tagFirst TimeMy Twin Sister is a Cheerleader Ch. 04

My Twin Sister is a Cheerleader Ch. 04


If you have not read chapters 1-3 please do so. You will not understand all that transpires without reading them. As always, I welcome your comments.

Again, I have included this under first time because I feel it is the best placement. However, there are elements of Nonconsent/Reluctance, Group Sex, and Incest involved.

The moisture I felt running down my head and cheek was tears. Sally was holding tightly to my head and quivering with sobs. All I could do was to put both arms about her and hold her gently to me until she regained control. I nestled my face in between her breasts, but did nothing to stimulate them. I just luxuriated in their softness and warmth. It took a few minutes, but finally with a big sigh Sally straightened up and leaned back enough to look me in the eyes.

"Jimmy, I . . . ." The tears filled her eyes again, and a few of them coursed down her cheeks. "I don't know what to say to you. I treated you so badly, and I have for years. You should have turned us in to the school, if not the police, but instead you have treated us far better than we deserved. Yes, I was embarrassed to have to strip in front of you, but that wasn't as bad as what I did to you, and I'm not the shy one."

"I don't know how badly we humiliated you, but you did nothing nasty to us. You could have demanded so much more, but you've actually made the evening enjoyable." She leaned down and gently and sweetly kissed me on the lips. "If you want to fuck me it's OK."

I just shook my head "No," and gave her a little peck back. "Thank you, but I would not feel right about that. It would seem to me like I was coercing you, and I won't do that."

Sally shook her head. "I've never understood you, Jimmy, and I've lost out. You've had me so ready for so long now, and then you just gave me an awesome orgasm, and got nothing in return."

"Oh, yes I did. It felt wonderful," I grinned at her and said, "Besides, I still have others to go yet!"

Sally leaned back into me and gave me a big hug, and a little whisper in my ear, "It's here for you any time you want it, and no paybacks."

Tracy was sitting cross-legged next to me as Sally slipped off. "Jimmy? Are you for real? Is this really voluntary?" I nodded. "You won't be upset with me if I don't do that with you?" I shook my head. Tracy just threw herself at me and wrapped her arms about me, and I felt her breasts pressing into my chest.

"Thank you," she whispered in my ear. "I wouldn't be able to stop, I want you to fuck me so badly. After you made me come like you did I know I wouldn't be able to stop, and I want to stay a virgin, although I really do owe you."

"No debts, Tracy. When you girls dress tomorrow to go home, all debts are paid." I got a really sweet kiss from her also as she slipped back.

Jessica was next, and as before was very hesitant about being touched so intimately. I knew I was going to enjoy her. In fact, my cock was twitching in anticipation. She eyed it and then fearfully asked, "You won't let it slip and get it in me, will you?" I just shook my head "No." I wasn't going to make this easy for her. She had been my biggest tormenter all through school, never letting up on me. It had been Sally who had the idea of depantsing me, but Jessica had been an enthusiastic participant, and I had heard her voice more than once egging Sally on. Her hand crept down over her pussy as she stood at my knees, trying to get up the courage to mount the couch and straddle my thighs.

"No, no, my dear. You can't cover up. Remember? I rather like looking at your pussy."

Red blood flushed her face as she hesitantly slipped her hand away from its covering place.

"That's much better. I like the looks of your pussy." I slipped a hand out and gently brushed her blond curls, and then slipped a finger into her crease. "It really is lovely. I just love your blond curls. I hope you never shave them. What a loss that would be! Ummh! You are so hot and wet!"

Both hands went up to cover her face. I gently cupped her ass in both of my hands and softly pulled her toward me. I was leaving the choice to her, and would not force her, though I did encourage her a bit, I'll confess. Her feet shuffled a step, and then with a sigh of resignation she placed a knee on the couch next to my leg, and quickly followed it with the other knee. I could smell her arousal. It was more pungent than the others, and definitely not unpleasant. I wanted badly to plant my face in her pussy and breathe deeply of the fragrance!

Hesitantly she shuffled her knees forward on the couch, but just before she came into contact with my cock her hand came back between us, and over her pussy. She sat down on my legs and quivered all over her body. "I don't think I can do it, Jimmy. I'm sorry."

I moved my hands from her ass, and reached them around her back and pulled her into a hug. "That's OK, Jessica. I understand, really I do."

I know, you probably think I'm just a spoiled punk kid who was trying to take advantage of the situation, and to a degree, yeah, you're probably right, but in the long run I was really trying for some restitution. Not trying to get even; making them strip kind of covered that. Subconsciously I was trying to teach them a lesson, I guess. A lesson about abusing someone they saw as defenseless, and thought of as lesser than were they, because of a handicap. You may not think shyness is a handicap, but trust me, it is, and it is far beyond any self-help book or exercises you can come up with. I know. I've tried them all.

I released Jessica and helped her stand to her feet and step away from me. My point had been more than amply made to her concerning what she had done to me. I knew she would never be the same girl again. She sank down on the floor, covered her face in her hands and sobbed. Ginny and Marissa hurried over and held her in their arms and let her cry.

I looked over at Tricia, who had been watching the proceedings with a mixture of trepidation and anticipation on her face. I cocked one eyebrow at her, and she nodded, and then hesitantly stepped over toward me.

"I guess it's my turn, now, right?" I just nodded. She didn't mince around about it, but reluctantly clambered onto the couch and sat on my knees. I couldn't help taking the moment to look at her body as she sat there, with her knees spread, and everything on display.

"We don't have a timer. We'll have to wait until Ginny is through with Jessica."

"I don't care about a timer. I'm so horny I really wouldn't mind much if your cock did slip and go in. I need some relief!" Really, giving them relief was not the purpose of this exercise, but I didn't mind. I was enjoying it thoroughly myself! The only thing keeping me from shooting off was where their pussies were rubbing on the lower end of my cock. Had they been rubbing on the head it would have been over long before.

Tricia slid herself forward quickly, and moaned when her pussy came into contact with my cock. She started rubbing herself on me even before I had a chance to grasp her. I pulled her up against me tightly, as I leaned in to grasp her tit in my mouth. As she slid up and down on my cock I growled deeply into her nipple, which I had sucked far into my mouth. I was beyond being gentle, what with the way her pussy was pushing against me, and rather than gently licking her nipple I had my tongue flattened, and was almost pummeling the nipple.

She howled, arched her back, pulling me forward, and then she arched her pelvis up and down, stroking almost the full length of my cock. How she was able to do this I don't know. She is a gymnast, and maybe some of the things she does there make her so flexible, but all I know is she was giving me an outside fucking, as it were. Instinctively, I nipped down on her nipple with my teeth, just hard enough she could feel the bite, and I renewed my assault on it with my tongue.

With a sudden spasmodic thrust of her body, and a strong pull on my neck with her arms she pressed her clit hard against my cock, and cried out. I felt her pulse against me a few times, then she freed her breast from my mouth, nestled her chest against mine, and placed her face in the hollow of my neck and shoulder. Again, I felt tears on my skin as she released all of the tensions of the evening. This seemed to be the night of the crying girls! I held her close to me and stroked her back, waiting for her to bring herself under control.

Sniffling, she finally pulled her head back to look me in the eyes. "Jimmy, thank you. I will never forget this night. We started out so badly, but you have made it a memorable evening for us. Where do I find a man like you?"

I blushed and shook my head. "No thanks are needed. I should be thanking you. You brought me out of my shell, and gave me more than I could ever have imagined in all of my fantasies." Tricia slid back and stepped to the floor on rather unsteady legs, then leaned in and gave me a kiss.

I stood to my feet, thinking we were all done, but Jessica arose from where she had been kneeling on the floor. Her face was puffy and red, and tears still streaked her cheeks. She threw herself into my arms, not even caring about coming into contact with my cock this time. "Thank you for not forcing me, like we did you. You had every right to do it, and I could have had nothing to say. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I understand now, what it is we really did to you." She started sobbing again.

"Jessica, it is all OK. Yes, you did wrong, but there was no real malice in it, and as far as I'm concerned it's taken care of." I gently stroked her back, and even though it wasn't the purpose of holding her I'll admit I fully enjoyed the feeling of her breasts pressed against me, and my cock was leaking pre-cum all over her belly. "You girls have given me a night I will never forget, and more than fulfilled any fantasies I could ever have had. Don't think another thing about it." I gently disengaged from her thinking we were all going to go to bed, but I had a surprise waiting for me.

"Jimmy, you can't quit now. I haven't had my turn yet!"

I couldn't believe my ears. Marissa was wanting a turn! I had intentionally left her out, feeling she didn't owe me anything.

"Marissa, you weren't included in this. You don't owe me anything! You didn't do anything wrong to me tonight."

"I was involved, though, and I think it is only fair I am part of it. Besides, I want to, and I may never get a chance like this again either!" I glanced over at my sister, Ginny, and she just gave me a little nod and smile. Looking at her upturned nipples I was almost wishing I could do her, too, but, . . .

I sat back down on the couch and looked up at Marissa standing at my knees. Those puffy nipples of hers were what I had in mind when I first suggested this activity, but I had mentally ruled her out as off-limits. I licked my lips in anticipation as Marissa gently climbed onto the couch and straddled me. She didn't sit down right away as had the others, but shuffled forward on her knees. Her ass felt so soft and wonderful in my hands! My cock was twitching in anticipation of contact, even externally, with the one I really wanted of all of the girls. I was busy anticipating what was about to happen as she got closer, then she leaned forward and bracketed my face with her breasts.

"I know I wasn't in the punishment, Jimmy, but I also wasn't in on your promise either." Promise? What promise? Instead of putting both hands behind my head like the others, she had one hand holding my face between her boobs, and with the other she reached down and grasped my cock and pulled it outward toward her waiting pussy. As she settled downward she said, "I wasn't in on the promise not to fuck," and she lowered herself down onto my cock.

I felt my cock entering a pussy for the first time. It felt wonderful! "NO!" I shouted and tried my best to pull back. I could feel her moan as she settled down a little further. I knew she didn't have a hymen, so that was not going to be an issue, but she had also said she was still a virgin, so she was oh, so tight! There was plenty of moisture, and I was pumping out pre-cum by the quart it felt like.

"Jimmy, I'm doing this because I want to, not because I think I have to. I know you want it too. I've see the way you look at me." All this time she was lifting and settling and wiggling to and fro, until finally she had all of it in and was settled fully on my lap. "I feel so full, and so wonderful," she whispered as she leaned back and placed both hands behind my neck. "Now aren't you supposed to be playing with my nipples or something fun like that?"

I couldn't resist. I leaned in and gently took one of those delectable morsels into my mouth and caressed it oh so gently with my tongue as she started lifting and moving on my cock. My hands didn't stay at the waist or below, either. I figured the rules had changed. As my Marissa rose and fell on my cock my hands traced up from her ass over her hip and up to her ribs in wonder, feeling the soft silkiness of her skin and the wondrous curves of her figure.

I could feel my orgasm building up in me very rapidly. Yes, I had already cum a couple of times, but I had also had some rather intense stimulation over the last little while. I desperately wanted to hold back for Marissa, and was trying my best. I was quivering, straining to hold things in check, but I knew it wasn't going to last. "I can't hold it. I've gotta pull out."

"It's OK, let it come. I'm on the pill."

"I want to wait for you," I whispered.

"If I don't make it we'll have other times."

That did it! Other times? This had to be a dream. Marissa saying "other times!" My cum boiled up from my balls, and I thrust into her as hard I could, pressing down on her waist, holding her tight to me, as I sucked her nipple deeply into my mouth and groaned around it. She said later the vibrations from my groan were connected directly to her pussy, and she came with me. Her arms circled my head, pulling me tightly to her breast as I felt her silently quaking and her pussy pulsing through her orgasm.

I know, I know, near simultaneous orgasms only happen in porn or fantasies, and I don't know if it will ever happen again, but it did that night, and it was wonderful.

As she came down from her orgasmic high Marissa placed her lips by my ear. "Jimmy, will you take me to Homecoming." I could only nod.


In case you are wondering, no, I was not miraculously healed of my shyness. My shyness is rooted in a much deeper mental issue, although fortunately I'm not affected much beyond shyness. I still don't answer questions in class, nor do I make speeches. I did learn though to talk with these girls, almost as if they were sisters. All the guys in the school were wondering why I was always greeted with a hug when I met these girls in the halls, but I wasn't about to tell them! When asked, the girls just smiled and winked.

On Monday, the seniors on the cheer squad all petitioned Mrs. Swenson to let me be the "Cheer Manager", kind of like the team managers who were responsible for all the equipment for the sports teams. They were allowed to travel with the team and participate although they were not players. I would be afforded the same privilege with the cheerleaders, and as the only guy associated with the cheer squad there was quite a bit of jealousy exhibited by the other guys in the school. I also was included in all of the cheer dinners and parties for the rest of the year. (The position was never authorized after our class.)

I took Marissa to Homecoming, and was blown away to be chosen Homecoming King with Marissa as my Queen. There was a lot of politicking done by the cheer squad for this, with only six girls really understanding what was happening. Marissa and I continued as a couple all year.

OH! I forgot to tell you about Saturday morning, didn't I?

Let's just say it was really nice to wake up in Mom and Dad's California King-size bed with six lovely nude girls snuggled up with me. Of course, I woke up with a serious case of morning wood, much to the delight of the girls. No, I didn't fuck anyone, I still held firm on that, but let's just say we had fun. Touching and feeling and playing were fair game all around. There might have been some oral, or other things happen, but I'll not say. I'll just say this, nobody left the bed without having at least one orgasm, even Ginny, and in some cases more than one.

We had senior cheer parties each month throughout the year. Did this ever happen again?

My lips are sealed.

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