tagErotic CouplingsMy UK Adventure Pt. 01: Getting Acquainted

My UK Adventure Pt. 01: Getting Acquainted


After hearing two guys laughing, I woke up lying in a strange bed wearing just my t-shirt and panty. I was still a little sleepy from the long red-eye flight with a 3 year old crying for mommy all night long. So I needed a nap when I arrived. Myles was a gentleman letting me get some rest. As I became more cognizant of my surroundings, I finally remembered that I was in London at Myles flat. Suddenly I became very excited. It was my fantasy vacation that I've been planning for years and I've been so horny thinking about the trip. I just hoped that meeting Myles and a few of my other pen pals would be exactly how I imagined it.

This is the story of my lascivious trip exploring the UK and Scotland.

Quietly I opened the bedroom door and walked bare foot to where the guys were chatting. When my name was mentioned, I knew they were discussing me. So I stopped in the hall out of sight.

I heard one guy ask, "So is Kathryn as attractive as those explicit photos you showed me?"

The other guy sounding like Myles answered, "Oh yeah she is even prettier. Her fiery red hair, cute turned up nose and those beautiful blue eyes are exactly like her photos. But she looked tired. When we hugged, I felt her exquisite body with her big tits against me. I got an instant hard on bro. I can't wait to explore that tight little body she has. She's definitely sexier then I imagined she would be. Even wearing pants, her cute ass wiggled nicely as she walked in front of me." The other guy just chuckled.

Myles laughed too and continued, "Not tossing-off for the last few weeks should keep me hard for several spunks in a row. All I've had on my mind was having a lot of spunk for her. She looks so damn fuckable and I can't wait until she is finally in my arms."

The other guy snickered and asked, "So why haven't you? The photos you showed me sure indicated that she's a tart that likes a lot of shagging. If she's as attractive as you say, I thought by now you would be bragging about shagging her."

"I would have and wanted too as soon as she got in my car", Myles replied. "She gave me a nice kiss on the lips and then told me about her 10 hour flight ordeal. So I decided to give her a chance to freshen up first. I do have her for a few weeks and am sure I'll have some nice shagging during that time. So what's the hurry Connor? No need to force anything."

At least I found out the other guy's name. Then Connor asked, "Do you think I can hit her up too. She looks so luscious with that todger sticking in her. I love that one photo of her smiling sitting on a guy with his todger stuck up her cunt. She looked like she was having fun."

After that comment, I wondered what photos Myles shared with him. Oh My God! I sent him so many and he shared them with this guy! He wasn't supposed to, but I found out that most guys do. I actually don't get upset with sharing, as long as the photos don't get posted on some porn site. I love teasing guys and having them pleasing themselves from looking at me. Why I take photos and send them out.

Laughing Myles replied, "So you liked that photo of her sitting on that lucky guy's pecker?" Connor said he did.

"Then Bro, I'll see what I can do to get her to shag you too." Myles replied.

They laughed and I didn't want to hear any more, but now I knew Myles plan. So quietly, I tiptoed back to the bedroom. I heard enough to make me very happy that I chose Myles to stay with. He seemed like a nice horny guy. And by what he said, thinks I'm very attractive. I was getting really horny listening to them talking about what they wanted to do to me.

Slamming bedroom door, I started to walk back down the hall to where the guys were. "Is anyone home?" I cried out.

"Oh you're awake gorgeous," Myles replied. "We're in here."

I walked in barefoot just wearing my t-shirt and panty. I guess I looked pretty sultry not wearing a bra with the blue T-shirt that was barely long enough to hide my assets. I didn't even think of what kind of impression I was making. But after listening to them discuss me and seeing their excited expressions when I walked in, I didn't really care.

"Hi guys," I said when I sauntered in.

They could barely answer back with their mouths opened with lusty stares. Myles was a short stocky, older guy maybe in his forties with a pot belly, thinning hair and a Jewish looking nose. He also needed to pluck his hairy eye brows. While Connor (I think) was in his thirties. He was taller, short hair and an earring in one ear. He was better looking of the two. Also, Connor seemed like a player while Myles was an established IT guy with a high paying job. I found out later that Connor worked as a bartender at The Anchor, a famous London pub. We had dinner and drinks there later that night.

Walking over to Myles, I sat on his lap and gave him his overdue, long passionate kiss. Crossing my legs, I kissed him again and again.

When we broke for air, I sensually said, "Darling thanks for being patient with me. I really appreciated you letting me rest. But now that I'm all recharged, I hope we are going out somewhere so I can see London. I'm so freaking excited about being here especially with you. I just want to explore and have fun."

Then my very sexy voice I asked, "You are going to show me a fun pleasurable time like you promised?"

Before he could answer, I kissed him again. Hearing a little cough, I turned to see Connor staring lustfully at me.

I sensually smiled and asked, "So who's your friend Darling?"

By this time I could feel the bulge in Myles pants getting larger, jabbing me in my ass. I knew the exploring he wanted to do was me.

Somehow he answered, "This is my younger half-brother Connor, Kathryn. We have the same mom but different fathers." Laughing he continued, "Remember I wrote you about him, asking if it was okay to invite him along on our tryst. You said sure!"

Somewhat remembering the email I answered, "Hi Connor, you're cute. It will be okay with me." Giggling I continued, "So I now have two hunks to have fun with! I'm so delighted that you can come too."

With a smile he quickly came over to me and took my hand. Then he kissed it and said, "That would be my pleasure. You are truly beautiful. Myles said you were good-looking, but forgot to mention that you are absolutely stunning. I love your gorgeous smile. I hope you enjoy yourself while visiting. But I got to run to work. Why don't you guys come by for a drink later?"

After he let go of me, he touched my crossed leg. As he gently massaged my leg and knee, I giggled and told him that it tickled. Laughing he stopped and told me how soft my skin was then left. Snickering, I asked Myles if he liked what he saw. Myles chuckled and told that he was sure he did. I bit the bottom of my lip as I watch hunky Connor leave. I wanted him.

Knowing that Myles has waited over a year to meet me and paid for my vacation, I needed to reward him. With my arms now around his neck, I gave him a long passionate French kiss. Our tongues danced in sensual excitement as my body was plastered tightly against his. When he went to play with my breast, he gently fondled them through the shirt material. It felt fantastic making my nipples dance with erect excitement.

When we broke for air, I sensually said, "Do you want me to take it off?"

I moved back and put my hands up in the air, begging him to pull the T-shirt off. He smiled, reached for the bottom of the T and pulled it over my head. When he threw it on the floor, he took a minute to stare at my boobs. I asked him if he liked what he sees. Smiling and without a word, he began playing with them. Then he lowered his head and started to suck on my nipples. I immediately took one hand and pushed his head harder against me. When he flicked his tongue softly over the tips of them, it sent shivers through my body, making me immediately fervent for more.

He didn't disappoint. His hand went for my legs, which I instantly uncrossed and spread apart. As his hand moved up my inner thigh, I had my eyes closed and my hands on his head pushing it harder on my breasts. As he alternated from playing with each boob, his hand finally reached my soaked panty. When he pushed the sopping panty into my wanting hot box, he raised his head and smiled.

"I guess I'm not the only one wanting to shag. You are very wet Kathryn." He responded with a little chuckle at the end.

As he moved the panty to the side and rubbed my pussy lips, I moaned and sensually said, "Oh god yes Myles! For months I have thought of nothing but you and finally hooking up. All of those very nice erotic emails I received always had me wet with desire. But darling, I probably should freshen up before we continue. I need a nice shower and I hope you join me to wash my back."

I giggled as I went to get up. After we stood, he took my hand and walked me to his room. Once in the bathroom, he turned on the water to a small shower but still big enough for two. I slowly pulled down my drenched panty and stepped into the rainfall from the overhead ceiling spout. I looked at Myles and he was just staring at my nakedness. With my finger I motioned him to join me. Quickly he undressed and entered the shower with a partial hard-on. Taking the bar of soap, I washed my face, rinsed off and handed it to him.

Pushing my chest out to accentuate my boobs, I said, "Now don't miss any part of me. I want you to touch every inch of my body."

He laughed and answered, "Don't worry Kat, I won't miss any part of you."

He took the soap and began with my boobs. He roughly played with each one like he wasn't sure if they were real. Then he went for the nipples. Gently he yanked on them and kneaded the tips. When he flicked his tongue over them making them stand at attention it sent chills throughout me. I had my head tilted back with water running over it, while I enjoyed his groping. Once they were pleasantly played with, he went to fondle the rest of me.

Slowly he teased every inch of me, while stopping at all of the good parts. He especially had a long stay at my ass orifice. Turning around, I leaned forward and pushed my ass back for him to have easy access. He had his soapy fingers rimming my anal opening until two fingers slid inside. I just moaned with pleasure asking for him to be gentle. I almost came but he stopped just before I did. I was now ready for anything, but first I needed to return the favor and make him rock hard.

After I rinsed, I took the soap and had him turn facing away. Then I washed his strong back and ass. I soaped my fingers and began reaming his ass orifice. He wiggled trying to get me to stop but I didn't and had a finger up him. He just moaned about no one had ever done that to him before. I'm guessing he liked it. But instead, I stopped and turned him around. Starting at his shoulders I washed down over his fat belly to his cock standing at full attention. It wasn't real big, maybe 5+ inches. But what he lacked in length, his girth was nice and wide, sort of like he was.

I took both hands and began rubbing his shaft and balls. Looking up at him, he had his eyes closed and was rocking his hips. After I earlier heard of how he abstained for me, I wanted to taste and feel his full explosion in my mouth. So I knelt down and started to work on his cock with my mouth. With my hand holding his shaft I took my tongue and swirled it around his penis head like licking an ice cream cone. I could hear him loudly moaning, as I continued my licking. Rubbing his shaft like he was jerking off, I stopped a few times to suck on just the head. I kept the play up until I tasted some precum.

I stopped and said, "Oh Myles, I love your cock. I love sucking it. It tastes so yummy. But I want to taste you cuming in my mouth. I want you to explode and give me everything. Please! Oh please cum for me!"

Opening his eyes he looked down at me and said, "I was saving up for weeks Kat. You don't know how many times that I've spunk over your photos thinking you were sucking me off and now you're here. Oh yes, I'll cum in your mouth, your pussy and arse. Anywhere you want me too. I've wanted you for so long!"

He took my head and pushed his cock into my wide opened mouth. As he started to pump in and out of it, I took my hands and played with his cum filled balls. I kept my mouth open and my tongue swirling around his cock the best I could. Finally he began jerking and I tasted the first squirt of yummy jizz. Swallowing most of it, I kept my lips tightly around his cock head as he continued ejaculating his cum in my mouth. But instead of letting me enjoy all of his yummy jism, he pulled out. With another 4 squirts I finally had all of it spattered over my face. I tilted my head back, opened my mouth and showed him his white sperm. Then I swallowed most of his tasty goo. He just smiled and pulled me up. With his cum still on my lips, he kissed me. Afterwards, I leaned my head under the shower and cleaned up.

We turned off the water and dried off. He looked very satisfied and I was happy accepting his saved up semen. But I wanted more and I was just getting started. I was delighted when he took my hand and led me to his bed. Lying on my side next to him, we continued kissing with our naked bodies being entwined. Whenever we broke for air, we gazed into each others eyes. His were twinkling. He told me mine were too. A lot more kissing as his hand finally roamed to my legs and working up to my pussy. When he reached my wet slit, I turned on my back. I wanted him to make love to me in the worst way. He got up, spread my legs apart and knelt in between. Then he went back to fingering my wanting hot hole.

As he did, he said, "I still can't believe you are finally here and I'm playing with the most beautiful women I've ever known. You just can't understand how often I've fantasized about rubbing your coochie like this. How many times I've wanked thinking of you. I can't wait to sink my big cock in you for the first time. But first, I'm going to explore that lovely pussy of yours"

Suddenly, he stopped rubbing my slit and bent forward for another yummy kiss. When we broke for air he began sucking my boobs again. He worked each nipple until they were hard with excitement. Then he began kissing my belly all the way down to my clit. With one long tongue stroke he licked the bottom if my vagina up to my clit where he stopped and sucked on it. Then he began licking just the clit, while flicking his tongue back and forth. His play enraged my senses with such a pleasurable feeling making me want more. His fingers started to spread my vagina lips apart, until he found the entrance to my very wet and excited opening. With one quick push he had two fingers inside me searching for something. He quickly found my g-spot.

As he kept tantalizing my inner sanctum and licking my clit, I had my eyes closed, legs spread wide apart and my hips moving enjoying great oral loving. His finger fucking had me in such an exuberant state of euphoria. After some time, I was finally building up to a fantastic orgasm of my own. Moaning for him not to stop, I began convulsing with an incredible climax. My legs closed and squeezed his head while soaking his hand with my juices. Keeping his fingers in me while I was in my orgasmic state, he sat up and told me to just let it flow. I did just that for many minutes. But instead of stopping, he added another finger in me and began vigorously pumping my soaked hole. I opened my eyes and sat up on my arms to see him rubbing his cock with his other hand.

Then he said, "Now gorgeous, I'm going to shag you. I've been tested like you asked so I can shag you bare. I've been waiting so very long to get you here. Looking at your hot coochie wet from wanting me, you should enjoy this immensely too. Just relax!"

All I could do was watch as he removed three fingers from my drenched cavity and began inserting his thick small pecker into me. I willing spread my legs wider apart accepting his cock.

As he slowly pushed it in me, I yelped, "Oh Myles that feels so good going in me. Oh yes I wanted you too. I've waited just as long Darling. Oh yes! Fuck me! Yes fuck me Myles! Oh! Oh!"

He moved over me up on his arms. I could feel his belly against mine, as he slowly moved his hips back and forth pumping me. With my knees bent I moved my legs up the side of my body, so he could get deeper in me. As he fucked me, our eyes met. His were twinkling and mine were in ecstasy. He whispered asking if I was enjoying him and I answered I was. He smiled and started to fuck me faster. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feeling of jubilation his cock was creating. I began yanking on my own nipples, getting ready to explode again. Soon, I began to shake with another huge orgasm.

As I did he whispered, "That's it Kathryn, cum for me! Enjoy that fucking sensation. I knew you would love it too. You have such a fuckable hot body. I can shag you for days."

Leaving his cock deep in me, he stopped fucking while allowing me to climax. Then he started to slowly fuck me again. When I began to respond, he told me it was time to turn over. I thought he would never ask.

Even though I like being on my back, I thoroughly enjoy being on all fours too. When he pulled out, I quickly turned on my knees. Spreading my legs apart, I leaned up on my arms. Looking back, I watched him sticking that thick swollen cock back into my dripping wanting hole.

With his hands on my hips he cried, "God you feel so fucking hot Kathryn. Your cunt feels like it's on fire. I don't think I'm ever going to get enough of shagging you. You are one fantastic sex goddess aren't you?"

Taking a deep breathe, I loudly moaned back, "For you Darling, I'll be anything you want me to be. You feel so big and hard in me. I want you too! Fuck me hard Darling like there is no tomorrow. Oh yes! That's it. Harder!"

He began pounding my flesh faster with a lot more enthusiasm. As his belly was noisily slapping my ass with each hard thrust, he reached under me to play with my boobs. The force of his pounding made me put my hands on the head board to stop my head from hitting it. I was becoming immersed in the feeling of complete satisfying sexual euphoria. After a while, I began shaking with another orgasm. It felt great cuming again, but he didn't stop pumping me this time. Instead he kept his throbbing, raging cock speedily fucking me. Soon he began to grunt and I could feel a little cum. Suddenly, like a volcano erupting inside my pussy, I felt his load spraying my insides. Blast after blast he dumped his semen inside me. It felt wonderful knowing that I caused him to cum. After a few minutes, he pulled out, causing some of his goo to run down my legs. I fell on my stomach exhausted but very content. I just had my first UK sex session and I've only been here 6 hours.

He lay on his side beside me, put his arm around my waist and said, "It's been such a long time in between women. I want to thank you for flying 10 thousand miles so I could shag you. You are such a wonderful Lady to do that for me. But Kathryn I have to honestly say, when we first were writing, I thought you were a fake. I mean the photos were great and I wanked a lot to them. But my lads told me you would want something. Then you asked for me to pay for the airfare and everyone told me I was a fool to do so. But now you're here and are real. They were all wrong."

I sat up, kissed him and said, "Thanks for believing in me. And I don't usually fly 10,000 miles to hook up. But there was something about you." I kissed him and then giggled, "But I'm famished and need to eat something other than your yummy semen, that is if you want more loving later."

He laughed, as he took my hand and lifted me off the bed. We quickly walked to the bathroom to clean up.

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