My Transgender Neighbor


"Oh, Michael," she giggled. "That's so sweet!"

"Thank God!" I let out a breath I hadn't realized I'd been holding. She gave me another quick peck on the lips. I relished the taste of her berry-flavored lip gloss.

"I should tell you though," she braced herself.


"You know I'm very religious,"

"I respect that," I said quickly.

"I'm glad you do! That means so lot, especially coming from a secular person like you. A lot of you just don't understand!"

"I try to, but what are you trying to tell me?"

"I don't believe in sex before marriage, Michael," she said flatly.

"You're kidding!" I blurted. She was twenty-six and a virgin?

"I am serious!" she stood up straight. Her eyes were narrow again. She was angry.

"I'm sorry, Julie. That's just a lot to process. Bear with me, okay?" I touched her shoulders and looked down into her eyes until they stopped clenching and looked warm again.

"You're forgiven," she said at last. "But I won't change my mind about that. Not ever. But I do like you, Michael. I could see us having a future, if you're willing to bear with me, also?"

"Julie," I began. It reminded me of my earlier conversation with Caroline, really. She offered casual sex and I'd turned her down. Was I so different than Julie for wanting to be in a relationship first? "I can respect that, I think. It won't be easy!"

"Who said it was supposed to be easy?" the little woman countered. "It won't be easy for me, either, Michael! I think you're very handsome!"

"As long as we're in this together!" I laughed.

"That's the way it's supposed to be," she agreed. "Now you'd better take me home before I do something I'll regret!"

* * * *

It was well after midnight before I got home that night. No, I didn't get lucky breaking down Julie's resistance. I'd dropped her off like a good boy and driven around the town for an hour, thinking. How long would I have to date Julie before we could get married. A year? Two? Could I really go that long with nothing? I didn't think I could. What did that say about me? Or my feelings for Julie? The cool evening streets didn't have any answers, and I climbed the steps to my apartment slowly, lost in thought.

I stood at the top of the steps on the little wooden landing, alone in the bright halogen light. All I had to do was turn right, open my door, and sleep would come. A blessed, dark relief. I turned, but to the left. I could see a little light filtering through the blind's beside my neighbor's front door. Caroline was awake. I stared her door. It would be such a simple thing. Two steps and a soft knock on the bright red door. I couldn't move. I felt like I'd been sapped, paralyzed. Unable to move an inch over those wooden slats.

"Shit," I muttered when I saw the mini-blinds pry open just wide enough to peep through. Caroline had heard me come up the stairs.

"Gonna stand there all night, Mike?" she said jokingly as she opened her door. She was as stunning as ever, even in a tee shirt and sweat pants. The bright light shone in her hair, making it seem a golden halo. Her normally dark blue eyes were bright, but her brow furrowed. She stepped out barefooted onto the landing. She looked worried. She reached out to touch my arm and opened her mouth to speak again, probably to ask me if I was okay. I didn't give her the chance.

"Oh!" was all she had time to say before I moved toward her and pulled her lush, feminine body into mine. My lips pressed down into hers, forcing them open for my eager tongue. She tensed up for only a moment, but in the moment I worried that I'd made a huge mistake, not to mention a complete pig of myself. I needn't have worried. She moaned, that deep husky voice resonating in her throat as she slid her tongue over mine and into my mouth. Her hands slipped around my waist, climbing up my back as she pushed her big tits into my chest.

I poured all the frustration I'd been feeling for months into that kiss. My hands groped her back and her ass as I shoved my tongue down her throat one minute and sucked hers the next. The prospect of spending more months or years sexless was unbearable. And there was Caroline. A girl who'd quickly become a friend. A hot buxom blonde who apparently liked the looks of me too. I could smell her shampoo in her slightly damp hair, smell her lotion under that. It filled me up, pushing all thoughts of uptight Julie from my mind. I could feel her bulge pressing against my thigh, and it didn't even phase me.

"Caroline," I said breathlessly when we finally stopped kissing long enough to speak. She shook her head and lay a long finger across my lips. She was right, of course. Words really weren't necessary, not now. She took a fistful of my shirt and pulled me into her apartment. It was a mirror image of mine. As much as we'd been hanging out in the last week, it was always at my place. She guided me to middle of her living room, right in front of a big easy chair. She had this hungry look in her eyes that made my cock surge to full mast, rather uncomfortably in my pants.

She took care of that problem, I must say. She ripped off my clothes with an eagerness I'd never seen in a woman. Unlike Julike, Caroline wanted me, wanted me bad. When my shirt was off she stroked my chest, toying with my nipples before sucking them. She kissed the dark line of hair down my belly as she dropped to her knees. She unbuckled my pants and pulled them down as fast as she could, and my hard cock snapped right up to attention. I almost sang halleluja from the sweet release of it.

She smiled up at me for just a moment as her large hands wrapped around my shaft. I've got nothing to be ashamed of, longer and thicker than most guys, and frankly, I was as hard as I've ever been in that moment. My beautiful blonde neighbor seemed delighted. She purred happily as she rubbed it all over face. It had been so long I almost lost my nut right then and there. I'm glad I held it together, because she stuffed my cock past her lips and I could swear her mouth was magical.

Her soft lips caressed my shaft ever so gently before tightening up, forming an airtight seal. She started sucking, all the while watching my face in the soft light of her muted television. Her tongue was everywhere at once, wiggling rapidly against my hardness before flattening right under the head and sawing back and forth. I wanted to take her hair and start drilling her face, but she hardly gave me a chance. I yelped in surprise as she pushed her face even lower and her throat opened right up as my cock slid right down. Most girls said I was far too big for that sort of thing, or that girls only did that in porn. Caroline proved them wrong on both counts.

Her throat felt incredible. It had this soft, yet firm, almost velvety texture that squeezed my cock tighter than any pussy could ever hope to do. I could feel it moving around me in waves as she gulped and swallowed. When she started to bob, the combination of the friction, heat, and tightness was almost too much to bear. I squeezed her shoulders and grit my teeth, ready to burst any moment.

She didn't quite let me, not then. She pulled off with a loud smack right before I passed the point of no return. I was so desperate for it I almost started whining. Her lips and tongue didn't rest, though. She sucked and licked my balls, rolling them around in her mouth and moaning as she sucked. I spread my legs a little wider for her. She looked so hot with my cock draped over her face I nearly lost a load into her golden hair. The urgency of my almost-orgasm faded, and I realized I had yet to see her hot body naked.

I took a half step back, letting my nuts slip from her drooling mouth. I helped her to her feet and quickly pulled that tee shirt up over her head. Her breasts were every bit as stunningly perfect as I'd imagined. And lately, I'd been imagining them a lot. Huge and round and firm, with no hint of a tan line. The golden orbs were ripe for the plucking, with wide areolas and long pale nipples. I started grinning like a fool as I ran my hands over them, then squeezed them hard like I was kneading bread. She giggled a little as I lost myself in her tits. They were clearly fake, but I didn't care, they were perfect. I stooped to suck her nipples one by one, slurping loudly. I took my time with them, not even thinking about what was coming next.

It was my turn to drop to my knees, and when I did, the huge bulge in her gray sweat pants nearly filled my field of vision. A little voice in my head asked me if I was ready for this. Ready to to pull her pants down and be a cocksucker. The rest of me responded with an overwhelming 'hell yes!' I obeyed those commands. One tug was all it took to pull her loose-fitting pants down her long, shapely legs. Her cock and balls hung before me, pink and hairless and huge. She wasn't quite hard, maybe only half-way there, but already a bit bigger than me. I could feel myself throbbing at that thought. She stepped out of her sweat pants, and her cock swayed and wobbled heavily.

I looked up at her, and she blushed and moved to cover herself. I caught her wrists and moved her hands firmly to the side. She laughed nervously, her voice low and husky. Our eyes met as I reached out and lifted her massive, limber shaft with both hands. She gave me an encouraging nod and for the first time ever, I explored a cock that wasn't mine. Her flesh was warm and smooth, despite the heavy veins crisscrossing beneath the surface. She was wonderfully thick, and with each powerful pulse, she grew just a little bit more. I expected to feel a wave of disgust, or at least some kind of negative reaction. Nothing came. She was hot and I wanted her. It was just that simple.

I took a double fisted grip and started to slowly pump, moving the top layer of skin up and down over the rapidly hardening core. In no time at all her fat transgender dick was fully hard, every bit as hard as my big cock. Only hers was considerably. At least two or three inches longer, and a hell of a lot thicker. Even her balls were huge, like a couple of fat lemons! I didn't wait to be asked, I wanted to taste her.

The pink head wasn't as easy to suck into my mouth as I'd thought. It was so fat I really had to strain myself. I knew how much I hated the feeling of teeth scraping against my most tender regions, and I curled my lips in to cushion my pearly whites. The big pink plum of her cockhead neatly filled the hollow of my mouth to capacity. I wiggled my tongue against it, half expecting to freak out at the taste. But there was no manly funk, just the gentle aroma of another human and mildly salty taste. She was watching me intently. She looked almost as curious as I was at that moment. I gave a little suck, and she moaned.

The deep, throaty sound of her voice sent a cold chill down my spine. The little masculine things about her, her height, the size of her hands, the deepness of her voice, all seemed extra sexy to me in contrast to her angelic face, heaving breasts and hourglass figure. What an intoxicating mix of masculine and feminine she was! And I had her most masculine part of all lodged deep in my mouth. I closed my eyes and sucked her in a little deeper. There was something primal about sucking on her. It was, of course, blatantly sexual, but the nature of the physical act itself got to me. I sucked harder. Licked faster. I moaned around her like a porn star slut and bobbed my head up and down as fast as I could.

She started rocking on her heels, and she held on to my head for support. Her long fingers ran through my thick dark hair. The sensation was electric, and I found I could suck her even harder. I groped her tits as I sucked, enjoying the strange feeling of sucking dick while feeling very feminine breasts on the same person. After about five minutes, I realized that I was having more fun with a woman than I'd ever had. I made love to her dick, and her moans and purrs of lust only made me wanna keep going and going. I made a bit of a mess, my spit drooling out of my lips, running down the massive length of her cock that I couldn't suck, and dripping down on the floor. My lips smacked and I hummed in delight and finally, after what seemed like hours, I felt her whole body tense up in front of me.

"I'm gonna cum, Mike," she warned. "Right down your throat if you're not careful!" I took her warning seriously. I reached down between her legs and gave her massive balls the lightest of squeezes as they pulled up close to her body. She lost it then, and I just kept on sucking. Her hips jerked, almost like she was trying to buck me off. I held on tight and felt the first splash hit the back of my throat. I swallowed hard, but the blasts kept coming, spilling back into my mouth and running out over my lips and down my chin. I could smell the slightly bleach-y aroma, taste the tangy saltiness. I drank it all up while she screamed in pleasure. When she was done, I pulled her cock out of my mouth and used it as a scoop to push more of her cum from my face up to my greedy tongue.

"Jesus, Mike, that was..." Caroline grinned like she'd stolen something and gotten away with it. She looked pretty cute, so I stood up and kissed her. It wasn't until she reached around me and pulled me tight while sucking hard on my tongue that I realized that she could probably taste her own cock and cum all over me. She didn't seem to mind.

"I"m glad you liked it. It was really fun," I admitted with a shrug. Fuck, I'd just sucked a dick and I liked it!

"Now you need a reward!" She said. She took my hand and pulled me along after her. Her ass swayed ahead of me, perfectly round and golden and delicious. I was about to find out just how wonderful it was. She pulled a little bottle out of the nightstand, then squirted a huge glob of clear lube into her hands. Even spending so much time sucking her and just walking around her apartment naked, I hadn't lost one bit of my hardness. I was ready to go!

"You're prepared," I remarked. She shot me a look, but kept stroking my cock to cover every inch of it with the slippery fluid.

"You suck pretty well, but let's see if you can fuck just as well," she said it like a challenge. She turned over and bent over the bed, presenting her fine ass to me. I didn't wait for an engraved invitation. I stepped right up. She was tall, and I had to motion for her to spread her legs a bit. She looked back at me and licked her lips and wiggled that fine, plump ass at me. I gave her ass a hearty slap with both hands and spread her cheeks open. Deep in that dark crevice, a tiny pink rosebud winked at me. My cock was drawn to it almost on its own, and I prodded my slick cockhead against the tight entrance.

"Don't be shy," she whispered. She dropped her head, her long blonde curls falling to the bed, and pushed back against me. I leaned into her, and the tight rubbery ring slowly opened up around me, swallowing half my cock up. She was hotter and tighter than any pussy I could remember fucking. I kept pushing, letting her ass eat up every inch of me, until my balls slapped into hers from behind. She let out a long hard moan, and I took that as a cue that she was loving it every bit as much as I was.

I pulled back a little, then pushed balls-deep again. She gripped me tight, her flesh rippling along my pole as I slid back and forth. After a moment she loosened up just a bit. She was still tight as hell but it let me move faster, fuck her harder. She let out a little squeal when I pulled back and slammed back in as hard as I could. She stumbled a little, her hands dropping to the edge of the bed. I ground against her, loving the feel of her soft cheeks pressed tight against me. I pulled back a couple inches and hammered again, making her gasp as she nearly stumbled.

When I pulled back again, I slapped her ass hard once more before taking hold of her womanly hips. I got a firm grip. She kept trying to push herself back onto my hard spike, but I wouldn't let her, not yet. I held her good and still before plunging back into her ass. I was off to the races then. I'd never fucked anyone like her, and I savored every moment. Each thrust filled me manly power, power that I poured back into her. I fucked her like a savage, a madman. I made her scream and yelp and stagger to keep up with me as I power-slammed her from behind.

I wish I could tell you that I lasted as long as she did when I sucked her off. But I'd been benched too long and her ass was just too good for a marathon fuck. It was the wildest, most satisfying fifteen minutes of my life. I nearly feared I'd leave bruises on her butt or damage her insides, but she kept pushing back against me and screaming for more and more.

When I finally came it felt like it came from the tips of my toes and the top of my head and just poured out of me. Every muscle in my body, save for my hips, locked tight. I just kept thrusting into her faster and faster, in a frenzy. I could feel her ass clench down on me just as I started to spurt. My balls ached with it as they clenched and pumped my cream right into her guts. My head reeled from the ecstatic release, and after a few more jerky stabs, I fell over on top of her, pushing her onto her tits onto the bed.

"You've been saving that for a while," she panted. She clawed at the sheets, pulling herself forward to get her whole body onto the bed. My cock slipped out of her, followed by a heavy stream of jizz that poured down the side of the bed. Fatigue hit me like a wet blanket, and I struggled to climb up beside her.

"I have. And you're fucking amazing," I managed to say.

"You too, Mike. I mean that," she kissed my hot, sweaty cheek and turned onto her side. Her huge tits pushed up against my arm, and she draped a leg over mine. We were too hot to get under the covers, and we lay there in silence for a long while.

After cumming like that, I expected to fall into a coma. Instead, my mind started whirling. What had I done? Julie and I had never made any promises, but I felt like a cheater all the same. More troubling as the nature of the sex I'd just had. Was I some kind of gay? When she started snoring, I hadn't found any answers. Later the dawn light crept through her window and I was no closer to sorting it out. Life had thrown me a curveball, and I had no idea what I was going to do.

* * * * *

"You called me in, Mister Carter?" I said sullenly to my boss. William Danforth Carter wasn't the kind of boss you chummed up with or even smiled at when you passed him at the office. I once tried that he had gave me a scowl that could kill a man a twenty paces. He was blunt, direct, and brutally efficient at keeping our bottom line in the black. I'd asked for the afternoon off that day, a sunny Friday, and while my immediate supervisor had approved, Carter might very well take it back.

"What's this about you taking a half day? You got a doctor's appointment or something?" He sat back behind his desk and crossed his meaty arms over his chest. He looked like a bulldog that someone had somehow stuffed into a three-piece suit. A bulldog that wasn't too happy about it, either.

"No," I cleared my throat. I wasn't sure how Carter was going to react. I squared my shoulders and opened my mouth to tell him the truth.

"It's that lil mouse, Julie, isn't it? She's already left a half hour ago," he smirked. I'd only ever seen the middle aged man smile twice, and both times when we'd had company-wide meetings to report record revenues. There was a twinkle in his eyes though.

"You know about me and Julie?" I gasped. I was a bit surprised. I thought we'd been pretty discreet. More than that, I didn't expect Carter to care about that sort of thing. Most of all, I hadn't known that Julie had taken the time off as well. I frowned.

"Don't look so glum. She's cute enough," Carter shrugged. "What are you two doing, anyway? Julie wouldn't say, only that it was important to her church," he chuckled at the last. He even winked at me! "I see what she meant by church!"

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