tagMind ControlMy Venture into Hypnotism Pt. 01

My Venture into Hypnotism Pt. 01


In 1968 I was honorably discharged from the United States Army after a two year stint which included a tour in Vietnam. I was not a war hero and was very thankful that I was able to return healthy to the country that I loved. I was not raised in a wealthy family by any means and I was glad to land a good job upon my discharge. My name is James Monroe, I am Caucasian, stand 5'9", and weigh about 175 pounds.

I had saved some money while in Vietnam since there really weren't any places to shop while there and coupled with my new job I had a few thousand dollars in the bank. I was planning to settle down, be in the work force, and buy a house as I hoped to find a nice wife who would give me a few children. I hoped to find a nice, pretty young lady who had nice legs and was also looking for a family. I love pretty legs on a woman, legs that I could enjoy by touching them and rubbing the smoothness and maybe kiss and worship.

I had been working at my job for several years and had a hefty bank account with close to one hundred thousand dollars in it. I enjoyed several sports and with the money I had saved was able to go to many ballgames even in other cities. I was buying a beautiful split level home and was anxious to find Miss Right.

One day as I was at the bank to make a deposit a gorgeous black woman was in line behind me. When I finished I turned quickly and accidentally bumped into her. She stood about 6' tall and was wearing a short dress that exposed a pair of the most beautiful legs I had ever seen. I apologized for my clumsiness and she said to me, "If you are serious about being sorry I can accept your apology over lunch."

I replied to her, "I would really enjoy that. My name is James Monroe. What's your name"?

"My name is Patricia Williams, friends call me Trish. I would like to go to lunch at the Italian restaurant down the street, your treat."

"I would like that too," I replied.

Trish said to me, "For now that will be fine but in the future it only matters what I want."

I looked into her lovely eyes for a few seconds and submissively and softly said, "Okay."

As we walked to the eatery Trish told me that I must always stay to her left side and one half step behind her. "Do you understand," she asked.


"Yes what?"

"Yes, ma'am. I understand," I replied.

She responded, "That will do for now but you will learn to speak to me with much more respect."

I hardly knew this gorgeous woman and she already had me under her thumb. How did I get in this position? Then I recalled that it all happened when I looked at her fabulous legs. It was as though I was hypnotized!

As we sat across from each other at lunch I began to get woozy. The next thing I knew I was in my bedroom with my hands and ankles tied spread eagle and only wearing my undershorts. Trish was sitting on my chest wearing only her royal blue bikini panties and with a superb knee on each side of my face. With me being bound so tightly I couldn't touch her milk chocolate thighs but could only see them. Oh, my, they were so beautiful and sexy!

Tricia had just finished talking on the phone to someone. I asked her why my crotch area felt so unusual and she said, "I placed a cock cage on your little dick. It's not something you're going to use anymore anyway. My brother Darnell is on his way over here. He will show you a REAL cock."

"Why is he going to show me? I am not gay. I'm straight as an arrow."

Trish replied, "Oh, are you? I'm going to change that for you and there's nothing you can do to stop me."

"How do you plan to do that?" I asked.

"I've already taken over your mind and you will do anything I tell you. My brother will be here very soon and he's going to want his cock sucked."

"Well, it won't be me doing it", I said.

Trish was still sitting on my chest and she looked down at me, right into my eyes and said, "James, look at me. You are to do as I say. I want you to suck Darnell's black cock when he gets here. Do you understand?"

My mind became fuzzy at once and I found myself saying to her, "Yes, Trish, I will do as you say."

"You actually want to suck his dick, don't you?"

"Yes, I want to suck Darnell's dick," I answered.

"You want him to cum in your mouth so you can swallow it, don't you?"

"Yes, I want him to cum in my mouth so I can eat his delicious cum," I said. Somehow this gorgeous hunk of a woman was controlling what I said.

Just then I could hear Darnell enter my bedroom, seemingly very happy as he said, "Hi, Trish. What do we have here?"

She answered, "Take off your clothes and climb up here where I am."

Darnell removed all his clothes and took Trish's place on my chest. Unlike his sister, he slid up all the way and sat on my neck. His brown balls rested on my chin while his lovely 8" cock lay on my face. His smooth legs clamped against my face and I couldn't move at all. The scent of his naked crotch smelled very good and sexy to me. "So you want to suck my dick?" he asked.

I looked up at Trish, who was standing on the floor watching the whole thing. "Go ahead, tell him."

I looked back at Darnell and replied, "Yes, sir, I want you to cum in my mouth."

With a big smile on his handsome face he looked down at me and said, "I will gladly do as you wish."

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