tagMatureMy Truck, Her Bed

My Truck, Her Bed


That night I was only supposed to help her pick up her new bed and move it into her new house since I had a truck. Penny is a beautiful woman in her early 40's, about 5'6" with dark red hair and a temper to match. A really nice lady, just don't get her fired up. I didn't think anything of it since she was a co-worker and a family friend. Everything went quite smoothly at first as we picked up the bed and got it to her house. It took a while to get it all in the house and into her bedroom but we finally got it together.

We both took a seat on the bed to take a breather from the exertion. Penny laid back on the bed with her arms stretched our over her head, verifying the comfort of the mattress. Now I'd always noticed how good-looking Penny was but I never really put too much thought into how sexy she was till that moment.

I laid back on my side, propped up on one elbow next to her. We continued in our small talk as we rest. I don't know what possessed me, maybe it was her talk about how she hadn't had any sex in a while or how she wasn't likely to get any till her boyfriend finally divorced his wife, but whatever it was I leaned down and kissed her soft lips. This kiss lasted for a few moments and when I broke the kiss I expected to be slapped, yelled at or worse. Instead, as I looked into her eyes waiting for a response, she pulled my lips back to hers and hungrily embraced me.

In no time she had her hand down my pants, rubbing my growing erection as I had my hand under her bra kneading her mature breasts. She broke the kiss, panting, "Roll on your back." I did as she asked and watched, as she stood up, removed her shirt and bra as well as my shoes, socks, pants and briefs. The next thing I knew she kneeled at the edge of the bed and took my dick in her mouth, sucking voraciously. I couldn't believe the feeling, she was a pro at cock sucking and she was obviously enjoying my cock. Her mouth bobbed up and down on my hard rod while she played with my balls in her hand.

After a few minutes she stopped and stood up. I wasn't going to be a total dawg and have all the pleasure. I sat up, pulling my shirt off and then pulling her pants off. She stood there in nothing but her red cotton panties with wisps of red pubic hair peaking out from the sides. "If you want me to stop, at any time, you let me know Penny."

"If I wanted you to stop," said Penny, "I'd have made you leave when you kissed me."

I reached up and pulled her panties down off her hips, letting them fall to the floor. Penny stepped out of them as I pulled her to the bed and on her back. That's when I slid to the floor and between her soft thighs. The smell of her aroused sex was intoxicating as I lowered my tongue to her waiting slit. I teased her outer lips with my tongue and listened to Penny moan. Her moans got louder as I penetrated her outer lips and found her clit waiting to be pleasure. I began flicking my tongue over her clit as her hips began to buck almost immediately. Penny almost fell off the bed when I buried my tongue inside her wet twat, tasting her womanly juices. My fingers replaced my tongue on her clit.

"Yes, oh god yes! Just like that! There! There! There! Don't stop!" was the only thing she said before I felt a wave of sweet cum flow across my tongue. I didn't stop tonguing her sweet pussy till I drank every last drop. As I stood up Penny asked me to lie next to her. When I did she quickly straddled my hard cock and impaled her self on my shaft.

"For that amazing orgasm you get a reward. You get to be fucked by wet pussy and you get to fill it with your hot cum." Penny moaned as she fucked me like a wild woman. We were fucking like rabbits in heat. I reached up and pinched her hard nipples as she rode me faster and faster. I felt her orgasm erupt around my cock. It only caused Penny to fuck me faster. She drover her pussy so hard down on my cock that I penetrated her cervix. After a few strokes of deep penetration I exploded inside her womb, shot after shot of hot cum poured into her. This sent Penny into another orgasm of her own. She rode out the pleasure before collapsing on top of me.

After about 15 minutes of mutual panting Penny rolled off of me and said, "We can't let anyone know about this. I can't believe we had sex, not that I'm complaining because it was really good. But we just can't let this get around at work. But if you're not busy this weekend, give me a call and we can do this again."

I smiled at her, "Not to worry, this will be our secret. And don't worry, I'll be calling you this weekend." I slowly rose from the bed, "Now can you hand me my clothes." Penny handed me my clothes piece by piece and I got dressed while she threw on a robe.

On the way out she handed me the purple panties she was wearing. "Take these with you as a reminder of tonight." With that we kissed goodnight and I headed home thinking damn, it's only Tuesday, I can't wait for the weekend to get here.

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