tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Twisted Hobby

My Twisted Hobby


Most people have normal hobbies, I thought to myself, turning the Jeep a sharp left, and pulling in to the parking lot. But, then, I've never really been what you would consider normal, I guess.

Grabbing my video camera from the passenger's seat beside me, I got out, locked the Jeep, placed the keys in the magnetic box, and clamped it under the driver's wheel well...then set off across the empty lot towards my destination.

It was a Sunday morning, and the college was quiet, just as I had planned it, having previously scouted it a couple of times.

Approaching my destination, I stopped to scan the area one final time. Seeing no signs of life anywhere, I descended the short embankment and set the camera down on the picnic table.

I'd discovered the spot by accident a week before...and what a find it was!

A picnic table, in the college parking lot, sat on a concrete pad. What made this particular spot so perfect was that fact that it was surrounded on all four sides by steep embankments. It sat about six feet below actual ground level, which meant that it was totally hidden from view in the parking lot.

The only way to really see it was to walk right up to it and look down, which is how I found it.

As a member of an online exhibitionist's club, I'd risen to a kind of star-status in a relatively short amount of time, because I was always looking to out-do the competition. My videos always pushed the envelope, becoming increasingly more dangerous and public. This time, I was looking to raise the bar.

Because of the way that the picnic table was situated, I knew that the margin of safety for me was relatively higher than with some of my videos...there was always the chance of getting caught of course, but that only added to the excitement.

From the viewer's position, I knew that it would appear that I was out in the open because I wouldn't film the actual position of the picnic table relative to the parking lot.

Setting up the camera, I checked it to make sure the angle was right, before pulling out the pair of shorts I'd brought along for the return trip to the Jeep, and setting them under the table, out of the camera's view.

Then I climbed up on the table, sitting back on my ass with my legs spread in front of the camera and pushed the record button.

It was show time.

As the camera started to record, I produced a pair of scissors from my jeans pocket, held them up for what would be my online audience and smiled.

Turning my head, I pretended to scan the area, with a concerned look on my face, before I started. In reality, I was listening to be sure that there was nobody around in the parking lot.

So far, so good.

As I said, the possibility of being caught was relatively low, but, if someone did show up, I wouldn't be able to see them until they were right above me.

Smiling into the camera again, I grasped the hem of my t-shirt. Placing the scissors to it, I began cutting, slowly, right up the center of it.

I cut slowly, for effect, turning my head this way and that, as if I were worried about being caught.

Reaching the neck of my shirt, I sliced through the seams, and it fell open. I laid the scissors aside for a moment, and pulled my now useless shirt off, and tossed it away from me.

Smiling into the red camera light again, I ran my hands over my bared chest...and tugged on my nipples for a moment.

Although it was an act, performing for the camera is always my biggest turn on; this time was no exception.

I felt my cock growing in my jeans.

Reaching towards my feet, I pulled off first one shoe, then the other, holding them up in turn for the camera. Taking the scissors again, I slowly cut through the laces, and then cut into the shoes as much as I could to make them un-wearable.

When I was finished, I looked into the camera, and made a big deal of throwing them away from me as hard as I could. To my audience, it would look like I was tossing them far, in reality; they bounced off the embankment a few feet from me.

I now sat on the table, wearing my sweatpants and socks.

Looking around again, for the benefit of the camera, I slowly slid one hand into the front of my sweatpants, and wrapped my fingers around the shaft of my hard cock inside of my underwear. I stroked a bit, exaggerating the movements somewhat for effect.

As I said before, performing for my videos really makes me hot. My breathing was coming a little harder now, as I stroked myself.

Sliding my hand out of my sweatpants, I grabbed the scissors again, and held them up for the camera.

With a smile, I pulled the waistband of my sweatpants away from me, and started cutting, straight down the crotch, then over, and down the inside of one leg.

When I was finished, I cut down the inside of the other leg. Laying the scissors aside, I grasped the material and pulled it apart slowly, making a big show of ripping, and tearing it, until I had it completely off of me. I tossed it aside.

Scissors in hand again, I grabbed my left foot, and pulled it up towards me, in view of the camera, and slowly cut my sock off.

Then I did the same with the other.

Now, sitting in just my underwear, my clothes lay in useless scraps on the ground.

I leaned back, pushing my crotch out towards the camera. My throbbing cock made a clearly visible tent in my underwear, and I grabbed the shaft, stroking it through the material....causing a wet spot to form at the front.

Closing my eyes, I stroked my shaft through my underwear, savoring the feeling of being next to naked in a public place in front of the camera.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of a car moving through the parking lot.

I froze, with my hand on my cock, straining to hear.

I knew that the camera had caught it too...it was perfect, but I was a little worried.

Tugging at my nipples, I waited, until finally, I heard the car drive off and out of the parking lot.

Smiling again into the camera, I jerked a little more, then picked up the scissors.

Starting at leg holes, I cut up towards the waist band, and around, little by little. I wanted to draw it out for effect. I cut slowly, revealing my balls first, then my shaft. Finally, when I was done, I put the scissors down, and pulled the useless underwear away, revealing my total nudity.

My cock throbbed, sticking straight up between my legs.

Holding the shredded underwear up for the camera, I tossed it away.

I was now utterly naked, and hard on the picnic table.

Making a show of looking around once more, I spit on my hand, and grabbed my jutting cock.

Closing my eyes, I leaned my head back and started stroking myself quickly. It was so incredibly exciting to be totally naked in a public place, jerking my cock for the camera. With one hand, I pulled on my nipples. I wanted to cum, good and hard for the camera.

With my eyes still closed, I layed down on my back on the table, and spread my legs, knowing that the camera had a perfect view of my hand stroking my cock. I felt the wood of the picnic table on my naked skin, and thought about my useless clothes all around me.

The sounds of the outdoors heightened my feelings as stark reminders that I was totally naked in public.

I spit on my hand, and grabbed my cock harder, stroking and squeezing it. I knew the camera was picking up the sound my hand slapping against me as I beat my dick.

With the other hand, I reached between my legs, and pulled on the skin of my sack, stretching it. I loved the slight feeling of pain...it made my cock swell harder in my hand.

My orgasm began to build in my belly, and spread out as I jerked, stroked and squeezed. It wouldn't be long now, and I would be cumming hard for the camera.

"Oh my god!"

A female voice from above ripped me from my reverie.

My eyes flew open, scanning the area over me.

A lone, college-aged woman stood at the top of the embankment, staring down at me, frozen in shock.

"Brenda!" she called out, turning to look behind her. "There a naked guy jerking off down here!"

"What?" I heard...another female voice some distance away.

I watched, horrified; my hand still on my rock-hard cock, as another young woman, about the same aged, approached, and stared down at me.

For the moment, the camera was forgotten.

The two of them stood, side by side, looking down at me. I was still on my back, looking up at them, with my cock in my hand.

"What the fuck are you doing?" the first one asked in disbelief.

"Look," the one named Brenda said, pointing down at the camera, "he's fucking filming himself!"

My heart was frozen solid in my chest.

Struggling for something to say or do, I blurted out, "hi."

"Are you some kind of fucking pervert?" Brenda asked, nearly shouting.

Sitting up, to face them, I was still in front of the camera.

"Uhm..." I said...searching desperately for something to say that might normalize the situation...as if that were even possible.

"Why are your clothes torn up?" the first one asked, incredulous.

"Brenda," she said, turning towards her friend, "I think we better call the police."

"No! Wait!" I blurted again. "Let me explain!"

Crossing her arms, the one named Brenda looked angry. "Get to explaining," she said, pulling her cellphone from her pocket, "it better be good."

"You see," I said, thinking quickly, "I'm in a club. We film ourselves, and then post it online."

"That's sick," the first one answered, disgusted.

"But why are you doing it right here?" Brenda pressed, still holding her cell phone.

"Well, uhm...the idea is to film yourself in dangerous places...the more dangerous, the more hits you get," I said, hoping to convince them.

"Sounds pretty fucking perverted to me," the first one shot back. "Call the cops Brenda..."

I was scared shitless.

Brenda paused, looking around for a moment, then said, "wait Lisa, maybe we can have some fun."

"What?" the one I then knew was named Lisa shouted in shock.

"Look Lisa," Brenda laughed, "he's obviously scared to death...and we can call the police anytime we want....let's have some fun." Raising her cellphone, she aimed it at me.

"I'm taking a video of you, just in case," she said. "If you make any false moves, I swear to God I'm gonna post it on Facebook and give it to the police."

"What's your name?" she pressed.

With no other choice, and seeing no way out, I had to do what they wanted.

"My name's Ben," I said

"Ben what?" Lisa asked, still angry.

"Ben Grinder..." I answered her with my on-camera name.

"Ben...Grinder?" Brenda said in disbelief...then fell into a fit of laughter.

After she recovered, still pointing her cell phone at me, she said, "I want your real name."

I told her.

"Okay, Mr....Grinder," she spat, moving down the embankment, holding her cell phone in front of her like a weapon, "please explain what you are doing, naked, and jerking off in the college parking lot..."

Nervously, I told the story again to her camera, noticing that mine was still going.

Lisa followed her, moving down the embankment, until they were both standing a few feet away from me.

"Well, then Ben," Brenda said with mock-sweetness, "since you like being naked where anyone can see you...you are going to do exactly as we say, or this is going all over Facebook, and to the police...got that?"

"Got it," I said. What else could I do?

"Grab his camera, Lisa" she said.

Walking around the table, Lisa glared at me, looking me up and down, then snatched my camera and pointed it at me.

"Please be careful with that," I pleaded.

"Shut up pervert," Brenda said.

"Stand up on the table...Ben," Brenda indicated, pointing the camera at my face.

Resigned to my fate, I stood up. My cock had gone soft.

"Turn around," Lisa said, "slowly..."

Obeying, I turned slowly, showing them, and both cameras all of me.

"This is Ben...Grinder," Brenda spoke for the camera, "we caught him at the picnic bench in the parking lot of the college. He was totally naked..."

"And he was jerking off too," Lisa interjected.

"We're documenting the evidence," Brenda finished.

Not knowing what else to do, I stood, atop the picnic table, slowly turning in a circle...looking down at my...captors, for lack of a better term, I noticed that they were both beautiful. Brenda, a brunette, had shoulder length hair that framed her pretty face and brown eyes. She had a killer body, dressed in jeans and flower-print top, encasing what I would guess to be about c-cup sized breasts.

Lisa was blonde and blue-eyed, and her tits were quite a bit larger than Brenda's, maybe even a double d. She also wore jeans, but was wearing a tight, white t-shirt with a picture of the college on it, that stretched tight across her breasts. I couldn't help noticing how Lisa's tits jiggled slightly every time she moved.

In spite of my situation, my cock started to grow.

"Stop staring at my tits pervert," Lisa spat at me.

"Look!" Brenda exclaimed, laughing, "he's getting a hard-on!"

It was true.

Being totally naked, in pubic, while these two hot women manipulated me against my will was really turning me on.

Brenda grabbed the scissors from the table, holding them up in front of her cell phone camera. "He cut his clothes off," she said, panning around to film my shredded clothes that lay scattered around the table.

"Whatta freak boy..." she laughed at Lisa, who was busy pulling the shorts I stashed for the walk back from beneath the table.

Laughing, she held them up like a prize, while Brenda filmed it.

"What are these for?" Lisa asked, turning my camera on me.

"I was going to put them on to walk back to my car," I said sheepishly.

Suddenly, Brenda snatched them out of Lisa's hand, and cut them to shreds.

"WAS going to," she laughed, waving them in front of me, "guess you'll just have to go naked now, huh?"

My cock throbbed, swelling hard.

Moving in closer, Brenda pointed her camera at my swollen dick. "He's hard as a rock!" she shouted, while Lisa burst into giggles. "You're such a fucking pervert...Ben," Lisa said, punctuating "Ben" in a mocking tone.

Brenda stopped filming, and trotted up one of the embankments, standing on the edge of it.

"Ben!" she called down to me, "come up here."

I hopped down off of the table, and started slowly, up the embankment...worried to hell about my fate.

Did she want me to expose myself to the parking lot? Lisa followed behind with my camera, filming my naked ass as I ascended.

"Nice ass!" she exclaimed, then wolf-whistled.

Reaching the top, I stopped, standing a few feet from Brenda. Looking me over, she leered wickedly at my bouncing cock. "I see this turns you on," she smirked. Scanning the parking lot, I saw that save for a few cars that had already been here when I arrived, it was still basically empty. Inwardly, I breathed a sigh of relief.

Lisa arrived and stood next to me. I saw that she had stopped filming for the moment, and I wondered if I would get my camera back.

"Play with yourself," she said.

Laughing, Brenda joined in, "Yeah, Mr. Grinder, play with yourself, right here...no, wait," she paused.

Turning, she walked to the middle of the parking lot and stood in full view of the front side of the college.

"Play with yourself over here!" she called back.

I stood there, not knowing what to do. I was hard as hell, and wanted to jerk off...but out where she stood was totally exposed to the college, the entire parking lot, and the road beyond it. This was getting out of hand.

"I...can't" I stammered, hoping the girls would soften.

"You can't?" Lisa mocked. "Why not...you like being naked in public, beating off out where everyone can see you, don't you?"

Looking down at my throbbing cock, she smiled. There was precum dripping from the head, and I could feel it oozing out of me.

"Hmm...seems like you're kinda lying," she mocked again. "I think you love being a dirty pervert. You love showing off to the whole world."

She was standing so close to me that I could smell her sweet perfume....my eyes fell to her huge tits, moving under her shirt...and my cock ached.

God she was hot.

"Look at you," she said, taking a different tactic, "you're all hard and turned on. Go ahead, you know you want to." She smiled at me, winking one of her beautiful blue eyes...she was so damned pretty.

Brenda pulled out her cell phone again. "Facebook...here it comes!" she shouted back at me.

"No! Wait!" I said, terrified. I love making my videos and posting them to my club site, but I sure didn't want to be all over Facebook...especially with them knowing my real name...and at that point, I believed they would do it.

"Okay, I said, I'm coming."

"Good boy," Lisa said, and smacked my bare ass hard.

Setting off, I walked towards Brenda, who was standing with her hands on her hips, smiling at me.

Instinctively, I hurried, not wanting to be caught out like this.

"Slow down!" Brenda yelled.

I did...forcing myself to walk slowly...feeling the pavement under my feet...a stark reminder that I was totally nude. My hard cock throbbed, and bounced as I walked, sticking straight out in front of me, pointing the way to where Brenda waited.

Lisa followed behind me.

Glancing over my shoulder, I saw she was filming again. She smiled, over the camera, then got back to work capturing my naked ass as I walked. "This is SO much fun," she said, giggling.

Reaching out, she smacked my bare ass again, stinging it this time, and making me jump a little.

As I got closer to where Brenda stood, I noticed there were cars passing out on the road. I would be plainly visible to anyone turning into the parking lot, or even from the road, if they happened to look our way. Looking to my right, I saw the front doors of the college, maybe 20 yard away. Anyone standing inside or coming out of the doors would be able to see me.

Finally, I reached Brenda, coming to a stop in front her. She smiled, and took a picture of my hard cock.

"Okay pervert," she sneered, "play with yourself."

Reaching down, I grasped my cock, and started to stroke myself in front of the two women...pulling on it, and twisting slightly.

I was excited and scared at the same time, twisting my head in all directions, trying to see everywhere at once.

My fear must have been evident.

"He's scared," Lisa giggled first, then Brenda joined her. They were having a good laugh at my naked expense...which in some really weird way, only served to make me hotter. The thought of what was happening, me standing completely naked in front these two hot young women, totally exposed out in the open parking lot, and jerking myself while they watched and filmed me, had me so hot that I could barely breathe. My cock swelled so hard in my hand that I thought it was going to burst.

Raising my hand to my mouth, I spit on it, and stroked myself hard.

"Woa," Lisa said, a bit shocked. "You really are a fucking pervert." She smacked my ass twice, hard, and aimed my camera at me.

Cars passed on the street, as I beat my dick.

Suddenly, a red Volkswagen slowed, and pulled into the parking lot. It cruised right past us and I could see a dark-haired woman driving it. I kept jerking myself, too far gone to stop, as the Volkswagen pulled into a spot and parked just a few yards away, with the rear of the car facing us.

The driver's door opened, and the woman got out. She was dressed in a short, black skirt, heels, and a tank top.

"Hey Kim!" Brenda called out to the woman.

Turning towards us, Kim's mouth fell open in dead shock. "Oh my god!" she shouted, walking our way, "what the fuck?"

Kim strode up, stopping in front of me.

Jerking my cock, I couldn't help staring at her...she was gorgeous. Her tanned legs disappeared under her very short skirt...and her tank top left little to the imagination (although mine was spinning out of control at that moment), her medium sized boobs were obviously braless, because I could see her nipples harden under her shirt.

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