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My Top Ten Sexual Encounters



I decided to make my last submission a selection of my life's ten best sexual encounters. Some of these were affairs that lasted for months and some for years. Others were memorable one night stands. Instead of going in chronological order I ranked the encounters according to the hottest ones beginning at number ten and working my way to number one. Over my lifetime dating back to 1959 when I turned 18 years old, I have had hundreds of sexual encounters with over fifty women. Being a leg an ass man, my best encounters included anal sex or girls with fine asses.

I did not include my four years in the Marine Corps from 1959 to a1963 as this period was covered in some of my other story submissions. The series Capri an Isle of Love and the sequels describes some of my pleasures while stationed in Naples, Italy for two years. The last of my tour was spent in Recon and not much happened during that time. Most all of my experiences were pleasant but these are the top ten.


My age will range from 22 to 48 during the description of my encounters. The one thing that I pride myself on is staying fit through all those years and even today at age 69. I am 6'0" tall and have always weighed between 205 and 215, my current weight. In the early years I played softball, football and basketball. Eventually I shifted to the individual sports of tennis and golf. I am still an avid downhill skier and SCUBA diver and I am still taking martial arts classes. In addition I make it to the gym at least three days a week and I am a ski instructor at a local ski area in the Midwest.

I love to travel and although not fluent, I am very comfortable with the Spanish, Italian, and French languages. I am also currently studying Mandarin Chinese. I enjoy reading and the arts and I am a frequent live theater attendee. I have traveled to Spain, Italy, France and the UK over the years as well as some of the best SCUBA diving spots in the Caribbean and best ski mountains in the U.S. and Europe. Some of my other story submissions to literotica speak to my experiences in other countries and islands as well as at home in the states. I served four years in the Marine Corps and I was honorably discharged in 1963.

I will begin the story with number 10 in the best of all time sexual encounters and work my way up to number 1. The story is long about 90 MS-Word pages so you may not want to read it all at once. Also there will be some redundancy in the description of sex acts, after all how could there not be. I had my favorite positions and activities and they were often repeated with different partners. This is my final submission to Literotica so I hope that you enjoy it.


I selected Pam as number 10 mainly because of her kinky and strange behavior at times. She was an attractive woman of 28 years old and I was 31 at the time. It was 1972 and I was working for a manufacturing company in the Midwest at the time I met Pam. Actually she sought me out after seeing me in my softball uniform one evening. She was a little heavier in the hips and thighs than I normally liked but her sexual behavior overshadowed that.

Pam worked in a different division in our company and I met her one night at the bowling ally. Pam was definitely the most adventurous lover that I had sex with to that point since moving to Ohio. She liked to take risks and seemed to thrive on the possibility of getting caught. Pam was engaged to be married and the idea of her fucking around on her fiancé seemed to turn her on.

Our company had a bowling league that met every other Tuesday evening, which I also participated in. After bowling many of us adjourned to the lounge for drinking and dancing. It was in the lounge that I met Pam. I walked in and sat down at the tables that the guys had pushed together and Pam sat right next to me. I had seen her in the league but I had never actually met her before that night. I introduced myself to Pam and she was definitely hot to trot. I couldn't help but notice her engagement ring but that didn't keep her from coming on to me. Some of the people at our tables started dancing and I asked Pam if she would like to dance. She enthusiastically accepted and within seconds we were slow dancing on the dance floor. Pam held me tight and pushed one of her legs between mine. You couldn't have passed a ray of light between us because of how close we were to each other. My cock stiffened in my pants and it rubbed along Pam's thigh. She clearly felt it and moved her hips even more seductively and rubbed against my cock.

When a faster song came one I suggested that we take a short break. Not that I don't like to boogie but my pants were straining against my hard-on and I was thirsty. We returned to the table and I poured us a glass of beer from the pitcher. As we were talking and drinking, Pam asked me if I could give her a ride home as she had come to the alley with her girlfriend who already had left. I agreed and we finished our beers and then I took her home. When we got to Pam's apartment she invited me to come in which I thought was odd because she was engaged. Once inside she offered me a drink and then we sat together on her sofa.

"You know I could feel you against me tonight when we danced," Pam told me.

I laughed and replied, "Yes well we did dance pretty close and I could feel your body as well."

"I meant that I could feel your cock rubbing against my thigh. It was obvious that you were happy to be with me," Pam said with a very sultry look.

"I enjoyed dancing with you Pam. Where do you want to take this? Would you like to see my cock?" I asked testing her.

Then I reached for her, pulled her toward me and we embraced and kissed. Pam ran her tongue deep into my mouth and I thought that this was one hot lady. I rubbed Pam's tits through her blouse and she stroked my erect cock through my pants. I unbuttoned her blouse and removed it from her body then I unhooked her bra letting her medium size firm tits spill into my hands.

"We shouldn't do this my fiancé is coming over tonight," Pam said unconvincingly and then she kissed me again.

We kept kissing and I played with her tits and nipples. Then I moved my mouth down to suck on Pam's tits. As I sucked on her tits and nibbled lightly on her nipples, I unbuckled her belt and slid it off her slacks. Then I unfastened her slacks and unzipped them. I stood up off the sofa and I pulled Pam's slacks down and off her legs. She didn't resist at all, in fact she lifted her legs to help me. Then I hooked my fingers in her panties and slid them down and off her legs.

"We really shouldn't, Rob will be here any minute," Pam said as if she was convincing herself.

At that point I didn't know whether to believe her or not but we were too far along to stop now. I leaned over to kiss her creamy thick thighs. She gasped aloud at the touch of my lips to her naked skin. I sensed that she was struggling with the decision on how far she should let this go. I could smell the sweet aroma of sex that was given off by her pussy as my face moved closer to her crotch. I lifted Pam's legs to my shoulders and kissed her inner thighs just below her pussy. She groaned with pleasure as she reached down with her hands to control my head. Pam faked trying to keep my head from reaching her pussy but I tickled her outer lips with my fingers and then let them slip inside her vagina.

Pam was so wet that two of my fingers slid in easily and she consciously relaxed her grip on my head. I moved my mouth toward her and closed over her pussy shoving my tongue into her wetness. Pam cried out and grabbed my head again but this time she held it tight to her quim. I lapped at her pussy as I fingered her with two fingers. Then I spread her pussy lips apart and located her throbbing clit peeking out from its protective hood. Pam was really excited as her erect clit looked like a teeny dick sticking out. I sucked on her hard clit and she bucked her hips up into my face. I reached under her and cupped her shapely ass cheeks in my hands as I drove into her pussy with my tongue and nibbled on her clit. Pam had a big ass but it was round and firm.

"Oh shit, I'm cumming. Hold me, please hold tight," she screamed as she lost it.

The climax rocked her body and I held on for dear life as she thrashed, twisted and bucked all over the sofa. I kept right on eating her pussy and I held onto her shapely ass as she thrashed about. Pam slowly calmed after her intense orgasm and I continued to lick her until her pussy was dry. As we lay on her sofa I continued to lick and kiss her bare thighs as she ran her hands through my hair.

"Oh that was something I really came hard. Thank you, thank you!" she murmured and then added, "But you have to go Rob will be here any minute now."

There was no way I was leaving now without getting my rocks off and if Rob showed up while I was fucking his fiancée, so be it. Pam watched me as if she was in a trance as I pushed my pants down to my knees and my rock hard cock leaped out. I moved between her thighs and placed my cock at the entrance to her cunt. She shivered in anticipation. I eased her back down on the sofa and proceeded to feed my thick cock to her.

"Oh we mustn't, we shouldn't, it is not right, Rob will be her soon and then oh yes, oh it feels so good, oh, oh, fuck me, yes fuck", she cried.

I slid in and out of her pussy slowly allowing her to adjust to my size and continued to go deeper with each thrust until I was buried balls deep in her pussy.

"Oh my I have never been so full of cock, fuck me, make me cum, make it last forever", she cried out.

I pounded her pussy making sure that my cock was in constant contact with her clit. Pam had multiple orgasms as I fucked her. She had nice firm tits with rock hard nipples that extended a ½ inch. I twirled the nipples in my fingers and then leaned over taking one then the other in my mouth.

She went wild telling me. "Oh yes, suck my tits, suck my nipples, fuck me good!"

I could feel my balls start to tighten and I knew it wouldn't be long before I filled her pussy with my cum. Pam stiffened and then had another violent orgasm.

She yelled, "Hold me, please hold me, I'm cummmming!"

I reached around behind her and pulled her toward me as she shook and trembled throughout her intense orgasm. As she was cumming so did I and I fired a barrage of cum into her pussy. As she started to recover I laid her back down on the sofa and slowly fucked her as my cock softened. My cock was swimming in her cunt; there was so much of my spunk in there mingling with her own juices.

"Oh you filled my pussy up with your cum. Please go now, Rob is on his way here," Pam said again.

I pulled my underwear and my pants back up and re-dressed. I took another sip of my drink and then I told Pam that I would leave now. I walked to her door and she quickly got up and followed me. She stood in her doorway naked and kissed me goodnight as I left. It was as if she wanted to be seen naked. Then she closed the door behind me and I could hear the lock being turned in the door. I made my way over to my car and I did not see anyone in the parking lot. I wondered if Pam's fiancé was really coming over that night or was this just part of Pam's fantasy or game playing.

I drove back to the bowling alley to see if anyone was still hanging out. There were a few stragglers so I joined them and had a few drinks before heading home. A couple of them teased me about being gone for awhile after I took Pam home. I told them I had some errands to run after I dropped her off, as there was no point in telling them about Pam and me fucking each other.


I thought that my date with Pam was one night stand and that I wouldn't make it with her again. However she pursued me and we ended up spending a lot of evenings together. One night after bowling we went out with Manny and Cindy. Manny had heard about this group playing at another lounge so the four of us went there. I followed Pam home so she could drop off her car. We had a good time dancing and we enjoyed the group playing at the lounge. Afterward I drove Pam back to her apartment and she had me park in a secluded part of the lot.

"Rob is here, I saw his car in the lot," she said.

"Here we go again," I thought to myself.

"Since we can't go in," Pam said as she reached for my belt buckle.

Pam unbuckled my belt and then unfastened my pants. I lifted my hips and she pulled my pants and underwear down below my crotch. My erect cock caught in the waistband of my underwear and then bobbed in front of me as it cleared the waistband. That seemed to turn Pam on.

"Oh ho, someone is happy to see me," she said as she reached for my cock.

Pam then lowered her mouth to my cock and deep throated me taking as much as she could on her initial descent. She had a marvelous technique of swirling her tongue around my cock while it was in her mouth. Pam's head bobbed up and down on my cock and I felt my orgasm building in my balls. I opted not to warn her that I was about to cum. Pam sucked my cock with enthusiasm as she tickled my balls and perineum. I felt my semen travel the length of my cock and shoot into her mouth. Pam sucked and swallowed as fast as she could, not missing a single drop of cum. Pam kept sucking me keeping me hard long after I finished cumming in her mouth.

"I need to sit on your dick," she said.

We scrambled into the backseat of my car and Pam reached under her skirt and removed her pantyhose and panties. Then she straddled my cock and serviced herself. I was pinned to the car seat so Pam did all the work. She rode my cock through multiple orgasms until I came again. Then she stopped moving and placed her head on my shoulder and eventually calmed down after cumming several times.

"I better get inside, Rob is probably wondering where I am," Pam said.

She got out of the car and just carried her pantyhose and panties with her. I watched as she walked across the parking lot and I envisioned cum running out of her pussy and trickling down her inner thighs. If Rob was there would she kiss him with the taste of cum still in her mouth? Would he eat her pussy with my seed still in her cunt? Or was he even there tonight or was it just another game that Pam liked to play? I would never know but it was fun to speculate.

Pam and I saw each other once a week for the next several months. She seemed to like to take chances and we had sex in public places a couple of times. Once I had to drive her to pick up her car at the service center and it wouldn't be ready for another hour. Instead of waiting in the customer waiting room we fucked in my car in the dealership parking lot. Another time she sucked my cock and I ate her pussy in my office. Once we fucked in the exercise facility at her apartment complex and then fucked again in the steam room. Pam was always acting worried about getting caught by Rob but he never seemed to materialize. I still think that it was all part of her fantasy.


One night Pam called me and asked me to meet her in a hotel room not far from her apartment. I agreed to see her that night so I drove over to that hotel. Pam answered the door and she was dressed in white panties and a sweater bra. I had never seen a sweater bra before but it was kind of sexy. Pam told me to come in and then she turned and walked back into the room. As Pam walked away from me I looked at her big round ass and fleshy thighs. Pam was a little heavier in her ass and thighs than I normally liked but she was so solid that it didn't bother me. As I looked at Pam's big round curvy ass I decided to try and fuck her ass that night. I walked in the room and Pam began unbuttoning my shirt.

"I can undress myself," I offered.

"But it's more fun when someone does it for you," she replied.

Pam unbuttoned and removed my shirt. Then she kissed me and worked her way down my body kissing my chest down to my waist. Pam then unbuckled my belt, unfastened my pants and pulled my pants down my legs. I slipped off my loafers and then lifted one leg at a time so that Pam could pull my trousers off. Pam then removed my socks before returning to my underwear. My cock was rock hard in my briefs and Pam ran her hand over the outline of my cock in my underwear. She looked up at me and smiled. Then she hooked her fingers in the waistband of my briefs and slowly pulled them over my pubes. Pam made sure that my cock got caught in the waistband as she seemed to like to see it spring out. Pam pulled my underwear as far down as she could without freeing my cock. Then she finally pulled the briefs clear and my cock sprung out into her face. She smiled as it bobbed in front of her.

"I can see that someone is happy to see me again," Pam said as she always did when my cock bobbed around in front of her.

Pam then pulled my briefs all the way off and I stepped out of them. Then she surprised my by standing up and going over to the bed. She flopped down across the bed and began watching television.

"Oh I want to see this show," she said.

Well I was having none of that and I assumed that it was just another game she was playing. I walked over to the bed and I grabbed her panties and yanked them off her body. I left the sweater bra on her as she actually looked sexier partially clothed. I lifted her up by her hips and I ran my tongue along her pussy lips. Pam cooed as my tongue found its way into her pussy and then located her clit. I spotted some lotion on the table next to the bed so I took it and put a lot of it on my hand. I rubbed the lotion into the crack of Pam's ass and then I slipped a finger into her asshole. I began to finger fuck Pam's ass with my index finger and then I pushed my middle finger and ring finger into her pussy. I finger fucked her pussy and ass at the same time with my three fingers.

"Oh that feels good. Imagine what a tongue would feel like in there," she said and then added, "I douched my pussy and my ass tonight in case you want to put your tongue in there."

It had been awhile since I rimmed a girl's asshole but I was in the mood for some anal sex and I went for it. I grabbed Pam's fleshy ass cheeks and pried them apart so that I could get a good look at her rosebud. I ran my tongue around the rim causing her to gasp. I moved my tongue from her ass to her pussy and back again driving her wild. True to her word, her ass was clean and smelled fresh. Pam began cumming and her hips rotated as she moved her big ass around. I fastened my mouth to her pussy and clamped onto her clit. Pam screamed in orgasm and then her body flattened on the bed. I was about to shove my cock in her pussy when she rolled over.

"I want you to fuck me like this," she said as she raised her legs back to her shoulders, "I want my legs on your shoulders as you drill me with your cock."

I got up and stood on the bed and lowered my cock into Pam's pussy. Pam placed her legs on my shoulders and I leaned forward over her. I placed my hands on the bed above Pam's head for balance and I drilled her pussy from above. I fucked her hard and fast as she was really into this position. I felt as if we were filming a porn movie. I had never fucked anyone in this position before but I was getting into it and I let her have it. Pam was groaning and moaning as she had a string of orgasms as I pounded her pussy.

"I want to see you shoot. I want you to cum on me. Aim it at my face," Pam said with her voice cracking.

I felt my balls tighten and I knew I was close. I pulled out of Pam's pussy and stood above her as I started to cum. I aimed my cock at her face and fired streams of cum at her. The first couple of streams hit her hair, face and neck and ran down over her tits. Then as my ejaculation slowed, ribbons of cum covered her abs and pubes.

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