tagGay MaleMy True Learning

My True Learning


My girl had dumped me, I was so low I felt that life wasn't worth living, but Roger, unbeknown to me was to be my angel in disguise and rescue me from doing the nasty deed I already had planned, to kill myself and be done with it, that would show Melissa just how much I loved her and how she should have stuck with me, helped me with my erectile problem instead of ranting off about me being a wimp and all the rest of it.

"You should forget Melissa, you have me now," Roger whispered in that so soothing voice.

It was funny how it all happened with Roger and me. We'd been good pals for quite a time playing for our local amateur cricket team. That is when our friendship became more than just that, when we shared room together, separate beds of course then because that's how it was and I would never have ever thought any different.

But the weekend we were playing away in Leamington Spar was when it all started - and I discovered that which was really my true self and my true leaning - and I never realised it - I guess I just followed the crowd thinking that the thing for a guy to do was find himself a girl he could share a future with.

At first that all went fine with Melissa, but I didn't reckon on such a passionate and demanding woman like she, and when I couldn't deliver, no matter how she tried, I felt totally embarrassed and inapt which only made things worse. Her warm passionate kisses were nice - of course they were, and I seriously thought I was in love with her, but you know how it is with your first relationship, but sexually it was a complete failure and looking back, I guess I would have done the same thing if I had been a girl, because nearly always I have read, if you don't do it - then you don't love your girl, but with me it wasn't just a question of not doing it, more like I just couldn't raise more than a half mast for Melissa.

I remember those looks of despair, of frustration and I guess I knew the outcome when I noticed her eyeing up other guys, "real guys" she kept saying, rubbing it in.

On that first night in Leamington, I had just got the text that day from Melissa giving me the proverbial dump after I had tried and tried to win her back, even to the tune I said I would do myself in. But it was of no consequence and I literally finished in tears, with Roger there too.

He immediately comforted me, coming across to my bed in the bedroom we shared, he was in his boxer shorts which looked just like the ones I wore. I discovered later they were mine!

He sat next to me and when he put his arm around my back and gave me a hug I thought nothing of it other than he was just being a good buddy and helping me through the dilemma of losing my girl.

"Plenty more fish in the sea" he said.

"Not like Melissa" I returned blissfully.

"Well you have me, Pete"

"Yeah! But you are a guy."

"And proud of it" Roger laughed just for s minute touching himself.

I didn't have a clue of what he was on about and I wouldn't have had. We were great pals and that was the end of it. And yet, that night, feeling him climbs in beside me I felt strangely contented. Like it was the normal thing sharing a bed with your buddy.

"Pete, please forget her, you do have me" I heard him whisper. I turned around onto my back and faced him, seeing his eyes sparkle in the moonlight beaming through the window.

"It was just that I couldn't do it with her, I tried everything, and so did she almost, but I just couldn't get an erection, or if I did, immediately she spread her thighs over me it was gone again, depleted like my confidence and she went off in a huff saying I didn't love her. But I did, I did!"

"Maybe you just thought you did, it is often like that, your first love. Look Pete, just chill, you have me now right, maybe it will be different with us, maybe it will all work."

And when I felt his hand gently touch me it felt so nice and so good, some of me said it was wrong, and yet --- maybe all along I have had a leaning unknown to me and it was Roger who was bringing out the truth.

"That's it, I can see you closing your eyes, just relax and enjoy, you are simply divine to touch."

For a while I was in heaven on earth as his fingers explored and teased me - then all at once I realised, I had a real erection and the more Roger teased and touched, the more complete I felt, yet all those things that Melissa had done, like the touching and the oral, nothing really worked, but with Roger Wow!

I guess I was sort of whimpering with pleasure when Roger responded saying; "there, that's working for you, I guess you had the wrong solution, seems to me all the time you have been like me, that is definitely how it seems, Pete and how it feels..."

I felt him squeeze there and a glorious quiver travelled up my spine, I had never ever felt like this before and, although I was a little awkward and embarrassed at first, now I was encapsulated with what Roger was doing to me down there under the duvet.

"It feels so good and so warm and supple and loveable, Pete. It is divine to touch, like silk over the firmness of your cock, shall we call him Freddy - that would be nice huh?, I do hope to get to know and feel and touch him so much more and find out all about him, what he loves best and maybe soon the feel of his length inside, that would be very nice."

I realised he was talking about intercourse, something I had never imagined with a guy, and yet now it seemed quite the natural thing to want to do, but before that moment I was not sure if he would want to be the 'giver' or the taker - but talking about it, as he continued to see to me, occasionally licking and kissing I did feel the desire to go into him and feel his passion, I even realised I was looking at him in a different way then, eyeing his bum and thinking I wouldn't mind, it was all very exciting and thrilling this new me, discovering the true leaning I had obviously disregarded for so long and now realising what I had been missing and how I so wanted to make up for all that with love with lovely Roger.

So it was on, he being the taker - another thrilling episode to come, and very soon I hoped.

Roger was talking again; "You see, Pete there are other ways to skin a cat" he said and I felt him doing something which was very wonderful and different.

"There, how's that, Baby? " First time he called me that and it seemed strangely fitting, like I belonged and all the bad feelings about Melissa were going as I felt Roger head go down to me and then another wonderful feeling as felt him so profusely sucking me.

I just chilled and enjoyed something that Melissa was unable to achieve, a deep feeling of wanting as he sucked and squeezed me there so beautifully, then his fingers gentle cradling my balls as he gently sucked. I felt myself harden fully inside his mouth, it felt like heaven on earth, just being able to see him in the glow of the moonlight enjoying me, then the endearing sound of his sucking and his moans combined, it was something magic and very special.

After a glorious few moments I felt his head rise and his lips touch mine, I could sense the scent of sex , something that made me all the more comfortable with Roger as he gently teased his fingers along the inside of my thighs and then over my chest, like he was making every move, every touch so very special and I knew I was falling for him big time, that I had never felt that way before and everything seemed alright and as it should be, and then I felt his fingers gently teasing my foreskin back and the absolutely too good for words feeling when he teased my p-hole, saying how good it looked and how he loved the pungent scent of cock and how he wanted to sample the taste and afterwards, when he gave me a suck, a wonderful massage and, even when I warned him that I could not hold back, he smiled and said not to worry, just to let myself go, I felt that certain splurge in my groin and I knew I was there, Roger still jerking away , sucking my cock so deep and wonderful, I could feel it throb inside his busy mouth, his busy tongue bathing it inside until I was completely done, he wiping me and his mouth gently with a tissue afterwards and saying how much he enjoyed that.

"Does that feel better, Pete?" Roger enquired looking to be every happy in the glow of the full moon beaming through the window still, it all seemed to be heralding a brand new relationship and all was fine with the world.

"You see, all that you told me about how you couldn't perform with Melissa - proof that you can with the right lover, and you have really so much to offer, you are a beautiful seven at least, a wonderful length and a very likeable width too and I adore you, the smell and taste of you is so stimulating and good."

I just relaxed and enjoyed his attention, the way he stroked and teased me with his tongue, the way he licked me so very beautifully expiring every crevice as he stretched and parted those very private parts - and me not feeling embarrassed anymore or uncomfortable, just wanting to feel his exploration of me and so enjoying the rapturous moments as I simply laid there, wide open and wanting, wanting to be anything he wanted me to be for him, he was divine and lovely

We both fell asleep and in the morning he was there, still in those boxer shorts, handing me a cup of tea which he had made on the teas maid machine.

The I saw the initial on those boxers and knew they were mine, I had them marked on the waist just so I wouldn't mislay them in the laundry.

Roger confessed that they were mine, that did I mind, it was just that wearing them brought him nearer to me in spirit.

"You have been wanting more than a friendship all the time then Roger?"

"For at least month, I am besotted by you, to be truthful I have been putting your boxers beneath my pillow every night, I love the smell of you and the times I have cum is more than I can count, so does that mean something Pete?"

Then I realised something, he had done all this for me - and it was so good and wonderful, but he had gained nothing in return.

"But I have, I can't tell you just how great and thrilling it was to bring my fantasies out - but anyway, there is tonight, would you like that Pete - for me to join you tonight and maybe we can do more Huh?"

I realised I was growing hard at the mere thought of his suggestion and I just knew that all the time I had thought I was unnatural and could not have sex like any normal guy, that after all I was a complete guy and the feelings I had, those I was getting were so different to never before, something inside me was urging me to discover Roger and enjoy him to the full, so yes was the reply to his invitation and yes I wanted that so very much.

And it was all so wonderfully done, I loved the way he removed those boxers, my boxers - the way he so very sexually wiggle for me, turning to reveal his so very tempting ass. It was all so new and thrilling and there was me feeling I had done it all before, for the time it was all about discovery, discovering what we wanted to do in the matter of foreplay, he has already shown me, the wonderful way he had caressed, teased and sucked my to the climax, but now, I was asking him to stretch on all his fours and show me what he had.

And when he did, when he showed me, stretching his ass cheeks wide I realised how very much I wanted to fuck this guy, my cock throbbing for the feel of him deep up inside.

"You can touch me there if you want, Pete?"

"Like this, Roger?" and I slipped the fingers of my left hand between his thighs and slowly finger -walked higher and higher until I reached his beautiful hanging balls, all firm but wonderful to feel and touch, and then that cock, he unlike me was circumcised and it seemed different feeling him there, but very nice and so chilling as he wriggled for me. Then I wanted everything, I wanted to suck and taste him, like he had me, I owed him that - to suck cock and balls and that gorgeous lovely round brown aperture just waiting for my presence, he groaned and moaned as I teased it around and around with the tip of my tongue, gently probing and tasting, I just adored the taste of his cock and his ass as I joined him with the moans and groans telling him just how badly I needed his deep fuck and how much I ached for him.

"Take me, take me now" he said with a more of urgency and there he was rubbing some lubricating cream up there.

It was so lovely, I never realised just how much and here I was with a full hard and stiff cock, rearing up behind him, lurching forward to approach his hole with the head of my throbbing cock, and finally feeling the sublime touch of his hole - stretching those cheeks wider and wider so I could gain a really deep access to that gorgeous heaving as, feeling I wanted to fuck the ass off of him, I was soon there, soon making him cry out as I entered him, he moving his ass from side to side to help me gain full penetration, and there we were, both enjoying the absolutely perfect fuck of a lifetime,

And now I was converted, now I had found my true leaning, it was Roger and me forever and I shall never look back...My life was changed forever ...

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