My Tryst with a Chinese Angel


She took up her stroking and I felt her kiss my cock head softly. I looked up and caught her looking at me mischievously. I smiled at her and went back to my task of bringing her back to arousal and orgasm.

I felt her lick my cock and pop its head into her mouth. I let her continue without disturbing her. This was the only way to encourage her to continue. Soon she was licking, sucking and moving her head up and down my cock. Soon she was drooling all over it and I was coming to the end of my tether.

I tried to slow her down but she wouldn't, and kept stroking hard and fast in her mouth.

"Angel," I said, "I can't stop. Either take it out of your mouth or you are going to get a mouthful."

She looked up without missing a stroke, winked at me and let the first gush hit her throat, followed by a few more. For someone who thought it gross, she swallowed all that my cock had to offer and licked it clean.

I was so shocked by what she had done that I stayed hard and strong. I kissed her and she started to stroke me tenderly. While kissing her I moved my right hand onto her breast and then lower till it touched her fur at the top of her mound. I stopped my hand waiting to see if she objected, but she seemed oblivious to what my hand was doing. I started kissing her harder and gave each other our usual tongue lashings, while my hand reached her mound and cupped it. I slowly palmed her mound and pressed it.

I took a finger and slid it along the outer lips of her vagina. I stopped and as I was withdrawing my finger away, her hand snaked down and held my finger to her slit. I looked up at her. She whispered, "I have enjoyed whatever you have done with me. I know you will not hurt me," and withdrew her hand leaving my finger on her outer lips. I slid my finger along her slit a few times and spread them open to reach the inner folds. When I slid my finger against her inner folds and touched her hole, she gasped. Still she did not stop me. I continued and entered my finger inside her completely. As I finger fucked her I curled my finger and touched a tender spot at the top. She screamed and her ass came off the bed. I massaged that spot tenderly and she kept on moaning with pleasure.

After she had orgasmed a couple of times, I got between her legs and entered her. Our lips got together to do their ritual while we made tender love. I moved in and out of her and she met me stoke for stroke, her ass coming up to meet my down thrust. Soon she came while I continued with my pumping.

I pulled out and turned her over. By now she knew that I wouldn't do anything to harm or hurt her. She turned over readily and I got her on her knees with her elbows hitting the bed. I entered her from behind and she gasped at this new penetration. I moved my hands all over her ass cheeks as I made love to my beautiful Angel. She thrust back with her ass matching my forward movements.

I put my hand under her and wet my thumb and fingers with her pussy juice. I took my thumb to her ass hole and lightly touched it. She froze. I gently rubbed the ball of my thumb on her ass hole without trying to penetrate it. She looked back at me with a confused look in her eyes. I looked into her eyes with love and kept on lightly rubbing my thumb.

I mouthed, "I love you," and slightly increased the thumb pressure, not enough to penetrate, but to let her know it could penetrate if she allowed.

Too many firsts were confusing her. First she sucked my cock, and then she swallowed my come. Then she allowed me to finger her, and now I was trying to cross another boundary. She looked at me and when all doubts were dispelled, smiled gently and put her head down on the pillow. I continued my love making and kept rubbing my thumb gently, neither penetrating nor removing. This upped the expectation and I was enjoying the suspense.

I continued making love, moving in and out of her, while rubbing my thumb on her ass hole without trying to penetrate. She was moaning with pleasure at the new sensations my thumb was creating, and trusted me enough to let me continue.

Soon I was ready to come. I held her hips by my two hands and pumped in and out. She was ready to come too, and as I emptied myself inside her she came too. I slowly pulled out of her and lay down beside her. She put my cock in her mouth and licked it till it softened.

She came up beside me and hugged me tight and kissed me hard.

"Thanks," said my Angel, "For understanding and not taking advantage with your thumb. But you can play with your thumb there as much as you want."

We got into a clutch and kissed till our lips felt sore. We made love again before she had to leave.


We met regularly, but not always to make love. We genuinely enjoyed each other's company and many times would just lie together, fully clothed, holding each other and kissing.

"I enjoy your company," she said one day, "But always hate to leave and go."

"Yes, baby," I replied, "I wish you could spend the whole night with me, or maybe a couple of nights."

But we both knew it was not possible as she had to go back to her daughter and husband. Yes, she had a lovely 6 year old daughter then. We used to go for lunches taking her daughter along. We visited the crocodile park as well as the giraffe park, and spent many hours together. She had also brought her daughter to my home for lunches or just to spend an afternoon.

One day I said, "There is a way to spend a night together, my love."

She brightened, "How?"

"Next time your tour takes you to ...." (I named a lake not very far from where we lived), "on a Saturday night, let me know. I will book a room at the lodge you are putting up in, and we can spend the night together once your clients retire for the night."

In answer she jumped on me and started kissing me, which led to another passionate love making.

A month or so later luck was in our favor as her tour took her to that lake on a Saturday night. Being off season, I did not expect rush and was sure rooms would be available. I drove up Saturday afternoon, which was only a couple of hours away. Room was easily available at the lodge her group was staying in.

I spent the time in the garden soaking up the atmosphere. An hour or so later I saw their group drive in in a couple of Land Rovers. I quietly watched from the restaurant as I sipped coffee. She was busy settling her charges in and so I did not disturb her. She looked around but did not see me. As she went up to her room to freshen up before dinner, I texted her, "You are in trouble, young lady. Some one is going to make you lose sleep tonight." I added my room number to the text.

All she replied was "I love you."

There was a knock on my door at 11 and my Angel stood there in her typically red Chinese pajama. She came in and hugged me tight. I hugged back and kissed her fiercely, moving my hands freely all over her. Her back, her ass, her breasts, I enjoyed pawing her. I found that she had no bra and panty on. We fell on the bed still kissing each other in the throes of passion.

Soon we were both naked and hungrily kissing. I nibbled her nipple and pinched and tugged the other one. She was moaning with pleasure and was thrusting her breasts right into my mouth. She was breathing through her mouth and moving her head from side to side while I tried to sate my hunger on her breasts. My right hand snaked down and my middle finger found the gateway to her heavenly hole. She sighed with pleasure and spread her thighs apart inviting me further to do as I wished.

I moved my finger in and out rapidly and her breathing became hard and fast. I moved down next to my thrusting finger and closed in onto her clit with my lips. She cried out and thrust her pelvis into me. My tongue and finger moved in unison trying to bring her to boil and overflow. Overflow she did and cried out in pleasure as she climaxed. I kept the pressure with my lips and finger and soon got her off a couple of times more.

She was totally spent. She pushed my head away from her nether region and curled in a fetal position, enjoying the after effects of her orgasms. I spooned her from behind and caressed her, my aroused cock pushing against her ass. She brought one of her hands in between and started to stroke my cock. She turned around to face me and gave a very soft and sensual kiss, all the time stroking me. She looked at me, smiled gently and said, "Thanks. That was awesome."

We just lay cuddling and enjoying our bodies rubbing against each other. She sensed my need to come and got up to swallow my cock. She straddled my legs and started sucking and licking my cock. It took me no time to be ready to come. She moved her head up and down rapidly, while my hand found her clit and pinched it hard. She moaned loudly with my cock still in her mouth. I agitated her clit fast with my fingers and her ass was gyrating. She came at the same time I shot my first spurt in her mouth. She kept on swallowing till I had nothing move to give.

She came into my arms and we just lay still savoring being together.

I must have dozed off because when I woke up I found Alice sucking me to arousal. I caressed her head and she looked up and smiled at me. I knew she was ready for more and so I turned her onto her stomach, held her by her hips and raised her ass up. She looked back and smiled indicating that she also relished this position. I got on my knees behind her and entered her slowly enjoying my cock penetrating inch by inch. I started making love to her and then reached down to play with her clit. She showed her pleasure by pushing her ass back into me and moaning. We both got into the rhythm we were so familiar with and I increased my fingering her. She showed pleasure by "aahing and oohing" and gyrating her ass. I brought my thumb, wet with her juices, to her ass hole and she groaned. I kept my rhythm with my pumping as I continued lightly pressing and rubbing my thumb on her ass hole. As I pressed down a little, she pushed up with her ass and my thumb just opened and spread her rim. No portion of my thumb had entered her. I left my thumb right there, suspended at the rim, while my little Angel froze at what had occurred.

She looked back slowly and gazed at me with her dreamy eyes. I looked into her eyes with the love I felt for her. She kept on looking at me for some time and then turned back. I removed my finger from her ass hole and she sighed. I was sure I could have pushed my finger into her ass hole, and she would have accepted it. I resumed my pumping and she replied back with her ass pushing into me. Our speed increased and soon we were both ready to let off. She came screaming my name as I spurted into her with equal passion. I kept on pumping till I was all spent and soft.

She took me into her mouth and cleaned me off. Then she came into my embrace and laid her head on my chest.

Soon we both fell asleep and when I awoke dawn was just breaking. I kissed her awake and we made a slow and lazy love, quickening towards the end in a very passionate climax.

As she got up to return to her room she said, "Tonight we are staying in ..." (she named a place which was on the way back). I promised to be there and she gave me a very fetching smile.


She walked in at 10 that night in this new lodge. We embraced and were at each other like teenagers. I devoured her mouth, lashed it with my tongue, while she moaned with delight. We crashed onto the bed and made out like there was no tomorrow.

Soon we were making love like we were at the lake. I had her on her fours with her ass facing me and my cock deep in her hungry pussy. I was pumping into her and she pushed back at me. I was panting and so was she. Again I put my wet thumb on her ass hole and pressed hard till I again just spread her rim a bit. My Angel paused for a bit, whimpered, and then continued as if there had been no interruption.

I pushed my thumb a little and a bit of it entered her rim. She paused and I twisted my thumb left and right at her opening. She tightened her ass hole as if to stop further penetration. I paused too, waiting to see her reaction. I stopped pumping into her pussy too. There was complete silence while she thought things over. She then looked back at me with brightened eyes and holding my gaze deliberately raised and pushed her ass back. This allowed an inch of my thumb to penetrate her ass. She kept on looking at me and pushed further as my thumb entered her ass completely. I held her gaze and pumped my thumb slowly in her ass. She turned, laid her head on the pillow and sighed audibly.

I pulled out of her pussy, pulled my thumb out of her ass, and held her tenderly in my arms. I kissed her and tongued her passionately. She had tears in her eyes, not tears of grief or pain, just tears. "You did not have to do it," I whispered in her ears.

"This is as far as I can go," she said, "You can finger my ass, if you want to, that is all."

I kissed her and assured her that she could trust me. She smiled radiantly and put my cock in her mouth and sucked hard. She moved her mouth up and down and soon got me ready wanting more. I fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit till she was squirming and moaning. I pulled out of her mouth, turned her around and penetrated her from behind.

My thumb went back to rubbing her ass hole and she sighed. We made love like this for a long time as we were in no hurry. She came many times and was totally spent. I pulled out, laid her on her back and entered her, making love in the missionary position. She smiled wickedly and said, "This position is very familiar. Only you are more passionate."

"You little minx," I smiled at her and pinched her hard on her nipples. She whimpered in pain and screwed her eyes. I soothed her pain by taking her nipples in my mouth turn by turn and licking them alternately. She purred with content at my ministrations and soon I was ready to offload my load. It came in squirts and she held me tight, her heels pressing into my ass.

We made love a couple of times more that night and did not sleep a wink. It was a night we would remember always.

As day broke, I had to leave, albeit reluctantly. It was back to work.


As all good things must come to an end, my contract was soon over and I had to return home. We had spent 4 lovely years together. Both of us were sad.

The day before I was to travel home we spent the afternoon together. We made love and she cried a lot.

I held on to her, my heart overflowing with love and deep emotions.

Suddenly she sat up, wiped all the tears away, gave a wan smile and said, "No more tears. I'm not sad about what we did -- no guilt feelings. You made me feel proud of myself. The thing I like the best is that you have been honest with me, have loved me, and respected me as a woman."

Then she said something that shook me. She said, "When my daughter grows up I hope she finds someone as caring as you have been. You taught me how wonderful sex can be. I hope someone does that for her too."

"C'mon, Alice. She is just 10. She still has at least 8 to 10 years to go before you should be thinking of such things."

"I know. But what's the harm in thinking and praying she gets equally lucky like her mother."

Gradually she got dressed and I dropped her at her home. As I drove away, I had tears in my eyes. Tomorrow I would be leaving and heading to India -- my home.

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