tagNonHumanMy Vampire Master Pt. 01

My Vampire Master Pt. 01


I wake up with a start and look around the dark room that now contains me looking around trying to adjust to the dimness of my surroundings. I make out a tall wooden door across from me and a wardrobe to the side. Other than that and the bed I'm in, the room is devoid of furniture or anything else from what I could tell.

It takes several moments for me to remember why I am here and where here is. My parents were struggling with money raising a sickly son and a daughter that hadn't yet been courted by a man in our village. News had come to them that a rich and powerful man was looking for a servant to work for him and do as he pleases and he would pay the family a large sum.

They approached me with this news and I nodded saying that I'd do it if it would help them and my younger brother. I met with my new master yesterday and on the arduous ride to his home miles away we got caught in a storm.

During this, conditions became so bad the driver had to stop in the middle of the road to wait it out but instead of being safe, we were put into more danger. The unstable earth slid beneath us and the carriage tumbled over a precarious hill. That is the last I remembered. 'How am I here?' I think to myself shaking my head.

"Ah you're finally awake," a deep, bass timbre voice says startling me. I snap my head over to the direction it came from looking at the man I would now be serving. He is a dark-skinned, tall, muscular man that would be a formidable force to any who challenged him.

I jump, startled by his presence; he hadn't been there moments before when I was looking around. I just stare at him not forming a response and he walks over to me and sits on the edge of the bed. "How are you feeling?"

'How am I feeling?' I think to myself. "I'm okay. If anything a little confused."

He tilts his head to the side looking into my eyes, "About what sweetheart?"

"Didn't the carriage tumble over a large hill?" I ask looking back into his eyes finding myself captivated by the depths of the dark brown.

"It did," he responds making my brows furrow, "What do you know about me Myra?"

"Just that you're rich and you were willing to pay for my service," I say still confused by this conversation, "But what does that have to do with anything?"

"I'm a vampire sweetheart, and I think you'll find service under me isn't that bad," he says laughing softly at the end of his sentence. I sat there looking down at my hands with the news that he was a vampire. I knew that they exist but I've never met one before.

"So you... saved me?" I ask looking back up at him.

He smiles and gently places his fingers under my chin looking deep into my eyes, "I would always save someone so lovely and beautiful. Besides I already paid your family," he says with laughter in his eyes letting me know he was teasing at the end.

"O-okay. I guess that makes sense. So what exactly does this service entail?" I say looking at him and his smirk as he leans to the side a little looking at me.

"Cleaning and cooking, little chores around the manor," he says pausing and smirks more, "Not to mention the fun part, sex."

'Sex!' I stare at him not even knowing what to say or how to respond.

He laughs heartily at my reaction, "Only when you're ready. Eventually you will be. Rest up. You have a long day tomorrow."

He gets up to leave and I stop him as he gets to the door, "May I at least know your name?"

He smirks again, "Sir will do just fine."


After sleeping fitfully for the hours following Sir's visit I get out of the bed and change into a gown that I find in the wardrobe and walk out looking for the man who is to dictate my life.

After walking around for awhile I locate the kitchen where he is stoking a fire in the hearth. "Good morning, Myra," he says not turning around.

"What am I doing today?" I ask, not returning his formalities.

"There's a list on the table," he says turning to face me, "I'm hoping you can read?"

"I can," I say angrily and walk to the table taking the list.

"You're going to have to warm up to me if you're going to work and live here. It will be pretty miserable otherwise," he says looking at me with minimal sympathy. "I'm going out today. You should be able to find everything you need. I'll be back by nightfall."

He walks out of the room and I glare at him ashamed that I find him so damn attractive. I look down at the list and see that it was considerably extensive. The first thing was to clean the dishes left for me and to eat something set out for me.

'This is going to be a long day'


Having finished my chores for the day and seeing that there was some time before nightfall I locate the bathing room and draw myself a bath. I sink into the warm waters enjoying the feeling of my muscles relaxing. I close my eyes and enjoy the warmth.

After a few minutes of this, I grab the soap and start scrubbing my skin and hair cleaning up. Getting myself fully clean, I climb out of the water and look around seeing that towel I had set aside was gone. "Damn it," I say under my breath and look for the gown I had worn finding it also missing.

"The fucker," I growl and poke my head out seeing the hallway was clear. I walk out and make my way quickly back to the sleeping quarters I had been in last night.

I go in closing the door behind me stopping abruptly seeing Sir sitting on the bed. He laughs and says, "Looking for these?" He holds up the towel and gown.

I turn around to leave but suddenly he's in front of me startling me. "It's all fun and games, Myra. Just relax," he says lowly placing his large hands on my shoulders. Despite not wanting him to touch me, my skin electrifies under his touch. He leans in and whispers in my ear, "See, not that bad, is it?"

His lips move to my neck where he starts kissing it softly nibbling a little eliciting a moan from my mouth. He stops to look into my eyes says, "You can stop me if you want, Myra."

Not trusting myself to speak I shake my head no making him smirk and he leans down kissing me and backs me up against the wall behind us. His tongue pushes into my mouth dominating my tongue as he kisses me and runs his hands down my sides resting them on my hips. He moves his lips to my neck again kissing and nibbling more, suddenly I feel something sharp prick my neck and I push against his chest making him move away from me.

He looks at me confusion and lust filling his eyes. "Can't have you eating the help, Sir." I say bitterly.

He nods and scowls. Moving away from me and leaves slamming the door behind him. I go to the bed and sit down flustered by my own behavior.

I shake my head and climb under the covers. 'Tomorrow is a different day.' I turn onto my stomach and eventually fall asleep after a barrage of thoughts tumble through my head.

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