tagBDSMMy Treasure

My Treasure

bybarbarian queen 2©

Dava was just becoming used to her blindness when she met Alex. She literally fell into him. Strong arms caught her against a massive body. She could tell that he was enormously tall. She never knew why she allowed him to take her home. But now, here she was, naked, tied to her bed, and gagged.

"I know you can't see me," he whispered softly, "so I don't have to blindfold you." His lips were soft on her eyelids. "But I don't want you to scream," he paused, "yet."

She felt his hands exploring her body, much like she used hers to "see" something. He cupped her generous breasts and squeezed gently, his thumbs caressing her hardening nipples. She writhed, trying to evade his hands.

Alex laughed softly. "You have no idea what that does for me, my treasure," he murmured. She felt his hot breath on her skin just an instant before his mouth closed on her left nipple. He suckled softly, pulling the sensitive bit of flesh between his teeth again and again.

"Nnnnnmm," she protested. He was arousing her. She did not want that to happen! She couldn't let that happen! Then he switched to the other nipple, suckling, teasing, arousing. His hands were in her stomach, then on her thighs. His tongue on her quivering clitoris arched her hips off the bed. "Nnnnn!" she wailed through the gag, "nnnnn!" The vibration of his laugh on her flesh only intensified the felling.

He lapped at her wetness, a cat with cream, as she struggled under him. She felt him shift positions. His hand caressed her cheek.

"I almost wish you could see me," he whispered, "but it's perhaps best that you can't."

Dava felt the heat of his penis against her. She moaned softly, resigned now. He was going to take her. Soft, gentle kisses on her face. She felt the gag loosen.

"Now you can scream, my treasure," he murmured. And he impaled her. She arched and shrieked. Even wet as she was, the huge, steely pole of flesh that rammed into her was tearing her apart. Another thrust. Another. Her screams echoed. And he filled her beyond anything she believed possible. She was stretched tight around his hot, monstrously long, thick penis.

Her body convulsed, her orgasm crashing through her, unsought, unexpected, incredibly intense. He groaned as the spasms caressed him. Then he began moving in her, long, slow thrusts that pulled and pushed every inch of his massive penis in and out of her. The pain of him stimulated her now. Her hips rocked against him, meeting his thrusts as she whimpered. Another orgasm rolled through her. And another. He took his time, using the long, slow thrusts to savor her.

She writhed against him now, not in an effort to escape, but trying to get closer to him. The hot friction of him had her convulsing hard around him until he swelled and pulsed his hot sperm deep into her. Alex collapsed on her as the final spasms of his orgasm throbbed in her. Sighing softly, he slowly withdrew from her, moving his heavy weight from her trembling body.

Dava made no sound as slow tears flowed down her face. Alex had been told that blind eyes were expressionless. The pain and desolation he saw in Dava's sightless eyes made the sated euphoria of his climax burn like acid. With shaking fingers, he wiped the tears away.

"My treasure..." he began. She turned her head away from his touch. It was not a sudden, angry movement, just a slow move away from his fingers. He felt a surge of anger. He HAD given her pleasure! She HAD climaxed! More than once. The slow tears continued and his anger shriveled. He released her. "I..." he sighed, "I thought..."

She turned her sightless eyes back to him. He could still see the pain. She couldn't see his hand reach out to her. She made no move to cover herself, she only moved her limbs to ease them. Dava said nothing to Alex, and he could not bear to stay, to look into her devastated eyes. She heard him dress and leave. Then she curled up and let the sobs escape. Dava never knew how long she wept. The storm of emotion eventually faded into sleep.

Alex, however, did not sleep. He was reliving the past hours, from the moment Dava had been so rudely shoved and literally fell into his arms. She had not flinched from him, even when she realized his size. Her blindness had been a surprise but she had not apologized for it nor did she seem to expect any pity. He had put her back on her feet. She tipped her head up and thanked him. He knew she couldn't see him, yet the gesture, the movement of her head was perfect. He asked her to join him for coffee and they talked. Somewhere in the conversation, he made the assumption that she wanted him as much as he found himself wanting her. And when she let him take her home, he was sure of it.

He wasn't sure where the notion to tie her and gag her came from, but he'd done it, his size and strength making the task easy. God! She had been so tight! And responsive. But the expression in her blind eyes. Pain. It wasn't physical pain. Her body had accepted him like no other woman ever had. But she had looked at him, her unseeing eyes brimming with the pain of something lost, something he had destroyed. And it ate away at him.

Dava awoke, her head aching from crying herself to sleep. As she dragged herself out of bed, her hands brushed the silk scarves Alex had used to bind her. Sudden revulsion surged through her. Dava managed to untie the scarves. Bunching them in her fist, she felt her way to the kitchen. She stuffed the silk into the trash. Taking a deep breath, Dava stood still for a moment to orient her self as she had been taught. Then she turned and went to her bathroom. She made sure everything was where it belonged, her towels, soaps. She turned on the shower as hot as she could stand it. Then she tried to scrub Alex from her body. It was hard to do. His hands had made her tremble, his taking had been an incredible experience. Yet, that is what hurt so much. She had found him attractive. He had not tried to make her feel anything other than normal. She was beginning to trust him. His first kisses had made her quiver. Then he had tied her. Made her helpless. And took her. Angrily, Dava scrubbed her body again. And again. Finally, she emerged from the steamy water and dried herself. She dressed and made herself eat, although everything tasted of ashes.

The phone rang, making Dava jump. She let her answering machine take the call. Alex. "Please, Dava, answer." She did nothing. She could not make herself answer the phone. The sound of Alex's deep voice made her tremble. Why had he taken advantage of her? With a bit more patience, she would have given him everything. The phone rang again. And again. Each time, Alex would plead for her to answer, to talk to him. Dava finally gave in and answered the next time the phone rang.


"Dava." It was Alex. "I..."

"What more do you want of me, Alex?" She heard a soft grunt on the other end of the phone.

"Dava, can I seen you again?" Alex's deep voice was hoarse.

"Why, Alex?"

"I..." Silence. "Please, Dava?"

Dava was silent for long moments. "Very well, Alex," she said cooly. "You may come here in one hour."

An explosive sigh on the other end of the phone. "Thank you, Dava."

Dava wondered of she were being foolish. He was big and strong. And he had already taken her once. She spent the hour thinking, considering.

A soft knock on her door. She waited.


"Come in, Alex," she replied. She was sitting in the shadows of the darkened room. She heard him come in and stop. She did not turn on any lights. She didn't need them, after all. "Leave the lights off, Alex."

"But..." he sighed, "okay."

"What do you want, Alex?"

"I...I'm sorry, Dava," his voice was still hoarse, the rich softness gone.

"Why should I believe that, Alex?" Her voice held no emotion. She heard him sigh.

"Was there no pleasure for you, Dava?" There was a forlorn note in his voice.

Dava shook her head, trying to deny that yes, there had been pleasure.

Alex saw the movement in the shadows. His body sagged. The pride gone.

Dava was still angry. And, much as she hated to admit it, aroused by his nearness.

"How can I apologize, Dava?"

She had been thinking about that for the last hour. "Take off your clothes, Alex," she said cooly. She heard the slow sounds of his clothing falling to the floor. "Go lie on the bed, Alex." She heard him move, the creak of the bed as he lay down. She got up and went to the bed. He saw her grope a bit until she found his ankle. She tugged until he moved it where she wanted him. She slither of silk around his ankle made him tremble. She tied it tight. Then she went to the other ankle. He obediently moved his foot for her to tie the silk scarf tightly. She had done a good job. It was almost tight enough to be uncomfortable. So far, she had not said another word. She trailed his fingers up his body until she could grasp his wrist.

Alex knew he could stop this now. He was strong enough to keep her from completely tying him down. He made no resistance as she tied his wrist over his head. She went to the other side of the bed and finished securing him.

"How does it feel, Alex?" she asked softly. "Can you get free? Try."

He tugged. Nothing. He pulled harder. The only thing he accomplished was to tighten the knots. He swallowed. "I can't get free, Dava," he said, his voice soft and hoarse.

Dava felt slowly for the bedside lamp and switched it on. "What do you see, Alex?"

He was confused. She had him naked, tied to her bed. He had felt a surge of hope when she'd told him to strip. He'd not protested when she tied him. "See?" His confusion was evident.

"Look at me, Alex," she said. "What do you see?"

He looked at her. Tall for a woman. Those heavy breasts that had felt so good in his hands. She was wearing slacks and a shirt. But in his mind, he was seeing the woman that had writhed, naked, under him, caressed him with her orgasms. Her sightless eyes seemed to look into his soul. He found himself weeping. Where had this come from?

"I...see a woman of grace and beauty," he said, his voice choked with his tears. "I...see a treasure that I have lost." He closed his eyes, tears still sliding down his face. He didn't, couldn't look at her again. The feel of the silk over his eyes was a shock and a relief. He raised his head for her to secure the blindfold. Her fingers gently wiped away his tears. He felt her leave his side. He could hear her moving around the room. He felt the mattress dip as she sat on the bed.

"You took, Alex," she said softly. "If you had only been just a bit more patient..."

"Dava. I..."

Her fingers found his lips. "It is my turn, Alex," she said. "I may not be able to make you scream in pain," she continued, her matter of fact tone made him flinch. "But I can take." She paused for a long time. "Maybe that will be enough."

He felt her hands on his body again. Her fingers roamed over him, exploring him, "seeing" him. And arousing him. She eventually slid her hand down his chest, over his stomach, to his groin. He moaned softly. Her hands were soft and warm. And arousing. Her fingers trailed along his inner thighs, making him quiver with need. He could feel the heat pulsing in his engorged penis. Her warm hands found his testicles. He groaned as she caressed them. His hips moved toward her touch. Her grip slowly tightened. He was panting. Her grip was uncomfortable now. Did she realize that she COULD make him scream? If her hands closed tighter...

Alex pushed his hips higher to her touch. He wanted to scream for her. To make that his apology. Would she...?

Dava seemed to realize how tender the flesh in her hands actually was. She clenched her hands.

Alex's back arched. A shrill, keening scream was torn from him. And his penis swelled harder, thicker. He felt a release. He was giving her his pain. His apology. He was sobbing softly when she loosened her grip. He barely felt the tickle of her hair on his skin as she leaned down to kiss the flesh she had just abused. Her warm breath finally registered. Her tongue traveled slowly over the hurting flesh in her hand. He moaned. Now he could feel her warm skin against him. She kissed and licked his testicles, replacing the pain with the heat of arousal. She caressed his massive penis. Oh god! Would she mount him now? Her body slid along his. He felt her moving up, up. He could smell her now. Woman. He felt the heat of her just before he felt her labia against his lips. He licked, tasting her. He felt the heat of her on his tongue. He licked again, his tongue teasing her, caressing her.

Alex heard her breathing quicken as her arousal grew. His tongue darted into her, delving into her tight heat. His hands were clenching in frustration. He wanted to touch her. He heard her soft moan just before her orgasm began. Moaning, he sucked at her, trying to drink as deeply as possible from her. She was finally still, kneeling over him. After a few moments, she moved off of him. He groaned. He needed her! His erection was painful now, hard and throbbing. Feathery touches made it jerk. Now! Surely she would mount him now! He could feel her sitting next to him.

"I should leave you like this, Alex," she said quietly, a little breathless, still stroking his massive penis. "I should untie you and have you leave."

"Please, Dava!" he groaned, "...nooo..."

She had his testicles in her hands again, gently squeezing, stimulating him even more.

"No, Alex?"

"Please," he moaned, "anything...just don't deny me!"

"Shall I make you scream again?" Dava heard his sharp intake of breath.

Alex was still for only a second. Then he pushed his hips to her touch. "Anything, Dava," he whispered. He expected pain. Instead, her hands left him. He sagged in defeat. Then he felt her straddle him, taking his burning erection in her hands. Slowly, she slid onto him, allowing his massive shaft to penetrate her tight, wet, heat. It was torture. He wanted to thrust into her, bury himself in her with a single, savage lunge. He was panting, his body trembling as she slowly took him into her body. He heard her sigh as the last inch penetrated.

Dava sat completely still. Then she began rocking slowly, occasionally grinding her hips, using him for her pleasure. And he wanted her to go on and on as he slowly lost himself in her. Her hands caressed his chest as she moved on him. A sudden hiss, her nails dug into his flesh, and her orgasm caressed his steely shaft. He held still, straining his hips up to her, moaning softly as her body convulsed around him. Somehow, he managed to control his need to spill his seed into her.

"Dava..." he moaned, "...please..."

"Please, what, Alex?" she asked with soft breathlessness.

"Please...may I cum...?"

Dava was silent, her body still moving on him. "Yes, Alex," she murmured, "cum for me." His hips thrust up hard again and again until she whimpered and again dissolved in orgasm. This time, he joined her, pulsing hotly deep into her. With a sigh, she collapsed on him, twitching and quivering. He felt her heartbeat slow as she recovered. She lay still on him, her head nestled on his shoulder. His penis softened, slowly slipping from her body.

Alex lay wondering what he had just done. He had never begged for an orgasm in his life. But he had begged Dava. And he would have taken the pain of her squeezing his testicles again if that was what she wanted. He felt her breath on his skin. She still lay with him, her hands soothing his body. Slowly he relaxed, focusing more and more on her touch. Finally the caresses slowed and stilled. He felt her move away. He felt her hands on the blindfold.

"Keep your eyes closed when I take this off, Alex," she said. "Open them slowly. There is a light on." He obeyed, closing his eyes as she removed the blindfold. Carefully, he began to open his eyes. The light seemed very bright at first, but dimmed as he grew accustomed to it. Dava was sitting on the edge of the bed, facing him. Alex remained quiet waiting. He looked into Dava's sightless eyes. She seemed a bit puzzled. Then she shook herself like a large cat. Alex inhaled deeply as her breasts quivered. Dava reached up and untied his wrist. She ran her hand along the headboard to the other wrist. Her breasts brushed his lips as she unfastened the other wrist. She felt his breath on her skin. It took all of his will not to taste the flesh against his lips. Dava sat back. Alex could see a faint expression of surprise on her face as she moved away from him. She gestured to his ankles. Alex sat up, then stretched to untie his ankles. He watched as Dava stood up, paused for a moment, then walked unerringly into her bathroom and closed the door.

Alex heard the shower as he gathered his clothes and slowly dressed. Dava finished her shower quickly and emerged from the bathroom, her hair wrapped in a towel, the rest of her nude. Alex moaned softly. Her nakedness went straight to his groin. He was swelling again.

Dava ignored him as she dried her hair. Alex stepped hesitantly toward her. Dava sat at her dressing table, carefully drying her hair. She let the towel drop into her lap. She was reaching for her hairbrush when Alex gently touched her wrist.

"May I?" he asked. Dava tilted her head. Then she pulled her hand back and nodded. Alex picked up her hairbrush and began to brush the tangles from her hair. He was careful. He brushed each small section of her hair until it was completely free of tangles. Then he went to the next section. He was finally brushing her hair in long, sensual strokes. He smiled when she sighed with pleasure as the brush slid through her hair. Alex leaned forward and replaced her hairbrush exactly where it had been.

"What do want of me, Alex?" she asked quietly.

Alex took a few moments to gather his thoughts. "I...know now that I took something from you, Dava," he said softly. "I took your independence." He sighed. "I never stopped to think, Dava," he said. "I didn't know how much it would hurt you." She heard him move away. "I...I hope I gave some of that back to you," he said, his voice sad.

Dava heard a soft whisper of sound. Then she felt Alex's head in her lap. "Take from me, Dava," he whispered, "please!" Her hands moved to his head.

"What can I take from you, Alex?" she asked. She felt his sigh.

"Take my arrogance and my pride, Dava," he murmured. "It only hurts you when I keep it."

Her fingers brushed the collar of his shirt. "What do you want of me, Alex?"

"I...I..." she felt him tremble. Her fingers moved over his face. "Take me, Dava," he moaned, "keep me."


Alex flinched at the sudden command. Then he hurriedly removed his clothes and knelt beside her, leaning against her leg. She reached her out, her hand finding his shoulder then sliding to his neck and up to his cheek. Her hand fisted in his hair, pulling. A soft grunt as the sharp tug hurt briefly. Then he sighed and leaned to her touch.

"Never again, Alex," she said softly, "will you take." She felt him tremble against her leg.

"No," he murmured, "no, my treasure." She heard the catch in his voice as he called her that again. For the first time since she allowed him to return to her, Dava smiled.

"Treasure?" she asked. She felt a soft touch of his lips on her knee.

"When you were pushed into my arms," he replied, "and you didn't flinch. I knew that you are a treasure beyond price." Her hand now caressed his hair. She felt his sigh against her knee. "You couldn't see me but you weren't afraid of me," he continued. "When I..." Dava heard him swallow hard. "When I took from you," he whispered hoarsely, "even then you didn't fear me." He remained leaning against her. "I am arrogant, Dava," he said softly. "I have too much pride."

Dava felt him tremble again. Her fingers tightened in his hair. "Then I shall have to...help...you control it, won't I?"

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