tagNonHumanMy Vampire

My Vampire


I sighed and kept walking. It was a cool night in the city and I loved the cool breeze that smelt of the sea just a few miles away. It brought Goosebumps over my welcoming flesh. I closed my eyes and savored the invisible fingers caressing all over my body. I sighed with pleasure this time and kept walking down the sidewalk.

I then heard footsteps behind me and I studied them. I tended to always do this whenever I was alone. I studied how everything sounded in a new city. I picked up the habit whenever I was a little girl.

The footsteps belonged to a person with great confidence, always sure of himself, and . . . cocky. Hmm... . Definitely a male. I smiled despite myself and warned myself of this unseen man.

He smiled to himself. He was closing in on his prey. He hadn't had this much fun for half a century stalking his prey. This female mortal was a fighter and pure. Why he wasn't sure. Most of the women this age were not so pure and innocent.

Every time he started to pursue them, they flung themselves at his feet or they would be so scared they would do anything to please him. They weren't so bad; he kind of liked the begging and screaming. But this one was different. She was so much different than the others. He was pleased, she didn't even throw herself at him whenever he pinned her with his gaze in the club.

The music was deafening in the room but all he heard was her breathing and the crash of her blood flowing in her veins. She was with her friends at the time drinking a soda. Her brown hair was long and full hanging down her back. Her body was lean with all the right curves that all men desire. Her lips were begging to be kissed and sucked. Her eyes beckoned you to the shadows with her.

She wore tight jeans that enhanced her long legs and a red tank-top that clung to her small full breasts. He guessed that they were in between a B and a C cup. Oh god how he wanted her there, but he contained himself. He never had a mortal that heated his veins like this for a century. She splashed desire in his veins just by him looking at her. By the end of this night she was going to be his.

She then looked over his way, where he was hiding in the shadows and locked eyes with his. He never had that happened before either. A mortal finding him in the shadows, but oh how he loved it. A thrill that he never knew, and she wasn't afraid of him, or throwing herself at his feet. She merely looked him over and he saw a heat in her eyes that he couldn't describe and then she turned away to speak to her friends. God, how he wanted to take her then, but he wouldn't allow himself to. It wasn't the time yet.

He shook himself out of the little memory and quickened his step to catch up to her but she herself quickened her step as well. He was definitely going to have fun with this one.

I heard him fastening his pace and warning sounds rang out in my head. I had to get rid of this guy. I walked a little faster and knew if he did the same thing again that I had to confront him. My blood boiled in my veins as I held down my anger.

The steps grew faster with my own and I whirled around to attack him. But the thing was nobody was there. My brows furrowed in confusion and I asked warily, "Hello? Anybody there?" I took a step forward to look beyond the alleyway, but I saw nothing.

I growled and tried to stop my paranoid mind. I turned back around grumbling to myself whenever I stepped into somebody. Before I could catch myself his hand shot out and grabbed my arm to steady me.

Once I had my balance again I shot him a warning glance. I slowed my racing heart and looked him straight in the eyes. And boy were they a beautiful dark blue. I caught myself from staring at him. He had dark brown hair that it was almost black. He was the man hiding in the shadows in club that I was just in! He was also lean and muscular and tall. Damn, it seems like he just walked out of one of my dreams. I didn't notice that in the club.

I cleared my throat and said, "Do you always try to scare people on the streets?" My voice laced with anger and amusement sounded a little husky from the adrenaline stilling running through my veins. And I smiled to tell him that I was just joking.

She was teasing him! Another wonder that had never happened before. He smiled himself, keeping his fangs at bay so he would not scare her. But he didn't succeed very well for she asked him, "Are those real?" She eyed his teeth more closely and he stopped smiling.

"No. Don't do that. I was only checking them out." I paused. "I've been thinking about getting my own done too. May I please check them out?" I was intrigued. I heard about the operation done that you can do that to your canine teeth but I've never met anybody that had done it before.

He opened his mouth and I leaned in closer to look at them. They looked real enough. I even touched one with my finger and blood suddenly appeared on the tip of my finger. Damn, they were sharp.

"Wow . . ." I looked at my finger in surprise and stuck it in my mouth before it could bleed anymore and started to suck on it. But then my bloodlust appeared suddenly and I wanted so much more. Damn!

He saw the blood on her finger and wanted to drag her small finger inside his mouth so he could suck on it himself. The bloodlust almost overcame him but somehow he held it down. He watched her though.

A new light came into her eyes then and he knew it to be bloodlust and lust itself. But she held it well. She pulled her finger out reluctantly and said in a husky whisper, "I got to go." She then slipped past him on her way to her apartment. But he wasn't going to let her go that easily.

"What's the matter?" He asked coyly.

She whipped around and her eyes glowed angrily at him. He wanted so bad to drag her into his arms and take her, but he wouldn't. She then continued her way. He smiled, he always liked a chase.

I breathed deeply trying to keep a grip on my control, but still my mouth watered to taste my blood once more. I grunted trying to get it out of my mind, but I wasn't succeeding. I opened my tightly closed eyes and almost ran into him again. A lust so unexpected washed over me and all I wanted to do was run my fingers in his hair and kiss him. Damn my thoughts!

"Don't you have some place to be right now?" I growled angrily at him and continued my way to my apartment.

He chuckled to himself and asked her back, "I never got your name?"

"Why should I give it?" She called back angrily.

God how he loved this! Stubborn to her bones and he couldn't get enough of her. He read her thoughts easily and saw she did want him but denied herself the pleasure. He smiled once more. He then saw in her mind a memory. A memory of her.

She was confronting the night's sky, yelling a poem that had suddenly sprang upon her. She was pleading for a vampire to come take her away. Even if it did kill her she said she would be satisfied. She did believe in them! But none had ever come and taken her wish. Well, tonight she shall have it.

Once more he flew in front of her but she didn't even notice. A second later she registered his presence again. She looked back from where she fled and then back at him. "What are you?" She whispered but he heard her perfectly.

"The man of your dreams." He said back. Her eyes were locked with his, and she showed that she was not afraid.

"Get real." She growled. She stood her ground as if ready to attack.

Such pride and stubbornness, he had to give her that. He would take his sweet time draining her. "So what is your name, cherie?" He asked once more.

"Raven." She said mildly, holding back her anger. She also had great control over herself, which he admired. He also would love to break it for her.

"Such a pretty name. Mine is Jesse Trace. Pleased to meet you." He greeted her, and he knew she was scared but didn't show it. He read it in her mind.

She held her chin high and said, "Go suck a cock."

His eyebrow shot up from her cuss. "Go to hell." He said evenly. God, how he loved playing with her. He wondered how her blood would taste. He groaned for she was in reach but he still did not make his move.

She grinned but her eyes were cold. "I've already been there. Tried to seduce the devil into giving it to me, but once he found out my plans, we had break-up sex and then kicked me out. I don't think he wants me back there again."

He grinned; she was still playing with him. How he wanted her blood, her very life! Once he took her, he wanted her to beg for him. He grinned wickedly and started to make his move.

I glared at him, and then saw he was gone. The hair on my neck stood, and I whirled about and planted a fist in his chest. Air whooshed out of his lungs and he staggered back with disbelief in his eyes. I grinned and readied myself for his next attack.

He charged at me, and I was thrown back against a brick wall. I grimaced for it hurt like a bitch. His breath fell on my neck and I started to struggle. I then felt his fangs bite into my neck.

I gasped as pain and pleasure ripped through me. I couldn't stop squirming under his touch. He bit down harder and sucked my blood. I closed my eyes against the pleasure and only more washed through me. I heard a moan and I realized it was me. My nails dug in his back, and I only liked what I felt there.

This is all I ever dreamed of, but now, it felt so much more that I ever imagined. But I had to stop him before I would die. I didn't want to die!

I wanted a child, I wanted so much still! And he planned on taking it away from me! I don't think so! I pushed against him but still he wouldn't get off me, but merely tightened his grip. I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted him! I wanted his blood. I wanted anything that he could give me.

He felt her melt against him and he grinned against her neck. She tasted so spicy and sweet, he couldn't get enough of her! He didn't want it to stop. But he knew in the end everything has to stop. He groaned and could feel her nails digging into his back, and he loved it. He loved her.

He then felt her mouth on his neck; this was another first for him. She just kept surprising him and he couldn't get enough of it. He felt her dull teeth biting him and it just made him grin more.

Suddenly she clamped down on his neck with a flash and he could fill his blood draining into her welcoming mouth. The pleasure filled him and he didn't know how they can both stand it. Wave after red wave of pleasure filled both of them, and he wanted her in many ways than one. His cock felt so confined in his pants that it hurt very badly, and couldn't stand it.

She herself wiggled against it making it more painful but in a pleasurable way. Damn, he wanted to fuck her right here and right now that he tore her shirt off to reveal her beautiful breasts. He took one in hand and caressed it, loving the feel of its satin smoothness.

He tweaked a nipple and it sprang into hardness instantly. He groaned as it burned against his hand. He flicked his tongue against the wound he made and it was gone.

His mouth then found hers and she kissed him back wanting more. Their tongues dueled, massaged, and fought with each other and he couldn't get enough. Even her mouth had an exquisite taste. He pulled back to look her in the eyes. They were filled with passion, for him.

"Let's go to my apartment." She whispered in his ear and he loved the way she thought. In her mind's eye he saw her apartment and they were suddenly there, inside. She gasped as she looked around and he took her mouth again savagely.

He pushed her against her bedroom wall, and pinned her wrists above her head as he kissed her harder. Finally she got her wrists free and wrapped her arms about his neck and pulled him closer. He pulled away gripping her hair and tugged her head back suddenly and he knew from the look on her face that she liked it. He then bit her again but this time not closing the bite marks so the blood could flow over her body.

He then watched the blood run down the valley between her perfect breasts, and then he dipped his head to lick it all up. God, she tasted wonderful. Once he got back to her neck he closed the bite marks again. He nipped against her jaw so he could reclaim her mouth again. Once he got there, she shoved her tongue into his mouth and the battle began again.

She pushed against him and he went willingly. A few steps he was against her bed. She pushed him down on it so he sat, but he wouldn't lie down. She gave up trying to lay him down, so she started to strip in front of him. She rocked her hips while taking the rest of her clothes off, slowing the process down so he would go mad with desire. Her jeans came undone and reached the floor, her beautiful Shorty wet panties were next.

He reached out and let his hands on her hips, loving the feel of her skin. She moved forward, sitting in his lap, grinding against his hard cock. He groaned and he took her mouth again, realizing she wanted him to kiss her like that.

He quickly pulled her back so he could taste her neck again. He bit quickly savoring the rich thickness of her blood, and then closed the wound again. He flipped her on her back and she went willingly.

With a thought in his mind his clothes were gone, leaving him naked in front of her. He came towards her and her fingers warily touched him. Feeling how big he was, and fascinated at how hard he was. "Go ahead Raven; I would die without your touch." He said to her and she stroked him gently. He groaned and leaned heavily into her. She pulled away and beckoned him into her arms. He obliged.

His cock rested against her inner thigh just at her damp entrance. She then said huskily in his ear, "Don't hurt me Jesse." He grinned. Just before he pushed inside her, he bit her hard and all she could do was moan and squirm underneath him. She felt so tight and perfect around him.

He didn't move for a moment, just savored the feel of her gripping him tight. He then began to move inside her slowly. But then he pulled out. He slid down her body, licking and nipping all the way down. She still quivered and squirmed underneath his touch. Her moans and cries sounded like music to his ears. He finally reached the apex of her legs and stared hard at the little spot of hair there. His hands slid up and down her silky legs for he couldn't stop touching her.

He then kissed up her thigh and reached her tight damp entrance and sucked out her juices, loving the taste of her tight pussy. His hands slid underneath her and grabbed her buttocks to pull her closer to his welcoming mouth.

I squirmed, I couldn't believe these sensations. This has to be a dream, but it wasn't it. I couldn't keep back my moans and cries, he felt so good. My fingers tangled in his hair pulling him closer to me and trying to pull him up so I could kiss him again. Oh, god, I would die if I couldn't kiss him again. I loved him, I always loved vampires and finally I have one of my own.

My vampire.

Then all thought was washed away, for my orgasm came suddenly and washed me away. I bucked underneath him, screaming my pleasure. But before my orgasm could pass he slammed into me again. Another wave of orgasm crashed through me and I could only cling to him. My nails dug into his back, making him bleed, but he didn't notice, but only pounded into me harder.

Just as another orgasm was sweeping over me again he bit my neck again and sucked my blood. Pain and pleasure mixed through me as his seed exploded inside me. I screamed out my pleasure and couldn't do anything else.

He lay on top of her as they caught their breaths. Once he did, she had hers as well. She then pushed him on his back and he went willingly with a smile. She kissed him hard and then went down on his chest. This time it was easier for her to bite through his skin and suck his blood. He grunted from the pleasure of her mouth sucking on his skin. She closed the wound with the flick of her tongue, and went down lower.

When she reached his half limp cock she smiled wickedly at him. Her mouth moved over him. First he felt her lips kissing down and then her tongue licking up and down, and then her teeth nipping here and there. Soon enough he was stone hard again. She then took him in her mouth slowly.

His head disappeared in her mouth and then the rest of the length of him. He felt the back of her throat and then she started the suction and bobbing up and down on him. After awhile he couldn't stand it anymore, but somehow he stopped himself from head fucking her.

His fingers tangled in her hair and pulled her down a little harder and faster on him and she obliged. He grunted, "Oh god, I'm going to come." Her mouth released him and he grunted from her leaving his cock. But then she was impaling herself on his hard shaft. She was tight and milked him for all she was worth. He groaned, laid his hands on her hips and pushed her all the way down.

She moaned deeply, surprised he would do that, but then she set the rhythm to an easy slow pace. Her hips rocked against him, and he could feel her clit rubbing against his pubic bone, and every time she rocked hard enough she would gasp and moan.

He grinned and eased his finger just below that little button of hers, and pushed. She cried out and rocked harder against him and collapsed on top of him.

"No fair." She gasped in his ear. He grinned wickedly at her and flipped her on her back again. He wanted his release to, you know.

He then started his own rhythm. Faster and deeper than hers had been. He heard her moaning and he realized he wanted to hear that the rest of his life, but he knew that he would take her life by the end of the night. Too bad, he really liked, no, loved this girl. How she responded when he touched her, how good she tasted. He was about to explode inside her and knew this was it. She was already dying of blood loss, so he might as well do her a favor as killing her in the peak of climax. He bit into her neck one last time and sucked the last of her blood. This time it tasted a little different but he didn't mind. She squirmed and quivered in his arms and bit down on his neck and sucked his blood his well.

It felt like they were going through an orgasm together. He then felt her mouth slacken and her arms slid off of him and he knew she was dead. Her heart didn't pound in his ears anymore. He sighed, kissed her lips lovingly one last time and got up. He dressed and knew he had to find someplace to go before the sunrise. It was close too. He had to go.

He stared hard at the door and wished he hadn't taken this girl's life, she was too special. To wonderful to be killed this way. He sighed again and started toward the door. But then he felt strong arms grip his waist; he turned around to see what it was.

It was her. But she was dead.

She smiled lovingly. "I am dead. You gave me my wish. You turned me into one of you."

He then saw her new fangs gleaming. She looked more beautiful than before and more deadly. Her hair was fuller and she had a grace to her now that wasn't there before.

"But how. . .?" He started and knew. When she drank his blood, while he was drinking hers. He broke the rules but didn't care. He wanted her again.

She smiled and said, "Maybe after we feed, because I'm thirsty."

He smiled back at her, pulled her into his arms so he could kiss her and suddenly they disappeared. Down in an alleyway they reappeared, with her in clothes.

They linked hands and started walking down the street, searching for another victim. Raven looked at her new lover and friend and thought, my own vampire.

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