tagMind ControlMy Time with Katrina

My Time with Katrina

byJay Dee©

I've decided to tell the whole story of my time with Katrina back when I was in college. I think this way I may make better sense of the whole experience. It was a long time ago, but some parts come back to me as if it were last year.


I was a junior at Cornell in Ithaca, N.Y. I was the lead backstroker on the swim team when the school was very competitive in the sport. The school year was scheduled differently then. The academic semester did not end with the Christmas break. You returned in early January for three more weeks, the semester ended and then there was one more week off called "intersession" before the next semester started. Coach requested his top swimmers stay at school during intersession where he conducted 2-a-day workouts to prepare us for the heart of the season.

It was Friday, late afternoon after the final workout of the week. The weather was cold and snow was predicted for that evening. The weather fit my mood; I was very discouraged. Despite my hardest efforts, my swim times were slipping, and, even worse, My grades were falling badly. If ever I was willing to give my life over to someone else to call the shots, now was that time.

I lived at the fraternity where my room and board had been paid for the full year ahead of time. Accept for the President and two others, the place was pretty much empty for the week. I didn't want to go back there yet, so instead I was at Frank's apartment where he was having an informal kind of gathering. Frank was a good friend of mine. He had been a senior swimmer on the team when I was a sophomore and we had really hit it off. Right after graduation he married his sweetheart, Helen. He had been accepted into Law School and they got an apartment off campus.

Also present at Frank's place were a couple of Helen's grad student friends, including Katrina, and one of Frank's fellow law students. With each of us holding a glass of wine, I found myself sitting with and talking to Katrina. My first impression of her was that she was somewhat overweight and kind of plain looking in that washed out grad student kind of way. Her hair was jet black and fairly short. She had a brightness about her that made talking to her very easy. She was also a good listener. During this time I told her why I felt so blue. She did say that I did need cheering up and she could help.

Katrina was three or four years older than I. She labored as a graduate assistant and was working on her doctorate in early education. Her dissertation concerned the learning styles of second graders. One thing I didn't know then would become important for all that would follow. She was into hypnosis. At one point, for some reason, she hypnotized some of the children in her control group. There was a big fuss and her Department wanted expel her from school. Her faculty advisor was just able to save her position but told her that if he heard that she had used hypnosis for any reason while she was still his student, he would lead the charge to have her dismissed!

Helen spoke up and asked the group if they would like Katrina to give a demonstration of her hypnosis skills. Katrina tried to refuse, but Frank and Helen, with some support from the others, pressed her. One could see that Katrina wanted to perform, but she was clearly conflicted. Finally she agreed provided no one present ever discussed this night to anyone else. All agreed.

She began by describing to us what hypnosis really was and was not. She explained how we all go in and out of trances everyday and that anyone could be hypnotized. All one had to do was relax and go along with her as she acted as the guide. Someone asked if they would be made to bark like a dog or something like that. She said definitely no, she was not into humiliation. When you do go into trance, she will demonstrate some of the positive/interesting things about this art.

Finally, she began. Katrina had us pick out a spot on the ceiling and stare at it. She talked in her soothing, relaxing manner. I soon found myself drifting and floating. I seem to remember walking down a long flight of stairs, then, nothing.

When Katrina woke me, for I was the only one who entered trance, others asked what it was like. Then they told me what had happened. My arm had become so stiff that no one could push it down. There were other things like this, too. Most interesting for me was this very large poster board on the table in front of me. My signature was written many times in magic marker. Towards the top the writing was quite clear. Then, Frank said she took me back to earlier ages: 15, 12, 8, 5. Each signature became more childish, with the last one a confused bunch of printed letters. It was amazing! I also was glad that Katrina had not done anything that made me now feel foolish!

We talked some more, then I noticed that it was snowing rather heavily. I said I needed to get back to the fraternity while the walking was still easy.

Katrina jumped up and said, "I need to leave right away, I forgot I'm meeting someone at the Union. Remember, PLEASE, no one talk about this hypnosis to anyone on the outside!" With that she grabbed her coat and hat and was gone.

It was another five minutes before I could finish my goodbyes. Then I was down the stairs and out the front door of the building. I was surprised to find Katrina in her car, with the motor running, parked at the curb near the door. She motioned me to get in.

"The weather's rotten and I could at least give you a drive home. Besides, the car is nice and warm." she said. I got in the car.

Then, we were parked in front of her apartment building. She was saying, "Yes, I can work with you using hypnosis to greatly improve your grades and your swimming performance. Why don't you come up. I'll make us some hot chocolate and explain how it all could work." It all seemed so logical and possible! I followed her upstairs.

The rest of the night remains largely a blur to me. I remember her making the cocoa, talking all the time. Then sitting opposite me, we drinking the chocolate…..

I seem to recall drifting away, waking up, drifting off and waking, again and again. I seem to remember going down for a long elevator ride towards the basement of a very tall building. I'm not at all sure, but I think we made love sometime that night and later showered together. All I know for sure was that when I awoke, it was morning and the sun was up, shining brightly.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Katrina in the kitchen, fussing over the stove and singing softly. The sun was shining through the window on her. Lord, she looked so beautiful! I pulled on my pants, went to her, put my arms around her and nuzzled her neck.

"Not now," she said, "I'm doing breakfast and besides, we need to talk."

My desire ebbed quickly away. When we sat down to eggs, toast and coffee, she began. "You remember last night how you agreed that for this to work, you would have to move in with me so I can work intensely with you? I will need to use hypnosis almost every day to drop your bad habits and install the good ones that will make you successful. I know you still feel that way."

Yes, I kind of remember agreeing to that now that I thought about it. Hell, the idea of moving in with a beautiful woman who will save my grades and improve my athletic performance--- what's not to like!

"Yes, let's do it. However, my room and board at the fraternity is all prepaid by another and I can't get any money back. I can't do much on the financial end."

"That's all right. My room mate left at the end of the last semester and there's room for us both. Also, I'll handle the rent. Besides, if this doesn't work out, you can always return to the fraternity, right?"

So, it was agreed. She gave me the keys to her car and told me to hurry back with my stuff. She couldn't wait to start.

At the fraternity, I saw the President and explained that I would be moving out for a few weeks. Since I was all prepaid, I could eat lunch and most dinners there and could return to my room when I was ready. I loaded the car with my winter things and drove back to Katrina.


My time with Katrina, at least for the first few weeks, fell into a routine, but wasn't boring. I remember an incident that seemed to set the tone. It was on the first Monday, the third day I was there. We were cuddling (She loved to cuddle) on the couch. She turned her face up to me and said, "I've never been in a relationship like this before at all. I think this will become very interesting."

Our routine involved her hypnotizing me every evening we were both around. I did remember some things from each session very clearly. She helped me build and practice study and retention skills to improve my grades. She taught me some self hypnosis to use during swim practice to make me feel stronger. In addition, she used hypnosis to give me the ability to work through pain while swimming in practice and during a race. On these two fronts we were very successful. Within two weeks I had surpassed my best times and was still improving. I was doing much better in my courses, too. The final thing she instilled was the requirement that I never talk about this hypnosis outside the apartment while she remained in school. That's what I remembered from each session.

But I felt that here was something else going on when I was under that I couldn't remember. Something seemed to skitter away, just outside my memory's reach. But then I would think, what's to worry? After all, she may be a bit older, but she was smarter than I and I should do whatever she said without fear or worry. She had my best interests at heart. I find her very attractive and will stay with her as long as she wants. And I do really like pleasing her. I even felt so close to her that I could almost hear these thoughts in her voice.

In the beginning she would hypnotize me by using a trigger. After a couple of weeks she shifted to using a full induction, even though it wasn't necessary. I'd stare at her eyes, or a pendant, or a kind of pendulum on a chain, or a shiny object, and others I can't remember now. I asked her why the change. At first she said, "I need the practice."

Two weeks later she changed again. Before she started the induction, she would say, "You will try to resist, but you'll go under anyway. That's just the way it is." I would try to resist and I'd hear her laugh just as I drifted away.

Making love was definitely on her schedule, not mine. I think I would have preferred more but sometimes a cuddle was all she seemed to need. However, when she was in the mood, she's lean over and whisper in my ear. Then very quickly I would be turned on and had to have her.

I remember one time in mid-March, when the swim season was over. I was at the apartment in the afternoon, taking a nap. I awoke with a start to find I couldn't move, yet I wasn't afraid. My arms and legs were stretched out to the four corners of the bed and I was stuck in that position with just my boxer shorts on. Katrina sat on the bed clad only in her panties and bra. She began kissing me and teasing me with her hands. Frustration and desire were driving me crazy. I tried to grab her, to kiss her, but I still couldn't move very much. Then she was on top of me, straddling my chest. She had removed her bra and panties . She leaned forward, her breasts coming closer to my face. She began playing with my nipples: rubbing, pinching, twisting. I struggled harder.

She leaned closer and said, "The more you struggle, the tighter your bonds will become. But you know that."

She moved further up my chest. I could feel her wetness and the scent of her arousal sent my mind reeling. Her breasts were near to my face but I could only barely move; I couldn't reach her. I couldn't even think, I could only feel. She leaned forward, her breasts touching my eyes and forehead.

"You won't climax till I tell you! But you know that."

Then she kind of laughed, put her lips close to my ear and whispered something. I suddenly was free! I pulled her down with one arm while I used the other hand to fumble in the drawer for the box of Trojans……

Later we were cuddling together. She said, "I know I've helped you, your times were much better, your mid term exams were great and I've helped you with your papers. But you've helped me, too."

"How so?"

"Well, lately I feel much more confident and I've lost a lot of weight, too."

"Lost weight?" I was confused. "You never needed to lose any weight. You look just the same to me and as beautiful as our first night together."

She was quiet, then replied, "Yes, I forgot. I am still pretty for you." Then she snuggled in closer.

Then she smiled. "Maybe the next time I have you bound like today, I'll stay on top the whole time. I'd like to try that." Then she snuggled in closer and we drifted off.

A couple of day's later things really changed. Somehow she found out that I thought handcuffs were sexy and cool (interesting, since I never told her this.).She suggested I go down to the Army-Navy Surplus store in downtown Ithaca where they had handcuffs for sale and "buy us a pair". I can remember those cuffs very well. The brand name was Harvard, and you double locked them by turning the key in the locks the opposite way from opening them. She now seemed to build our hypnosis around these cuffs.

The first thing she did was to use the handcuffs to induce the hypnotic trances. She would dangle them in front of me. She would include phrases: "The cuffs are strong and provide security for you" "You are weakening and will submit to their power" "Handcuffs hold you in their power" etc.

The second thing she did was, with much repetition, program a certain post hypnotic suggestion. Then, when we went out to eat, she would reach across the table and take each wrist in one of her hands. She would look me in the eye and say very quietly, "I have just locked invisible handcuffs on your wrists. Though no one can see them, they are there and only I have the key to unlock them." Then we would proceed with the meal. Although I "knew" there was nothing there, I swear I could feel the things on my wrists and I just couldn't move my hands far apart! If we didn't run into anybody while we were out, she wouldn't "unlock" my wrists until we were back home.

Katrina had a younger sister attending Boston U. who was coming up to visit during spring break. Irena looked to be quite a woman. Judging from some photos and Katrina's description, I'd say she was six feet one inch tall and weighed in at about 180 pounds. She was in her junior year, like me. I believe Katrina began programming me for her as a way to show off her power (?). At any rate, she had to do the following scenario herself over and over since there was no one she could have take part. It played out like this. She would knock on the door. When I answered, she would say something like "Bring me the handcuffs" or, "Show me the handcuffs." I would fade into a mild trance and bring the cuffs.

She then said very slowly, "Any woman locking you in handcuffs will immediately send you into a deep hypnotic trance. You will carry out all her orders and wishes until she unlocks the cuffs." Then she would lock the cuffs on and I would go very deep. I'd later wake somewhere else in the apartment with her holding the cuffs and a big smile on her face.

This scenario worried me. I didn't like the idea of being a slave, especially to any strange woman.

Katrina replied, "I'd never let that happen, although I think we might run this for perhaps one other person. As for locking you in cuffs, I just love the feeling I get when I put these bracelets on you."

She looked at me. "Oh, I understand your reluctance now. Maybe we can work on that. Anyway, you know you can leave anytime you want; but of course I know you don't want to leave as long as we are together, right?"

She was correct. Despite any misgivings, I certainly didn't want to leave.


The end came quickly and unexpectedly.

It was early Friday afternoon before the start of spring break. Katrina's younger sister would be driving up from Boston Saturday afternoon to stay over the vacation. I felt vaguely disquiet about this. I hadn't been home since Thanksgiving and there was something about her sister's visit that sort of bothered me. At any rate, I had driven us both downtown to pick up some things for the coming week. Neither of us had any classes that afternoon.

After I parked the car near the corner at the base of one of those steep Ithaca hills, we went our separate ways, me to the market and Katrina to the drug store. While in the market I heard a loud commotion outside. I continued pushing the cart until someone ran in and yelled, "She's been killed!" It was then that I had this dark premonition.

I ran outside to see a body in the street covered with Katrina's coat, a truck up on the funeral house lawn and two policemen. One was keeping the crowd back while the other was talking to the bystanders. The truck driver remained in his vehicle.

I asked a person, "What happened?"

He replied, "Apparently the truck's brakes failed or he didn't see her crossing. I heard the cop say she's dead and he called someone from the police car. That guy was going real fast when he hit her." He wanted to go on but I walked away.

Katrina was dead! Yes, it was her body! I should do something. I walked towards the cops thinking maybe I could help them somehow (or maybe they could tell me what to do.). Both cops were by the body for the moment. I was close enough to hear. One read Katrina's name off some papers from her purse and said she was a student at Cornell. He was young and probably very new. He asked the other quietly what they should do. The older one said, "We finish getting the facts and turn the body over to the ambulance people. We'll be getting some help here very shortly. Later the Lieutenant will call the Dean of Students or someone at the school to take over that end."

So there was a set procedure. I started walking away. I had many conflicting feelings but strangely enough, none of them was grief. I thought of her sister coming tomorrow. She had to be informed. Did she already know about that handcuff trick? About hypnosis? Another crazy thought: for a second I saw myself in Irena's apartment in Boston cooking and cleaning wearing cuffs!

In a flash I knew exactly and completely what I had to do.

I went to the car and drove myself back to the apartment. I cleaned out and loaded all my belongings into her car, including the handcuffs. Somehow I didn't think it was a smart idea to leave those behind. I drove to the fraternity and asked if I could move back now. After getting the OK, I unloaded everything. I found a brother who lived close to my home town in Connecticut and arranged to catch a ride home with him Saturday morning. I then drove the car back to the apartment and left the keys. Before leaving for the last time, I called Frank and Helen's place looking for Helen since Katrina was her friend. Luckily, I got Frank instead.

"Frank, I just found out that Katrina has met with an accident downtown. I'm afraid she's been killed." I kept talking fast so that Frank couldn't interrupt with any questions. I described the accident. I explained that her sister needed to hear as soon as possible as she was planning to come to Ithaca tomorrow. I gave him her number. Her folks, needed to hear also but I didn't even know where they lived. Maybe Helen did. I'm sure there were other arrangements that needed to be made, too.

"I'm sorry to drop this on you and Helen, but I'm just leaving to go home. I just heard that my mother had a bad accident. I have a ride home from one of the guys but he is ready to leave now."

Frank said he understood and would do whatever needed to be done. He hoped things would work out for me and my family. Then I hung up and, just like that, it was over! I locked up the apartment for the last time, pushed the keys under the door and walked back to the fraternity. Later I would think about her and miss her

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