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Rachel closed her door tightly, then 'accidentally' left a towel wedged up against the door so that her roommate couldn't wander in. Not that she was really worried about her roommate not respecting her privacy, but Rachel took a few extra precautions when she was going to be at the computer for a while. She didn't want anyone thinking she was some sort of weird pervert with a kinky fetish.

She slipped out of her dress and put a second towel down on the seat of her computer chair, then pulled up her web browser. Within moments, she'd signed in to KinkLife, and was browsing through her feed. The first picture was an animated gif of a woman on her knees, furiously masturbating while a massive cock plowed in and out of her mouth in what seemed like an endless repetition. A caption below it read, "After a few sessions of reprogramming, Slave Thirteen was now happy to accept her new role as cocksucker."

Rachel didn't know from fetish, but she knew what she liked.

She leaned back in her chair, her fingers comfortably resting between her thighs as she scrolled through more items. Every once in a while, she clicked 'Like' or 'Repost' on a particularly hot picture, or a little piece of flash fiction that caught her attention, but she wasn't even ready to take her panties off yet. She had the night off from work, she was a week ahead on her reading for class, and she'd even managed to get the dishes done so her roommate wouldn't come knocking. Rachel had hours of pleasure to look forward to, and she was determined to savor every second.

She went back through her news feed a bit more, stopping every so often to follow someone whose posts pushed her buttons particularly hard or to unfollow someone who was posting things that she was majorly not into. She had cultivated a pretty good selection of regulars by now who reliably posted things that were reliably up her alley (er, so to speak, she thought to herself with a tiny blush...) but she was always happy to find someone new who shared her kink. So when SpiralGurl led her to Mindless1, and when Mindless1 led her to PrettyPinkNothing, she happily followed along. And of course, Rachel (or 'Indoctrin8d' as she went by on KinkLife) had her own followers who checked out the things she reposted, even if she rarely felt confident enough to add her own words.

So it wasn't too surprising when SubtleSlut posted a new caption to her feed by someone she hadn't seen before. It was a little bit more surprising to see her add at the end, "OMGOMGOMG GoneTooDeep is on KinkLife WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME THIS?" Rachel decided to pay a little bit more attention to this one.

She looked at the picture. It was definitely hot-the woman in the picture was lying back on the bed with her eyes closed, and her legs were spread wide with a man thrusting into her. Rachel had to admit that she would probably enjoy looking at a sleepy girl like that even without any words to go with it. Then she read the caption:

"Your cock is a sleepy cock," she said quietly as he slid into her, already deep in trance just from the sight of his dick. "Every time it fucks me, I go deeper."

"That's right, good girl," he said, thrusting into her. She felt her body relaxing as though she'd been drugged. "Every time my cock slides out..." he pulled back, and she sighed in relaxation. "You feel your resistance going out with it. Every time my cock goes in..." He angled his thrust to rub against her clit, and she felt a deliciously drowsy pleasure wash over her. "My control sinks in deeper."

"Deeper," she said. She gazed up at him with eyes that were no more than a quarter of the way open, struggling to lift her eyelids for just a moment longer so that she could watch him fuck the rest of the resistance out of her. "...your control...sinks in deeper..."

"That's a good girl," he said, pumping into her again and again and again as her eyes rolled up so that only the whites showed. "You're getting so sleepy for me, more and more drowsy the more I fuck your will away. And when your eyes close..."

"I will be completely in your power," she whimpered. She was so close to cumming, but she knew that when she came she wouldn't be able to keep her eyes open any longer and she'd have to give in to him. She just had to resist a little longer, just keep her eyes open until...until...

Until she came, she realized. Then she'd be able to close her eyes and give in completely to his power, just like she'd always wanted. It all made so much sense now. Her last sight was his cock, sliding deep into her pussy one last time as her orgasm hit.

Rachel shivered as the words sank in. Okay, that was nice. That was very nice in a 'squeeze your legs together and whimper' kind of way. She read it again, tracing her fingers over her fabric-covered pussy and noticing that her panties were definitely a little bit damp in places. She decided to click through to GoneTooDeep's blog page.

As it turned out, there were quite a few caption stories on there, and Rachel lost a good twenty minutes just reading through each one in turn. And liking them, and reposting them, and following GoneTooDeep, and going back into her favorites list and reading a few of them again because they stuck in her brain...somewhere along the line, her fingers nudged aside her panties to give her a little bit more intimate access to her pussy, but she definitely didn't care. This wasn't just hitting every single one of her pervy fetish buttons, it was hammering on them. Even the ones that were femdom or lesbian hit that sweet spot of total, blissful obedience that made her wet every single time.

And there were also some true stories on there. Rachel's libido went into overdrive reading that. As hot as it was to fantasize about being hypnotized and turned into someone's obedient cocksucking sex slave, Rachel hadn't really ever thought about it as something that could actually happen. But GoneTooDeep described hypnosis with a comfortable intimacy that made it clear that he'd actually experienced it several times, both as a subject and as a hypnotist. Which meant that when he wrote about brainwashing someone, then...Rachel actually shook in the chair at the thought.

She noticed that his linkroll mentioned a story page, and she decided to click on that as well. It felt like she was going down a rabbit hole, finding new links that led her further and further away from her usual haunts and into a whole world of porn that felt like it could have been written just for her. Every single story was all about brainwashing, sometimes hypnosis and sometimes other fantasies from magic to nanites to mind control rays, and they all made it sound so hot and sexy that Rachel's fingers were almost wrinkling from her pussy juices. She glanced at the clock, realizing with a start that she'd already spent almost three hours just going from story to story to story and letting her body drift along on a tide of sensual heat as she read. She was going to spend weeks on this site, she already knew it.

A thought popped into Rachel's mind, and she tabbed back over to KinkLife. Her feed refreshed, showing a few new pictures, but Rachel couldn't help being more interested in the 'Chat' button in the corner of the screen. Because if GoneTooDeep was posting pictures to the site, she could send him a direct message. Just to thank him for giving her so much reading material to look forward to, she told herself. Just to give him a little encouragement. Everyone always said that smut writers needed to hear from their fans more, right?

She opened a chat window, and before she could stop herself, she messaged him with, "I love your work!" A few seconds later, almost astonished by her own boldness, she followed it up with, "I want to help inspire it, too."

It felt like she stared at the text box for ages, but the timestamp suggested it was less than two minutes before the response. "And what kind of story do you think you would inspire?" he said, following it up with a little winking smile.

Rachel felt a surge of heat wash through her body. This was really happening, she told herself. She was sharing her sexual fantasies about being brainwashed into obedience with someone who could maybe actually sort of kind of do it a little bit. She felt a furious blush sting her cheeks, and she was suddenly grateful he couldn't see it. "A story of a girl going into deep deep deep deep deep submission," she typed, hitting enter before her brain could overrule her body.

The response practically gave her body a permanent majority vote. "Going blank and mindless, losing all your thoughts and your will as you stare at hypnotic words and play with yourself... Was that the kind of thing you wanted to inspire?"

Rachel felt her pussy clench around her fingers. It was like he knew. It was like he could see right through her monitor, like he was watching her right hand pumping between her legs and her nipples stiffening as she flicked them with her left hand between texts. She felt suddenly exposed, and it was turning her on to a degree she'd never even imagined.

"That gave me chills," she typed with trembling fingers. It went a little bit slow, because she was only using one hand, but she really didn't want to stop playing with her pussy right now. And also she didn't want to have to clean off her keyboard later.

"That makes me happy," GoneTooDeep responded. "I don't often hypnotize people, but when someone starts dropping great big hints that they want to go into trance, well..."

Rachel stared at the words, her skin suddenly feeling too tight and too hot. Her eyes locked onto that single phrase, reading it over and over again. 'Hypnotize people.' 'Hypnotize people.' Oh god. He could really do it. He was really interested in doing it. To her. Here and now.

The next message turned her shivers to shudders. "**pets your cheek** That is what you're asking, right?" it said. "When you say you want to inspire a story, you mean you want to be one of the girls I write about?"

Rachel thought back to the hours of stories she'd already read, through the captions she'd been stroking herself to, all the way to the moment she first found KinkLife and saw the first picture of a submissive woman with her eyes half-open and her legs spread wide. "God, yes," she typed, feeling almost drunk with arousal. "That's exactly what I mean."

His reply felt like it was tapping into every single fantasy she'd ever had. "You want to fixate on my words," he said, and Rachel could tell she was already doing it, "your eyes locking in on everything I say and slowly losing the power to say no?

She typed her response as quickly as she could, hoping irrationally that the faster she responded, the faster he would continue doing whatever he was doing to her brain. "I do."

"You want to feel your hands floating over the keyboard," he said, "easily and effortlessly responding to my words as you relax deeper and deeper into trance for me." Rachel couldn't help herself-her right hand slid out of her pussy, provoking a mewl of pleasure from her at the motion, and it seemed like they moved of their own accord as they wiped themselves dry on the towel before they drifted up to hover over the home keys.

That was when Rachel realized she was really being hypnotized. She couldn't imagine any other way she would stop touching herself right now. "Yes I do," she typed, feeling her fingers moving dreamily over the keyboard. "I feel it."

"Of course you do," GoneTooDeep replied. "You feel your breathing slow down into a relaxing, hypnotic rhythm as you read my words and let your thoughts scatter and drift. You've wanted to let go of your will for a while now, and my words are just giving you permission to become the good girl you already are. Isn't that right?"

Rachel sighed helplessly, her mind floating through hours of sexual fantasies with a suddenly unfocused bliss. "yes it is", she responded, no longer exactly sure where the SHIFT key was and unable to look away from the screen.

"It feels very good to say yes to me, doesn't it?" GoneTooDeep asked. Rachel felt like the words were somehow stroking her pussy, taking over where her fingers left off.

She didn't need to think at all to answer, and she was glad because it felt like thinking was getting harder with every passing second. "yes it does", she responded easily.

"That's right," GoneTooDeep replied. She felt another wave of heat between her thighs at his approval. "Good girl. You feel a warm sensation of pleasure all through you body whenever you say yes to me. It feels so nice, and it swamps your thoughts with bliss so that every time you say yes, it gets that much harder to think. Doesn't that sound good?"

Rachel had never realized how sexy it felt to type three letters before. "yes", she replied, feeling a trickle of moisture leaking out of her pussy to crawl with agonizing slowness down her sensitive skin.

His reply felt like a warm, teasing breath on her clit. "Doesn't it make you happy to say yes, knowing you're pleasing me so much?" he asked.

Rachel's fingers typed automatically, as though they were an extension of her subconscious mind now. "yes it does", she responded, still too lost in his words to care about proper rules of capitalization.

And yet his replies seemed perfectly composed. Rachel wondered how he could possibly resist getting turned on like she was. "Doesn't it feel so sexy to let your thoughts go blanker and foggier with each yes, getting harder and harder to think, easier and easier to obey?"

Rachel couldn't stop herself, she replied with, "yes yes". It just felt so good to type the first one that she couldn't help adding a second. Both of them felt like tiny, tingling strokes on her pussy lips.

"You love to be an obedient, blank, sweetly submissive good trance girl for me, don't you?" he asked. Rachel whimpered, her jaw hanging open as she read the words over and over again while her fingers typed the response all by themselves.

"yes i do," she responded. It felt like the only thing she could say now.

"Tell me what it does to you when I make you say yes," he said. Rachel struggled to find words to describe what this was like-her fingers ached simply to type 'yes' again, to lose herself in mindless response. It was amazing how sexy that felt.

Finally, Rachel typed, "i feel so happy". After what felt like only a moment, she added, "and blank". Later, she would look at the timestamps on her chat window and realize that moment lasted over a full minute, but right now, time held very little meaning for her. She had all the time in the world for this.

"And aroused," GoneTooDeep responded. "You can feel that pleasure turning you on now, can't you?"

Now? Rachel thought to herself. The towel between her thighs had a damp patch the size of her hand, she could smell her pussy scent like the room was foggy with it, and her cunny kept clenching around an imaginary cock. It made his words seem almost absurd. But at the same time, seeing someone actually give her a hypnotic suggestion to get horny spiked her arousal to even greater heights. "yes," she typed. She couldn't stop herself from saying it again. "yes", she repeated, feeling a warm wave of pleasure and submission wash through her mind every time she let her fingers type the word.

He must have noticed, because his next message read, "Every yes for me makes it better and better." Rachel bit her lip to avoid moaning so loud her roommate could hear. She was being brainwashed, he was actually fucking brainwashing her to agree with everything he said and it was so fucking hot...

Her fingers typed her response before she even realized it, and she was almost surprised to see the word "yes" pop up on the screen.

His next response was everything she wanted to hear right now. "Are you in a place where it's safe to touch yourself?"

Her right hand twitched over the keyboard, but Rachel could imagine how good it would feel to wait just a few seconds longer. She managed to control herself long enough to type "yes" again, and hit enter.

"Good girl," he replied. Rachel's eyes rolled back in her head a little. Something about 'good girl' just always sounded sexy, no matter who was saying it or why. To see it now... "Saying no never feels bad, and you will always tell me when you feel unsafe for any reason. Do you understand me?"

Rachel let out a breath she hadn't realized she was holding. "yes", she responded, feeling impossibly giddy all of a sudden. She noticed that she was blinking in long, slow, heavy motions now, like her eyes were reluctant to stay open at all. Something about knowing she was safe, she realized. It made it easier to relax. Easier to give in. Easier to...she shivered as the word popped into her mind. Easier to submit.

"That's a VERY good girl", he said. "Good girls always feel so happy, so sexy, so deeply aroused and blank and blissful when they accept commands. You accepted a command. Feel that bliss, good girl, and tell me how it feels."

Rachel's fingers shook as she typed. "amazing," she said, her head suddenly feeling inclined to lean back against the headrest and not move. She kept typing, not really sure how to describe the sensation. Everything was just a rush of bliss, and thinking felt so hard now. "i feel so good...so aroused", she continued at last.

"That's just how a deep, obedient trance girl like you should feel," he replied. She felt like she couldn't see anything but his words anymore. The rest of the room was just an unfocused blur in the corners of her eyes. "That's how you want to feel all the time, happy and submissive and ready to obey. Do you want to touch yourself now, good girl?"

Rachel's hands fumbled at the keyboard. "yes yes]", she typed out, realizing only after she hit enter that she'd pressed the wrong key by accident. It didn't seem important, really, not compared to the prospect of finally sliding her fingers into her slick, needy pussy again.

"Good girl," he replied, the words feeling like a finger on her clit now. "Good girls always feel better when they ask for permission to do the things they want to do. You feel so hot and sexy knowing that you're letting me control your pleasure, don't you?"

Rachel felt herself falling into the words, sinking into each line and letter as she read them. "yes i do," she said, knowing that on some level, she desperately wanted to be the woman he described. She wanted to ask-no, she wanted to beg for permission. She wanted to beg like a good girl. "may i touch myself, Master?" she finally asked, somehow unsurprised that her fingers found the SHIFT key for that last word.

It was only a minute, but it felt like an eternity of torture before his response finally appeared. "Good pet. You may touch. Play with your pussy and say to yourself, 'My pussy belongs to Master.' Over and over, as you play with yourself and sink even deeper into my control. Until you have to come."

Rachel's right hand fell from the keyboard like someone had just turned up the gravity. She slipped a finger into her pussy, then a second, pistoning them in and out and hearing the liquid sounds of her deep arousal as she masturbated. She heard herself whispering, "My pussy belongs to Master," over and over again in a vacant, blank voice, and she almost came right then and there.

But then she saw on the screen, "What will you do when you have to come, good girl?"

Oh fuck, she whimpered inside her head. She knew the answer, because it was right there on the screen. She had to ask for permission, because good girls asked for permission to do the things they wanted to do. But if she did, if she broke down and begged him to come instead of just frigging herself off, then it wasn't just dirty talk between two hypnokinky perverts. If she asked, if he made her ask, then he really controlled her. Then he was really brainwashing her.

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