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My Valentine


Please do not copy this or republish in any way without my explicit permission. Some ages, locations, and names have been slightly altered to protect people involved. Both of us in this story are eighteen years old or older. I am a new writer and would appreciate feedback. Enjoy!

Also, my stories will not be in order, but are separate incidents or fantasies that I will try to say where it comes into my life. This is a recent story, and I have skipped a lot in between. This was my wish of what would happen on Valentine's Day.

This is just a fantasy since Caleb kinda broke my heart.

Chapter 1



I get out of class at noon, still wearing the huge smile I have had since I got up this morning. My friends have laughed at me and made fun, but I know that tonight is going to be amazing. Caleb is finally coming to visit since I have a dorm room to myself. I skip back to my dorm room, giggling and half mouthing the words to the song blaring on my headphones. I get back to my dorm room and I quickly strip down and put on my robe to go shower. I let myself linger underneath the warm spray and shave my pussy and legs, exciting myself even more in the process. I make a point not to touch myself, because I know if I start, I will be out of control, and I will be cumming one orgasm after another in the shower for twenty minutes. I quickly get out and towel myself quickly then put on my robe and hurry back to my room.

I strip down again and check the clock. I have only a few hours to finish everything! I clean up for about two hours while my hair dries and I have my room looking great by the time I finish. Then I spend the rest of my time curling my hair, and getting dressed in my new red dress and black thigh highs, applying makeup and getting my room ready for tonight. When he calls from the road to let me know he'll be there in five minutes, I run down the stairs in my coat, with his temporary parking pass in hand. He pulls up in the parking lot and parks in the loading zone, jumping out, and he runs to pick me up and swing me around.

"Oh baby girl, I have missed you so much!" He yells and I giggle at his antics. He kisses me hard and finally puts me down. I climb into his car and I help him park and then we get out and he grabs his duffel bag from the back, clinging to my hand like it is his only anchor to the earth. I look down and smile when I see his big hand smothering my tiny one in its grasp. I get us to my dorm room and open the door slowly and go in first. Id set up the bed with silky red sheet and black silky pillowcases. The sun is setting over the hill out my window and when I turn around to see his reaction his eyes are wide and he has a smile on his face as he looks around. I have put up flameless candles all around my room and they flicker so I leave the lights off and he walks in to put down his duffel bag. He puts it by my closet and turns to look at me. I sit on the bed and take a deep breath before I speak.

"I want to try something new. We have never done any more than fucking like crazy and I love you, so I want to make to you." He smiles and sits next to me on the bed to put his arm around me.

"I would love that baby girl." He says, then kisses me gently and pulls my legs on his lap and takes my heels off for me gently, kissing my ankles as he takes each one off. He lays me down on the bed and starts kissing me gently and rubbing my stomach. I start unzipping his sweatshirt and take it off gently while he kisses my neck and gently massages my breasts through my dress. I put my hands under his shirt and feel his hard stomach before I pull off his shirt and after I get it off; he unzips my dress in the

back and starts pulling it up from the bottom.

I get up, knowing he'll never get it off that way and he sits up on the bed and presses his face into my stomach. I pat his hair and smile down as he grabs the bottom of my dress again and gently pulls it over my head, throwing it over a chair. He gasps when he looks at me and his eyes widen. I'm wearing my new lingerie I bought without him, and he drinks me in. My new baby doll is a super soft pink material with lace around the edges. It's printed with little pink hearts and has a matching super soft thong. He reaches around and grabs my bare ass to pull me close and he kisses my stomach before pulling me down in bed with him.

"Come here sexy," he whispers as he pulls me down. He gently nibbles on my ear lobe and holds me tightly against his hard stomach and I feel his hard cock against my pelvis. I realize he's still half-dressed and I sit up to unbutton and unzip his jeans. He lifts his hips to help me get his jeans off and I yank them off and throw them on the floor. His boxer briefs are red and his nine inch cock makes a huge bulge.

"Oh someone is excited," I tease, and trail my fingers over his straining hard-on. He closes his eyes and bites his lip in pleasure when I touch him. He relaxes onto his back and I climb on top of him, grinding my pussy lightly into his hard cock. He moans quietly and grabs my hips.

"Oh god baby," he moans.

"You promised we'd go slow and make love." I admonish, and climb off to lie next to him. He gently grabs my thong sides and pulls it off, clearly restraining himself from ripping it off. I smile at his restraint and pull off my baby doll top slowly and sensually. He watches with wide eyes and when I finish getting it off, I let him look at my naked body. I think I look pretty good. I am 5' 6" and only 155 pounds even eating whatever I want and only doing a little exercise. He smothers my b cups in his big hands and I close my eyes as he massages them gently. I pull off his boxers, having to stretch them way out over his big uncircumcised cock. He lifts his hips to help me get them off, and finally both of us are naked. He sits up and pushes me down on the bed on my back as he gets on his hands and knees above me. He smiles and cups my cheek in one hand.

"Are you ready baby?" He asks, looking down at me. I spread my legs open wide and grab his hips and gently pull him down on top of me.

"I will take that as a yes." He chuckles and lines his big cock up with my wet pussy lips and I wrap my legs around his back. He teases me a bit, rubbing my pussy and grazing my clit with the head of his cock as I try to pull him into me with my legs. Finally he can't control himself any longer and slowly pushes his thick cock into my soaked pussy. I can feel his big cock stretching my pussy as he fills me up with it.

"Oh god baby it has been way too long." I moan and pinch my nipples as he finally bottoms out in my hot pussy. He looks to make sure he didn't hurt me and then he starts slowly pulling back as I moan and try to keep him deep inside me with my legs. He pulls until he is almost completely out of my pussy, and then he slowly pushes in again. As he slowly fucks me, we keep our eyes open as he gently kisses me, our tongues lightly rubbing together and I put my hands on his cheeks to hold him there. He starts to speed up his thrusts and I start moaning into his mouth when he bottoms out in my pussy.

"Oh god baby yes fuck me now I need it so bad," I moan, and he speeds up even more, turning our making love experiment into a hard deep fucking that we both need. It has been so long that in only minutes he's pulling out and cumming hard all over my stomach before he falls down next to me, exhausted. I didn't cum from the hard fucking but I'm breathing hard and after a few minutes he has recovered enough to open his eyes and he sees that my fingers are rubbing my clit and pulling hard on my little nipples.

"I am so sorry honey, let me help you." He whispers, biting my earlobe gently before he moves down my body, sucking my left nipple and then my right hard and biting them, making me moan and arch my back, my fingers still circling my clit. He finally gets his mouth down to my pussy and kisses my fingers out of the way before he replaces them with his tongue.

"Oh yes!" I moan and let him take over my pussy while I pinch my nipples hard. He starts licking up my pussy and tongue fucks me a couple times before he starts flicking my clit with his tongue. It feels so good I wrap my fingers in his hair and pull his head harder against my pussy as he nuzzles my clit with his tongue as he licks up my bubbly pussy juice combined with his hot cum.

He can tell that I'm in no mood for his usual teasing and goes right for my clit with his tongue, flicking it with the tip of his tongue and he puts a finger inside of me, circling it around, hitting my g spot. I can feel myself right on the verge of my orgasm, holding my breath and then he hits the sweet spot on the left side of my clit and I go crashing over in waves of pleasure as my thighs grip his head and I breathe heavily. Finally I relax and push him away from my too sensitive pussy and he grins at me, his face covered in pussy juice.

"Feel better baby?" He asks me, wiping his face with the back of his hand. I smile and pull him up so that he is lying next to me so that he can wrap me in his arms. He kisses the top of my head and then we fall asleep there, intertwined closely in each other's arms.


Okay, so that is the end of Chapter 1 of our Valentines weekend. If you want to know what happened on Saturday, vote and comment, let me know you are interested!


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