tagRomanceMy Valentine's Day Fantasy

My Valentine's Day Fantasy


I was dressing with care for our date. I had found some new things that I knew you would like. A new valentine bra and thong set, a red leather mini and this neat white little shoulder less top. Of course I had to wear my red 4" spiked heels. You surprised me when I opened the door I saw the limo. You brought me yellow roses with daises. My all time favorite. I had no idea what we are doing you kept it a surprise. I gave you this little red bear for you to keep somewhere so when we talked you knew I was thinking about you. I knew that this was going to be a Valentines I'd never forget.

We got in the limo and you had my favorite drink of choice ready for me, Captain Morgans and coke. It was a warm night and we opened the top window, I got up and stuck my head out just to let the breeze blow my face and to watch the city pass by. You were holding my hips so I wouldn't fall but your gentle pressure was making me wet with anticipation.

We got to your first planned stop, a very quiet romantic restaurant. They seated us right next to the window where we could see the ocean. The sun was just setting and the view was terrific. You ordered for me and we had a great time just talking about small stuff.

On to our next adventure, you took me to my favorite club so we could dance for a while. I even got you up on the floor for some fast dances. When we slow danced you held me so close and blew in my ear and caressed my shoulders. By the time we left I was feeling very sensual. We got in the limo and we were off again. You told me we had about an hours drive to our next stop so...

I got on top of you and started to unbutton your shirt I had to have my hands on your chest and arms. I started to kiss your soft lips and nibble on your ear and neck. I just had to taste your chest so I started to work my way down, tasting every part of you. I made your nipples hard, and you knew that turned me on so much. I unzipped your pants and took you out so I could take you in my mouth. You always taste so good. I licked and sucked on you and then I slipped up on top of you. I took it nice and slow holding on to the seat I began to ride you. I was so wet and hot for you. I could feel your hard cock getting harder and hotter. I started kissing you and we came together.

We are at your secret place for me.

The limo driver just smiles as he lets us out. You had made reservations for us at a cabin in the mountains. The room is lit with candles and you had roses spread on the bed. The view is perfect the moon is full there is a hot tub right outside our room. You have a tray of fruit and goodies ready for our night together. Yanni is playing and the mood is set and by the fireplace there was a big white bear skin rug.

We sat there and talked for a while holding each other closely me playing with your chest. You tell me to close my eyes and you give me a big white box. I squeal with delight. I untie the ribbon and inside is this beautiful red lacy nightgown, and a big white teddy bear. You have one yellow rose in there also. You have won my heart.

I give you a great big kiss and we cuddle some more. We decide to try out the hot tub. I go into change and to my surprise you have yellow roses all over. I wrap up in a towel and found you already in the tub. The full moon made the sky light up and the candles you lit made our shadows stand out in the darkness. Suddenly out of nowhere it started to snow, those big wet flakes just made the night even better. I drop the towel and step in you grab me and kiss me hard on the lips. We stay touching each other for what seemed like hours. We kissed and touched and by the time we got out we were both hot.

You picked me up and carried me to the bed. The yellow roses and candles were just perfect. You brought over the strawberries dipped in chocolate and fed them to me. I in turn fed them to you. You started to kiss me again. This time there were no distractions. You were in control. You started slowly kissing me and moved to my neck and stayed there forever. I was so wet with anticipation writhing under you but you had more for me. You gently licked my nipples and hold my hands down so I can't touch you. I want to touch you so bad. You take your tongue down my stomach and play with my belly button. I am arching to you now. Your hand takes its turn on my clit and moves into me with 1 finger then 2 oh so good; your tongue starts to play with my clit and moves into me. You slide your fingers around to my ass gently probing your way into me now your tongue and fingers are making me cum oh baby ...the best ever,

You're not through with me yet though. You start all over with my mouth and then turn me over to devour my back. Your hands gently massage my shoulders getting all the tension out of me. You have my favorite lavender oil warming by the bed. You pour a little bit on my back and start to rub it in. You put some more on and put it all over my back and ass. You pull me up on my knees and start to play with my clit as you gently open my backside and taste me. I am so hot and wet again. You put your fingers in me to get me ready for you. I feel the tip and let you in. You have your fingers in my cunt and your cock in my ass. Oh baby you are so good. You drive into me harder and harder pulling me up to you to match your rhythm. Oh jeez I'm cummming. We call out each other's names and start to cummmm together...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmoh jeez. I collapse on the bed with you still in me. You came in me and I love that. Now it's your turn but that will have to wait since I'm tuckered out. You grab me up and hold me tight and I fall asleep in the crook of your arm you holding me so softly and kissing my hair. Humming me to sleep. I fall asleep and wake up to find you down playing with my pussy again.

You have one more surprise for me. While I was sleeping, some of our lady friends had come to the cabin. What a surprise when I awoke to find them in bed with me. The caresses, licks and tongues were turning all of us on...we licked, sucked and came all over the bed. All of our fantasies being played out while you looked on. You helped us reach many climaxes. Then to finish you took me from behind while I was eating one of the girls...she came and I came and you came at the same time...WOW... What a way to end a Valentine's Day fantasy. You had made all my fantasies for the day come true.

Thank you my love for giving me such a wonderful Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentines Day oxoxoxox to all ThunderBelle

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