now obey Claire. I've just ordered him to obey your commands for the rest of this afternoon. Why don't you try a few."

"Kiss my hand." I did.

"Kiss my foot." I did.

"Now kiss my royal behind." I did.

After some time doing things for Claire, Irena stopped her. "Two things." She said. "If you like this, maybe we can try to hypnotize someone to become your slave." What do you think?"

"You bet!" she replied.

"The other thing: there is a way for you to put my guy into deep hypnosis where he is totally submissive and he won't remember what happened while he's under. My sister programmed this and I'll show you what to do. Then I'll leave you for one hour to do what you want. Do we do it?"

"Yes! Yes!"

"All right, here's the rules. You cannot have intercourse with him, that's only for me. And here are the things he will refuse to do, no matter how deep the trance. Don't use these commands." She reeled these off. "Now here's how the post hypnotic suggestion works. M y sister anchored him to handcuffs for the deepest of hypnotic trances as these cuffs are related to submissiveness and helplessness in his mind. You say to him directly, "BRING ME THE HANDCUFFS." He will comply and be in a trance. He is now programmed so that when any woman locks him in the cuffs, he will fall into the deepest trance and fully comply while cuffed. He will not remember anything and is yours to command until you remove the cuffs. Now let me show you how to operate these handcuffs. When you're comfortable with them, I'll put the cuffs and key on the table. After you cuff him, I'll leave for an hour and your fun can begin."

I was still kneeling on the floor. I heard everything but in my state, they were just words. They continued to talk for awhile. Then they turned and Claire looked directly at me. She said. "BRING ME THE HANDCUFFS." I went to the table, retrieved the cuffs and the key and presented them to her. She locked the handcuffs on my wrists, I fell to my knees, said "How may I serve you?" and then everything went dark.

Sometime later (although it seemed like only a couple of second had passed), I opened my eyes to see Claire holding the handcuffs and Irena standing nearby. Both were smiling.

"Oh, Yes, I love it! I pinched his nipples, spanked his ass and made him do oral sex and some other stuff! I must have one for myself! A male slave for myself!"

"Good, we think alike! It's such a turn on having this power. That's why we're best friends and I knew I could confide in you. I knew leaving you alone with him would be the convincer."

"Yes, you need teach me everything!"

"Yes, I will. The only disadvantage is that I sometimes miss the romantic aspect. But still, I love being this powerful. And after awhile, we'll get you your own toy, too."


Long term hypnotic control isn't like it's portrayed in the movies. Over time the controller's hold will weaken unless he/she is extremely skillful at reinforcement and continues to meet the subject's needs, too. In between Irena's biweekly or weekly deep programming sessions, I was starting to think for myself. However, after her sessions I would revert back to her control. In my clearer moments I was trying to work out how to break her hold over me. It occurred to me that a skillful hypnotist could deprogram me.

I went to a person I knew well in the Network Medical Providers Division and asked about the most highly regarded hypnotherapists. I was looking for someone who also might do or had done public hypnosis shows. My thinking was that these people will have a greater insight into my situation. My search yielded three, one in nearby Middletown, and two in Boston.

The Middletown guy was on an extended vacation. Of the two in Boston, one was a woman. I decided to go with the man, Nick Donovan. I talked to him on the phone. He seemed very interested and said this was something he could not only do, but had actually done once before. I made an appointment to see him the next morning. Instead of going to work, I took the day off and drove to Boston for my 11:30 meeting.

Mr. Donovan was so interested in my story that we forgot lunch and talked through to his 1:30 appointment. He could see why I didn't want to go to the police or anything like that. He told me that I had been deeply programmed and that he would need three consecutive half day sessions, maybe four, and a follow up on month later. His charge would run to 4 figures, but I said OK. We scheduled Monday through Thursday of the next week or the week after; I would verify which by tomorrow afternoon. In the meantime, he told me to write down every trigger and post hypnotic suggestion I could remember. I thanked him and drove back to Hartford.

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