tagInterracial LoveMy Unplanned Honeymoon

My Unplanned Honeymoon


We had just got married on the Saturday and it had been wonderful, the weather was super kind, everyone turned up, no hiccoughs and we had partied into the night.

We had a morning flight at 11:00 to Nigeria where we would commence a sort of African tour, and we intended to travel across to Kenya too, we had visa's arranged for the neighbouring countries so we were going to travel around for 2 months, all the inoculations had been taken, we had researched on line what to expect and been in touch with various hotels for accommodation, including outside stay safaris.

We arrived at Lagos and went by taxi to our hotel where we were staying for a couple of days, it was fantastic the sun shone, and we settled in.

On our first trip we hired a guide so we could see the lie of the land as it were, and to get a feel for things.

On the third day we hired a big 4X4 fully fitted and equipped, it was expensive but we had plenty of money and made sure we could extract ourselves if we got into some trouble.

We travelled inland where we encountered nothing but oil rigs, so we returned to the hotel and checked our maps and decided to travel south instead, and then travel inland, and head across Africa.

We knew not to travel into the bush without knowing where we were at all times, we had a sat nav but still stuck to the beaten tracks too.

We stopped off at various towns and cities, and stayed at hotels where we found them; once or twice we had to pitch the tent and excitedly stayed near the car.

We started to feel more comfortable as we travelled, we were learning of and where we were.

We had been in Africa more than a week now, we had strictly followed guidelines about water purity etc, but it still didn't stop me from getting a tummy bug for 2 days, but I recovered okay.

My husband had gone down to the bar in the hotel by himself on the 2 nights I was in the room.

When I was better we moved onwards, and started heading across to Kenya.

I haven't explained yet who we are have I?

I am now Mrs Jennifer, (Jenny) Senner, my new husband is Mike, I am 22, he is 24, and we have known each other for more than 3 years.

He is 6ft tall, good looking; well built, and has a nice cock which I love to feed from lol, well I would say that wouldn't I?

We both work in insurance for a very large international company, and Mike is on the ladder of upward mobility!

Me? As I said Im Jenny, blonde hair to my shoulders, parted to one side, its soft and silky and Im proud of it, 5ft 7" tall, good figure, nice boobs, keep myself fit, My face is my jewel in the crown, I am beautiful I know I am, I have always had lots of attention from men, and some women too, and I must confess I have tried with a little success, but nothing can compare to a nice big cock, give me that every time, there's nothing I like better than sucking cock, and I've sucked a few I can tell you, but I would never tell Mike!

We had been travelling for 4 days and were approaching a border control point, so we stopped and made sure our papers etc were in order.

Everything was okay we were happy with it all, so we entered the section and got out of the car and walked into the guard office or what ever it was called.

All went well and we were allowed through, but what we didn't know there was a 2nd check point so we had to go through it all again, but I was confident it would be okay so I wasn't worried.

But I should have been!

We were ordered to bring in our personal bags; we both had shoulder haversack type bags with all our personal bits and pieces in them, so they looked in them, then one of the guards started feeling around in the bottom of Mike's bag and asked why it was thick, and felt lumpy.

I looked at Mike for a response, he looked ashen, I said to the officer in charge, 'there isn't anything in there sir?'

The soldier turned the bag inside out and checked again, even I could see the stitching of the bag wasn't right, the man pulled it apart easily and out fell 2 small transparent bags filled with what looked like a white powder.

I said to Mike, 'what's that in there?'

He just mumbled something under his breath.

The officer snipped a corner of the bag, wet his finger and dipped it in and tasted it.

'Mmmm,' he said, 'just as I thought, pure heroin!'

'No, it can't be,' I gasped, 'Mike tell them it's not that!'

Immediately rifles were levelled at us and we were herded into a corner.

We were handcuffed and taken roughly into the back of the offices, where we were unceremoniously pushed into cells.

'Mike, what have you done; tell me that's not what he said it was, Heroin!' I demanded.

'Im sorry babe, but it is, I have been so stupid honey, Im so sorry,' he moaned.

'Oh Mike, you stupid stupid bastard,' I yelled at him, 'we could go to jail for this, in fact we definitely will! Or probably you will for years!'

'Jenny, please don't say that, I have to think of a way out of this babe.'

'Where did you get it, when?' I asked.

'When you were ill in bed, a guy approached me in the bar and asked if I was interested in buying a kilo, the price was low and he told me I would get 1000s for it back home, so I did, I never thought of this happening.'

'Well we are in serious trouble now, you read the literature regarding drug dealing in Africa, it's punishable by death, and or long prison terms you fucking idiot!' I told him.

We were held in the cells for 4 hours before someone came to see us, and informed that we were being transferred to another prison for questioning.

I tried to ask what would happen, and could we see a consular representative.

I was completely ignored.

We were made to climb into the back of an army truck and headed off to where we had no idea.

We were in the truck being bounced around for 3 more hours, my back felt like it was breaking, I was really scared now and in tears, Mike tried to comfort me, but I just told him to fuck off and keep away from me.

Eventually we arrived at what looked like a very large compound of sorts and taken inside at the back of it.

We were forced into separate cells and not near each other so we couldn't even talk to each other; I was getting more and more scared now.

After more endless hours, I was taken out, fed and watered, then taken further into the building, it looked more like offices and or a home, I wasn't sure.

My armed guard knocked on a door and a booming voice called for us to enter, I was made to sit down and my handcuffs fastened to the seat, I was in a very spacious and well furnished office, and behind the desk was a large black man, dressed in uniform with lots of medals.

He introduced himself as Prince Edward Obygoyu, a member of the ruling elite and was president elect after his father passed away, at the moment he was chief of the police which he said was a real break for me and my husband, as the next chief would have had us locked away already for the next 20 years!

I nearly wet myself at his words but saw a glimmer of hope; maybe we would get out of this?

He asked me to tell him who we were and explain to him exactly what had happened, and warned me if I gave any lie it would make things more than worse for us than they already were.

I told him everything exactly as it happened and swore on my mothers life that that was the truth as I knew it.

He seemed to accept that and ordered the guard to take me away, I asked what was going to happen to us, but he just waved me away, I was taken back to my cell and left, I assumed it would be Mike's turn now, that was if he hadn't already been seen.

It was the next morning I was taken back to the chief's office.

I was again handcuffed to my chair, but he wasn't there yet.

I waited for about 30 minutes, and then the door opened behind me.

The chief came and stood in front of me, told the guard to free me, and leave us alone.

I was sat looking up at this formidable man, he was big, about 6ft 3 or 4", he must have weighed about 250 pounds, and it was all muscle, he wasn't bad looking for a black man, but there again I wasn't used to looking too closely at a black man, I didn't really care for them.

His English was perfect and he told me he had gone through military school in England and passed his officers test and served in the British army for 4 years before returning home to take his place in his countries regime.

He now explained my problem, and I wasn't happy at our prospects, it seemed I could serve 5 years for complicity, and Mike 20 or more for the deed!

I was aghast, I started to weep and beg for forgiveness, 'please let us go,' I pleaded, 'my husband was a stupid stupid man, a fool, and not worthy, but we are young and newly married on our honeymoon.'

'Well now, it seems you maybe open to discussion and agreement?' he asked me.

'Oh yes sir, I will agree to anything you say if it will free us, I'm so sorry about this, but I didn't even know of it.'

'I am well aware you were ignorant Jenny, may I call you Jenny?' he said.

'Yes sir of course you may.' I replied hopefully.

'Good,' he said, he was now sitting on the edge of his huge desk in front of me, feet spread wide

'You know Jenny, you are a really beautiful woman, I know all the men in here would love to be near you, if I was to let them that is, and if you end up in jail I am sure you know what will happen to you and your husband?' He said softly.

'Oh sir please don't do that, what can I do, what can we do sir?' I begged.

'You are prepared to put yourself in my hands Jenny, so I can protect you in all this?' He asked me.

'Yes sir I will, I will do anything you say sir I promise.' I told him.

'Good, because your husband has signed a free will confession to his crime, and will got to trial in one month or maybe 6 weeks unless I can prevent it,' he said.

'Can we see a British consular person please? I asked tremulously.

It may be up to3 months before that can happen,' he said.

I knew now my life and my husband's life was in my hands.

'Come here Jenny,' he told me.

I went and stood before him.

'Now,' he said, I can keep you in those cells, but the guards have the keys so they could visit you and your husband in the night, or you can deliver yourself to me and my personal protection, which would you prefer?'

I began to realise then that it was me he wanted, and that only my positive response would keep us safe until we were released, or sent to prison for years.

I was being coerced and blackmailed without the words being spoken.

I was volunteering for it, and there was going to be nothing I could do, if I didn't agree there would be worse trouble than I could imagine, we were in a foreign state and no help to be had!

It was no contest, 'sir I would much prefer to be under your personal protection until this is sorted.'

'You know the price Jenny?' he asked.

Now it was out in the open, 'yes sir, I think I am aware of the cost, and I will pay it,' I told him now, certain of my fate now in his hands.

'Good, do you want to start showing me how grateful you will be for my timely intervention to save you and your husband Jenny?' he said softly.

I silently moved to him, stood right up against him, Jesus Christ I thought to myself, I have been married less than 2 weeks and I'm going to be fucked and debauched here in Africa by a black man, and him a Prince of the royal family.

I took hold of his belt buckle and undid it, all the while looking right into his jet black eyes.

I unbuttoned the top of his trousers and pulled down the zip, he put his hands on my shoulders, indicating he wanted me on my knees, I tugged at his pants to start them on their way down; I still didn't stop looking in his eyes.

I tried to stare him out but it didn't work.

I hesitantly fell to my knees taking his pants with me, I knew exactly what he wanted and what he expected of me, I got them to his ankles and I noticed for the first time he had no boots or socks on, he had got himself ready for me knowing what was about to happen.

He stepped out of them, so I raised my hands to pull down his shorts, and what happened next surprised me totally.

The largest thickest and most beautiful cock I had ever seen in my life dropped out and almost hit me in the face.

It was already half hard, and I was mesmerised by it immediately, and because it wasn't fully erect the skin around it was a bit crinkly, telling me that it was going to get a lot bigger.

I love a mans cock, and this was no different, well it was different because it was black and with a purple mushroom shaped head and bigger than I had ever seen, it wasn't of monstrous proportions like I've read about but it was larger certainly than I had been used to seeing.

I looked up at him then and he smiled at my unspoken respone, 'you like?' he asked.

I could tell he knew I was impressed and liked what I saw, I didn't answer because I didn't have to, he could see the surprise on my face and the look in my eyes.

'Go to work Jenny,' he whispered.

I did, I took hold of the heavy thing and slowly kissed the tip, and then I licked it like a child does with an ice cream, I smelled the aroma of him and it was different to any man I had ever smelled, it wasn't nasty, maybe it was because he was black, it was just so different, I liked it.

Then I sucked the big purple mushroom head into my mouth, here goes your wedding vows Jenny I said to myself, fast becoming not caring about it.

Mike had got us into this mess; I was the price for getting us out of it.

I cast him from my thoughts and went to work on this beautiful black prick in my mouth and I sucked and slurped for England!

I tickled and caressed his big hairy balls, his cock grew bigger as my ministrations grew in intensity and I gave it everything I had.

I am a good cock sucker simply because I love cock in my mouth, I can deep throat Mike, but I knew that deep throating this tool was going to be a problem that would only be resolved with practice, so my body went for goal, I was going to score big time here, I briefly thought of what his cum was going to taste like, when suddenly I got it.

He grunted, jammed his hips forward forcing me back on my knees while I took the hit, his load filled my mouth completely, I pulled back so as to not let any go and fastened my lips tight around the sharp ridged head, I managed it.

I swallowed it all, the taste was exceptional, I loved it, and I remained on my knees and kept on drawing on the pulsing throbbing prick, until I got out all he had left.

He took hold of my shoulders to lift me up and his limpish cock dropped out of my mouth.

He led me over to his chaise long, and undressed me, and also removed his top.

I was going to get fucked now of that there was no doubt; the look in his eyes told me so.

I was a bit apprehensive because I had never had a weapon like this in me before.

I said to him deferentially, 'please be gentle with me sir, you are so large for me?'

'Jenny, you are going to love this when I have finished with you okay?' he said.

I believed him.

He dropped his big black head between my legs and started to lick me out and eat me, he had me doing flip flops in seconds, it felt like his tongue was as long as his cock, never have I been treated to this before, his tongue was all the way inside me I could feel it right up in my flitting pussy, I came so quickly it took be by surprise.

I exploded all over the seat, I felt it running out of me, and he was drinking what he could, the tonguing drove me wild, I remember screaming out loudly.

He rested before he turned himself around to face me, and raise himself above me, I looked down and saw his beautiful erect upward curving black prick pointing right at my pussy; he reached to the floor picked up my skirt and wiped his face on it.

I lay back then, I was satisfied he wasn't going to hurt me, but having said that, he was going to do whatever he wanted and never mind me!

I let my legs drop over both sides of the seat and waited for him to fuck me, I wasn't going to be disappointed either.

I felt him pushing his way in, my pussy started to expand to him, the mushroom entered and my pussy and closed around it, he gently pushed forward and I felt myself opening as he went, eventually he was in and the pain was minimal, he was gentle, but I knew he wouldn't be for long; I raised my legs over his back now.

I was more than ready for this, in fact I couldn't wait, my husbands face flashed into my mind as the Prince pulled backwards for the first time, the forward thrust of his cock took my breath away and thrust my husband right out of my mind, to be replaced only by the thought of this cock that was going to ravage me, ravish me and fuck me to heaven and back.

And I was spot on with my expectation, I got fucked properly that day for the first time in my life, I had thought it wasn't really possible to get better than with anyone but my husband, but he wasn't in the same league, this was strictly astronomical fucking of the highest quality, and I couldn't help succumbing to it, I loved it!

He was insatiable, I have never been taken over the edge so many times, I had had multiple orgasms before but not of this intensity or quantity, he pumped me full of his iron cock, it was like I was in a waking coma, I knew I was being fucked and fucked, but there was nothing I was able to do to alleviate the sensation of being some where else while knowing exactly where I was.

I heard or felt him grunt, and he came in me, I wanted to tell him not to but nothing but happy satisfying moans escaped my lips, and I knew my body wanted to be like this, I knew my internal biological clock was ticking, and I realised then from some where in my head, that he had a biological cock,

Tick cock tick cock tick cock was all I could feel or think or hear in my head, my body accepted all he gave me, I could literally feel my womb sucking at it and pulling his potent seed inside so it could have it all to itself.

I don't remember what happened next except to say he carried on with me, my orgasms were too much, and Im sure I fell asleep while he finished with me, I woke up in a huge sumptuous bed, and feeling like I had never felt, it was a luxurious soft warm feeling that kept me in a drowsy state.

I lay there for some time, and then felt something move near me, it was him!

And it was the next day too, I looked at the clock 9:00am, I felt alive, vital, happy, scared, worried, hungry for food, and hungry for more of what I had been fed yesterday, and my pussy felt like it should belong to someone else.

I was about to slip out of bed and go to the bathroom, a hand touched my arm, 'good morning to you my beautiful lady Jenny,' he said.

The warmth of his voice stopped me in my tracks; it was like he was saying he loved me?

I turned to look at him, he rolled to me took me in his powerful arms and kissed me, it was our first kiss, I had hardly ever even looked at a black man, and here I was in his bed, newly married to another man and returning a most loving kiss.

'I must go to the bathroom,' I whispered.

He pointed the way and I scurried off.

I was in there a good hour as I gathered myself, I showered, cleaned my teeth, washed my wonderfully aching pussy, and remembering what had taken place the day before and realising I had loved it, but I was married, betrothed to another man, and already happily though somewhat unsure of my feelings, I had been truly truly unfaithful.

The only thing I could do was go back to his bed, but I sat on the edge, I wanted to talk, to ask what was going to happen, what the future held, when would we be allowed to leave, I had given myself whole heartedly to this man, even though I was being blackmailed, but as it happens I had loved every second of it too.

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