tagLoving WivesMy Unveiling

My Unveiling


Just looking into the room was enough to make my tummy flutter. My husband, Mark, had set up his study for our big night. I stood in the doorway, trying to imagine the scene he planned for later that evening.

Mark had his two prized Manchester chairs facing each other. Not three full paces separated them. He had aimed two of the overhead track lights to cross their narrow beams. Each of the antique red leather chairs was in its own spotlight. The effect was dramatic. The rest of the room faded into darkness.

"Checking my little stage, are we, Mia?

Mark's sudden remark startled me. I hadn't heard him come up behind me. I turned. He was smiling. I said, "I think I know what you have in mind. I am a little curious about how you see all this happening."

"In due time, my dear. Now, shouldn't you be checking something in the kitchen. Ian will be here soon."

I nodded and took one last glance into the study. Mark was right, as usual, I did have to check the roast and start cutting up greens for the salad. Dinner was the pretense for the three of us getting together.

I lost myself in kitchen busy work. A half hour passed. Then the doorchime sounded. I listened as Mark welcomed our dinner guest.

"Ian says he passed through a bit of rain coming from town."

The two men stood in our little dining area. Ian was smiling. My tingles returned in a flash. I felt the color rise in my cheeks. There was no question he was a handsome man. Ian and I shared the same age, twenty eight. We were both seven years younger than Mark.

"You look lovely tonight, Mia. New blouse then?"

I was flattered that he noticed. "Yes, actually Mark brought it home just this afternoon."

"Well, good taste, Mark. Lovely job of modeling, Mia."

Fact was, my husband had specified my entire ensemble for the evening. The white silk blouse covered a delightful little white demi-bra. My full navy skirt was quite unusual. It buttoned all the way down the front. Of course, Mark had also insisted on sheer nylons, held by a garter belt, and panties to match my bra.

"Thank you, Ian. So kind of you to notice."

Just looking at his boyish, charming face made the memories rush back. It has been just a week ago. The three of us had enjoyed ourselves at the local pub. Mark had insisted Ian return with us to our house. After consuming more than his share of ale, Ian had been in no condition to drive.

That night had been the first step in the realization of Mark's long held fantasy. Sometime during our first year of marriage he had shared his desire to watch me get thoroughly fucked by another man. Over time he had convinced me to go along. Our problem had been in finding the right man. Then Ian came along.

I left them, that night, in the living room, and went to change for bed. I thought Mark was going to prepare the couch and follow me. Instead, the two of them got into more bottles of ale. Their drinking picked up where they left off at the pub.

When Mark failed to come to bed, I went looking. I found the two of them sitting at the dining table. I couldn't refuse their invitation to join them. After a few minutes, Mark pulled out the game of "drink or forfeit" and seemed keen on playing.

My luck was no better than usual. And I was distracted. Sitting with Ian, in only my pj's and a light robe, I felt like a tease. Every reach forward had our guest peeping down the front of my light wraps. Mark has always loved my breasts, says they are the perfect size and shape. My sensitive little nips do point slightly up. Ian's wandering eyes and smile told me he agreed.

The early forfeits were tame stuff. Then I lost and drew a dilly of a card. The forfeit was "kiss the penis of the first man to your left". Of course, that meant Ian. We all laughed. Then it was Mark pressing the issue.

"Come on then, sport. Pull out your willie and let Mia give it a kiss."

"Don't think I won't, you know."

Ian looked back and forth between Mark and I. My heart was suddenly racing. Mark had shared his fantasy many times. His dream of watching me take another man's hard cock in my hot little pussy had never progressed beyond the talking stage. I knew then he had decided to make it true. Ian was the one, if I was willing.

"Let's see it, Ian. Mia can't give it a proper kiss through your trousers."

Ian stood. His fingers found his zipper. His eyes were fixed on me. He smiled and his body wavered just a bit. I looked down. He held his exposed cock with one hand. And a lovely cock it was. I judged it somewhat larger than Mark's, even though he was just partly erect.

I kept staring at it. Ian took a step. Then it just seemed so natural to lean forward and plant a nice wet kiss. My puckered lips touched his cockhead. Our brief connection was delicious. I pulled back, giggling. Ian put away his manhood and sat. Mark offered his best golf clap. "Well done, you two. Kissing a new cock agrees with you, my dear."

A good bit of drinking followed. Then I got another forfeit. The card said "lose one article of clothing". Simple enough, I thought. But I was only wearing my pajama top and shorty bottoms under my robe.

Ian was smiling like a wolf just spotting a herd of sheep. I slipped off my robe. My pj top was just a flimsy, short sleeve little thing, cut low in the front. I could tell Ian enjoyed the sight of my hard nipples pressing against the fabric. The soft skin between my breasts was also exposed to his eyes.

"You look absolutely angelic, my dear." Mark said smiling.

Ian chimed in, "Couldn't agree more, angelic you are."

I stood and went to fetch more ale. I knew both men enjoyed the sight of my body in just pajamas. More drinking kept the game going. Then I had to draw another card.

I picked up and read it. My heart leaped. It couldn't be. I looked at my grinning companions. Mark tried to look concerned, "What is it dear?"

Of course they knew. I tried to look angry. Then I changed my mind. The drinks were a factor, I suppose. Mark's long held fantasy was a factor. In the end, the decision was mine.

"Why isn't that strange. The card says I lose another ariticle of clothing."

Those two naughty rogues laughed out loud. Ian kept watching Mark. My husband recovered his composure, although he couldn't stop grinning. Even when I grasped my top button, he just smiled.

I gave it my best tease. Each button became a little project. My fingers had an attentive audience. Then it was done. I slowly separated the sides of my pj top and exposed my titties for their hungry eyes.

Ian let out a little whistle. Mark grinned and said, "Didn't I tell you she had a delightful pair?"

"Indeed you did. And indeed you do have lovely breasts, Mia."

I fought the urge to cover myself with my hands. If Mark wanted me to show my naked breasts to another man, well, he got his wish. I could feel the moisture starting to gather in my cunny. My exhibitionist leanings were being realized. The feeling was delightful.

The game resumed. Neither Mark or Ian disguised their long looks at my exposed titties. And I quickly forgot any urge to cover myself.

Three turns later I had to draw another forfeit card. The effect of all that drink was catching up with me. I read the card twice before I realized what it meant.

"Read it out loud," Mark finally demanded.

I focused my eyes. "The first person of the opposite sex on your left; lay him or her down, straddle their body, and french kiss for three minutes."

Mark gently slapped the table. "Well then, Ian. Looks like you get a french kiss from my beautiful bride."

Our guest didn't have to be told twice. He smiled and slid out of his chair, onto the carpet next to the table. Seeing him stretched out like that gave me a tingle of excitement. The obvious bulge in the front of his trousers was all the invitation I needed.

I stood and stepped over him. As I lowered myself, I made sure my aroused pussy came to rest on his manly bulge. He reached up and touched the bare skin on each side of my body. His warm touch was electric.

"Three minutes, now. I'll keep the time." Mark announced.

I leaned forward and slowly pressed my lips to Ian's waiting mouth. Our tongues met instantly. The tingle in my tummy was constant from that point on. My cunny, pressed against the hardness of his cock, was sending me unmistakeable signals. With only the thin fabric of my jammies covering my aroused pussy, I knew my juices would be visible when I got up.

It was easy to lose myself in that kiss. Ian was a great kisser. And knowing that my naked breasts were just inches from his face was even more of a turn-on. He pushed himself up under me, knowing full well the effect he was creating in my pussy.

Then, when I was just about to lose control completely, Mark called out that our time was up. I pulled back, breaking our kiss, and stared down into Ian's eyes. He was as aroused as I was.

I wiggled my bare chest at him just to tease. The smile I got as he glanced down showed his appreciation. Then I had to raise up. Mark was right there to assist me. It was his eyes that were first to spot the wet spot in the crotch of my jammy bottoms.

"I don't think I can get up." Ian said, his speech slurring slightly. "All that ale has gone to my head."

Mark took my hand. He looked down at our guest and said, "Looks like all the blood has gone to your other head."

We all laughed then. Ian rolled onto his side. "I think I can crawl to the sofa, but standing seems impossible."

"Well then, crawl if you will. Mia and I are retiring for the night."

Mark hustled me upstairs. My last glance at Ian showed he was indeed crawling on all fours to the living room sofa. I followed my husband into our bedroom.

"That was so hot, darling. Watching the two of you kiss. I want to make love to you so much right now, words can't describe."

Mark was undressed in a flash. He sat back on the bed and reached for my pj bottoms. "Looks like you are certainly ready, my dear."

His cock was rigid as a fence post, jutting up between his legs. I let him pull me over him as he slid back on the bed. He knew the sexual position I loved so much. Straddling him, just like I had done with Ian, was what I needed.

The difference with Mark was his hard cock, exposed for my pleasure, and ready to fill my aching pussy. I eased myself down, engulfing his hardness with my juicy cunt. The feel of his cock filling me was exquisite. I couldn't help letting out a gasp of pleasure.

"Your pussy is so wet. I knew that kiss was making you crazy. If I had let it go on for another minute, he could have had his way with you."

I could only nod. The sensation of having my cunny filled with Mark's hard cock was almost too good. I rocked forward, bringing my little clit into contact with his hard shaft. My first orgasm was like lightening shooting through my lower body.

"I can feel your climax with my cock!" Mark said as he humped up under me. "Keep doing that, I'm going to cum too!"

I knew he wanted his release. I also knew how to make that happen. But I wanted more before I was willing to grant his wish.

I rode his hard cock, my juices spilling down, drenching his hairy balls. I lost myself in the delicious sensation of control. I filled my pussy with his hardness and let my next release build and build.

"Mia, make me cum. You know I want to fill your cunt. Make me cum, dammit!"

I smiled down at him. "Watch me cum first, darling. You know you like to watch. Imagine it is Ian's hard cock filling my pussy. I got him so hot and so hard down there."

That was all Mark needed. I felt his hard shaft jerk inside me. My own orgasm burst through at the same moment. We came together with a climax as good as any we both had ever had. It was marvelous.

I stayed atop him while we both let our sensations drift away. Mark's ejaculation had been so complete, our bodies were joined by a virtual puddle of our combined juices. When his cock was finally softening, I rolled off his body. We both laid there, letting our breathing return to normal.

I raised up on one elbow. My bare breast brushed against Mark's arm. I asked, "Do you really want to watch me fuck Ian?"

Mark turned his head and looked into my eyes. "I love you, Mia. And yes, I want to watch you fuck Ian, more than anything."

"You won't be jealous? You won't get all crazy right in the middle of it, will you?"

He let out a little laugh. "I might have to pop myself off a few times while I watch. But jealous and crazy, no. I don't understand it completely, myself. I just know I want to see you have sex with another man. I think Ian is the one we both choose."

His comments didn't surprise me. I had to agree. Ian was our choice. I couldn't get the image of his semi hard cock, held waiting for my kiss, out of my mind.

"When?" I asked.

Mark considered for a few moments. "Let's make it next weekend. We can invite him for dinner."

"Will you talk to him about what we are planning?"

He laughed. "I don't see why I would have to, darling. I think he'll know what we have in mind, without my having to spell it out."

Mark was right, of course. An invitation to dinner, just the three of us, would be fairly obvious about our intent for after dinner activities. "A week from today would be good, don't you think?"

He smiled. "Can my hot pants little bride wait that long for a real taste of our friend Ian?"

I thought over his question. "Well, the anticipation will surely build. I may have to flick myself off a few times next week."

"Flick off all you like, darling. Keep that tight little muffin of yours primed for the main event, the end of next week."

We cleaned ourselves up and actually went to bed after that. I dreamed of being atop Ian, filling my pussy with his hard manhood, building climax after climax while Mark sat watching. And the same dream haunted my sleep for the following week.

Three times, even once at work, I had to take matters into my own hands. The days leading up to our dinner with Ian were indeed filled with anticipation. And every morning, I woke up to find my pussy filled with my own juice, dampening my jammies.

Finally, that next Friday arrived. I took a sick day from work. I knew there was little chance of concentrating on anything but the evening to come.

My dinner turned out well, not that any of us really noticed. All three of us were caught up in the anticipation of what was to follow. We traded knowing glances. And we searched each other's conversation for hints of double meaning. I found it all quite nerve wracking.

Just looking at Ian was enough to make my pussy wet. I had to excuse myself to change my panties. Both men stood as I got up from the table. My glance toward Ian's trousers told me the tension was having an effect on him too.

When I was safely in the bathroom I looked in the mirror. My reflection betrayed my arousal. My cheeks were red, no makeup needed. The engorged tips of my titties were hard a pebbles, straining against my lacy bra and sheer blouse.

I raised my skirt and peeled down my panties. The little strip of material that has been covering my sex was soaked, as I had known. The urge to flick my swollen clit was powerful. The only thing that stopped me was the thought of having Ian's cock buried deep inside me.

I got myself back together and returned to the table. Mark and Ian were both finished with their meals. I slid into my chair and managed a few more bites.

"Shall we pour the brandy and adjourn to the study?" Mark said as he rose from the table.

Lucky for me, Mark offered to pour our after dinner drinks. In my nervous condition, I was just as likely to break the brandy glasses, rather than fill them. I followed the men to the study, knees trembling all the way.

That first sips of brandy were just what I needed. As the warmth settled in my tummy, my nerves finally relaxed a bit. I traded looks with both men. I think they were startled by my eager sipping.

Mark took charge. He directed Ian to sit in the opposite the chair. Our guest complied with a grin. I followed orders too, perching myself on the arm of Mark's chair, my legs against my husband's, where he sat.

If there was some little talk at that time, I surely don't remember it. My awareness was taken entirely by sipping the rest of my brandy and feeling the sexual tension build between the three of us. I could have surrendered to the delicious anticipation of it all, and allowed myself to stare at Ian until dawn.

Of course, Mark had our little drama all planned out. He took my empty glass from my fingers. The memory of what followed is so vivid. I can replay it now, like a movie, in slow motion, in my mind.

Mark took my hand and stood up. He gently pulled me to my feet, both of us standing in the space in front of his chair. I faced Ian, with my husband behind me, our bodies so close we touched in many places.

Mark's voice was a whisper that could be heard by Ian and me. "Let me show off all of your beautiful curves, my darling."

I let my arms fall to my sides. Mark reached around my upper body with both hands. His fingers found the top button of my silk blouse. One by one, he unbuttoned his way down the front.

The heat of my body, centered at my sex, radiated up the tender flesh of my tummy, through my breasts and neck and raised the flush of color in my face. I looked at Ian, directly into his blue eyes.

He sat returning my gaze. I could see his body, relaxed but still rigid in his chair. His tender smile never wavered.

Mark carefully removed my blouse. Then his fingers went to work on the buttons down the front of my skirt. The process was such slow torture and exquisite tension, at the same time.

It was like the three of us were locked into some incredible ritual of our own design. We all knew where it was taking us, but every second of the journey was one to be savored and enjoyed to the fullest. My skirt fell away.

I stood still, bathed in the light, wanting nothing more than to please my husband, my soon to be lover, and myself, with the offering of my body. I knew that delicate lingerie was a powerful invitation.

Ian's eyes swept down the length of my body. I took a few deep breaths. The swell of my breasts caused his look to linger there. I glanced at the bulge at the front of his trousers. I knew he was as swept up in desire as I was.

"He wants you, my darling. Would you like me to continue revealing your body for our guest?"

I nodded slowly, knowing my voice would betray my nervous condition. I felt Mark's fingers at work on the fastening hooks of my bra. I felt the little garment come free.

As my breasts were exposed to his hungry eyes, Ian's smile grew even bigger. He said, "Lovely, Mia. Your breasts are simply lovely."

I nodded to acknowledge his compliment. Then I felt Mark's fingers start to tease the elastic band, where my panties clung to my hips. I wanted to expose my aroused pussy for my new lover. Doing so was such a giant step beyond our playful antics of the week before.

Mark let the anticipation build. Ever so slowly, he pushed down my panties on each side. I willed my body to relax.

My husband hesitated when my close trimmed little bush was still barely covered. Ian's gaze was locked on the spot about to be revealed. Then, in a quick second, it was done.

I barely felt Mark push my panties down my legs. I know I stepped free. I heard Ian say, "You are such a beauty, Mia. Please leave the stockings on."

I nodded at my soon to be lover. Without another word, Ian started undressing himself. All the while, his gaze wandered over my exposed body.

Mark leaned closer from behind and whispered, "He will be naked for you soon, my dear. Let me ease you down to the edge of the chair."

I was aware of my husband, as he sat down. Then his fingertips touched my sides. With his gentle urgings, I sat down on the very edge of the chair between Mark's spread legs.

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