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My Tuition Teacher


Hi All, I am Reshma, born and brought up in kerala, a state n India. I was 18 when I had my first sexual experience. I am narrating that below.

It was a rainy day. Rain is unusual in February in Kerala. I was going to my tuition teacher's house about 2km from my house walking. My 12th standard exams start on March and I was going to him for Mathematics tuition. The time was 4.00pm. The rain started heavily when I was about to reach his house. I ran hard and reached his house, fully drenched. He greeted me and said, Oh! Reshma you are fully drenched! You will get fever and cold, if u don't change your dress and wipe yourself. Saying this he gave me a towel and a T-shirt and a midi (which his wife uses) and told me

"Reshma, you change to this dress and keep your dress under the fan. It will dry off by the time the tuition is over."

There are about four of my friends who are coming for tuition. My tuition teacher was Mr.Anil who was 30 year old and he is having a good physique and a hairy chest. Many times he used to take class for us with out his shirt on and I always used to admire his hairy and broad chest. On this fate full day, he has cancelled the tuition because his wife has gone to her house and he was also planning to go to his in-laws. He communicated this to my friend Jyoti, who forgot to inform me.

I straightaway went to the attached bathroom inside his bedroom, without knowing all these and took of my cherisher top, squeezed the water out and kept it on the chair. Then I removed my bottom and placed that also on the chair below the fan. I was having my panty and bra alone and took the towel and went inside the bathroom thinking of taking a bath. The moment I entered, I felt a hand on my shoulders and I was shocked to see my tuition teacher just behind me.

"Sir, what are you doing here?" I asked.

What a fool I was, not to lock the doors!!

He just smiled and hugged me hard, crushing me to his body. I asked him to leave me. But he started kissing me. First my cheeks, my nose, my neck and then on my lips. He was chewing my lips. I couldn't resist now. I am feeling his hairy chest on my body. He turned me and removed my bra and started kissing me from my neck to my breasts. That was an electrifying feeling. I was trembling! First time a man is touching my boobs! He started sucking my nipples. I let a small mourn then. He then took me up and carried me to the bed.

He came on top of me and started kissing my lips again. He was trying to open my mouth with his tongue. I resisted first and then I obeyed. He pushed his tongue inside and started licking my mouth, my tongue. He then started sucking my tongue. I didn't know what to do. I hugged him hard. He then came down and started licking and kissing my body. He was licking my naval and came down and kissed over my panty. He started kissing and licking my thighs. Then he turned me and started kissing my back. He kissed my neck and back and while kissing, he was squeezing my boobs. He came down and removed my panty and started kissing and biting my ass. He licked my ass. He turned me and then I covered my pussy with my hands due to shame.

He slowly removed my hands and kissed my pussy. Another electric shock and I felt a tickling feeling and some fluid going out! I had my first orgasm in my life!!!

He then started licking my pussy. I was really in heaven. I spread my legs and put is tongue deep inside my pussy. He lifted my ass by his hands and placed a pillow below and started eating my pussy. I was totally on fire and took his right hand and placed it on my left breast. I wanted him to knead them!. He obeyed with pleasure while licking me! His tongue was deep inside me . He removed his underwear and stood up. He placed his hand on his hot rod. I touched it and was really burning! He started rubbing my body with it. He rubbed it on my thighs, my naval, my ass, my back and my neck also. Then he started rubbing it on my pussy lips. Slowly he started pushing it to my tight pussy. I was shivering with pleasure and pain also. Slowly he pushed the entire length inside me.

He started pushing it in and out slowly. I can't describe the pleasure I got then. I was trembling and shivering. He was chewing my lips and my nipples alternatively. He fucked me hard. I had about 5 orgasms that single day. I was tired! He withdrew his cock and ejected his fluid on my thighs. We lay down for 10 minutes hugging each other. He again kissed my lips, my breasts and then inserted his finger inside me. He slowly started finger fucking me while sucking my nipples. He did it for 10 more minutes. Then we both got up. He took me to the toilet and washed the semen of my thighs and wiped me off. He made me stand and again started licking my pussy. He licked me for another 5 minutes. He finished it and came up and gave a hard kiss on my lips. We hugged each other tightly. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my stomach. We went to the bed once again. He made me sit on his lap. He inserted his cock again and pumped me up and down by catching my ass. While doing this, he came up and sucked my nipples. After 5 minutes we fell down tired.

When I got up, it was 7.30 pm. We didn't talk a single word each other. I dressed up and left for my home. I have learned a new lesson in life, the lesson of passion and pleasure!

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous11/19/17

Did not you suck his dick ? Did he apply oil in your pussy and you on his dick? Did you bleed or not ?Did he bite your boobs?

Did not you suck his dick ? Did he apply oil in your pussy and you on his dick? Did you bleed or not ?Did he bite your boobs?

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by Anonymous06/25/17

good for you now he has made a woman out of you.

This must been good expirence for you, now you are ready for your husband.

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