tagGroup SexMy Trusted Friend Ch. 05

My Trusted Friend Ch. 05


LarryInSeattle is an editor par excellence. I was embarrassed by some of the mistakes I allowed to creep into this chapter that he caught, spanked, and sent on their way.

+ + +

When my wife and I had discussed our sexual fantasies and scenarios we thought we both might enjoy, the idea of a three-way sexual encounter appealed to us. Of course I pushed for a night with my wife and another sexy woman, while my wife wanted to be ravished by two virile men. We each conceded it might be interesting to try the other's preference but only if it involved a third party with whom we were both extremely comfortable. We playfully suggested the names of various friends who might be available to fill the role of our third person, but none met our comfort threshold.

During much of the time my wife and I discussed and fantasized about the idea of having a three-way, my best friend was in a pretty serious relationship with a woman who was also our friend. Their split came about a year before the first time he and I had our first sexual encounter. Now, in light of our sexual intimacy, I began to reconsider him as a possible third. He and my wife had dated in college for almost a year. He was responsible for introducing us. He was a trusted friend to us both.

I was living out some of my sexual fantasies with him; maybe this situation could help me turn one of her fantasies into reality. Was it only two months ago that he had taken my cock into his mouth for the first time and tasted the flavor of her after she'd passed out on my birthday?

One night as we lay naked in bed, my hand between her legs massaging her sex as I licked her ear, I whispered, "When's the last time you thought about having a three-way, that you thought about two men using you, fucking you, until you couldn't move?"

She shuddered and moaned, gripping my wrist to ensure my hand remained where it was to stroke her clit. She reached her other hand and gripped my cock tightly. "Ooh," she moaned again, "tell me more."

I did. I masturbated her to a thunderous orgasm while whispering in her ear all of the things two men with hard cocks could do to and with her slender body. I kept stroking her after she came, bringing her closer to another peak. "Will you both take me at once?" she asked even though I thought she was too far gone into her own pleasure to form a coherent sentence.

"Of course," I said. Ever since we had first tried anal—and my wife's subsequent obsession with it as her favorite form of sex—one of her strongest fantasy urges was to experience double penetration. I had done my best with a dildo or two and my cock, but when she shared her deepest desires, the idea of double penetration was what rang her bell.

She rapidly approached another peak as I described the two cocks sliding into both her holes, filling her, when she blurted out, "It's gotta be you in my ass. My ass is only for you!"

This turned me on so much that I got to my knees and threw her skinny legs over my shoulders. I had lubed her pussy before when I started playing with it—even though she didn't really need it—because I have rough hands. Besides, everything is better with lube. I gathered as much of the lube and her own juices from her as I could with my hand and rubbed them on my cock before placing my head at her anal opening and plunging myself within.

Afterwards, we lay in the giant wet spot and struggled to return our breathing to normal. "That was so fucking intense," she panted.

"Yeah," I admitted, my mind foggy in the afterglow. "The idea of a double penetration really turns you on, doesn't it?"

Our eyes met. "Yes," she whispered.

"Let's do it, babe," I said. "Let's recruit a second cock to fill you."

"But who would we—," she started, thinking we were at the beginning of one of the endless round-and-round discussions to which all of our conversations on this topic had led.

I cut her off with the name of my best friend. Implicit in that name was the fact that he would be arriving in town in just four days to spend Christmas Eve and part of Christmas Day with us. That fact took the discussion from mere fantasy to the threshold of reality.

"You're really serious, aren't you?" she said after a moment.

"If you want this," I told her, "I want you to be able to try it at least once."

She kissed me hard. "Then, yes," she said. "Let's do it."

We stayed up to discuss things further and established some ground rules. She kissed me again and told me she'd leave the final details in my hands. We dozed off in each other's arms.

+ + +

Four days later I sat on the sofa with my best friend, smoking a joint as we caught each other up on our lives. My wife was out on an invented errand to pick up last minute items from the store. She wanted to give me time to bring up our proposal with him. Even though we were alone and sitting on the sofa where less than a year ago I had for the first time sucked his cock until he filled my mouth with his seed, I wasn't thinking about the past or even the present. My thoughts were occupied with the promise of what tonight might bring.

I brought our conversation around to sex and, eventually, to three-ways. As he warmed to the topic, I asked, "Have you ever thought about having a three-way with us?"

He caught my eye and held it. Very deliberately and earnestly he said, "Yes. I have. The two of you are my dearest friends and it's something I've fantasized about."

I was semi-stunned, never having really considered before that instant that someone out there might be fantasizing about having sex with my wife and me. I told him that a three-way had been part of our fantasy life your years and we had decided to try to make it happen. I let him know that he was our first—and only—choice for a third partner in bed.

"I'd be lying if I said I wasn't flattered," he admitted. Then, a puzzled look crossed his face and he asked, "You haven't told her about..." He pointed his finger back and forth between us.

"Us? No!" I said quickly. "We can't let her know about us."

"Okay, dude," he assured me. "Okay. I'm fine with that. She's your wife and you get to decide that."

We went over the ground rules that my wife and I had discussed. These started with "anyone can stop things at any time for any reason and we're all still old friends who care deeply about each other" and highlighted some points about consent, consequences, and everyone feeling safe and comfortable. We discussed how things might get started and I told him my thoughts. A week ago I'd never tried to realistically plan a three-way with my wife and best friend, but I'd been thinking about it non-stop for the past several days.

+ + +

Dinner that night was warm and relaxed. My wife told us tales of terror regarding the last-minute Christmas Eve shopping she'd done earlier and we drank some wine. I felt safe and warm and loved in the company of the two people I liked best.

After dinner we put on Christmas music and drank some good bourbon. He and I took turns dancing with her, the lights of the Christmas tree shining in the darkened living room. Soon enough my wife and I said we needed to go "to bed". I gave my friend a wink so large it could have been seen from orbit as I turned off the music and we left the room.

In our bedroom I told her that he was as interested in being with us as we were with him.

"Then why are we in here?" she asked with a broad smile.

I told her that I thought it might be easier for her to overcome whatever nervousness she might be feeling if things got started between the two of them and I joined in after she got comfortable again with him. It had been eight or nine years since they'd broken up in college, but I figured it wouldn't take long for things to warm up between them. It was as good a plan as any.

She seemed nervous, but said, "Alright."

She retrieved from a drawer her slinky maroon nightgown. It was made of silk or satin or some other shimmering, soft material. I watched her undress. She slid the shimmery thing down over her head and onto her thin frame. Her breasts were large for a woman so thin and they looked extremely enticing through the lacy stuff at the top of the nightgown. My wife might have sometimes complained that her hips were too skinny but she could sway them seductively and she did so as she walked over and attacked my mouth with hers. I pulled on one of her puffy nipples and rubbed her pussy as best I could through the front of the nightgown.

Her gathering lust seemed to build up her courage as she broke off the kiss and said, "We're gonna do this!"

My cock was so tremendously hard that it hurt and I had to open up the front of my pants after I watched her walk out of the room.

I changed into comfortable flannel boxers and a T-Shirt and waited, listening through the cracked bedroom door for anything I might hear. I could hear nothing. I waited, trying to be patient, trying to let them have a moment to connect as friends and old lovers. I wanted this to be smooth and warm and wonderful for all three of us.

At the time it seemed like I waited forever but it was probably less than ten minutes—maybe even less than five—before my lust and my curiosity overcame what little patience I may ever have possessed. I left my bedroom and stepped as quietly as I could into the hall. I made my way to the guest bedroom and found the door ajar. The overhead light was out, but the bathroom light shone through a crack in the door.

They were sitting next to one another on the edge of the bed talking quietly. I watched them talk for what seemed like another sizeable chunk of eternity, trying to make out what they said without success. Finally, I opened the door.

"Hey," they both said at once, jumpy in this novel situation. All three of us chuckled.

"Is everything...umm...okay?" I asked.

"No, no," said my friend, "it's fine."

"Yeah," agreed my wife. "We've been talking about it and we just didn't want to start without you."

I felt warm and gooey inside. Really. But what I said was, "I'm here now."

"Yes, you are," she agreed and she leaned over and kissed him on the lips.

He and I were both a bit startled at first, but he quickly focused his efforts into that kiss. I watched them for a minute before stepping over and finding one of her nipples with my fingers through the lacy top of that nightgown. I played with it, gently pinching and twisting it in a way that I know gets her going. She turned and pulled me down into a kiss and I felt my friend's hand touch mine on her breast. I let him fondle that one and moved to enjoy the feel of the other.

I remember freeing her breasts from the top of the nightgown and each of us squeezing and sucking one as she pulled our heads in and moaned. I reached under her nightgown to touch her sex and found his hand already there. We tried to please her simultaneously with our fingers, but I it proved impossible for us to coordinate things very well. Just the feeling, however, of two men's hands on her pussy and both of her nipples being sucked at once brought her off into her first orgasm of the night.

From that point it on it was difficult for me to keep track of the details. Having sex with more than one other person can be confusing, bewildering even. I can't really pretend to recall the details of what happened over the next couple of hours. Three or four things stand out clearly and the rest is a blur.

One of the unforgettable things that emerged from the blur of my memories involved my wife on her hands and knees. Her big tits were swinging around in circles and slapping together as my friend pounded into her from behind. I lay back watching the highly erotic sight before me, gently stroking my erection and watching her face. She saw me watching and looked over her shoulder and told him, "Follow me." She crawled over to me and he followed, reinserting himself as she leaned over and took my cock into her mouth. Soon the momentum of his thrusts was forcing her mouth all the way down onto my cock again and again and again and again. She had never been able to deep-throat me before and I had never cum in anyone's mouth before, but both things happened. She'd sucked some number of men off before we met, but that night she swallowed my cum for the first time.

I also recall making her fantasy of double-penetration come true. At some point after she'd cum two or three times, I told her to mount him cowgirl-style. I enjoyed watching her ride him for a while, and watching him suck her swinging breasts as she did so. I grabbed the lube I'd placed earlier in the drawer of the guest room night stand and knelt on the bed behind her.

She slowed, anticipating what was coming; she felt my wet finger at her pucker. As I pressed my finger inside her well-practiced hole, I could feel my friend's hard cock moving very slowly into her pussy. I caressed her thighs and gave his balls some brief, gentle massages with my other hand as I opened her up and made her slick and ready.

"Oh, dude," exclaimed my friend in a groan of pleasure, "I can feel your finger on my cock!"

My wife gave a lusty, evil-sounding chuckle.

I just withdrew my finger and pushed myself slowly into her ass until I felt my scrotum slide warmly across his. His cock may have been on the small side, but it felt large through the thin wall of flesh that separated us. Her ass had been the ultimate in exquisite sensations for my cock, but feeling him move within her, pressing the underside of my cock with his, ratcheted the experience up several notches. After several false starts, we established a rhythm. She'd pull forward almost off of our cocks, then slam backwards to meet them while he and I thrust as one to meet her. It was the simplest coordinated motion the three of us could make and I tried to make it last.

Despite the fact that I'd already cum once, I realized that I wasn't going to last long with the sensations my cock was absorbing. I tried to distract myself, to delay my eruption, but that proved impossible. I shot off inside my wife's tight, clutching ass, overwhelmed by the situation and the sensations. When I recovered my senses, I tried to stay hard, to keep pumping her to a double-penetration orgasm. I failed and my cock softened and slipped out.

"No! No," moaned my wife. "Not yet!"

I probably apologized or something as I moved aside and found a place on the bed to lay, exhausted. Part of me felt like a sexual failure because I came before my wife got to orgasm from her fantasy-come-true and part of me knew immense sexual satisfaction from the powerful ejaculation I'd just experienced.

I watched her continue to ride him for a bit before he rolled her over and moved his face between her legs. I've known several of the women my best friend has dated, my wife included, and it seems to be their unanimous opinion that he is as skilled at cunnilingus as any man who ever walked the earth. I enjoy eating my wife's pussy and regularly bring her off that way, but it requires effort. I've never found it easy to make her cum with my mouth. I witnessed before me on that bed a virtuoso performance, thirty minutes that I will never forget. Watching him give her that orgasm was so intensely erotic that I found myself hard again and eager for action, but I couldn't interrupt this scene. I'd wait until my turn came. Together we'd brought her to three screaming orgasms; he brought her to three more with only his mouth.

My wife grew more and more vocal, as she does, with each orgasm. She grunted and panted. She screamed things like , "Fuck yeah! Lick my pussy!" She shouted things like, "More! MORE!" and "Right there! Yes!" I watched her legs kick wildly in the air as my best friend wallowed in her sex, licking and sucking. "Uhh, uhh, uhh. Yesssss—better than last year!" she moaned in the throes of her second cataclysmic orgasm, amid the usual jabbering and noises of passion.

My erection wilted.

I didn't hear much of what she said after that. I watched her head rocking back and forth as she came, but I was suddenly out of the moment and far away. It was like I was outside of my own body. I was aware that she came a third time and that he mounted her after that began thrusting his four-inch cock into her. I heard those little grunt-like noises he makes when he cums and knew he'd spent inside her. I knew what was happening, but I wasn't really there anymore. I was a million miles from planet Earth, no longer part of the night's passion.

I heard her kiss him and say, "Thank you," before she rolled over and gave me a kiss and thanked me.

I think I said, "Uh-huh."

We said our goodnights and wished each other merry Christmas and left him in the guest room. One of our ground rules had been that the two of us would sleep in our own bed for the night. After each visiting the bathroom to freshen up, we climbed into bed.

"Ooh!" she exclaimed softly. "You ought to go and unplug the Christmas tree."

I didn't answer her right away. My mind was whirling with thoughts that took me far, far from the Christmas tree.

"Honey!" she insisted.

"It'll be fine," I said distantly.

A concerned tone in her voice, she asked, "Honey, are you alright? I mean you're not freaking out about what we did tonight, are you?"

"Nuh-uh," I answered and I felt her roll over and go to sleep.

Tired as I was, I didn't sleep a wink.

The next morning I rolled out of the bed in which I could find no sleep and put on some coffee. I had a cup and baked some of those cinnamon rolls in a can. The magical aromas of coffee and cinnamon tickled the sleeping brains of my wife and my best friend and they rose from their beds, summoned to the kitchen.

"Merry Christmas," I greeted each of them as they entered.

"You look rough, dude," said my friend as he sipped his coffee. He was dressed in what he called his traveling clothes, a gray polo shirt, sweat pants, and sneakers.

"Yeah, I always have trouble sleeping on Christmas Eve," I joked, every bit as distant as I had felt last night, but trying not to let it show.

"I'd have thought that after last night we would all have slept like a babies," my wife said teasingly.

"Me too," I lied, "but you know how it is. What time do you have to hit the road?"

"Well," he said, "I told my parents to expect me at about noon." He looked at his watch. "It's about eight now and the drive from here is three and a half hours. I've gotta get loaded up and head out pretty soon."

We exchanged small Christmas presents like we did every year, then I helped him carry his stuff to his car. We each gave him a hug and he said, "We're still on for New Year's Eve, right?"

"Absolutely," said my wife.

"Certainly," I agreed, now certain of nothing in this world.

+ + +

I survived the rest of Christmas Day and the days leading up to New Year's Eve without letting my wife see the turmoil that consumed me. I wore a smile as best I could. I tried to be attentive and show affection.

We talked only in the most general and playful terms about our Christmas Eve threesome. We alluded to the parts that had excited and aroused us the most, and chuckled at some of the clumsier things we'd attempted, but there was no serious discussion.

I never mentioned the one thing that had cast a shadow over that night for me, that had eroded what I thought had been solid ground beneath my feet. Sure, her exclamation "better than last year" while in the throes of climax as my friend sucked her pussy could have been just babble, but last year's Christmas Eve was one I'll never forget. I wasn't even with her last Christmas Eve.

Last year on Christmas Eve, a migraine and an ice storm had combined to trap me at my sister's house until Christmas morning. It was the first Christmas Eve I'd been apart from my wife since we had been engaged. I can still remember how angry she was when I had to call and tell her that I couldn't get home until morning. We argued and she ended the conversation with, "Congratulations, you've ruined Christmas!" before hanging up. It was one of the most miserable nights I've ever spent, made worse by the fact that she wasn't entirely wrong. Christmas Eve had been ruined.

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